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Less Veterinary Care

E-Mail – Anergen™ Saved So Much Money!

“I LOVE the Anergen™...before I began using it my Springer Spaniel had terrible ear infections that were costing $200 on average at the vets for several years. Once I began the Anergen™ her ear infections have stopped and she has never had one since. Pass this along to whomever, because it’s awesome!!!!”

E-Mail – Wysong Leads/Dog Had The Best Health On Wysong

“…Wysong was "doing it" before anyone else...probiotic supplementation, good nutrition...I used to work for Xavier Lovato who had the pet store in San Francisco...One of my dogs, who passed away two years ago at 14, had been on Wysong for years. I like to tell people that he was NEVER sick...As I do rescue, I'm constantly telling folks about the importance of nutrition. I always refer people to your web page too, especially for the supplements. Thanks for all that you do!”

E-Mail – Wysong Saved My Cat’s Life And Serious Vet Bills

“I spent over $1200 for an operation to remove stones from my Dusty after many medications and diet changes. Afterwards the vet recommends Science Diet SD for a couple of months and then suggests "trying to find something" aimed at her urolithiasis. After several months of Science Diet I start to notice the symptoms AGAIN! (urination small and very frequent) I couldn't bear seeing her go through another surgery let alone another bill. After much research on the net I found Wysong Uretic™. WOW!! After one week I immediately noticed a difference. After a month she was back to normal! I give her Uretic and soft food daily and she's back to her loving self. THANK YOU WYSONG!!!”

Letter – Wysong Saves On Veterinary Care

“I have a kennel and use your product massively daily. I don’t have a lot of money but I realize your product saves me money on my vet bills. My pack and I love Wysong.”

Internet – Pig Producer Saves With Equine Diet™

I recently spoke with a man who has been feeding his pigs the Equine Diet™ for the past 6 months. He greeted me, and began telling me how good his pigs are doing! He has been able eliminate antibiotic use, which saves him $800.00 per month, and will eliminate vaccines next, saving even more money. Furthermore, he reports no sick pigs, no deaths, and greater than ever weight gains! He said: "The next time you talk to Dr. Wysong tell him he is my hero." And he means it. Because of this encouraging report, I decided to talk with a rabbit producer about using the Equine Diet™. I expect him to start testing the diet soon and I feel certain he too will get impressive results. His feed bill is $50,000 per year and he has, not 3,000 rabbits as I first reported, but 4,000! To say the least, I'm looking forward to what I'm sure will be a good report.

Internet – Vet Says Dogs Healthiest He Has Seen

“I have fed Wysong to my four Boston Terriers for going on 6 years now. It is the only food they have ever been on. I am a very satisfied customer and am happy to report that my dogs are to quote my vet "the healthiest Boston Terrier's he has ever taken care of", in fact he really does not have to take care of any of my three Boston's Dex, Annie and KC, they just visit…My dogs have a sheen to their coats that makes them just glow and they know it and they prance like the beautiful dogs they are, they have no flatulence that Boston's are famous for, their teeth are white and gums pink and healthy, their breath pleasant and fresh…but I am also a firm believer in Wysong dog food and feel whole heartedly that it is because of Wysong that my dogs are as healthy as they are…I have seen Boston's that are fed some of the other "quality" dog foods out there on the market, (not grocery store dog food either, I am talking about specialty dog foods) and my Boston's are healthier than they are, they look better than they do and my dogs have less visits to the Vet than they do.

California – Cocker Never Needs Vet

"I have used Wysong Products for almost 10 years. My AKC Cocker will be 11 years old and your products are so healthy she has never been to the vet! I love Wysong!"

New Mexico – Wysong Saves Tremendously On Vet Bills

"I am an avid fan of Wysong products for my animals. I have saved tremendous amounts of money on vet bills, besides having good looking pets who are healthier and happier than most."

Texas – Less Veterinary Care Needed

"Animals fed Wysong Diets for 3 months or longer actually do not require veterinary care as frequently as animals on other diets."

Texas – Wysong Products Heal Shelties

"Dear Dr. Wysong: I hardly know where to begin but I’ve been meaning to let you know I am thrilled with your products. I have 2 gorgeous Shelties who are now thriving I know because of your food and supplements. Wasn’t the case last year... the girls caught something from another animal...Both of mine came down ill and it cost me over $3,000.00 to save their lives.... particularly Sheba, the eldest who at 13 years old was desperately ill. She was treated at Texas A&M Vet School...At her weakest point her ALKP was nearly 4000. Last summer was pure hell for me emotionally and financially, as I’m not wealthy by no means. I’m disabled and living on Social Security Disability...but I will do anything for my girls because I love them that much...after all I can’t put a price on what they give me in return. After returning from A&M...I made calls to your company.... Both of my girls are on your food and have been over 1 year now...Hepticene™ and Immulyn™. We also gave her C-Biotic™ and a few other of your products. She slowly improved.... Roughly 8-9 months after nearly dying and taking these supplements of yours, her tests were all normal! In fact, her ALKP recently was like 361, I believe. I know it was your products that healed her and continue to make her thrive. She is nearly 15 now, is gorgeous, healthy, active, etc. My other Sheltie Hillary is also on your food and thrives...I’ve had no vet bills for illnesses from either of them since they got over their sickness last summer. Sheba is still on Hepticene™ and Immulyn™ several times a week, but not as often as before. I can’t begin to thank you enough for saving the lives of the 2 most precious and meaningful beings in my life. I know you saved them because nothing A& M did seemed to help much. Sheba’s improvement began at home with your food and supplements...Thank you for your time and for allowing me to still have my 2 precious babies."

Internet – Feeding Natural Diet, Vet Bills Gone Down

“Thank you! For being perhaps one of the only pet food companies  that believes in a raw diet! I am a breeder of Bengals and have been feeding my cats raw for over a year now. I make up their food myself, grind it, add appropriate  supplements, and so forth. Sometimes there isn’t always time to prepare something or take a frozen package out (I freeze meals in small packages), so I also use your Archetype™. I sometimes will grind some in my fingers and sprinkle on top or give plain rehydrated with water. In the past year that I have gone raw, my vet bills have gone by the wayside. The only reason I take them in is for their rabies booster. Their health is impeccable and their energy high! I love all your research that you’ve done and the quality of foods you provide for companion animals.”

Internet – German Shepherd Never Been Sick

“My parents own a 7-year-old German Shepherd and they have been feeding her Wysong™ dry food (Synorgon™ and Maintenance™) and fresh raw meat, bones and vegetables since she was 3. She has never been sick (not even one visit to the vet) since she has been eating your food. She lives outdoors, breathes fresh air everyday and has the ideal weight. She has absolutely no white hair on her face and has a lot of energy. She just looks like a young adult.”

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