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Helps Digestive Problems

E-Mail – Pet Inoculant™ and PDG™ Help with Digestion Problems

“I sell and use your products...love them and so do my clients. My 15 year old lab recently dealt with a bout of diarrhea. I have had him into the vet to have a few tests done. The different tests came back with great results. I am one who adds fresh meats and other fresh food items to the different Wysong dry foods. Due to his age and my research I know that he has an "old dog system" mainly he needs a diet that is easy to digest. I am now feeding him cooked oatmeal, cooked venison or turkey. I keep a chart of each meal I give and monitor his stools. After a week of this type of feeding his stools are back to normal. I also gave him your Pet Inoculant™ product which is just a wonderful product. I have also given the PDG™ product which worked great and will continue it…”

Letter – Maintenance™ for Sensitive Stomach

“I just wanted to add a little note of thanks for the GREAT dog food. It was recommended by our vet for our dog with a sensitive stomach. She has been eating the Maintenance™ for over a year and the stomach issues are now rare. Thanks for all you do and for a wonderful product. It is a lifesaver!”

E-Mail – No More IBD

“[My cat] is on Archetype™ she has gained 2.6 [lbs] and her IBD is so much better. No more vomiting.”

E-Mail – Fast Improvement with Archetype™

“Thank you so much for all your recommendations. It has only been a short time, but already Remy is so much improved. Within 3 days of starting Wysong Archetype™, she stopped all throwing up and hesitancy about eating. She now has much more energy, loves the food, and eats everything up without walking away and acting like she hates her meals. She plays more and genuinely enjoys mealtime. I know she feels better!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your assistance. I'll place an order for additional food as soon as you let me know whether UnCanny™ or Au Jus™ would be the next step.

FYI - I told several folks at work about WYSONG. One has already gotten some food, and several others are reading the website. Hoping to get everyone in my office on track!”

Letter – Cat Does Well On PDG™

“My cat has irritable bowel, weight loss and diarrhea. She is 13 years old….I find the

PDG™ helps her to maintain her weight and curbs her bouts of diarrhea…”

E-Mail – Dog Much Better on Synorgon™

“Thank you very much for your prompt and very informative reply. We want you to know that Daisy, our 10-year old companion dog, is thriving on Synorgon™ after experiencing serious digestive problems with a competitor's so-called ‘prescription’ product.”

Letter – Synorgon™ Clears Digestive Issues

“Your Synorgon™ dog food is the only food we have found to be compatible with our 13-year-old Husky mix’s stomach. She was having digestive issues on her other food, and that problem cleared up when we switched her to Synorgon™. When she first started eating your dog food, she was quite gassy, but she seems to have overcome that issue. Your food has also given our dog more energy than she’s had in years. Thank you for making such a quality product to take care of our Shelby’s health.”

E-Mail – C-Biotic™ Improves Digestion

“We got him at 9 months (German Shepherd). Once we got him home within 3 days we knew he had digestive problems, he had runny diarrhea and his stomach was growling all the time. We called the place that sold him to us and asked what and where to get the kind of food they sent with him when we brought him home (it was in brown paper grocery bag) long story short they knew he was sick but denied it…Our vet kept giving us very expensive pills that only made him worse. I went to a pet food store and the owner had your C-Biotic™…we put 4 good shakes of C-Biotic™ on his 2 cups am and 2 cups pm. He went from 72 pounds to 86 pounds, he still has pretty soft stool but it is not liquid. He has held 86 pounds for 3 years.”

E-Mail – Cats No Longer on Medications

“Your cat food is a miracle. We have 2 cats, each with their own digestive problems; one with frequent colitis, the other with severe constipation. One is on antibiotics frequently, the other on W/D cat food and fiber pills. Since switching to Wysong both cats are off all medicines and doing fine – no signs of colitis or constipation. They both love the food-both canned and dry! Kudos to Lunenburg Veterinary Hospital for recommending your great foods.”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Ends Vomiting Problem for Cat

“My cat's spewing problem pretty much ended on our very first bag of Uretic™. This, after trying 6-8 other brands of dry food and canned food as well. Thank you.”

E-Mail – Pet Inoculant™ Aids Digestion During Antibiotic Therapy

“Last July my dog needed knee surgery that necessitated a 10-day course of antibiotics on top of other drugs. I knew from past experience that the antibiotics would cause stomach pain and digestive problems after a few days, but that because of the extensive size of the surgical wound, it was important that she receive the entire dose.

I found "Pet Inoculant™" (prior to the surgery) and gave it to her in the recommended dose during the 10 days of antibiotics and for a week afterwards. She had no stomach pain or digestive problems and therefore was able to eat well and digest her food well during the most difficult part of the recovery. She normally eats Maintenance™ kibble along with Archetype™ and cooked meat and vitamins. Post-op she couldn't chew dry kibble and I gave her crumbled Archetype™ inside Wysong Turkey [Au Jus™] kneaded into meatballs, with the Pet Inoculant™ and vitamins added in. She loved it and ate well. When she was able to chew harder foods, I added Epigen™ to her diet instead of Maintenance™, so that she would have more protein while helping to keep weight off during this time of inactivity.

Now she is 10 weeks out of surgery and soon will be her follow-up radiograph to check on the healing of the bone. Epigen™ is now a standard part of her diet.

Thank you, again, Dr. Wysong and everyone at Wysong.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Helps IBD and Insoles Are Great Gifts

“It is always my pleasure to introduce great products; from a great company to the world…The two IBD cats are doing well on the Epigen™…Hope to get some new clients for you. Everyone who wears shoes should have the Wysong Insoles™! No doubt! I think they would make great gifts.”

E-Mail – No Digestive Issues With Epigen™

“I received the samples you sent me in my last Wysong order of your new Epigen™ Fish & Epigen™ Venison formulas that will be available soon. Because I believe in all of your work & concept behind Epigen™ I was most anxious to give the new samples a try on my ever so sensitive Tonkinese cats. SUCCESS!!!! YAY!!!!! They all loved both kinds PLUS the new kinds caused them NO vomiting or other issues. I Am Sooo Pleased!!! I know that was only a very small sample, but, I will certainly buy some of your new Epigen™ Varieties & feed a bag of each to see how it goes. THANK YOU Sooo MUCH for sending me those samples. I just wanted to give you this success story. I am also anxious for your eventual Epigen 90™ formula that you are working on that will come out in the future too. I appreciate your company soooo much & all of your important efforts you do in providing not only the BEST in pet foods but your ever important education that you teach us. Continued Success To You & Your Company. In fact my Tonkineses’ health depends upon it!!! THANK YOU Sooo MUCH!!!”

E-Mail – Cats Healthier on Wysong

“My 2 cats, are doing excellent on the Wysong cat varieties. I tested a moist, store- bought cat treat a couple of weeks ago. After just 2 consecutive nights, of just 2 pieces of that treat each, one of the cats had a colitis attack. I have learned my lesson-our cats eat only Wysong from here on out!”

E-Mail – Great For Dog With Food Intolerance, Helps Puppy With Liver Shunt

“I've used your food since 2004, and I've been very satisfied with the quality. Our dogs love it. We've recently put one of our new rescued dogs on your Epigen Fish™ formula due to many of her food intolerances. I am so thankful that you have developed a Fish and Venison kibble formula…Any time I get into a conversation with other animal owners about dog or cat food, I tell them about your company! I want to spread the word!

One of our dogs is 14 years old and going strong!!! We also had a dog with a liver shunt that lived to the ripe old age of 9, and we didn't even know she had this problem until a few months before she died. Was it the food? Who knows? But, she was a miracle dog that should have started showing symptoms as a puppy and shouldn't have lived very long into adulthood. I like to think your food helped her condition in some way! I have no other explanation of why she lived so long!

I don't know if you still post consumer reviews on your website. I know I've read them in the past. You have my permission to put the parts of this email on your website. I'd like others to be aware of how satisfied we are with your food.

Thank you for making such a quality product!”

E-Mail – Cats Do Much Better on Wysong Au Jus™ and Dream Treats™

“Tiger has some type of problem that affects her liver function. Last Sept, she stopped eating, and was vomiting neon yellow (our vet explained it, but what I understood was this was a liver problem). He gave her IV fluids and an anti nausea shot. Meanwhile, I had been researching her illness on the internet and found info on raw foods, so I fed her chicken livers "pate" that I made from farmers market chickens. The vet was pleasantly surprised at how good she looked the next week and I went back to feeding her Nurto wet food (because I had run across info that dry food of any type is bad for cats - my vet warned me this was bad for her teeth). As predicted her breath got really bad so in Dec I reintroduced one cup a day of the Nutro dry for senior cats - within one month Tiger had yellow skin, and the neon vomit was back. The vet prepared our family for the very real possibility that she would not make it through the week. She was down to 8 lb from 14 lb and looked really bad, we gave her the IV again and some antibiotics. I made the pate again. She got better again, but I was afraid to feed her anything else. At this point, someone at the health food coop told me about your products so I started feeding the canned Duck and Pheasant Dream Treats™. I keep the treats in the freezer (something else I picked up online). Tiger got better to the point where you would never know she was so sick, (I just need to keep her from getting fat again)…Criss has a different problem, she pulls her fur out (her person, my daughter went off to college and she is not taking that well)…she enjoys the same diet as Tiger and I notice she does not bloat anymore...”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Resolves Digestive Problems For Puppy

“I thought I'd send you a quick note to tell you about my puppy. He is a White Shepherd and around 12 weeks old he was vomiting and having diarrhea. I took him to the Vet. They gave me several cans of Hills Prescription Diet, i/d Gastrointestinal Health. They also gave me a de-wormer medication to mix into the canned food. I prepared this for him and set it down. He sniffed it, but would not eat it. After not eating for a day, I decided to give him the Epigen™ I had been feeding him. When he saw me bring out the bag he got very excited and ate it all when I put it down for him. I ended up mixing the medication into cream cheese for him. I still have a couple cans of the prescription food in the cupboard. He is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. He is eating approximately one two pound bag of Epigen™ every two days.”

E-Mail – Senior™ Helps Improve Digestive Problems

“Let me start by saying that I love your Senior™ canned and dry products. My 10 1/2 year old lab has had lifelong GI problems, bloody diarrhea, etc. I feed him canned Senior™ in the morning and dry in the evening.”

Much Better Than Other Diets/Helps Digestive Problems

E-Mail – Change To Wysong Diets Improves Health

“Over the past year, I have taken my 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi's to the vets numerous times after repeat vomiting in the middle of the night, having diarrhea, low energy and overall appearances poor. The vet would treat them for a virus and ask me if there were any changes in the environment etc…I had them on Iams light and then decided to change them to Iams lamb and rice for sensitive stomachs. The problem continued until a nurse friend of mine told me she had the same problem and since putting her 2 Corgi's on Wysong years ago, has not had the problem since. I immediately began transitioning my dog food to Wysong and neither dog has woke up vomiting. It has been 1 month now and they have so much energy, look very healthy and seem very satisfied after eating. They were always so hungry all day long with Iams even though I fed them 2x a day. I can now say that after ruling everything out in the environment, that it was the Iams dog food that was making them ill. This saddens me to think I was making my dogs ill by giving them this food which I felt was a good food. I wished I had tried Wysong a long time ago. But they are doing wonderfully now and I can't thank you enough for your fine product.”

E-Mail – Wysong Diets Clear Up Dog’s Digestive Problems

“Just wanted to let you know that Ernie is doing great on Wysong! We finally had a day of normal digestion. He loves the food, especially Archetype Buffet™. I've been using AddLife™, Growth™, and am moving to Synorgon™ today. I've started rotating the food types every 3-4 days as per your recommendations and also ordered more food from your website. He loves the food, his digestive issues are finally resolving, and he seems so much more energetic. So, thank you!”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Absolutely you can use my experience for a testimonial. I can even send an Ernie pic! He's such a handsome boy. You have been wonderful. It's hard to trust pet food companies these days and I so appreciate your time and help, as well as your products.”

E-Mail – Suggestions Help Solve Digestive Problem for Rescue Dog

“…I want to thank you for your wonderful dog food products. I have been feeding your food to my dogs for 9 yrs. (Synorgon™ & Senior™). My present dogs are all rescues and there was a huge improvement in their coats after starting them on Synorgon™ when we got them as young dogs. They also love the taste...My husband stopped there after work that same day to purchase the new food that Sherri suggested, Anergen™ and supplements AddLife™ & DentaTreat™. After just 2 days... her stool was normal and she is doing just great. I really appreciate Sheri's help and the wonderful Wysong products. I have included a photo of our dogs, left to right...Fancy (the new BC, Casey 10 year old Sheltie mix and Starr 7 year old BC). Casey is a Delta Therapy Dog and we visit nursing homes weekly. I compete with Casey & Starr in the Sport of Canine Musical Freestyle. Fancy is just starting to learn basic obedience and freestyle moves.”

E-Mail – Wysong Diets Clear Colitis in Dog

“I personally have had great experiences with the outcome of feeding my fuzzy friends Wysong. Prior to Wysong, one dog had colitis and the best we could get was with Wellness’ Fish and Potatoes. After a year or two, we finally decided to start trying new options again, tried Wysong, and poof, it was gone. And Mr. Bristly dog was suddenly soft.”

E-Mail – Wysong Makes Difference In Siamese Cat

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your cat food. I have a 4-year-old Siamese who was always throwing up. A friend told me about your pet food and we tried a bag, what a difference in my cat!! Thanks for making such a great product!!”

E-Mail – Dog Breeder Swears By DentaTreat™ (as dictated by Wysong customer service representative)

“I just got off the phone with a dog breeder who swears by DentaTreat™ to keep her show dogs "regular." When on the road, she gives it to her pups, which do not have loose stool issues, and "they don't do messes in the show ring!" The caller elaborated on the lack of potty problems (and their consistencies, and the issues of going to the vet to get fecal samples). She will be calling back to purchase the 20# bucket. Oh, and thanks to DentaTreat™, they don't eat their stools anymore. :)

E-Mail – Cat’s Digestive Problems Improve on Archetype™

“I have a cat with some intestinal problems. I decided to clean up his diet and picked up your Archetype™ at a local pet food retail facility. I researched your website and found I could order directly and have been doing so for the past 6 months or so. Your product has improved my cat's situation tremendously.”

Phone – Archetype Burgers™ Help Yorkie’s Colitis

“I have to tell you my Yorkie is the most finicky eater ever. He won’t even eat fresh chicken. He eats Archetype Burgers™ all the time though. He has colitis and this is great for him. He is 3 years old and doing very well.”

E-Mail – Synorgon™ Helps Boxer With Colitis

“Thank you Wysong! As a puppy my boxer would constantly throw up and have diarrhea, later diagnosed as IBD and colitis. The vet would put him on antibiotics and a "low residue" food. It still didn't help, and I hated giving him antibiotics so much. Fortunately a friend told me about your products, and we found Synorgon™. What a difference! Baxter is 100% better. The vet didn't see him in a few months and was AMAZED - he had gained weight, had a shiny coat, and no more throwing up or diarrhea! And thank you and your awesome products!”

E-Mail – Wysong Cures Chronic Diarrhea

“My dog has a very bad stomach. I have had to cook for him and still would have problems with him. He would get diarrhea often. He had a hard time digesting food. He could not eat any brand of dog food so I cooked rice and boiled chicken. Even that was not 100 percent. I was in a health food store and was interested in what the packaging had to say. I tried it and my beautiful Newfoundland does not get diarrhea anymore. I mix about 1/4 cup hydrated Archetype to boiled rice. It works. Thank you!”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Yes, absolutely, you may post my e-mail. As I said your product has been a life saver for me.”

E-Mail – Archetype™ Cures IBD

"I learned about Wysong while doing research on dog food. I have a dog with inflammatory bowel disease and history of ITP and autoimmune hemolytic anemia. She had been on human food for years after a severe ITP/anemia episode that almost killed her. But the human food exacerbates her IBD. I had been told by my vet that I really should try to get her on dog food. That it would help her IBD. However, my dog hated all dog food, until Wysong  Archetype™. Since changing to Archetype™ my dog is doing great. No more bloody vomiting or bloody diarrhea which was a common occurrence. She has a lot more energy, no bad breath (horrific before) and even her teeth are cleaner. I think this product is fabulous. My dad just got a puppy and I had him start her on Archetype™ and he loves it as well."

E-Mail – Archetype™ Clears Up Digestive Issues

"We learned about Wysong from another cat breeder. We breed Maine Coon cats, and have recently purchased a kitten from a breeder in PA. She used Wysong with this litter of kittens as they had some digestive issues, and the nature of your Archetype™ product helped clear up the digestive issues. Consequently, when we purchased the kitten, we continued to use it to further control her digestive issues. Now that her problems are mostly resolved, we continue to use it as a treat for all the cats, and I give it most often to my 19 year old cat to keep her healthy. All the cats just love it."

E-Mail – Cat No Longer Regurgitates Since Feeding Wysong

"Hi - I would like to say THANK YOU! for your wonderful products! I have two cats and the younger one - Archie - has thrown up his food from the time he was a kitten. My vet has run him through every test and procedure over the last two years and found no problems....we've tried every food in the grocery store plus the prescription foods from the vet all to the same end. Finally the vet gave up on Archie with the comment "I guess he's just a cat that likes to puke."

Then I had a friend tell me to try feeding him "people food", so I went looking on the internet for how to balance a natural diet and found your site. I tried your foods and now Archie no longer throws up. My older cat Baby has started playing like a kitten again and both the boys love your food - not to mention the meats and veggies I now add to their diet. Thank you!"

E-mail – Archetype™ And Synorgon Improve Dog’s Digestive Problems

“I think I finally have it all figured out. Not sure if it’s my imagination or what, but I gotta believe it’s the Wysong. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, soon to be 4 years old. From the first day I got him as a baby, he has had many problems. Allergies (he was tested), stomach upsets, diarrhea, no appetite, and lethargic. Many other problems too. I gave him injections, steroids, antibiotics and the list goes on. Spent a fortune too. I hated to see such a young supposedly energy dog ill. I did buy what I thought was the best foods for him. No grocery store brands. Even tried the BARF diet and he wouldn’t eat that either. Then about two months ago while I was wandering the aisles of Pet Supplies Plus, I noticed the Wysong display. I read some of the literature that was available, and checked out the prices. At the time I thought it was a little pricey, but I thought, I’ve tried everything else, so why not. I bought the Archetype™ and Synorgon™, and one can of chicken. He ate it! I’m on my second bag of Synorgon™ and Archetype™ and plan to go to the Maintenance™ next time. I do add about a tablespoon of canned with his food. This had been the first year ever he hasn’t had the itchies. His stools look good, he is once again playful, can’t keep up with him now, no more goopy eyes either. I’m so amazed and I have my fingers crossed that I finally found the right product. Thank God for your product. I have been trying to convince my friends about Wysong. I can now look at their pets and see what mine used to look like. Sad! Anyway, I thank you all for making my life and Neko’s much happier.”

California – Less Intestinal Upset On Wysong Diets

"With confidence I feed only Wysong. The results have been tremendous and visibly noticeable. I just purchased her second twenty pounds of food and already three changes have occurred. First of all her coat is much softer and is so shiny I wondered if something wasn’t wrong. Really! Second, she doesn’t have as much intestinal upset anymore. Before switching her to Wysong she had a lot of gas and burped up frequently after eating. They have almost completely disappeared. I would have to say those symptoms have been reduced 95%. Incredible! Third, I’ve noticed she has more energy in the mornings. Shadow is 1½ years old and at about 13 months of age she slowly stopped bringing me her toys to play with her and slept longer. In the past few weeks she gets up earlier and with her tail wagging she’s ready to play and full of energy. This may sound a little exaggerated only after a month on your Wysong food but it is the truth! I know my dog very well and any little change in her, for good or bad, I notice right away. I have never written to a company to tell them how great their product is, but I am so pleased with yours I just had to send my thanks and compliments. Thanks again! Keep up the great work."

Iowa – Vitality™ Finally A Solution For Cat’s Digestive Problems

"In case you didn’t know it, you have a miracle product! My wife and I got our first cat 17 years ago. Regardless of the type of food we have given her she has consistently had diarrhea, and frequently has just not eaten. The result is that she has lived her life as a very thin, weak cat. Trips to different vets had not helped, none could provide a solution. We were finally to the place where she was so weak we were planning to have her put to sleep. Our vet suggested we try your Feline Vitality™ product. After years of misery, Sydney eats like a pig! No more diarrhea, she’s gaining weight, and she looks a long way from death’s door...Since cats can’t talk, I hope this says it for her. THANK YOU!"

Massachusetts – Digestive Problems Gone On Maintenance™

“Just a note to thank you for your wonderful product – Canine Maintenance™. My Pekingese was having continuing digestive problems. Fortunately our veterinarian Dr. Mark Restey recommended Wysong. Since our puppy has been eating Wysong, he is strong and full of life – no more discomfort or other problems. Thank you again for your excellent product.”

Email – Pugs Have Total Resolution Of Digestive Problems

“Hello, I had heard the name Wysong before in relation to dog foods, however, when we ended up with a couple of Pug dogs with food problems, we began using Wysong. One Pug with a weight problem and one with a sensitive stomach led me to an internet search for pet foods with really top notch ingredients. Both dogs have seen total resolution of their problems by feeding the Vegan™ kibble in the a.m. and the canned Au Jus™ at night. Those little snarflers mean too much to our family to feed them junk-- which is basically what the grocery aisle pet foods are. Thank you for your excellent products and your ongoing commitment to animal health.”

Email – Cats Loves Archetype™, Only Food Able To Keep Down

“Thanks for the packet of info and samples I received yesterday. I wanted to let you know that Angel, my cat baby with the inflammatory bowel disease, loved the packet of the Archetype™, and with the Call of the Wild™ added. It was the first thing she had eaten in three days and although I realize it was a small amount, I am thrilled to note and pass along that she did not throw it up as she has everything else."

E-Mail – Poodle Doing Well On Synorgon™

“I found your food -  Synorgon™ - in Whole Foods in Winston Salem. It is the only dog food out of about 10 kinds that my now 1-yr old toy poodle will consistently eat. He has had flare ups of colitis, but he has done remarkably well since switching to your food."

Email – Archetype™ Helps Cat With Digestive Problems

"I e-mailed you a few weeks back and based upon your recommendation, I ordered Archetype™ for my elderly cat who has not been eating and has severe digestion problems. He loves it! And it is staying down! Bless you!"

Letter – Wysong Only Food Agreeable For Dogs

“Wysong is the only food that my dogs love and it agrees with all three of them. Thank you.”

Internet – Maintenance™ And Archetype™ Doing Wonders For Dogs

"I have been feeding your food to my two dogs for about 6 months now and they are doing great on it. One of my dogs is a six-year-old Yorkie who had a crystal removed about three years ago when she was with a previous owner after which she was taking medication daily. When I got her, the vet told me that I could take her off the meds if she was on a better diet, so they prescribed science diet for her. Within about 3 weeks of starting that she began vomiting. I then went out on my own to find a food that would be tolerable and still keep her off the medication. After trying a couple of foods that were good quality but that she didn't seem to want to eat without much coaxing, I found Wysong and I am grateful everyday for such a wonderful food to feed my dog. I usually feed both of my dogs the Maintenance™ diet and recently I purchased the Archetype™ for variety.

Thank you a million times over for your wonderful pet products."

Internet – Wysong Only Food Cat Can Tolerate

“I just wanted to let you know that yours is the ONLY cat food that has not made my cat, Souki, throw up. I thought that the food I was feeding her was high quality. I’d tried a number of different brands before settling on another brand, and they all made her

barf. I’d just come to accept that her throwing up was part of being a cat. The point that Wysong™ is superior was driven home last night. I fed Souki a can of another brand’s food when I got home from work and this morning when I woke up, the white living room rug was covered with cat barf.

From now one, it’s Wysong™ food all the way. You’ve found a lifelong customer. Thanks!”

Email – Prefer Wysong Diets For Cats

"I have several pets (2 dogs & 2 cats) all LOVING & doing very well on their Wysong foods & snacks. But recently one of the cats has begun to have digestive issues. He’s had several tests – but still no idea what it could be. My vet has suggested the Science Diet “ID” food – a prescription. But I would MUCH prefer a Wysong product…THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I VERY much appreciate it!"

Maine – Cats Digestive Problems Clear Up On Wysong

“I have two 11-year-old cats that gave up all commercial food 9 months ago. They have very noticeable differences [on Wysong] and one was prone to throwing up every couple of weeks and never does now. Thanks”!

Internet – Archetype™ Stops Vomiting

“Just wanted to tell you of an unexpected benefit my cat has had from Archetype™. Over the past few months, she has been vomiting first thing in the morning. My vet found nothing wrong with her, but explained her age of 12 might have something to do with it. My cat either vomits clear liquid first thing in the morning because she has gone overnight without eating and her stomach has a lot of acid (now that she is older the acid is harder to handle), or she eats too fast first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then vomits. My vet advised I give her some food right before bedtime so she goes to sleep for the night with a full stomach. Other than early-morning vomiting, my cat is health and active with a good appetite. She eats mostly Wysong Vitality™, plus various additions such as yogurt and meats. Although her condition is not life threatening, it was taking its toll on my carpets, and I was eager to find a solution. So I tried Archetype™ mixed with water, and gave it to my cat just before bedtime. It worked immediately! My cat has not done the early-morning vomiting for the past month—ever since I began feeding her Archetype right before bedtime. I am grateful to Wysong™ for this wonderful product.”

New York – Cat Loves Archetype™/Pet Inoculant™ Cures Chronic Diarrhea

“I just wanted to let you know that my kitty goes bonkers over Archetype™! He turns into a totally “wild animal” and throws his domestication and manners out the window! In other words, he loves it! It’s really funny to watch, but watch the nails! Also he had diarrhea for 5 months due to antibiotics that were given to him from the vets and we were told that there was nothing we could do (we tried everything) about it except have $250 worth of blood tests done to see what was wrong with him. I gave him Pet Inoculant™ and Call of the Wild™ and within 2 weeks he was cured! We were thrilled needless to say. Thanks again for these wonderful products, it saved my kitten’s life and our sanity!”

California – Dog Can Digest Wysong With No Problems

"Thank You! You saved Hank’s life. Hank is the most wonderful 13-year-old Lab you can imagine, but six months ago he reached a point where he could not digest anything. He gagged and threw up and his poor stomach would rumble and complain and GAS - whew! Because I love this dog so much I was determined there was something out there he could eat and one of those miracles – I found Wysong and he began to thrive. He can digest it with no symptoms. He now can run and hike and acts like a youngster again. Also, his arthritis has disappeared and he can run and jump in the pickup again. Amazing stuff. I should be a representative I’ve referred so many people to your products!"

Canada – Wysong Brings Back Appetite And Helps Cat Gain Healthy Weight

"This is in regard to my 17-year-old cat, Mocha. She has had some vomiting and diarrhea with resulting weight loss over the past few months. Her digestion is now back to normal. She has a voracious appetite. We are feeding her 4 small meals a day with PDG™ in it. I want you to know that all her blood work came back absolutely normal! No evidence of kidney or liver abnormalities. The vet was amazed that a 17-year-old cat would show this! I owe all this to feeding her Wysong products and supplements over the last 6 years with raw, fresh food also. Thanks to Dr. Wysong’s knowledge and advice, our cats are healthy and never require medical care!"

Internet – Dog And Cats Vomiting, Hairballs Stopped When Switched To Wysong

"We started our other Standard Poodle, a 5-year-old male, on Wysong, switching from Precise™ several months ago, as well as our two 15-year-old cats. We’ve been very pleased with Wysong. We’ve really noticed a difference in the cats. One cat also used to vomit a couple of times a week, and this seems to have stopped since beginning Wysong. Hairball medicine and hairball cat food did not seem to help. Our Poodle has a good level of energy and always eats his food, whereas before he frequently didn’t eat, and we had a problem with him vomiting in the early morning every now and then."

E-mail – Cat Digestive Problems Gone On Wysong

"One of our 4 cats was having problems that could not be explained by our vet. He finally came up with "Flash" having a nervous stomach. Flash is our smallest weighing in at about 7 lbs and had lost the shine to his fur. His fur also started to become patchy and he was throwing up fairly regularly. Thank goodness in a casual conversation I found out about Wysong and did a slow weaning of all of our cats onto your food. Within two months Flash was a completely different cat. His fur has doubled in volume and he is not throwing up like he was. He also has his old energy and playfulness back. So the feline portion of our family (all are from our local animal shelter) are grateful to your company for caring so much about animals that your caring reaches to their diet as well. Best regards"

British Columbia, Canada – Wheaten Terrier Diarrhea Problems Disappear

"I have a 6 year old soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. Since he was a pup, he has had problems with diarrhea (big time). Last summer, I started feeding canine Maintenance™ and I can’t believe the difference!! He hardly has the loose poops and hasn’t had major diarrhea since. It is great and I just wanted you to know."

California – Wysong Only Food Chihuahua Can Tolerate

"I have a 2½ lb. Chihuahua that has colitis very bad. The only food that she can tolerate is Wysong. I feed her the canned and dry. Her life depends on it...Thank you for making such a wonderful product."

California – Cat Stops Vomiting On Wysong

"I want to let you know that I am very happy to have found out about Wysong. I adopted a cat a year ago and he had a very sensitive stomach. He would vomit all the time and it was concerning me so I tried changing his diet. When he started on Wysong he suddenly stopped vomiting and I saw his health improve substantially. Great product! Keep it up."

California – Vitality™ Cures Cat Constipation

"I’ve been feeding my cat, Archie, your Vitality™ Feline Diet, and it is the only dry cat food which doesn’t constipate him. All others do, including the ones I’ve gotten from his vet. Can’t tell you how happy I am, for both Archie and me."

California – English Springer Gastric Disturbances Solved

"Since using the Wysong Diets, our English Springer looks great and no longer has gastric disturbances. We recommend this product highly."

California – Wysong Cures Digestive Problems

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. It took me six years to find it but now my dog, is happy and healthy. He eats Wysong, but now he digests his food well and eliminates easily! Hooray!"

Georgia – Cat’s Chronic Diarrhea Completely Gone

"I have a sweet cat who had been sick for several months with diarrhea. I had gone to the vet twice with only temporary relief. She was losing weight and I was very concerned, when a friend of mine recommended your food. I picked up a bag at the health food store I regularly shop at. I mixed it as directed and then went to straight Wysong after a month. To my great delight, my cat’s diarrhea is completely gone. It’s been two months now and she’s feeling so much better. Thanks for making such super, healthy food for my cats. My kitty and I love Wysong."

Louisiana – Dog’s Stomach Problems Gone

"I can’t tell you what a difference this food has made in my dog’s life. He has gained weight and his stools are firmer and his stomach problems gone. What’s more, he loves it! Thanks so much…you are a cut above the rest."

New Hampshire – Vitality™ Ends Life-Long Digestive Problem For Cat

"For the past six months I have been feeding our 9-year-old cat your Feline Vitality™ food. This food has ended a life-long digestive problem for the cat, who used to vomit several times weekly. Over the years we have tried almost every commercial cat food available. Yours is the only one which alleviated this problem. Thank You!"

Internet – Synorgon™ Improves IBD For Dog

"I have been feeding your Synorgon™ to two of my Aussie’s for the past 6 months. My 8- year-old neutered male with Inflammatory Bowel Disease has improved greatly since changing from Nutro™ Lamb and Rice to your Synorgon™."

Internet – Vets Uses Synorgon™ As Example For IBD Patients

"I would like to commend you on some wonderful pet products. One of our three dogs, an aging ‘mostly golden’ has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and almost died before we found that he could digest (and thrive) on a diet of boiled chicken breasts and Wysong Synorgon™. His weight dropped from a ‘normal’ weight of 60 lbs. down to about 47 lbs. We tried all kinds of prescription foods and diets and nothing worked until a friend gave us half a bag of Synorgon™. He has slowly improved over the last year and now weighs about 62 lbs. He is looking almost pudgy but the vet just laughs and says to leave him alone with the weight. Our vet asked for an empty Synorgon™ wrapper and keeps it in Buster’s file to show other owners."

Internet – Cat Doing Better Than Ever On Wysong

"Just a short note to say how ecstatic I am with your Feline foods. My 18-year-old cat was very ill (digestive problems that the vet could not figure out). I was very frustrated at ‘conventional’ veterinary nutrition/health suggestions. I graduated to the dry Vitality™ and canned. Also used the  Pet Inoculant™ and F-Biotic™, as her system was very upset from the antibiotics that the vet had prescribed. She is now doing better than ever, loves the foods. I’ve been told she should be the Wysong ‘Poster Kitty’. She truly embodies ‘Vitality’. Regards and many thanks."

Internet – Poodle’s GI Problems Disappear

"Our mini Poodle was plagued with GI problems until we changed his diet to Wysong. He’s doing very well and we’re all extremely pleased."

Internet – Wysong Improves Dog’s Health

"Wysong has been my dog’s primary food since February and his health and stool have been great ever since. For the first 16 months I had him he did not digest food well and was constantly very loose. Your diets, meats, vegetables and the supplement take full credit."

Pet Owner – Wysong Clears Infection

"I adopted this cat in September of 1997. He had what they thought was an infected anus. Despite antibiotics and salves, it never cleared up. Since he’s been eating your food, his anus looks mostly normal, with black skin instead of moist pink like he had.

Looking at the ingredients, I’m not surprised. Since there are none of the usual by- products in it, and all those good bacteria, etc."

Pet Owner – Dog With Anomalous Digestive System Thrives On Wysong

"My dog Boris is perhaps the ultimate Wysong dog. He had surgery to help correct an anomalous digestive system at age 7 months, and can survive most dog foods, but cannot survive on them. Yet on Wysong he thrives. He’ll be six in July. That’s starting to get up there for a Lab. He’s not a puppy anymore. Yesterday, he and I were in the yard when a young Great Dane showed up across the street, spotted Boris, and came on over. If you would like to see a testimonial to the ‘power’ of your dry Canine Maintenance™ product, see a 78 pound Lab toss around a huge Great Dane!"

Internet – Dog Doing Great On Wysong

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was always skeptical of commercial pet foods, treats, and chews, veterinarians who insist on yearly vaccines, etc. Since I got my dog almost 5 years ago, I have searched for the right way to feed and take care of her. I always believed in giving her "real food," but she would suffer digestive upsets and diarrhea. I started her on Wysong supplemented with meats a couple months ago and now I'm excited to add your other products to her diet. She is so full of life and energy we call her the "Tasmanian Devil." At her last vet check-up the assistant had trouble restraining her for a blood sample because she is so strong! Finding the truth is difficult and finding people who believe the truth is difficult. I'm grateful for your efforts and resolve to expose the truth. You've found yourself another believer and customer!"

Massachusetts – Weaning Dog Off Of Medicines For Gastric Problems

“Thank you for your wonderful products and information. We have thoroughly altered our approach for caring for our dogs since listening to your cassette tape, and already he is eating better than he has ever in his life, while at the same time we’re weaning him off of the multiple medicines he’s been on for “gastric disturbance” since puppy hood. Thank you!”

Internet – Fast Turn-Around For Cat’s Digestive Problems

“My local pet store recommended Wysong™ when I asked about my cat’s perpetual digestive issues. (He had been suffering from constant diarrhea for several months, despite all my vet’s best efforts.) We had tried several prescription diets, going from bland to more bland, to finally a “hypoallergenic” diet, with a price tag of $40 for a 10- pound bag. Cost was not an issue, as I would have spent any amount for an answer, but when it didn’t work I was truly disgruntled at the cost. I was also told that I would have to continue to feed my cat the hypoallergenic food and nothing else for a full 90 days to allow it to be fully effective. Six weeks into this diet there was no change. At my wit’s end, figuring I could do no worse than my vet at this point, I switched to Wysong™ at my pet store’s recommendation. I fed both cats Geriatrx™ and mixed it with a little of the Archetype™ and the canned food a little later, as recommended. It only took 2 weeks to see results, and my cat had his first formed stool in months.

I’m sold and will stick with Wysong. I have been telling friends my results and may have made another convert or two. Also, as I was in the process of making the switch, I found many friends and acquaintances who know and use your products with equal success stories. Also, during my learning period about Wysong, I sent a few e-mails asking for clarification about the products, and I was pleased to receive prompt and thorough responses to each inquiry. One of the reasons that my pet store recommended Wysong was the philosophy of the company behind the products, and that comes through in the service and responses I received. Thanks again!”

E-Mail - Cats Tolerate Wysong Better Than Other Diets

“…I have a lot less throwing up on the Vitality™ Dry compared to other products like Hills Science Diet and any Iams dry which made them throw up a lot more. So they are on your dry food for the rest of their lives.”

E-Mail – Cat Digestive Problems Disappear On Wysong

“I learned about Wysong from my neighbor, a fellow "thinking person", who

feeds all her animals with Wysong food. My 1-year-old cat had been experiencing severe digestive problems for all of her life and I was desperate to solve her problems because we were finally getting "grown-up" furniture and carpeting and my husband was threatening to take her back to the SPCA if her problems didn't clear up. We had been feeding her what we thought was the best food, including the prescription stuff from the vet, but nothing seemed to help. Then, one day I noticed one of your boxes of canine food that had been delivered on my neighbor's porch. Being a thinking person, I was intrigued! That night I emailed your company, and within 48 hours I had a detailed e-mail back from one of your DVM, PhDs! Wow! I ordered the recommended food and supplements right away. Within 24 hours our little Roxy stopped vomiting and within 48 hours her bowel movements were normal. This was the first time in her 12 months of life that she had enjoyed "normal" digestion!! Obviously, I was

sold straightaway and I've been singing your praises to everyone I meet. I was shocked to learn that two vets that I've known for years, and have great respect for, did not know about your line of food. I'm a teacher at an elementary school and I recently learned that one of our long-term substitute teachers has been a tech at a local vet's office for years. I was telling her about your company not long ago. She had never heard about you! As a person who, after years of digestive difficulties, finally solved my problems nutritionally on my own through a detoxification diet and gradual reintroduction of foods, I was thrilled and validated to find your website and read about the research and resulting philosophy.”

Phone – Food has helped with IBD and Skin Problems

“I just wanted to let you know that since I switched to Wysong my dogs’ health has improved dramatically. I started feeding Synorgon™ and for the first time in 9 years and my one dog has no more bowel problems. My other dog had a skin condition for several years and this is the only diet that has dramatically improved his coat!”