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Equine Testimonials

E-Mail – Horse Loves Un-Cereal™

“My sister and her Arabian Sporthorse recently took some Un-Cereal™ to a horse show to use as a healthy snack between classes. It was supposed to be a human snack, but "Otto" (MSU Autocracy) insisted on sharing it. His barn mates also enjoyed the cereal--and ended up finishing off the bag. "You need to market this as a horse treat as well as a human treat--the "kids" just love it!"

E-Mail – Using Equine Diet™ for 20 Years

“I've been using your Equine Diet™ in the green bag for about 20 years & absolutely LOVE IT & I recommend it to all of my students!”

Phone – Equine E.F.A.™ Cures Windpuff Blemish

“I just wanted to let you know that we have been using Equine E.F.A.™ on our horses and we noticed another positive side effect besides healthy skin and coats: it has cured windpuffs! We found out by accident when feeding the EFA™ to a horse with windpuffs, when within a month the windpuffs were gone. We recommended some other horses owners to give it a try and they also had 100% success of eliminating windpuffs. This is the only thing that we have found that works. It even helped our old stallion that has had windpuffs for years.”

E-Mail – Horse Loves Wysong Treats

“Hi, my name is Goldie and I would like to say that my owner buys me the Wysong Treats and I LOVE THEM!”

Internet – Tennessee Walking Horse Turns Around On Equine Diet™

“Sometimes people do not take the time to really let you know how great your professional diets are. I can truly say I walked into the situation as a skeptic, but now, I can really support your feed.

I recently purchased (i.e. rescued) a 19 year-old Tennessee Walking horse mare that was severely underweight. She had led a very hard life and has never received “many groceries” in her life neither. But at 19, here I was with an almost emaciated mare that I bought out of pity. My trainer asked if I wanted to put her on the grain supplement and I said sure why not. It may take about 6 months to get her back in proper weight as she is old and somewhat of a hard keeper.

My trainer kept feeding her Wysong for about 3 months and when I walked to the barn, I remember asking, “so who’s the new show horse over there?” They said that’s your mare. She was sleek, fat and had “proper weight.” Granted I am riding her about 3 times weekly now and she gets routine worming, she looks like a totally different horse. The barn owner actually offered to feed another grain that she feeds her non-show horses for free. I simply said NO WAY! The results that I received in 3 months of feeding it definitely outweigh the monetary results.

Well, you have a customer for life here. I rarely get caught up with trends or fads, but this is one that’s here to stay.”