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Heals Bones and Joints

E-Mail – Dogs in Perfect Health

“Our dogs are all in perfect health, no allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, nothing!  We have 17-year-old dogs that have been raised since birth on this food along with good healthy table scraps, some occasional meat and raw bones, and none of them have any arthritis! We also take in lots of rescue dogs and we feed all of them Wysong.”

Letter – Hip Operation No Longer Needed

“Our 2 dogs just love your food! Prior to your food our vet said 1 dog would need a hip operation. Using your food, the dog no longer needs one! Thank you.”

California – Wysong Saves Labs Life, Arthritis Disappears

"Thank You! You saved Hank’s life. Hank is the most wonderful 13-year-old Lab you can imagine, but six months ago he reached a point where he could not digest anything. He gagged and threw up and his poor stomach would rumble and complain and GAS - whew! Because I love this dog so much I was determined there was something out there he could eat and one of those miracles – I found Wysong and he began to thrive. He can digest it with no symptoms. He now can run and hike and acts like a youngster again. Also, his arthritis has disappeared and he can run and jump in the pickup again. Amazing stuff. I should be a representative I’ve referred so many people to your products!"

Kennel, New York – Incidence Of Lameness Decreased

"During our last K-9 school I noticed a significant decrease in the number of K-9 Panosteitis related illnesses which have plagued our K-9 schools for years...our dogs have done quite well nutritionally with the Wysong."

New York – Schnauzer’s Leg Problem Improves

"Our Schnauzer, Pepper, had a very bad problem with her back left leg. She had reconstructive surgery on her knee but she was left with painful arthritis in the leg. There were days she could not put any pressure on the leg. She would limp and if touched, cried in pain. We were very concerned that nothing could be done to make her more comfortable. After seeing an article in my dog magazine about your food and its benefits we decided to give it a try. Well it has been almost two years now and we have noticed a marked improvement in Pepper’s leg. She does not limp anymore, runs around playing like a puppy and has never seemed healthier. Our vet said for her age she is in excellent condition. Pepper will be 14 years old in November. We firmly believe that Wysong has been a definite factor in Pepper’s improvement. I bless the day I saw the article and started her on your food."

Veterinarian, Wisconsin – Leg Fracture Barely Discernible After Feeding Wysong

"A 1-year-old Fox Terrier was presented at our clinic with a distal radial ulnar fracture. By mid-February the fracture appeared healed on the radiograph. Three weeks later, he came back refractured in approximately the same location. Checking into his diet revealed he had been on a ‘grocery store special’ brand of dog food. We applied an Edgewood splint and put him on Wysong Diets. His body condition just bloomed – he gained weight and his leg healed so well that when we finally x-rayed the leg in May – the fracture area was barely discernible! Since that time, Wysong is part of our post surgery, trauma regimen. The results have been gratifying!"

Internet – Wysong Diets Eliminate Need For Pharmaceuticals

"My 10-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, who has Class III elbow dysplasia takes no chemical drugs and is doing better than 4 years ago when I was knee-deep in my veterinarian’s pharmaceutical programs for her. The difference has been outstanding."

Store Customer – Joints of a Younger Dog

"The vet says that our Jack Russell Terrier looks so good. He is 10 years old and the vet also says that he has the joints of a 2-year-old!"