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Flea Relief

Ohio – Fleas Gone/Positive Side Effect Of Wysong Diets

"This is the first time I’ve written a product endorsement letter in 52 years. I’m so pleased with your feline products, both the food and the F-Biotic™ supplement.

I do wish that the animal doctors my pets see would have taken nutrition as a factor in my four cats’ health problems. I’ve seen more improvement in the four months on Wysong than any other treatment. There is a wonderful ‘side effect.’ We are in the high flea area, but their fleas are almost gone, and during the most active flea season too! This is without collars, sprays or any other toxic treatment; just the improvement of a healthy diet. Thank you so much."

E-Mail – Tick Problem Disappears

“Before switching to Wysong, I was picking over 100 ticks a day off of my dog (we moved from Texas to Arizona recently.) Once I started feeding my dog Wysong Maintenance™, the tick problem I had with my dog practically disappeared and dropped to no more than one tick a day! Thank you!