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Kudos and Raves

E-Mail – High-Quality Pet Food

“Dear Wysong Customer Service,

First I'd like to start off by thanking you for your high-quality pet food. Four months ago I switched my three cats and two dogs to your Anergen™ Canine/Feline formula. All of them LOVE the taste and their coats have never looked better.”

E-Mail – Thank You

“A big thanks again for the raffle donation---we raised over $300 in less than two hours from the raffle alone, 500 animals were adopted out that weekend, and I don't know

the total amount we donated from Ultimate Air dogs but it was a lot! The lady in charge of Guardians for Animals was in tears, the $300 alone will provide full vet care for 6 cats!”

E-Mail – Feeding Wysong and Fresh Foods

“I use canned, dry and sometimes regular food like potatoes, green beans and yogurt. Here's my Wysong dog, Cola: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sugarpond/2464242903/.”

Internet/FaceBook Post – Love Wysong

“Love Wysong for all my rescues. Visit the group "Flawed Paws" and you will see the results to these now healthy and loveable cats."

E-Mail – Horses And Dogs Love Wysong/Agree On Philosophy Of Products

“I have been involved in riding horses since I was a young child. At one point, I fed my horse Wysong. I just learned that Wysong makes products for dogs, and so I tried them. My dogs love Wysong. I figured I'd try it too. Your approach to food really speaks to me.”

E-Mail – Wysong is the Best

“There is no question that WYSONG is the VERY BEST. I sing your praises often to whomever, wherever I may be. Once again many thanks, wishing everyone at WYSONG WELL!”

Facebook Comment - Thanks Wysong!!! :D

E-Mail – Love Your Products

“…we love both your human and animal products and have used these many items for over 8 years…”

E-Mail – Recommended To Co-Workers

“Thank you so much for having food I feel good about to give to my kitties. I am transitioning both my little cats to Wysong, and recommend your website to all my co- workers...I want to share the information about your company with everyone.”

E-Mail – New To Wysong

“I am a fairly new customer of Wysong products and my pets love it!”

E-Mail – Rescue Dog Loves Wysong

“I just adopted a 3 year old Border Collie cross from the Humane Society. I followed a link from their website to a local pet store's website (Metro Pet Market). I read about your food and decided it would be the best choice for my new "puppy". I have been using it now for about a month. My Lizzie loves your food-canned and dry.”

E-Mail – Wysong vs. Nestec

“Good work! I love your products and all of my cats have done well on them.”

Web Post – Wysong A Great Value

“…I recommend Wysong to anyone who will listen, ever since my sister-in-law recommended it to me. A good value, great ingredients, nutrients, etc. and when you feed your pet w/a high quality product you actually feed slightly less quantity because it doesn't contain ash, etc. other bad fillers.”

Web Post – Reasonably Priced, High Quality Products

“Wysong offers extremely high quality all natural products at a fairly reasonable price. I have ferrets and their diet and needs are very specialized. I highly recommend their ferret diets...”

E-Mail – Spreading the Word About Wysong

“I love your products and I am spreading the word to family members who recently purchased new puppies. I also highly recommended your products to my brother who owns 7 horses.”

Letter – Thanks For FBC Program

“Thanks so much for your great products and for this generous UPC program that helps us find new favorites!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Support

“I have been a customer of yours for years now - I buy ferret food in CA where I have it shipped to our home.

I want to thank you so much for your generous offer to help fund the Environmental Impact Report needed to help legalize ferrets in CA, being headed by Ferrets Anonymous.

I always felt you were a great company, and now I feel even more confident in your caring for the animals you feed!

Thanks again, and I will spread the word about your company to all my friends who have ferrets as well as cats and dogs…”

Web Post – Love the Website; Best Products

"They have the best of the best when it comes to feeding my 5 ferrets. Great advice as well, on feeding other animals you may have. Love the site & the Wysong products."

Letter – Thanks!

“Thanks for a great product!”

Letter – Journal Editor A Huge Fan Of Wysong Foods

“I’ve fed my dogs Wysong food exclusively since the mid 1990s, and am a huge fan. It’s a special order at our local pet store, so I’m always aware of how much I have on hand- I do not want to run out!”

E-Mail – Long-time Customer

“My dog and I LOVE your products and will be customers for a long time coming!”

E-Mail – Recommends Wysong

“Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I am happy to be trying Anergen™ for my boys. You will be glad to know that I have always supplemented my dogs' diet with whole, unprocessed foods like eggs, carrots, apples, melon, no fat cottage cheese, nuts, and raw chicken wings. Basically any veggies they will eat, and Remy will eat anything, ha ha, except raw eggplant! I know they need live food in their gut.

I volunteer [for] Labrador Rescue and whenever I meet a family who is adopting one of our dogs, one item we discuss is food. I completely disavow them of the ‘myth of table food/people food’ and highly recommend whole, unprocessed foods for their pets. I find it amazing how many people think this is wrong. My boys eat baby carrots as snacks! In addition, we always recommend feeding the 'highest quality you can afford.' Of course, they ask me what I feed; now I can tell them Wysong! I am looking forward to the information in Wysong 100 Pet Health Truths!”

Facebook Comment - Excellent food

E-Mail – Recommends Wysong

“Thanks for a great dog food - I have used your product for about 20 years now - I work for a Veterinarian and have no problem recommending your food and I send clients to your website often for your nutritional information. I was particularly impressed during the dog food problem a few years ago - not only were you offering a safe alternative, but the information you provided about the problem surpassed all others and was very helpful.”

E-Mail – Helpful Information

“Thank you so very much for all of your information. After I wrote to you I did go to the learn section and spent hours reading. I also talked to someone from Wysong on the phone and she was very helpful. I also ordered a number of products. I will get the canned food you recommended. Because of Wysong and the caring people that work there, my 12 year old is finally going to enjoy eating and because of the benefits of the food and the food plan...I'm just as sure that she will live the rest of her life in good health and feeling great. My biggest regret is that I did not know about you years ago. Thank you again for taking the time to help my friend and confidant. I appreciate all of you.”

E-Mail – Thank you

“I’d like to personally thank you for helping out the ferret legalization cause all the way here in California.”

E-Mail – Thanks For Products

“I love my cats and my cats love Wysong. Thank you for your products.”

E-Mail – Nice Website

“I really like how easy it is to use your site. Thank you.”

E-Mail – Health Benefits of Wysong

“Wysong is great food for our Norfolk Terrier. We are loyal appreciators of the quality and health benefits of Wysong. Thank you for being a viable alternative to the corn/wheat/flesh meal products commercially available to consumers.”

Facebook Comment – Long-Time User

“I have used Wysong in Seattle since the mid-90's.”

Facebook Comment – Love the Food

“I have been using this for a couple of years and love it, so do the dogs :)”

Letter – Thanks for Vitality™

“I was writing to tell you I love Vitality™ Feline formula. I feel so happy to have found your cat food and I’m giving my kitties something healthy. I appreciate it.”

E-Mail – Love the Products and Service

“I love the Wysong products.”

E-Mail – Love Your Products

“I have three Miniature Australian Shepherds (Mindi, Buddy and Doc, that would be Mom, Dad and the kid). Doc has lost his miniature status as he is bigger than Mom and Dad, (19.5 inches at the shoulder) maybe because he has had a better diet from birth to

2.5 years of age than Mom and Dad had in their youth or maybe there is a glitch in the gene pool. Anyway love your products!”

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Treats

“My cats tried the Cat Treats™ and love them.”

E-Mail – Great Service

“Your company does a great service for animal health.”

E-Mail – Very Helpful

“I just want to say how awesome dealing with your company has been so far. I did the survey for products recommended for your pet and I was able to get two products for just the shipping. After spending close to $900 in vet bills not including today, you really have no idea how much this will help. This along with any samples you can provide will greatly help me in hopefully getting rid of my little guys problem. Thank you so much again.”

E-Mail – Love Wysong Food

“LOVE YOUR FOOD and all the great info you give to us who love our companion animals.”

E-Mail – Recommend Products

“I use your products and think they are excellent and strongly recommend them to all my friends and pet lovers.”

E-Mail – Website Easy To Navigate, Long Time Customer

“Thank you for your wonderful response. I use a variety of dry boxed foods for both the cats and for my greyhound and will be giving all of them more meat. I hope that is what I understand to do. Thank you again. I have been using Wysong food for at least 10 years…your website is great with a lot of info and is very easy to navigate.”

E-Mail – Cat Love DentaTreat™, Owner Enjoys Website

“I think your site is a masterpiece! I send your site address to my friends, even to those who have no pets.

I get the feeling that your organization is very passion driven and it is always a great pleasure for me to interact with people who love what they do with passion.

My cat Claudia loves your DentaTreat™ on her kibbles.

Thank you for all your great work.”

E-Mail – Great Service and Products

“Great company and products, and customer service!”

E-Mail – Happy With Products

“I am a regular customer who purchases food for my Bichon and am quite satisfied with your products.”

E-Mail – Returning Customer Loves Products

“I loved your products years ago, now have a cat again, so am happy to come back :)”

Facebook Posting – Thank You For Donation

"Just want to say "THANK YOU" to team Wysong for your generous support of our dog in need named Sappy! <3"

E-Mail – Only Company in Good Conscience

“After exhaustive research, your company is the ONLY one I will use to feed my dog in good conscience. I’ve been feeding exclusively fresh (human-grade cooked hamburger meat, eggs, yogurt, carrots, brown rice, kelp, human-grade bone meal, dashes of cinnamon/garlic/parsley…) since December and my 8-year old lab couldn’t be healthier, but I’d like to have a variety of your products on-hand for emergencies. I look forward to being a consistent customer and hope to order through LaCumbre Seed/Feed.

Thank you for making [so far from my experience] excellent products!”

E-Mail – 15 Years of Health

“For the last 15 years I have been using Wysong products for my dogs and my cat and they seem to be fine. In fact, they seem to be great!”

E-Mail – Excellent Product Made in America

“For about the last year, I've been feeding my 14+ y/o rat terrier, Lulu, your fine dog food. I buy it, not only because it's great stuff and Lulu loves it, but BECAUSE it's made here in Michigan, USA.

In my email to ABC, I suggested that if Americans, who spend billions on pet food and accessories, would buy only Made in America products, not just those DISTRIBUTED BY American based companies, tens of thousands of Americans would be back in the workforce. I know that products labeled DISTRIBUTED BY Purina are not made in the USA. Who knows what working conditions those foreign workers have and what goes into the products?

I'm hoping they'll contact you. Thank you for an excellent product.”

E-Mail – Good Website

“Good website!”

Letter – High Quality Standards

“Thank you for your high quality standards. We appreciate all the thorough, research and high quality standards that are a part of each product. Your customer service and technical advisor suggestions and product knowledge have always been outstanding. I appreciate you sending, with my last order, Dr. Wysong’s book Solving the Big Problems. I am looking forward to reading it. I like his style and always learn something from his writings.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Food

“My dogs are vegetarians and love your food! Thank You.”

E-Mail – Informative Responses

“You guys are just the best! I sent emails to several high quality dog food companies. Most sent me back LAME responses. Thanks so much for the informative email.

I will be at the Dog Bakery in Traverse City tomorrow to stock up on the Wysong products you recommend. We appreciate your time, effort and especially, your products!”

E-Mail – Feeding Wysong Exclusively

“We love your products! It is all we feed our dogs.”

E-Mail – Only Company with True Lamb and Rice Diet

“I have been looking for feline lamb and rice dry and wet food since Iams bought Eukanuba and began adding chicken and corn to their feline “lamb and rice” products. Do you know you are the only pet food company who has a pure lamb and rice product, even Royal Canine prescription allergen products??? Thank you for not just considering the bottom line.”

E-Mail – Recommended By Professional Trainer

“Let me start off by saying that we love your foods, and not only do all of my own 4 dogs eat them (mainly Epigen™) but I recommend your food to my clients (I’m a professional dog trainer and own my own dog training company). There are a lot of dog foods out there and I am big on good nutrition. So for me Wysong food is the best quality for our dogs.”

Letter – Wonderful Product Line

“Thank you for a wonderful product line! We could not be happier. Our Newfoundland just had a litter of 9 and we plan to start them on Wysong as well.”

Letter – High Quality

“Thank you again for your outstanding products... I can always count on consistency and high quality products with Wysong.”

E-Mail – Highly Recommended

“Thank you for providing such wonderful products for pets and the humans who love them. You come highly recommended in all the material I have read regarding raw diets."

E-Mail – Happy With Wysong

“I am a long time Wysong customer. LOVE your products. It's so hard to find an actual natural product these days and I could not be happier to have Wysong.”

E-Mail – Wysong Superior to Other Brands

“I recently did a search for so many hours and I was so impressed with your site and information about Wysong products…I would love to purchase so many of your "goodies" for Missy…Your products after studying for months appear to be so superior.”

Letter – Thank You For Samples

“Thank you for sending samples of food (and all of the info!) for my kitty. She seems to like all of it…I look forward to feeding a more varied diet. Hopefully no more UTI’s for her!”

E-Mail – Impressed With Wysong

“I am a new user of Wysong, going on close to a year now. I am truly impressed with the quality of ingredients used in Wysong dog food and am a huge advocate of

Wysong. I believe that the health of your pet begins with their food, establishing a solid base for their quality of life.”

E-Mail – Thank You!

“Thank you for making an excellent cat food.”

E-Mail – Great Company, Thank You For Technical Help

“Thank you Jenni for this response. It's helping me support Eddie in what he's going through. His breeder shared with me that he's probably inherited the crystal issue. Eddie is a Grand Champion (retired) Blue Abyssinian. Astonishingly good company.

Thank you very much. This is fascinating information. Here is a photo of Eddie Izzard; my boy.”

Letter – Thank You for Good Food

“Thank you very much for developing such an honest to goodness dog food. I will forever be an advocate of your food…I currently feed Maintenance™ and Anergen™ with some “people food” (veggies, eggs, dairy). Just small amounts to fuel the appetite. But thank you. My dog’s lives have improved because of this food.”

E-Mail – Long Life On Wysong

”My dog lived for almost 16 years and I believe the good Wysong food helped."

E-Mail – Thank You For Nutritionally Sound Products

“My family & I live on a Nationally Certified Wildlife Habitat in the beautiful Ocala National Forest. We are true "Wysong" believers & proponents, having convinced many of our family & friends to switch their feline & canine family members onto your various formulas. Our own cats & dogs (both those who live indoors with us & the various stray cats here in the forest who continue to adopt us) have thrived for several years on your premium dry & canned products & treats.

Recently, an orphaned litter of five crying, 8 - 10 day old kittens opened their eyes & crawled out of a drain pipe into our arms, hearts & home. We spent the first few weeks syringe feeding the three baby boys & two girls (they would rip the nipples right off the pet nursing bottles we purchased) around the clock, until we began weaning them onto first cans & now dry Wysong, which they avidly devour! I am writing with a long overdue thank you for the nutritionally sound products you offer to keep our beloved friends at peak health…”

Letter – Outstanding Food

“Enclosed are 12 bar codes from your outstanding dog food! We are so pleased with your product.”

E-Mail – Thank You

“Thank you kindly for your continued quality and devotion to our companion animals’ nutritional needs. I have fed Wysong to my animal friends for over 10 years now (struggling back in the day to mail order your food and trying to convince any and all retail stores they should carry your food products).

Please accept these heartfelt thanks from both myself and my animal friends ~ your care and concern is of the old fashioned kind, which we could all model both ourselves and business practices after.”

Letter – Thank You

“Thank you for making a wonderful food. Please don’t stop.”

Letter – Thank you

“Thank you from Honor and Sage, very happy puppies!”

Letter – Terriers Love Wysong

“My two Parson Russell Terriers love your product.”

E-Mail – Depend On Wysong

“Thank you for a wonderful product. I absolutely depend on Wysong to feed my dog the right way!”

Letter – Thanks

“Thanks for the wonderful products!”

Letter – Life-Saving Food

“Thank you for the life-saving food!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Help

“You folks are always SO good about answering questions. It's an added benefit for me. The biggest, of course, is having a range of commercially prepared foods that I don't feel bad about feeding to my dogs when I don't have time to prepare their homemade diets :o)”

Letter – Thank You For Frequent Buyer Program

“…Thank you for your time and for running this wonderful program.”

Letter – Fine Products

“Thank you for your fine product for my dear friend Shelly (dog), 13 years!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Samples

“Thank you so much for the all the samples! My Boston Terrier loves everything that was sent. She couldn't wait for me to open the package! Thanks again, and I will be using Wysong dog food for sure!”

Letter – Grateful For Wysong

“…I am grateful that you are available for us. I have been involved with dogs for the past

30 years. I know that your sound nutrition has enabled my dogs to live a drug-free life to very ripe old ages! Keep up the wonderful work. Even though times are a little

uncertain, I will continue to feed my 4-legged family members the best - - - Wysong!”

Letter – Thank you for Frequent Buyer Program

“…Thank you for continuing to offer this coupon program to help offset the cost of dog food.”

E-Mail – Exceptional Products

“Your products and supplements are unique and truly exceptional. I am excited to feed them.”

Letter – Thanks

“Thank you for the great products. My pets love you!”

Letter – Wysong Is Dog’s Favorite

“Your dog chow is ever the favorite with my two rescued Poodles.”

Letter – Healthy Pets

“I have been a customer for a few years now. I now have 8 Chihuahuas, 1 cat and 2 ferrets on this diet…I can’t imagine using any other product. My animals are healthy; even the old diabetic is still hanging in there.”

Letter – Kitty Loves Wysong

“Thanks for the excellent food! Our kitten Zenobia relishes every bowl.”

Letter – All Animals on Wysong

“…All of the animals we take care of are given Wysong. Keep up the great work.”

E-Mail – Long-Time Wysong Advocate

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve had Wysong on my recommended list of links on my website under animals for years. I have been feeding my healthy animals Wysong for a long time and I’m very, very picky...in general...and especially since healthy food and supplements helped me recover from an illness that the allopathic docs said should have killed me. Thanks for your good work!”

Letter – Love Your Food

“Thank you. My animals and I love your food.”

Letter – Thank You For Products and Frequent Buyer Program

“Thank you for your offer and thank you too for your wonderful products.”

Letter – Dogs Love Wysong

“Our dogs are the only ones that love your product more than we do!”

Letter – Thank You

“Thank you – you have a great product!”

Letter – Good Product

“Thank for making a good product!”

Letter – Love Wysong Products

“Love your products!”

Letter – Great Product

“Thank you and my “dogs” thank you for a great food.”

Letter – Love The Products

“We love the products and it is all we use.”

Letter – Thank You for Frequent Buyer Program

“Thank you for your continued appreciation of your most dedicated customers! Thanks from Bernie the cat too!”

E-Mail – Thanks For Using Picture In New Catalog

“Thank ya'll for putting our orange cat Lukah in the newest small catalog that went out. He is on page 13 and looks so cute. I thought you might LOVE this one of YOGI BEAR sitting up and licking his mouth for some Archetype. GREAT, huh?...Thanks for providing such QUALITY products. I am eternally grateful to have discovered your company and others about you.”




Yogi and Kali



E-Mail – Glad To Know Wysong Diets Are Hormone-Free

“Thanks for your swift reply. That's great news about Wysong cat foods! We'll be buying more for our 4 kitties. And I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks again for the great customer service.”

E-Mail – Thank You

“I really appreciate your heart for animals and the products.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Quality Product

“I am writing to say thank you for providing a pet product of high quality without using animal testing. Thank you and I will continue to use your product with pride.”

E-Mail – So Happy With Wysong

“I am so happy with Wysong as a company and with the products which you sell. Thank you very much for all that you do. Our animals thank you, too.”

Letter – We Love Wysong!

“Thanks for your excellent products!”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Wysong

“My three dogs love your food.”

Phone – Bear Enjoys Wysong Too!

“We were surprised one day when a customer called from Idaho to re-order a box of Vitality™ for her cat, which she had just ordered the week before. It seems that when the box was delivered, one of the local bears came up on her porch and carried it off! She decided to “let” the bear keep it and just ordered another box.”

E-Mail – Happy with Wysong

“I am so happy with Wysong as a company and with the products which you sell. Thank you very much for all that you do. Our animals thank you, too.”

E-Mail – Thanks For The Great Cat Food

“I am SO glad I just started my cat on Wysong - the food is great and so is the company and website! Thanks!”

E-Mail – Loves Food

“Bear Dog: Thank you for Good Food!”

E-Mail – Thanks For Frequent Buyer Program

"Thank you for a great product and making it possible to try new ones."

E-Mail – Thanks For Great Food

"Thank you! I've been looking for a good dog food and Wysong exceeds all of my expectations. I know my dog will love your food and I can't wait to try it. Thank you too for the excellent information on your website."

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Wysong Canned Diets

“I wanted to write to tell you that my cats enjoy your canned food.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Advice For Diabetic Cats

“Just so you know, I am going to share this information with my vet as it looks like there are a lot of options for my kitty. My vet, who is quite excellent, didn’t know of any products which would suit the needs of a diabetic, renal and heart failure patient so I think this is WONDERFUL! I have already ordered your products via PetFoodDirect.com and am hoping that my cat loves your food.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Treats

“Peanut and Oreo, my four-year-old kitties, love your Cat Treats™.”

In Store Customer: Happy with Quality Products

"We feel so good that we are giving our kitties such good stuff!"

E-Mail: Excited About TNT Products

“I received the box of literature and samples, and WOW!! I am thrilled with it all, and can't wait to share it! Some of the items I had never seen or even heard or, like the Archetype Buffet™ and the UnCanny™. Very neat stuff. I am working my way through all of the wonderful literature you sent as well. I know folks are going to be impressed with it all.”

E-Mail – Thanks For Great Food

“I have two tiny dogs that love the food, a 4-pound Poodle and a 5-pound Long Haired Chihuahua. In fact, the Poodle was not expected to live when we first took him home from a shelter, and he is 6 and 1/2 years old now! I appreciate your service, and your excellent product.”

Letter – Animals Doing Great

“Thanks for a wonderful product. Animals are doing great!!!”

E-Mail – Thank You for Superior Product

“I wanted to thank you for a very superior product. I can't always get enough grass fed and other healthy meat to either feed raw or to cook for my pets and it is great to have your product for those times! I really appreciate it…”

E-Mail – Love Your Products

“We love your products! We, being my son in CT and his two cats Smokee and Scieschee, and my son in ME and his two dogs Zeba and Bonz, are all Wysong lovers! We spread the word regarding Wysong every chance we get. In fact, we recently convinced a pet store here in Maine to carry your product. We have to travel far here in Maine to purchase your product, but it’s well worth the trip. My daughter-in-law’s sister is a vet in CT and now she is promoting Wysong to patients and owners. Reba, my eldest grand dog, just celebrated a birthday. She is eight now and still mistaken for a puppy. THANKS TO WYSONG! We have been using Wysong for many years.”

Letter – Great Products

“Thanks for your great products!” 

Letter – Biggest Fans Of Wysong

“…We are your biggest fans! Love your products but most importantly, our companion pets love them! Thank you!”

E-Mail – Cats Only Like Wysong

“Since I purchased Wysong Vitality my cats wish to eat only this product! What is it that makes this product so tasty to them and they devour it???? I have read the label and know it is a superior healthy food for cats…Thank you so much for this product for my furry friends.”

Internet – Great Diets for Cats and Dogs

"Your Wysong Canine and Feline (diets) are wonderful."

E-Mail – Wonderful Products

“Thank you for your wonderful products!!”

Internet – Thanks For Great Pet Foods

"I’ve been a Wysong enthusiast for years and have fed your wet and dry food to my cats exclusively. Thanks very much for providing our non-human friends with such excellent nourishment."

Internet – Tremendous Benefit From Wysong Products And Literature

"Thanks for being there and providing the services you do. My two cats and myself have benefited tremendously with your products and literature."

Letter – Veterinarian Recommends Wysong

"I have been collecting bar codes for over a year now to enter your frequent buyers club. All 4 of my pets (1 dog, 3 cats) are on Wysong, and being a veterinarian, I also recommend it to my clients! Thanks for your wonderful products. I can’t wait to try your human supplements."

Letter – Love Wysong Products

"We are new to Wysong (3 cats, 2 dogs) and we love all your products we’ve tried so far. Keep up the good work!"

E-mail – Pets Doing Splendidly On Wysong

"Thanks...our animals are doing splendidly on your product."

Phone – Thanks For Great Products

"Thank you to Dr. Wysong for the great products!"

Internet – Comfortable Feeding Wysong

"Thank you for your time and for the first food I truly feel comfortable feeding my animals"

Internet – Thanks For Caring

"Thanks for your research and caring for our pets as well as us, the pet lovers!!"

New York – Food Is Superb

“Your food is superb. My customers feel the same way.”

Wisconsin – Shelter Loves Products

“I run a no-kill animal shelter. I have been selling Wysong™ products for 12 years. I love your products.”

Wisconsin – Customer Recommends Wysong

“I really like Wysong™ products. I recommend them to all my friends.”

Internet – Love Wysong Diets

“Love your food. The only bad thing is we need to ride a lot of miles to buy it, but that’s ok.”

Internet – Impressed With Quality Of Products

"Thank you for the samples and information on all of your products. I am very impressed with the quality of your foods!"

Internet – Excited About Wysong Offerings

“I’m very excited to see your product offerings and that I discovered you!”

Phone – Kudos

“I think Dr. Wysong is doing a wonderful job and the products we sell are wonderful too. I will be a life long customer.”

E-Mail – Great Products

“I have used several of your products for my animals. They're great!”

Phone – 10 Years of Dog Food Success

“We have been using Wysong dog food for 10 years and we love it!”

E-Mail – Loves Website

“Thanks for your help. Your web site is awesome.”

E-Mail – Kids Love Wysong Food

“I buy from your company all the time. My kids love your food.”

E-Mail – Great Dog Food

“Thank you for making great dog food, and we look forward to trying some of your other products.”

E-Mail – Pleased With Wysong Products

“I first heard of Wysong from a homeopathic veterinarian whom I was working with for our dogs. We have been so pleased with Wysong products.”

E-Mail – Long User Of Wysong Products

“I have been…using Wysong products for 14 years.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dry Wysong Diets

“I buy the dry cat food, my two cats love it…”

E-Mail – Impressed With Supplements

“I am impressed with a lot of your canine/feline supplements.”

E-Mail – Wish She Had Known About Wysong Sooner

“I requested some dog food samples last week and today the samples arrived in the mail, along with a healthy package of Wysong literature. I am very excited about all of your products and only wish I had known about Wysong sooner! I grew up in Bay City and spent plenty of time in Midland and can't figure out how I never knew of your existence. I'm only 24 and so Wysong has been in the Tri-city area longer than I ever was!  It’s too bad more people in the area don't know about your company, but I will try to spread the word. I came across your pet food while doing research when I got my puppy and wanted to feed him the very best food. Up until I got my dog I was not naive about nutrition but not overly concerned with it either. Now I can't wait to try all your products. I will be placing an order very soon for some of your Nutrient Support Formulas™ as well as the Origins Un-Cereal™. Thank you again for going out of your way to send me the samples. I'm excited for my next visit back to Michigan, as I will be visiting your company store to purchase items that cost too much money to ship all the way out here to California.”

Letter – Dogs Doing Well on Wysong

“Thank you for your wonderful products. My three dogs are so healthy!”

Letter – Dogs Love Synorgon

“Diggity and Miss Beak of Baltimore are huge fans of your Synorgon™! Thanks for making such a great high quality product.”

E-Mail – Thank You For The Quality Product

“I first found out about Wysong products from our local health food

store in the pet section… Thank you for putting out a quality product that gives me peace of mind that I am feeding him well.” 

E-Mail – Distributor Impressed With Product Popularity

“I have to admit that I'm amazed at the amount of Wysong food that we are selling. I know it's a wonderful product, but I had no idea how popular it was! I've lost track of how many new accounts we've taken on in just the last couple of months because of your product. Now that I know that I can order up to 32 pallets at a time, I should be able to keep up with the demand. I intend to do my best. I hate not having product for a customer!!”

Letter – Dog Loves Wysong

“My dog loves your food!”

E-Mail – Thankful for Wysong Products

“I have used Wysong for many years, while living on the West Coast. I believe in these products and was disappointed to find I could not get these products when I moved...I am happy to be using some of the products again and our animals will appreciate it too!”

E-Mail – Great Products Offered

“You offer great products for pets. Well done!”

E-Mail – Very Satisfied with Wysong Products

“Thanks so much for your response. I have been very satisfied with all of the Wysong products and do follow the Optimal Health Program™ including a small portion of raw food.”

Letter – Dog Food Is Great

“We have been using Wysong dog food for years. It’s great. Thank you for making it.”

E-Mail – Grateful For Wysong Au Jus Rabbit™ and Venison™ Diets

“I found Wysong products at one of the local pet supply stores in Maine. I was looking specifically for products that were primarily either rabbit or venison for my cat that is on a very restricted diet. Yours were among very few choices and I'm grateful you offer them.”

E-Mail – Veterinarian Prefers To Feed Wysong To Own Pets

“I am a veterinarian and have been recommending your product to my clients for over

10 years. Due to where I work, I have access to discounted premium foods and have been feeding that to my own pets. But after the scares of the pet food trade, I decided that I needed to feed my pets the best food I know of. So, that is why I ordered your food. So far, my cat has found a favorite of what we ordered.

Thanks for the email and prompt delivery of our order.”

E-Mail – Store Offers Wysong, Loves the Products

“I have been selling your food for a few years now…I stock many Wysong canine and feline diets and supplements. I love your PDG™ and DentaTreat™. I also write non- biased pet, nutritional and other, articles for a local small circular based on research through your company…and my personal experiences. I have been in the industry for nearly 25 years.”

E-Mail – Recommend Wysong To Everyone

“…this order is actually for my Mom's two dogs - Missy, a Miniature Pinscher, and Shiloh, a Great Pyrenees...Where they live it is a good drive to get the wonderful Wysong dog food...Thankfully, where my sister and I live several nearby stores carry the Wysong cat and dog foods. My sister has one cat and I have two cats and one dog... and we all recommend Wysong to everyone...thank you for all your help...”

E-Mail – Customer Is An Avid Wysong Advocate

“I am an avid Wysong advocate!!! I have four labs and 1 cat and feed them all Wysong food and supplements…I am very happy with your products and my animals are doing great on your products. I was so happy that you had no recalls on dog or cat food – it would have broken my heart to lose any one of them!!!”

E-Mail – Big Difference Using Wysong Products

“It will give me a great honor to pass on (Wysong) literature and samples to my puppy buyers. My labs and cat are like children to me as I never had any children of my own, so I want what is best for them and your products have proven themselves to be great products as I really can see the difference. My husband says I feed the animals better than him – you wouldn’t know it by looking at him!!! I keep my animals at their optimal weights so that helps too!!!”