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Helps Overweight Pets

E-Mail – Epigen™ and Archetype™ Great For Weight Reduction

“Aloha from Honolulu, on the remote island of Oahu, where we have a few Wysong products at our Naturally Pet store. I bought a bag of Epigen™ and my cat really likes it, so I went to the website to investigate more Wysong products and was enticed to try the $9.99 special. I just received Archetype™ and Epigen™ for a fantastic deal and my cat loves the Archetype™ too. Thank you!

My 2-year-old cat is on a weight reducing diet (more protein and less starch) so the Epigen™ and Archetype™ foods are perfect…Reading the Wysong website info as well as other sources, it makes sense to feed cats a raw diet with variety, or what they would eat as hunters…Thank you for providing excellent pet foods and products!”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Reduce Weight for Mini Dachshund, Agrees With Holistic Approach

“I just recently brought my two cats and dog in for their routine check-ups and obligatory shots. We got on the subject of food. (Deceased mother's 10-year-old Mini Dachshund has now lost 2 ½ pounds thanks to your staff's expert advice and wonderful food.)


I told my Vet that I feed my animals Wysong and her comment was, "Be careful, those small companies aren't scientifically backed, or necessarily nutritionally sound. You should stick with a main-stream ‘proven’ pet food like Purina or Science Diet."


I was so dumb-struck I didn't know WHAT to say, but I WAS able to muster up an utterance of, "Well, Dr. Wysong will be interested to know that!"


I have some idea what those vets are up against. The same with human doctors. They are inundated with sales pitches from drug companies, etc. and they simply can't take the time to investigate EVERYTHING that comes across their desk.


I must look for a more holistic type vet; because to argue with them I feel would be just a waste of time, sorry to say…”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Helps Overweight, Borderline Diabetic Cat

“I have two cats, one is an Abyssinian (Kiri) and the other is a black short-haired cat (Midnight), both are 4 and half years old.  

Kiri does not have any medical issues. However, Midnight had started gaining weight at an alarming rate and I was feeding them premium "grain free" cat food (Midnight has allergy problems with grains). However, she was not eating very much. She was very lethargic and was having trouble breathing. I had blood tests and such done on Midnight and there were no medical reasons for the weight gain (she went from 14 to 22 pounds) and she was borderline diabetic. The vet recommended scheduled feedings and cutting down her portions. I don't think the vet believed me that I wasn't overfeeding her (she was a new vet that I went to after moving to a new neighborhood, so she wasn't aware on how I cared for my cats like my previous vet that I went to for over 20 years).  

I decided to do some research and read an article about grain-free foods using starch rather than grains. Being a diabetic myself, I know that starch and diabetes don't go together. That shoots my sugar up and also makes me gain weight. So I decided to try Epigen™. I supplement the Epigen™ with canned/wet cat food a couple of times a week.  

I started feeding them Epigen™ on 6/22 and Midnight has slimmed down drastically and seems more satisfied with her food. Kiri loves it as well. Midnight is now playing and wrestling with Kiri like she did when she was younger and breathing normally. She is jumping up on the cat tree and bed with no problems. Both of their fur coats are shiny and healthy.

I cannot thank you enough for providing a good product for my cats.”

Letter – Change To Wysong Helps Overweight Cat

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products! They give me peace of mind – knowing that I am giving my beloved companions the best quality food available. Also thought I’d share that when I first started using your food (many years ago now) a cat I had that was 22 lbs. dropped 8 lbs. with no other changes in lifestyle except your food. Thank you for providing such a wonderful alternative to commercial foods.”

E-Mail – Wonderful Results on Wysong

“We've had our 7-year-old cat Isis on your products for over a year, with wonderful results. She has had weight problems in the past, and when we monitor her feeding she has done optimally on your Vitality™ diet, in my opinion.”

Phone – Wysong Diets Help Cat Lose Weight, Improve Behavior

“We started our overweight cat on Wysong Geriatrx™ and Vitality™ 6 weeks ago and what a difference! He is losing weight (the people who had him before fed him Iams for 11 years and he was grossly overweight) and we can tell he feels better already. He lets us even rub his belly (wouldn’t let you touch him before) and he is beginning to stretch like a normal cat. He had to lie down to stretch before.”

Phone – Overweight Dog Improving on Wysong

“My dog has been eating the Beef Au Jus™, and since we have been feeding this he went from 140 pounds to 107 pounds. He is doing so much better. This food is really great.”

E-Mail – Keeps Cat’s Weight Under Control

“I learned about Wysong several years ago when I lived in Maine, from a friend. I used to buy it for my dog. After she passed away, I forgot about it until I was thinking about how I could keep my cats' weight under control and feed them nutritious foods without preservatives. Then I remembered you folks. I love your food and so do my cats!”

Internet – Wysong Makes A Difference For Overweight Cat

"Our kitty was getting very overweight and was not very energetic as early as 6 months old. We fed him Iams™ first and went to a lite formula when he got chubby. Then we tried Nutro Max™ formulas and I like their lite formula a little better as he didn’t seem to be gaining so much weight. I put him on Flint River Ranch™ regular cat food. Even though it wasn’t a lite version, he seemed to be doing much better with more energy and maintaining a better weight. I then ordered a bag of your Wysong and just couldn’t believe the difference. He has more wakeful hours than before, is more playful and he has been for most of his past 18 months. His shape has improved and he looks terrific. I don’t think he has much more weight, if any, that he needs to lose, but if he does, I’m sure the amount of exercise he’s getting now will help him take it off. He’s only been on your food for a few weeks now. I keep marveling over the difference in his healthy shape and his activity level. Thanks so much for making terrific pet foods!"

Email – Pug’s Weight Problem Resolved

“I had heard the name Wysong before in relation to dog foods, however, when we ended up with a couple of Pug dogs with food problems, we began using Wysong. One Pug with a weight problem and one with a sensitive stomach led me to an internet search for pet foods with really top notch ingredients. Both dogs have seen total resolution of their problems by feeding the Vegan™ kibble in the a.m. and the canned Au Jus™ meat at night. Those little snarflers mean too much to our family to feed them junk--which is basically what the grocery aisle pet foods are.

Thank you for your excellent products and your ongoing commitment to animal health.”

Internet – Cats No Longer Overweight On Wysong

“I have two cats. One is two years old and a male. He eats Vitality™. The other one is 8 years old and a female. She eats Geriatrx™. She is doing very well. She was fat, not anymore since I started her on Wysong. I also give her a little bit of the Vitality. Thank you for your excellent food. I’m hoping I can get it for a long time. Thank you again for this food.”

E-Mail – Big Believer and Cats Have Normal Weight

“…I would be pleased to be using Wysong products. I'm a big believer in what you do -- and so are my cats. One of them, by the way, was gaining excessive weight and becoming lethargic eating Science Diet hard food prior to beginning Wysong. He had been doing okay on Science Diet Advanced Formula, but they quit making the product, which was my original reason for switching to Wysong. He is now back to his normal weight and has plenty of energy."