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Helps Urinary Problems, Struvite Crystals

E-Mail – Uretic™ Helps Cats

“I currently use your Uretic™ for my cats due to a history of kidney stones. The Uretic™ product is fantastic, it has made my cat’s coats smooth with less hair loss. Both cats where on Science Diet® CD for stones. We have found your products to be very helpful and satisfying for our pets. We are interested to trying the new product EPIGEN™ for both species…”

E-Mail – Recommendations Help Cat

“I wrote to you Oct. 13, 2009, asking for your recommendations for my cat with struvite crystals and I just wanted to let you know it worked. My kitty is free of all stones. Thank you so very much, I appreciate all your help more than I can express in this e-mail…”

E-Mail – Neomentin™ and Uretic™ Help Cats

“Our 18-year-old cat, Soc, developed mast cell tumors and our vet told us there were abnormal cells in his blood. Diagnosis: neoplasia. 

The vet laid out the options and said that if Soc were her cat, she wouldn't subject him to chemo or radiation. Instead, she said let's give him Chlortrimeton and prednisone along with his metformin. The mast cells, apparently, produce histamines and the meds are to minimize any discomfort. I asked her immediately if she would give me a prescription if Wysong, a company I've ordered from for years and years, had any appropriate food for his condition. Sure enough, there was Neomentin™ and a prescription was faxed.

Soc likes the Neomentin™, and he absolutely loves
Nurture™ for added weight and strength as recommended by one of your staff. He thinks it's a treat. We also sprinkle F-Biotic™ on his food.

Six months on, Soc still has mast cells but they don't seem to bother him. And his latest blood test shows no abnormal cells! Our vet was as surprised and happy as we were.   She couldn't explain the blood results; in fact, all of us expected to lose Soc to cancer within a few months. Spontaneous remission in a case like Soc's is, I understand, quite rare.

You don't suppose Neomentin™ had anything to do with it, do ya? Yep, so do I! I've just ordered another six bags. 

And now on to
Uretic™. One of our other cats, Zucco, has had numerous painful episodes with struvites. The vet was very insistent on a prescription diet as soon as possible, so he was put on the least objectionable we could find (Iam's) until I could order something from you guys. We were told Zuc would have to eat a prescription diet for life. Zuc… he’s crazy about Uretic™, almost knocks me down when he hears the bag rattling. Since I began heavy feeding with Uretic™ and sprinkling with Biotic ph-™, Zuc hasn't had any more problems. I've already laid in enough to last for three months for hurricane season. Great stuff!”

E-Mail – Bichon Struvite Crystal Free

“I have been using your Rx for a little over three months now and am very happy to report that my Bichon Sophie was crystal free at her 3 month check up. Her pH has dropped from 7 to 6.  I have been giving her the Rx twice a day – about 1/3 cup each time – along with some raw chicken with vegetables and some kibble.”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Terrific Cat Food

“For awhile now I've truly loved your foods for my small dog who is a very finicky eater, and my cats, one of whom cost me $1000s because of his ph imbalance. I've not had any return of crystals gumming up his system since feeding him the Uretic™ dry food, and my new cat has only known this food as an adult, and I hope it to be a good maintenance food…

I hope that you are well and thriving. I am grateful that my cat Sienna is doing so well by years on your food, and for that you have a fair amount of loyalty from me.”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Works!

“I wanted to thank you for your product! I have a Himalayan Persian who, since he has been 1 year old (he is 8 now) has had problems with crystals in his urine. Thousands of dollars spent in vet bills, food, etc…has yielded an unhealthy cat! He started vomiting profusely about 2 months ago. I decided to walk on the wild side and change his diet! Unfortunately, it only created a ton of crystals in his urine as well as a 500.00 vet bill. Not only did he have crystals, but bloody stools (CD prescription! Kibble)…to make a long story short, I found your product on a blog and purchased a bag. Within 3 days, my cat was peeing normally. His stools are normal too, no vomiting! It has been 3 weeks on this diet of Wysong Uretic™ and there have been no problems. I am amazed! Your product is a life saver. Thank you so much.”

E-Mail – All Cats Enjoy Uretic™

“I'd already started trying the Uretic™ even before the test results of the stone came back, just to see if the cats would eat it, and all 5 cats -- even the picky eater who hadn't tried any of the other "healthy/natural" foods I'd been testing as an overall diet change from regular mass brands -- has been eating it. So I really hope I can make this work!  :)”

E-Mail – Pleased With Uretic™

“My cats were on Science Diet CD for years due to bladder crystals. I discovered Uretic™  dry food and am so pleased.”

Letter – Uretic™ Works For Struvite

“My local pet shop researched food for cats with struvite crystals. She found your food (Uretic™)…it worked wonders!”

E-Mail – No Signs Of Struvite 

“I would like to say thank you for the help with my little Pekingese. She had struvite stones and you directed me to Biotic ph-™ and your canned food. That little girl is now as if she is a puppy again. She has absolutely no signs of stones or crystals.” 

E-Mail – Uretic™ Is A Life Saver

“I am a long-time user of your products for my 5 cats. I believe in your products and I am thankful to have a company like yours around for my cats. I've never had any complaints about your line…All of my cats, with the exception of one of them, eat wet and dry food. The one cat that I have will not eat the wet food has had a history of struvite crystals (urinary tract problems). Your Uretic™ formula has saved her life - THANK GOD!”

E-Mail – Biotic pH-™ Helps Dog

“I am now feeding my little dog your Wysong canned food along with the Biotic pH-™ for struvite crystals. She is doing very well with her pH…your products are great. All of my dogs love them and they are doing very well on them.”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Saves Cat’s Life

Uretic™ has saved my son’s life and I cannot go without it for him.  I tell everyone about your products and spread the word on nutrition for our pets. Here is a picture of our son who your food, along with surgery and lots of love, has saved his life.”

E-Mail – Wysong Saved My Cat’s Life And Serious Vet Bills

“I spent over $1200 for an operation to remove stones from my Dusty after many medications and diet changes. Afterwards the vet recommends Science Diet SD for a couple of months and then suggests "trying to find something" aimed at her urolithiasis. After several months of Science Diet I start to notice the symptoms AGAIN! (urination small and very frequent) I couldn't bear seeing her go through another surgery let alone another bill. After much research on the net I found Wysong Uretic™. WOW!! After one week I immediately noticed a difference. After a month she was back to normal! I give her Uretic™ and soft food daily and she's back to her loving self. THANK YOU WYSONG!!!”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Stops Struvite and Blockages For Cat

“A year ago, our cat experienced two blocked urethra episodes costing us over $1000 per incident in vet bills, due to the emergency room visits and one overnight stay. I wanted to let you know that we put our cat on Wysong Uretic™ pet food, and all of the blocked urethra problems have stopped – he stopped getting struvite crystals! I thought I would thank you because it worked for us, and saved us SOOOO much money, fear, worry about leaving the house for extended periods of time (how would anyone besides us know that he was blocked?) and from doing a surgery to shorten his urethra.”

E-Mail – Biotic pH-™ Helps Cat

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product, Biotic pH-™. My 3-year-old male cat, Maxie, has had a urinary problem for 9 months, including a complete blockage that required a catheter. After numerous antibiotics, prescription C/D food, and other herbal and nutritional supplements, his pH would lower and then go back up to an 8.0 or higher. Three weeks ago his pH was an 8.0 and I put him on a raw food diet and Biotic pH-™. Today his pH was a 6.5!!!   Thank you for this product!!”

E-Mail – Cat Doing Great Since Switching To Wysong

“I heard about Wysong from a friend. My cat has crystals. Her vet in Seattle, Washington is the one who suggested putting "Mr. Browns" on Wysong and he has been great ever since!! Thank you.”

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Cat

"I cannot thank Wysong enough for your superior cat food. My precious cat was so very sick with urinary stones for so very long before I did my own research and found your wonderful web site. Kit has been in the best of health for the past two years since he started on Wysong products. I just received my recent order today and was very please how much he enjoyed your new Pheasant kibbles. Once again my many many thanks on your wonderful products that are maintaining my cat’s good health. Thank you for getting back to me with the most valuable information. Please do use my testimony on my precious cat’s full recovery eating wysong products. I really do think that he may have died if I had not started him on Wysong. Thank you again. My animals are such a loving part of my family and I am so happy that there is a wonderful company such as yours to help me keep them healthy and happy." 

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Cat Recover From Illness

“I have two beautiful felines Lunar and Lay'la. In November 2005 my male Lunar had to have surgery, he had been blocking up (struvite) on and off for several months. He had the surgery and when I got him home the day after, I saw that his health was deteriorating rapidly. I kept bringing the poor baby back to the vet until they realized that Lunar was in renal failure. I had to rush him to the emergency vet's office so he could have care 24/7. He stayed in there for 8 days. It seems Lunar had a surgical tear that caused his urine to back up into his body. They flushed his kidneys, gave him an antibiotic and he was eventually well enough to come home. When I took Lunar home, he weighed no more than 5 pounds. This was shocking because when Lunar went in for the surgery he was 12 pounds. It seemed he weighed no more than a sparrow. I thank Wysong because it is because of your wonderful products that Lunar is back up to his 12 pounds, happy, frisky and healthy with an incredibly shiny coat. I use a variety of Wysong products from the meat mixers, gourmet products and Uretic dry food. I know that because of your products he healed properly and rapidly. He will be 7 years old this June and still acts like a kitten. Both of my cats have been using your products now for quite some time and I've noticed a huge difference in skin/coat, behavior, breath and bowel movements. Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products and I thank you for helping my Lunar!

E-Mail – Synorgon™ Clears Health Problems For Bichon

"We have a year and a half Boston terrier; called Billie Holiday and a 3-year-old Bichon, Floyd. When we got Floyd he developed crystals in his bladder and had a host of common Bichon problems. I switched to Wysong Synorgon™ and have absolutely no health problems anymore. I walk dogs for a living and all my clients love to come to my house and eat my dog’s food. Many of my customers have switched their dogs over to your food and are thrilled. We walk/hike 10 -15 km a day, 5 times a week and both my dogs are super strong and have bounds of energy thanks to your fantastic products. "

E-Mail – Struvatrol™ Superior Diet

"I'm interested in the Struvatrol food for my 8 month Shih Tzu. She was diagnosed with a LUTI, high bacteria, blood in her urine and struvite crystals. The vet prescribed Royal Canin Urinary SO canned food. Misha (my Shih Tzu) has been eating it for nearly 2 weeks. When I compared the list of ingredients in Royal Canin to the list of ingredients in your Struvatrol™ I couldn't believe it. Your first ingredients are meat, food, theirs is water, then chicken by-products, etc."

Internet – Cats Do Much Better On Wysong

“I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful food. We were rescued from my wild Mother when we were very young, just a few weeks old. My orange tiger brother, the biggest of my siblings died before he reached age 2 because of cancer. My sister is the runt and I am the most handsome black boy you could ever want to see. I had however experienced an awful time with kidney/bladder stones and I thought I would die. The doctor did some things to make the stuff come out and then had me go on a diet of Feline C/D. My sister and I ate a lot of it but we seemed hungry all the time. One day my new Mom went to Woof and Hoof in North Falmouth, MA and saw your food. She bought some and mixed it with the other stuff and now we get to eat it straight. We are so satisfied now and you should see our coats! Mine has gotten much softer and not so wiry and I don't throw up hairballs much anymore. Thank you for caring for all the animals, making such wonderful nutritious food. Sincerely, Sweety and Baby”

Wisconsin – Urine Crystals No Longer Problem For Cat

"I am very pleased with my cat’s health since I started using Wysong. She has maintained six to seven pounds for the last two years. Along with her weight, another problem she had was crystallization in her urine. That too is no longer a problem. When she was a kitten she was traumatized in the first home she lived in. When I took her in I noticed how touchy she was. I do not know how much her diet plays a part in this, but between my affection, devotion, safe home and healthy diet, she is no longer a terrified little cat. More than two years ago she could not be held, rubbed or anything. She would only hide in small dark places. It is hard to look back and remember exactly where the changes in her personality began, but I put it all back to when I began using Wysong. I felt the need to let you hear about one of your devoted clients. My cat is a wonderful, healthy cat…thank you."

Letter – Greyhound’s Bladder Stones Disappear

“I just wanted to compliment your company and its products. I have been using the Feline Uretic™ and Canine Maintenance™ dry foods for quite a few years. My cats’ coats seemed to change immediately, becoming soft and “glistening.” Their stools are firm and formed and they seem to have increased energy. My male has no more problems with bladder stones that led me to purchasing your food. My Greyhound is thriving on the Maintenance™. She has not acquired any fat on her body, which I have seen happen to a lot of greys that are consuming other brands. Her coat was deplorable when I got her and almost immediately became soft and now looks like a polished boot. Her stools are also firm and formed. One day while I was in a Natural Food Store, I saw a jar of Wysong Peanut Butter™ on the shelf. I was so surprised that Wysong made human food that I had to purchase it knowing how good your pet food is. It was the best peanut butter I have ever tasted. I was especially elated that there was no “rape seed/canola oil” used to process it. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to collect bar codes and use them to purchase your fine human products, thank you.”

Internet – Biotic pH-™ Prevents Urinary Problems

“Feline Biotic pH-™ has been a godsend for my male cat. Nothing else seems to work like pH- to prevent urinary tract problems.”

Internet – Biotic pH-™ Keeping Cats Alive

“At this time, I would like to thank Wysong. Your acidifying products are literally keeping my cats alive without filling them with disgusting low quality ingredients.

I look forward to receiving my order.”

Breeder, Internet – Dog Free Of Urinary Problems For 4 Years

"Been using your products for 4 years now and they are fantastic. Had a young female Lhasa with struvite urinary crystals and was on antibiotics constantly. After 4 years of your Wysong and Biotic pH-™, she is still free of the urinary crystals and not one problem in 4 years! Thank you for everything. I am sending several breeders your way, they can’t believe the wonderful condition my show dogs are in and haven’t been to the vet for any heath issues since I’ve been feeding your product."