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Best Of All Ferret Foods

E-Mail – Nutritionally Good Products

“I've only been recently introduced to your products and I love them. I have 3 ferrets and feed them the Rabbit and Duck Au Jus™, along with Archetype 2™. Thank you so much for developing ferret products that are nutritionally good for them.

I've lost 3 ferrets to insulinoma. It has been suggested that commercially available diets are not adequate for a ferret's nutritional demands. Ferret treats that are available in chain pet supply stores are too high in sugars, which may lead to insulinoma. I would love to see Wysong develop ferret treats as well.

There is a huge market available for Wysong to keep working on ferret dietary requirements. I've told everyone on the ferret message board I belong to about your products and the ease of their use. Ferrets are the third most popular pet in the US, but there isn't a lot of research available regarding nutritional needs.

Thank you so much again for your great products!”

Web Post – Only Diet That Mimics Natural Diet For Ferrets

“I wanted to offer some suggestion on the Wysong ferret diet because I strongly advocate feeding this diet to ferrets. It is the ONLY food on the market that comes close to mimicking a natural ferret diet and I actually reversed the onset of adrenal gland disease in my Lil' Sasquatch... My Lil' Girl unfortunately was too far along at the time, but considering she was given only a couple weeks and she made it for another six months, I'd say that's pretty good…Based on everything I have read and experienced I firmly believe that diet is the number 1 contributor to ALL of the common ferret ailments and even though ferrets might be more attracted to the more commonly sold ferret foods, the preservatives and additives used in these foods does more harm than good. Just my opinion. That being said, the Wysong is an incredible product and I guarantee you will see a difference in your ferret’s energy, coat texture and just overall appearance…”

E-Mail – Ferrets Returned To Health

"Thank you, your food has really turned the health of my two ferrets around. I sincerely appreciate your company's efforts to provide the best nutrition."

Letter – Ferret Lived Long Life

“I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of your food. I was given a recommendation from the storeowner at Highland Pet Suppliers here in Atlanta. At the time I had 3 cats and a ferret. She told me she had always fed her ferret Vitality™. I tried and my picky ferret loves it. Stella was healthy as could be and I believe in part that is attributed to the food she ate. She recently passed away at the age of 13 years old! She never suffered any of the usual ailments attributed to ferrets. Thank you for helping to keep her happy and healthy. We now have 4 cats and 3 dogs that are all happy and healthy. Thank you again for making a great product. Please keep up the good work!”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Wysong Diets

“I have 2 ferrets that love your products! As do I, after having ferrets for about 10 years now, I have many times wished that my first ferrets had the opportunity to eat your food as I have seen a great improvement in my ferrets’ health overall that currently do eat Wysong. They can’t decide which type they like better, Type 1 or 2, so they eat both daily! Nevertheless I would like to thank & praise your company for the great food you provide & effort you give to making such a product…Thanks!”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Dream Treats

“My ferrets are adapting well to the Wysong products. They are hooked on the Dream

Treats™ (My little junkies:).”

E-Mail – Healthier Ferret

“I just wanted to say that the Wysong diet that Bananas has been on has really conditioned him into a MUCH healthier ferret already!!

As of yesterday, after gradually introducing the Archetypal-2™, his old kibble is no longer offered. He took to the diet instantly but I didn't want to present any drastic changes. He has at most nibbled on the canned food and Archetypal-1™ and has yet to try the Dream Treats™- but it is a big step for him to accept a kibble that is so new to him, so quickly; I am confident he will soon venture out to the other products.

His hair is so shiny, luxurious, and soft, and he came to me with a HORRIBLE looking coat. His stools are twice, sometimes three times the size of what they had been. He seems much less fragile, and more muscular. And the most noticeable improvement is that he plays now! And runs! And wrestles with me…for quite some time. A complete turn around from the lethargic, lazy, and uninterested ferret he was before. He seems much more alert as well!”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Thank you for answering my questions! I'm thankful!

And absolutely! You are MORE than welcome to use any of the great things I have said about your products, as a testimonial on your site :)

I have already spoken to one fellow ferret lover and she is considering switching her ferrets over to a Wysong diet after recognizing the improvements. I am happy to recommend your products and look forward to watching Bananas thrive off of his amazing new diet, while enjoying eating it too!”

E-Mail – Great Variety For Ferrets

“I'm pleased to report that my four ferrets immediately accepted the new formula (Ferret Archetypal 1™) without hesitation. I purchased my first case of the new formula a couple of weeks ago along with some Archetype Burgers™  thinking that I may need to mix some of the burgers (original formula) with the new Archetypal I™. Instead of having to mix burgers in with the new formula, I simply have TWO different freeze-dried feeding options for my ferrets. As far as I'm concerned, I like having the variety since my ferrets appreciate rotation of foods. Also, I suspect my ferrets would enjoy an increase in organ meats in the Archetypal I™ since they eat "fresh" meat, organ, and bone when they're not enjoying their Archetype™ foods and  Dream Treats™! Again, another "two thumbs up" for Wysong!!!”

E-Mail – Wonderful Results on Archetypal 2™, Cats Love Dream Treats

“I have been using your  Archetypal 2™ for my ferret, and having some wonderful

results. She really enjoys it. Thank you for your time and for great products. My cats love your Dream Treats™ as well. :)”

E-Mail – Nothing Comparable to Ferret Epigen 90™

“First off, I'd just like to say that your pet food is fantastic. I have 2 ferrets, and I have not found anything that compares to Wysong Ferret Epigen 90™ in terms of ingredients and nutrition.

I also bought the chicken and pheasant versions of your Daily Dream Treats™, which my ferrets love.”

E-Mail – Ferrets Doing Great on Variety of Wysong Products

“My ferrets LOVE Wysong's Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™ and Dream Treats™ - Chicken or Pheasant flavor. As part of their mix they also eat Wysong's Ferret Archetypal II™ and Epigen 90™. Currently I am also trying to introduce Epigen Venison™ as part of their kibble mix.

In addition, they get supplements from Wysong mixed in with their kibble: DentaTreat™ and AddLife™. I also give Pet Inoculant™ to my female ferret who has IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease).

They're Wysong junkies!”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Archetype™ and Epigen™

“I got two more Wysong converts recently! I'm boarding a ferret for a person and it started munching down on the Wysong Archetypal II™ this evening. I recently took in a rescue that loves the Epigen™. (I haven't tried the Epigen 90™ yet.)”

E-Mail – Ferrets love Ferret Epigen 90™

“Our relatively small market has literally been eating up the Epigen 90™  (pun intended!). It is prime ferret show season, and people are really excited about the product. Thanks for producing such wonderful products that are easy to sell!”

Web Post – Reasonably Priced, High Quality Products

“Wysong offers extremely high quality all natural products at a fairly reasonable price. I have ferrets and their diet and needs are very specialized. I highly recommend their ferret diets...”

E-Mail – Ferrets Won’t Eat Anything Else

“I just wanted to say ever since my two ferrets started eating your product they will not eat anything else. They love it so much that when the box is empty, they love to play in it.”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Archetype 1™ and UnCanny™

“My ferrets love your Archetypal 1™ and UnCanny™ products soo much! They have been eating it since we got them at 3 months old. I wanted to introduce some fresh raw meals though. So I went out and bought 2 lbs of fresh lamb chops. I cut off a portion and cut it into little pieces. They love lamb (freeze-dried), but wouldn't touch it! I tried adding several things to it to encourage them to try it, but nothing worked. Finally I got the idea to bread it in the powder of the UnCanny™ (which they go NUTS for). They ate it all!”

E-Mail – Cats And Ferrets Love Food

“Our cats love their foods! Our Ferrets, especially Pokey Hokey and Thunderous Boom, think that the Dream Treats™ and the Type 1 foods are the BEST! Thank you providing such wonderful options for our fur kids!!!”

E-Mail – Ferrets In Excellent Health

“I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. My ferrets love it and they are in excellent health!”

E-Mail – Wysong Ferret Diet Surpasses Any On Market

“I have been feeding your Ferret Archetypal 2™ to my 2 ferrets for over a year now. The difference in their coat and energy level is very noticeable. So noticeable that I often get compliments on their fur, and my vet even asked what I was feeding them because she was so impressed with their health! Thank you for offering an excellent food that surpasses any other I've seen on the market. I love my "fur babies" and it’s worth it to keep them living healthier, happier, longer lives.”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Rabbit Au Jus™

“…Anything new I can learn to enhance my babies' health and prolonged life is IMPORTANT to me! My fiancé already says I'm obsessive over them and cook better for them than for him!!! We may be trying your Archetype™, but I am trying to get them to a totally raw, natural prey diet! OH and they LOVE the Wysong Rabbit Au Jus™!!!! Much easier for me than to get frozen rabbit and grind them! (I had rabbits as a child - not sure if I could do that - mice, GRIND them!!)”

E-Mail – Ferrets Look Great On Wysong

“I had been (squeamishly) considering a raw food diet because I knew those carbohydrate- and filler-packed foods from the pet store were taking years off my ferrets' lives. My ferrets were thin, inactive, and really showed no interest in their food. Thankfully, I came across Wysong on the Internet. My ferrets love this! I rehydrate the food, as well as offer the bigger pieces dry and keep high protein-low carb kibble available. My new baby was started on Archetypal-1™ soon after he came home and, at four months, he already outweighs my two-year olds, though they are putting on weight as well. Oh, and your customer service is the best I have ever come across. Thank You!”

E-Mail – Ferret’s Love Archetype and Dream Treats

"As always...thank you for making such great products and more importantly, thank you for all you do for the shelter! Our pets are thriving because of your products. We are so excited about our ferret's enthusiastic response to Archetype Burgers™ & Dream Treats™ that we just tried. It is just so gratifying to see them enjoy their food & know that it is the best prepared we could be feeding them."

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Ferrets Life

"We are thrilled with the products. As humans, they are tasty & wonderful. But our real thrill comes with our pet ferrets. Your product saved our ferrets life. That is no exaggeration. He was less than one pound. Had irritable bowel syndrome and he was wasting away with horrible diarrhea. Likely an allergy to all the chemicals in the processed foods. We were just about to put him to sleep when someone told us about Wysong. Within one week, he was on the mend & gained over two pounds in a matter of weeks. It is fun to watch him take the chunks & run off with them. I buy so much ferret food because several other ferret owners share the cost with me. You can see from my order history that there are more ferrets in our little circle of friends that like Type I better than Type II.I also share with our local ferret shelter. But because of the price, we only use the Wysong ferret food as a treat...there are just too many ferrets & she pays all the shelter expenses on her own. I just try to help with a donation of Wysong for the treats. There is a ferret show in our community in March. You should consider sending someone to man a booth & give out samples...I promise to show up & give a before & after testimony! Any way...great products for people & pets! Have a wonderful holiday!"

E-mail – Ferrets Love Wysong

"I have been ordering your ferret food for a few months, and might I say ... my ferrets love it!"

Internet – Thank You For Superior Ferret Food

"I decided to try the Wysong diet based on a recommendation in an article by Susan Brown, DVM on feeding ferrets a more natural, whole-prey diet. My ferrets love the Ferret Archetype I™ and II™ diets - at least 4-5 of my 9 babies anxiously wait for me to add more Wysong to the bowl and then dig in immediately.

Please extend my thank you to Wysong Corporation for finally selling a "superior" ferret diet - at last, a diet truly deserving of my babies! I'm hoping the diet will help extend and enhance the quality of life of my 4 cancer babies (3 with adrenal and 1 with adrenal AND insulinoma). My younger brood is growing bigger, stronger and healthier than I've ever seen on the Wysong - and I'm hoping they grow old into their double digits!"

Internet – Wysong Ferret Archetypal 1 The Best

"I first read about the amazing Archetypal I™ ferret diet on an Internet site where ferret foods are rated by their quality. Wysong Archetypal I™ is obviously the best throughout all of them, and I’ve been waiting to try it with my ferret, Judas. Thank you so much!"

Internet – Impressed With Ferret Food

"I was very impressed with your food and the ferret boards just backed it up. Please

keep up the good work. I am amazed at the ferret food out there with fruits, nuts, grains and veggies. You guys are great! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!"

Florida – Wysong Number One In U.S.

"Thank you for putting on the market a fabulous food which ferrets truly enjoy. Ferret Friends Indian River County International (FFIRIC) considers your Wysong Feline Diet to be the number one ferret food in the United States."

Oregon – PDG Saves Ferrets Life

“We work with abused ferrets through the Friends of Fuzzies ferret shelter in Bend, Oregon. We have a foster ferret name Pandora who was physically and emotionally abused. She was near death when rescued because her teeth had been broken off and she cannot eat regular ferret food. Thanks to a handfed diet of PDG™ soup as prescribed by the veterinarian and the shelter, Pandora is getting better. Her weight is increasing and she now has some zest for life. She will be on this diet for the rest of her life, so please keep up the good work and supplying this wonderful product. We feed our regular ferrets a diet supplement of PDG™, but it saved this little girl’s life. Thank you.”

Internet – Anergen For Ferret With Allergies

“I just received my order of Anergen™. I want to thank all of the Wysong folks for making this possible. My little ferret girl (she is allergic to most ferret foods—they have a lot of poultry in them) will eat another few months. She loves your lamb and rice and does not want to share it with any of the other ferrets. She knows that bag is for her. Thank you again."

Email – IBS Symptoms Improve On Wysong

“We are grateful for your offer to help the shelter out. You cannot imagine the joy of watching an ill ferret grab a chunk of  Ferret 1 & tear into it & know that in a few short days, their IBS symptoms will not be the biggest factor in their life!”

Email – IBS Symptoms Disappear

“I do not have pictures yet of before & after. I could never bring myself to photograph my ferret with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) because I thought he was slowly dying. He looked so awful, he was an appointment away from being euthanized. We saw your food on the web, ordered it (we kept him going with sub-cutaneous fluid injections, etc. until the food arrived) and within 2 days he improved, within a month he was "cured" and within 2 months required no more medication for the IBS. I am going to take him for repeated blood work to see if those values show a before & after effect to include in our article & slide show.

On a non-ferret note, I love your human products as well, especially the Un-Cereal™, the bars, the new Choc-O-Nuts™ Mix, The Chocolate Therapy™ and the flour for baking.”

Email – Shelter Ferrets Thriving On Wysong

"Our animals are doing very well. The shelter ferrets have been thriving, and it is great to hear that their overall health has improved. I have an appointment for my ferret on Thursday to see if his blood work shows improvement to include on the web page. Wysong is the only food he eats & he is a total Type I addict! I expect the blood values would look better because he does not have irritation & an allergic response...should be interesting!"

E-Mail – Best Ferret Foods and Human Products

“I learned about WYSONG through a friend, who also has ferrets. She highly recommended that I try the Archetypal 1™ and  2™ for my ferrets, and she gave me samples for my ferrets. My ferrets love Archetypal 2 and I have been ordering the product through you since then. Because of your website and catalog, I have learned of the many products you provide. I have purchased several items that I love and would not consider going back to using conventional soaps, face creams, and deodorant. I love the Un-cereal. I have tried a few supplements as well…I think WYSONG is wonderful! Please continue doing everything that you do.”

E-Mail – Best of All Ferret Diets

“I've created a Squidoo lense to help benefit Ferrets Unlimited Shelter in Cleveland, OH. I mentioned your ferret products because I believe that they are helping my ferrets to live longer and healthier lives. http://www.squidoo.com/FerretsUnlimited/Wysong Just wanted to let you know that I'm spreading the word of Wysong as fast as I can. I believe in your products and I'm very happy with the results that I see in my pets.”

E-Mail – Best of All Ferret Diets

“My ferret has been eating this product (Ferret Archetypal II) and Type I for several years now, and it is so nice to know I am feeding her the very best food she can get. She is extremely healthy, active, and bright on these products by Wysong. Thank you for caring so much, Wysong!”

E-Mail – Best of All Ferret Foods

“We have 6 ferrets. We changed to Wysong 1 year ago. Our ferrets are healthier, happier, and have much more energy. We are very pleased with this food as are our loving ferrets.”

E-Mail – Wysong Restores Health To Abandoned Ferret

“Ferrets First just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done to help the shelter and the ferrets. Our fuzzy friends are healthier and happier as a result of all the efforts of your wonderful company. Thank you! Little Bear was a Ferrets First resident for about three months before I adopted him in August. He was found walking around in a field. We advertised for several weeks to find his owner. It was clear that he was "dumped" as no one claimed him. Little Bear had significant dehydration and some parasites. Your wonderful food quickly helped to restore him to full health. He is now 5 pounds and sporting a nice round, soft tummy with beautiful fur!”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Wysong

“I learned about Wysong through a friend who also has ferrets. She highly recommended that I try the Archetypal 1 and 2 for my ferrets, and she gave me samples for my ferrets. Because of your website and catalog, I have learned of the many products you provide...”

E-Mail – Ecstatic About Wysong Ferret Diets

“I learned of Wysong after my ferret had been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We were suspicious that the food that he had been eating since he came home to live with us, might have been a contributing factor. I did some research online, and was ecstatic to find that Wysong made a very good ferret food. I was concerned because the cost was much more than I paid for the previous brand, but felt more comfortable giving him a food that I knew was good for him, and closer to a normal "ferret" diet. He will not eat things that he is supposed" to like, like boiled chicken, or turkey. I know that by giving him the Wysong, he is getting a lot of the protein, vitamins, and minerals that he needs. :)”

Letter – Ferrets’ Lives Extended On Wysong

“…I currently use your ferret food and I am convinced it has lengthened the life of my ferrets…”

E-Mail – Switching Ferrets To Wysong Diets

“Thank you so much for your fast reply back. I have ordered just a small amount for my ferrets at the present time, one of my babies has a life threatening disease, and from what I have been reading it's mostly caused from what they are eating. It does make me so mad inside to think I thought I was doing it right by buying what I thought was a top grade food for them. I am sure you will be seeing me again soon. Thank you. I am going to switch them over as soon as my order arrives. Wish I knew of your product sooner.”

E-Mail – Ferrets Enjoy Ferret Archetypal I and II

“Thank you for the samples!…our kids (two girls and a new little boy ferret) are now eating the Type II and Type I. We're actually ordering more right now!”

Letter – Wysong Helps With Insulin

“Thank you again for your quick help with my order. The package arrived today and just in time! Imp has insulin and only eats Wysong. Wysong foods are the key to keeping his blood sugar in check and without medication. Thanks so much again!”

E-Mail – Ferret Enjoys Wysong Diets

“I first saw Wysong on Petfood direct, but most recently I deal with Crafty Creatures, who carries Wysong food. I have a ferret that for some reason will not eat ferret food so she eats the Nurture™ food from Wysong…so I just keep the Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™ in stock and she loves it.”

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Ferret’s Life

“I rescued my Ferrets last year from a woman who could no longer care for them. They were a year old when I brought them home and they both weighed about 10 ounces. At a year old they should have weighed in about 1-3 lbs. each. They were on a very poor diet of salad, carrots, peanut butter and rabbit food. I started feeding them Marshall's because that was the fastest ferret food I could get my hands on. They started to eat the Marshall food and gain some weight but they started to lose their hair and have less energy. I wanted to get them some raw organic foods as soon as possible, reason being, I eat organic foods as well and I am educated enough to know the importance of unaltered raw foods. I found Wysong on the Internet. I ordered the Ferret Archetypal-1™ and had it shipped overnight to me. Wysong saved my Ferrets lives. Their hair has grown back, they both weigh over three pounds and are spoiled rotten to the core and I love them immensely. They love the Ferret Archetypal-1™. I order it once a month. Recently, delivered with my ferret food was the Wysong catalog. I am so pleased to see all the products that are available now. My babies are now 2 years old and I can't imagine life without them. Each month when the Wysong is delivered I toss the box on the floor, my ferrets run over to the box, smell the box and they go nuts when they smell it because they know their favorite food is here. I have attached a picture of them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”


Chittenango, NY

E-Mail – Ferrets Enjoy Wysong Ferret Archetypal 1™ As Part Of Varied Diet “Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read your prior post but couldn't agree more with the statement from your 5-29-07 update. I have 6 ferrets that are natural raw fed - although all but 1 love the Wysong Archetype 1™ & Treats. I give them as "treats” Archetype 1™ about once a week to give added variety to their diet. I've been doing this now for a year and, because of this, have not been affected by the pet food recall. I also have very happy, healthy and energetic babies:)…Feeding my ferrets in this fashion has created a lot of extra work (and a little extra expense - although not having outrageous vet bills does make up for it in the long run)… I truly believe my ferrets deserve to get the best possible care I can give them (despite what most anti-raw vets claim)…I had to stop listening to vets (with the pet food industry in their pocket) who told me in one breath that I was going to kill my pet with salmonella but in the next were really impressed how healthy my raw-fed ferrets are. If convenience is the most important thing to a pet owner, then they must assume the responsibility for the consequences, although I think this does a great injustice to any animal. In my humble opinion, if people are too busy to provide a pet with the proper care it needs, they should opt for a pet rock instead:) Thank you all at Wysong for producing such a superior pet food (taking into consideration of the needs of the animal and not being ruled by the almighty dollar). Wysong is the only manufactured ferret food I know I can trust.”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Food And Treats

“Two of my ferrets love your ferret foods and treats. Thanks for helping me keep them healthy and active. “

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Archetype

“My ferrets absolutely love the chunks…I won't deny my fuzzies something they will almost fight over.”

E-Mail – Ferrets’ Coats Look Great On Wysong

“I received your free samples of ferret food, and wanted to say thank you for letting my kids try it. They love it and it’s so nutritional for them! It made such a difference in my ferrets’ coats. It really works great!”

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