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E-Mail – Wysong Helps Reduce Weight for Mini Dachshund, Agrees With Holistic


“I just recently brought my two cats and dog in for their routine check-ups and obligatory shots. We got on the subject of food. (Deceased mother's 10-year-old Mini Dachshund has now lost 2 ½ pounds thanks to your staff's expert advice and wonderful food.)

I told my Vet that I feed my animals Wysong and her comment was, "Be careful, those small companies aren't scientifically backed, or necessarily nutritionally sound. You should stick with a main-stream ‘proven’ pet food like Purina or Science Diet."

I was so dumb-struck I didn't know WHAT to say, but I WAS able to muster up an utterance of, "Well, Dr. Wysong will be interested to know that!"

I have some idea what those vets are up against. The same with human doctors. They are inundated with sales pitches from drug companies, etc. and they simply can't take the time to investigate EVERYTHING that comes across their desk.

I must look for a more holistic type vet; because to argue with them I feel would be just a waste of time, sorry to say…”

E-Mail – Relieved to Find Wysong

“Thank you for this reply. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found a product I can trust for my pet. Many pet food companies, as I have discovered, are quite deceptive with their choice of labeling and advertising. Thanks especially for the advice on feeding our Lab a variety of foods. He loves carrots, apples and fish. These, together with the Wysong, should make for a happy, healthy, Lab. Thanks very much.”

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E-Mail – Thank You for Videos

“Thank you for the videos on this latest eNewsletter. I especially liked the Dolphin Bubble Rings and its hint of a creation message and the sight of people (employees) I knew at Sea World from when I worked there. I love watching the animals God created!”

E-Mail – Truth 13

“Thanks for sending me this information. I have been a LONG TIME fan of Wysong.”

E-Mail – Thank You for Information

“Thank you, thank you for your speedy replies and for the wealth of reading material. I will read them all with great hope that I can transition my two finicky eaters to more healthful eating habits via the Wysong method!

Bless you for all that you do to help pets live longer and help us who want to learn how to keep them longer and healthier!”

E-Mail – Love The eHealth Letter!

“I love your health letter!! Thank you!!”

E-Mail – Thank You for Including Video In e-Healthletter

“Just wanted to say that it really made me smile to see that you included Rookie's Canine Freestyle performance in your newsletter. It truly is a wonderful example of the bond humans and animals can share. My pug-dog, Wonka, (who loves his Wysong Food, by the way!) and I started learning Canine Freestyle last year and it has really been a

bonding and learning experience for us. What a healthy and fun way to spend time with your dog! We're actually performing together this weekend at the Mt. Pleasant dog show at the Isabella County fairgrounds and hope to bring a smile to many faces.”

Web Blog – Wysong is a “Think Tank”

“Over the years, when I needed a nutritional answer or the latest research information on diet, I can always count on the "think tank" at the Wysong Corporation to give me true and honest information, as well as the resources where they have gotten the information.

In short - Dr. Wysong is a hero in the Natural Pet Food revolution, which he started 30 years ago in 1979. The Wysong Company goes about its business, researching studying and giving back to the community. The mission is to improve our lives and that of our animals, so we can all have long productive and disease free lives.” http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/wysong_under_attack.htm

E-Mail – Recommend Wysong Products and Educational Materials

“What a wonderful surprise getting a personal letter from you! Thank you so much… Both [dogs] were raised on Wysong and a variety of other foods both commercial and raw. Very, very seldom have either gotten the same meal twice in a day. I will begin using the DentaTreat™ as you suggest. I have purchased the other treats when I see them available. I love your products and in fact just checked at the Pet Supply Plus store in Lapeer recently to see if they were carrying Epigen™. Not yet…Raven is my Service Dog, I trained him myself, from my wheelchair. I used to be a nationally ranked motorcycle racer and broke my neck and am paralyzed from the chest down, I have most of the use of my arms and hands. This was a long, long time ago and not a big deal but Raven has helped me in so many ways, even at ten he helps each day. He is in good health other than his teeth so I am hoping we can spend another six years or so together. Currently I am waiting for my new puppy, due here in February. He/she will be a German Shepherd Czech import from working lines, I will train to be my new helper and Raven can relax. (If that is possible for an Aussie) I plan to raise this pup on primarily fresh raw meat and bones with Wysong supplements and other Wysong products thrown in here and there…I have been having a running discussion via e-mail with a woman who will likely be my former vet soon. She is adamant that raw will kill my dog and maybe me (because of compromised immune system) and last night I wrote a long letter to her, much of which is urging her to go to your web site, take four hours and read all that Dr Wysong has written, look at his references…I have learned so much from him [Dr. Wysong]; I am truly thankful. Each time I am in public with my dogs and people ask anything about them (Hauk is quite magnificent at 32" at the withers and 110 lean pounds, long grey fur looks much like a wolf) I always suggest Wysong products.”

E-Mail – Thank You for Recommendations

“A big THANK YOU! That was much more info than I expected, and although I haven't gotten through it all yet, I am very much looking forward to it...I really really appreciate it! Sounds like I have many options - I've always thought rotating the food was the best way to go so the poor dogs don't get bored...I mean, I get bored eating leftovers the next day, let alone for every meal for years and years! So, I'm SO thrilled that your company provides such a wholesome variety...And, actually, I asked my mom if she's heard of Wysong... because it looked vaguely familiar to me... she said we used to feed it to our dogs when I was really young... and she only ever buys the best and healthiest of everything. Thanks again.”

E-Mail – Customer for Over 10 Years

“Thank you for your very thorough response. This kind of thinking is exactly why I have fed Wysong diets to my animal friends for over 10 years now!”

E-Mail – Appreciate Information

“I LOVE your products and I appreciate the information on your website, so I don’t have to listen to those ridiculous pill pushing vet's who don’t realize PREVENTION comes from your pet EATING RIGHT!!!!!”

Letter – Couldn’t Stop Reading

“My Mini-Doxie, Henry, has been on Wysong products all of his life (12+ years) and he wishes to thank you for his great health. I just finished by 1st time through your book, “Solving…..Matters” and once into it, I couldn’t stop reading it. Thanks for your efforts putting it all together.”

E-Mail – Deceptive Pet Food Industry

“When I stop to think about how deceptive the pet food industry is across the board, I have to ask in all seriousness, why has someone not launched a class action lawsuit for false claims?”

E-Mail – Enjoys e-Health Letter

“I want you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your e-mails. The info is great, the videos...well they're heart-warming, mind expanding and I thoroughly enjoy them. Thanks so much.”

Letter – Believes in Philosophy

“…My foster Danes (as well as my 3) are cared for by using Wysong. I am proud that

Wysong is a company of quality and integrity – so much so that I believe in spreading

the word about your pet food as well as your nutritional philosophy. All that being said, I

just wanted to thank you and keep up the good work!”

E-Mail – Truthful and Honest

“I love your truthful and honest news letters. Wish more people would read and listen to them!!! We could prevent so many diseases!!! Let's change the myopathy in our society!!!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Information

“Thank you for your patience to explain the real meaning of 100% balanced diet. If I had to eat the same thing day in and day out.....I'd stop eating. Maybe this is why some cats and dogs do. Anyhow, want to thank you for your honesty. I do give my animals a variety of Wysong food, treats…As for dry I give them Wysong (can't think of the dry food name right off hand...begins with an E [Epigen™])…Thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone, explaining things to me and trying to find the best food for my oldest cat, Shere'-Khan. He's 16, still active, still thinks he's Sherlock Holmes reincarnate (I think he is too). He's a fussy, finicky eater. OY! He's a Russian Blue, but I've seen some pretty hefty Blues which could do with a little less to eat and a little more exercise maybe.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“I would be honored if you used my testimonial. I simply cringe and hsss, when I see somebody buying store bought food for their pets. I realize that special food is very

expensive, but maybe they might think of giving up smoking or drinking, or whatever else confounded non-productive, body dismantling items and activities they might be partaking in, then they probably would have the money or at least a little money for some good food for their pets....and maybe some left over for themselves. I gave up a lot for my pets...and every second I praise the Lord for helping me to grow a brain. (Yes, that you may print that too. If it gives just one person a moment of thoughtfulness for their pet whereas they might not have thought of any of those things...then, yes....hopefully it will do some good.)”

E-Mail – Radial Change in Thinking

“I got a dog 6 months ago which led me to researching dog food like crazy, which led me to a specialized pet food store, which led me to having many great convos with the store owner, which led her to giving me a Wysong CD, which led to a very radical change in my thinking on nutrition. A huge one. I have since had listening sessions with members of my family (for the CD). I also subscribe to the 100 pet truths email.”

E-Mail--Dr. Wysong's Books The Best

"I have ordered and devoured Dr. Wysong's two new books on Thinking Matters. I used to go to Ayn Rand's books for wisdom, now I go to his. These are books every human on the planet should read."

Letter – Happy Dogs

“Thanks to your philosophy I have 2 very happy, healthy dogs!”

E-Mail – In Reply To Truth 55

“Rest easy my friend, their greed and ignorance is not your fault; just as all of the "holy wars" were not Jesus' fault. Keep Preaching The Truth, a lot of us are listening.”

E-Mail – Truth 13

“Thanks for sending me this information. I have been a LONG TIME fan of Wysong.”

E-Mail – Like The Philosophy

“First I want to say I like your company’s philosophy on feeding dogs and enjoy receiving your newsletter. My Buddy loves the small kibble that I mix with a variety of items and will not change foods anymore. :)”

E-Mail – Variety is Key

“I have been doing a ton of reading and also luckily have two excellent vets here in L.A. and both agree that a variety is key. I have ordered the Au Jus™ Turkey, and am about to order the Duck. I've also got the PDG™ in my Amazon cart and the Archetype™ (my cats have enjoyed this one before haha).

BTW, my dad is a doctor and when I called him to explain my dilemma he told me he makes their poodle’s food homemade every day because their last poodle had eaten (he believes) tainted cat food and died of very sudden kidney failure (he put her on dialysis himself, in their house. he was devastated). He liked the info you gave me and also explained the importance of a varied diet with supplementation. He also wants me to rotate in fresh raw food (I'm scared lol). Anyway, thank you so much again. I love my girls and want them to have comfortable, happy cat lives. I look forward to your newsletter. Thanks again!”

E-Mail – Great Outdoors for Animals

“THANK YOUR FOR YOUR WEB PAGE TODAY, EXHORTING HOW GREAT IT IS FOR ANIMALS TO BE OUTSIDE—TO NOT EXIST IN A VACUUM INSIDE A BIG CAGE—SUCH AS A HOUSE!! Yes, I am sad from time to time when I lose a cat, but I would STILL NEVER dream of sequestering them away from the pure pleasure of nature. I know my soul would shrivel up and die if I could not feel sunshine, the wind, the grass under my feet. I have had to recently relocate to another state, and my feline population is temporarily indoors for the last 6 months, until I get settled in a neighborhood that is safer for them, where they can LIVE again. I have argued with Vets my entire life. Cats & Dogs need to be safe—but they also need to enjoy life.”

E-Mail – Agree with Rotation

“I like your introduction, we humans need to take every concern with what we are feeding our pets. I, myself wouldn't eat the same thing day after day.”

E-Mail – Thought Provoking

“My babies love your products. Also, the book (The Truth About Pet Foods) is very thought provoking, I am an LVT and have taken some nutritional consultant classes (for a specific food mfg) and long ago in college from an "independent" source, and I am finding the ideas totally different than what I have been taught, imagine that. It makes me want to pursue the issues...........thanks!”

E-Mail – Excellent Book

“You have written an excellent book (The Cholesterol Myth), perhaps your best! I always have the same feeling when I read the things you write--- frustration at the current thinking of the culture that you expose so clearly, and wanting to do my part to bring the needed change. HB, Georgia”

E-Mail – Best Possible Pet Food

“I very much just enjoyed reading an article I received in an e-mail from WYSONG, about the insanity & the double standard of the regulatory rules, and the road blocks & hurdles, the regulators have put up before Wysong as you have tried to develop + market the best possible pet food thus far…I love how much you care about our dogs being healthy!! Keep up the good work!”

E-Mail – Love Videos

“I just love the videos you include in your emails.............thanks!”

E-Mail – Helpful Information

“Thank you so very much for all of your information. After I wrote to you I did go to the learn section and spent hours reading. I also talked to someone from Wysong on the phone and she was very helpful. I also ordered a number of products. I will get the canned food you recommended. Because of Wysong and the caring people that work there, my 12 year old is finally going to enjoy eating and because of the benefits of the food and the food plan...I'm just as sure that she will live the rest of her life in good health and feeling great. My biggest regret is that I did not know about you years ago. Thank you again for taking the time to help my friend and confidant. I appreciate all of you.”

E-Mail – I Agree!

“Hello, I’ll get straight to it. After the death of my first Golden from cancer at the age of 12, I started some research. I was blown away with what I discovered. Poison, toxins…No wonder Lilly died with cancer. Very angry! Ok now, have new Golden and some sense of what is what…That's why I’ve been feeding my Golden a little bit of every food with #1 STANDARDS…Your info said exactly what I was feeling and that was variety. Wish I had found your site sooner! I am going to finish the stock of foods I have for my Golden and order your foods. So get ready to feed my Golden for the rest of her life. I have made a pact with my vet: to prove Goldens don't have to die at 12 yrs of age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much.”

E-Mail – Enjoy Information and Products

“I'm very happy with your company and my cats are doing well with your products. I enjoy the wealth of information, and the calm voice of reason in the articles on your website. I use as much variety with my cats as possible - home-prepared food, canned, Archetype™, Dream Treats™, and some kibble.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Great Products And For Offering The Truth

“I’ve been a customer of yours since 1997. That was the year my husband Bill bought me the most precious Chocolate Lab. Heathcliff was terribly sick. Let’s get back to you. Of course Heathcliff (at that time he was called Henry) got terribly sick the very first night we had him home. We took him to an excellent vet, (who) said we had to leave our puppy there because he was so sick. He was in critical condition and there were so many diseases it took a very long time before he was then in ICU. My husband and I would visit him often. I spent my paycheck, if I had to. He was put on all your products and within 6 weeks he was the happy, healthy baby lab we fell in love with. Now we have 2 other dogs, a tan lab and a Lhasa Apso. They never knew anything but your food. I thank you with all my heart. The world is a better place for you and your love and all you've done to educate people…I applaud you for coming out with the truth about all the other (dog foods) that are out there. I get so mad when I see people in the grocery buying big bundles of poison that will no doubt destroy their loved-ones; organ failure, kidney problems and poisoning. I told a very close friend about this 1997 find of mine and now he has all his babies on Wysong. Thank God for a man like you.” When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Of course you can use my e-mail. You have a great product that actually works, and sometimes saves the lives of animals. The people who work for you are very helpful. In these times it is very rare to find a product that does what is advertised. And in my case, Heathcliff would not still be here if it weren’t for WYSONG! I can’t say enough about you.”

E-Mail – UK Pet Owner, UnCanny™ Natural Food

“…having hunted high and low for food that met his requirements...At least now it's a good deal easier to get pre-prepared cat meat with no fillers added for those times when raw or home cooked just isn't a viable option - or not on a daily basis. As well as finding high meat content dry food…. Looking further at your "UnCanny™" food, it strikes me as having much in common with the North American Indians’ ancient way of preserving meat and berries to produce pemmican, which can retain its nutritional value for an amazing length of time.

I shall certainly be keeping my fingers crossed that you start marketing it here in the UK in the not too distant future as I'd really love my cats to try all your food ranges for felines, especially since you also have pheasant, a meat I know they love as I often cook them some at Christmas when it is easier to get hold of here than at any other time of year. Once again thank you for the information and please do let me know the moment your products are available, even by order only within the UK.

Healthy cats are happy cats and I want all of mine to have a great life and be very happy throughout it! :)”

E-Mail – Raw Meaty Bones Best For Teeth Health/Myth of “Complete and Balanced” Diet

“…I took my Maine Coon kitten, recently imported from Australia, to a veterinarian for suspected ringworm. She's 5 months old. When asked the inevitable, "What do you feed her?” I replied, "Raw chicken wings, beef heart cubes, raw meaty bones, and Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™." "Well", she said, "cats are obligate carnivores, so you must feed them a complete and balanced cat food. Don't even try to make a homemade diet, because it won't be complete and balanced. Cats need some 40 different nutrients daily, and you won't be able to supply all of them." I just smiled and struggled not to laugh out loud.

When a sentence begins with "Cats are obligate carnivores", one expects "meat" to enter somewhere into the remainder of the sentence. But no. Even my daughter, who is not as fanatical as I am, had to laugh. I am sure the vet did not realize how comical her statement was. It's tragic, not comic, that veterinarians are blind to the obvious solution for epidemic dental disease and all the poor health outcomes that ensue. It is tragic that vets actively undermine their clients' better sense.

What I know is that my 10 Labradors have white teeth, healthy gums, and great vigor. The itchy skin, inflamed ears, and "allergy" issues disappeared 7 years ago, thanks to Dr. Woodley, when I switched to a raw meat-raw food diet. With the addition of Wysong foods to their raw-meaty-bones diet, no problems have returned...

My litter of six 6-week old Lab puppies is chewing up chicken wings and large beef heart pieces like pros. At 3 weeks, they began feedings with minced beef, yogurt, raw eggs, and Wysong Nurture with Pheasant™ and graduated to raw meaty bones with some yogurt, eggs, and Wysong Growth™ at 5 weeks. My big task will be to convince their new owners to continue a raw-meaty-bones diet, when nearly all of the vets in Hawaii are dead set against it.”

E-Mail – Impressed With Knowledge

“I am very encouraged about your reply to the canned cat food question. I have read a lot of your material and it is the reason I have started ordering from you. I am switching diets per your recommendation; however, I became concerned when I read a recent article about the pop top cans.

I have spoken to you on the phone twice about my recent commitment to a better diet for my seven cats. I sent an e-mail this time because I assumed you would consider me some kind of "nut" (which I am when it comes to my cats) if I called again. I appreciate your being so pleasant and patient. I am trying to educate myself on feline nutrition but it is a vast subject with many different opinions. Sometimes it is difficult to know who to believe.

I am impressed with your knowledge of nutrition and your company's commitment to proper feeding of the obligate carnivore.”

E-Mail – Agree With Wysong on Rabbit

“I was searching for a canned rabbit food for my cat when I ran across the letter from a consumer who thought this was horrible. That's just nuts, I support your argument that any creature could be made someone's pet and we don't hear objections to venison, duck or lamb? Besides, if cats were allowed to roam, rabbits would be a natural prey. My cat does have food allergies and needs to eat the rabbit food. Typical cat, he is finicky and does not like the duck, but absolutely loves the rabbit. In fact, besides serving him the canned food, I also have a local farmer who raises rabbit as food product and I purchase whole butchered rabbits to cook and give the cat as treats. You said it; they are carnivores and love this treat…”

E-Mail – Rabbit Vs. No Rabbit Controversy

“In researching rabbits as a meat source in pet food I stumbled upon your responses to someone who was going to boycott Wysong due to the "fact" that rabbit is an ingredient in some of Wysong's food. Your responses were intelligent, well-reasoned, logical and lucid. Thank you for voicing the points you made so clearly.”

E-Mail – Wysong Leads/Dog Had The Best Health On Wysong

“…Wysong was "doing it" before anyone else...probiotic supplementation, good nutrition...I used to work for Xavier Lovato who had the pet store in San Francisco...One of my dogs, who passed away two years ago at 14, had been on Wysong for years. I like to tell people that he was NEVER sick...As I do rescue, I'm constantly telling folks about the importance of nutrition. I always refer people to your web page too, especially for the supplements. Thanks for all that you do!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Help (Tech Staff)

“Thank you Kim - I've done a lot of research on urinary issues for my kitty. It is difficult when my vet does not agree. I really don't believe in feeding him Hill's C/D dry for the rest of his life. I finally got him to eat canned, which was very difficult. Prior owners only gave him crappy dry food, which I know is the route of the evil. I thank you for your quick response, and I will be ordering what you said. I wish more vets were opened minded about better food. I believe this would solve a lot of health issues in our pets.”

E-Mail – Agree With Wysong on Rabbit

“Hello. I was researching a good cat food for my cat who was recently diagnosed with bladder stones, and accidentally found your site. I read a statement of a very angry bunny lover customer, and I really liked Wysong's response. I disagree with the customer and agree with you that if rabbit is a food that can benefit cats, so be it. It’s a free country and if someone doesn't like something, they don't have to buy it! I want to thank Wysong for giving our cat a choice of other than conventional type of meat. I would like to point out that humans also eat rabbits. Growing up in the US or Canada a lot of people don't realize that not everyone has the luxury of buying a pig, cow and chicken meat at the local supermarket. In Mongolia people eat horses, because that is what they have. Not eating rabbit, but eating pig, cow, chicken and turkey is a double standard. Humans need meat, because this is the only way we get important amino acids. Vegetarians and vegans are all very unhealthy. Lots of them have anemia and protein deficiency. Maybe someone who is vegetarian shouldn't have a carnivore animal. A bird or hamster probably would be a better match for them. I am on the other hand will give my cat whatever is good for him and his health.”

E-Mail – Information Helpful for Wysong Representative

“…This information is very helpful and will assist me in representing all Wysong products in a confident manner. Our Lhasa Apso, Cuddles, has thrived on Maintenance™ for most of her life. She is now almost nine years old and is a very healthy, happy dog. It is a shame that so much misinformation is being spread in all areas, including pet food. This creates confusion for the general public. I will definitely refer prospective customers to your most informative website. It is a wonderful resource for us all. It is interesting to note that...told me that she would not hesitate in recommending Wysong to pet owners. She thinks very highly of Dr. Wysong and attributes his influence in her passion for pet health. Thank you again Jenni for your helpful response. I look forward to sharing the Wysong products and message with others.”

E-Mail – Dr. Wysong’s Article “The Myth of the 100% Complete Pet Food”

“I just read your article on the Myth of 100% Complete Dog Food and found it very interesting and eye opening.”

E-Mail – Love Wysong

"...love your company!" (Doug Kaufmann, the host of Know the Cause!, the most widely distributed daily health show in America.)

E-Mail – Dr. Wysong’s Article “The Myth of the 100% Complete Pet Food”

“To Dr. Wysong--And yet another fantastic, fact filled, article from you. Everything I read from your lips keeps me spell bound as I agree with most everything that you write and you write it so well!”

E-Mail – Tech Suggestions Very Helpful

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes by your great suggestions. It hit me across the head like a giant tiger paw: "Hey, mom! We are little tigers! Why are you trying to buy supplements to help us digest this dead, nasty, old, convenient (for you) dry kibble, when that's not the kind of stuff God meant for us to eat!"

And, I also had a great "Duh......I knew that!" moment when the topic of soft food vs. kibble and/or something like "dog bones" (i.e. "Milk Bones") came up. It's the very thing I gripe at my kids about!  "You eat all those carbs before bed and don't brush; you are just making all the bugs in your mouth happy by feeding them!" Why should an animal's teeth be any different? I have a wonderful 145 lb. gentle giant of a dog that loves for me to brush his teeth........I dunno about an 8-12 week kitten! I'm taking your suggestion and ordering some of the DentaTreat™…”

Letter – Intrigued by Educational Resources

“…I must admit I’ve spent a lot of time on the Wysong website lately. I’m intrigued by your business and healthcare philosophy. Your informational pages are refreshing, candid and educational, and I look forward to spending more time digesting the wealth of information there…”

E-Mail – Thanks for e-Healthletter

“Thanks for the e-Health Letter. I like it very much.”

Letter – Thank You for the Education and Healthy Products

“This letter is 6 months overdue but I was unable to emotionally write it when our dog Clint passed away October 17, 2007. He was a 13 ½ Shepherd/Husky! Since then, just 6 months to the day our cat Flopsy, on April 17, 2008, passed away. He was 15 years old. They both received Wysong Diets, Pet Inoculant™, EFA™, AddLife™ formulas etc…And fresh raw foods as has always been suggested in the Wysong newsletters. They were both healthy and enjoyed life and passed quickly and will be missed by my husband and me for many years. They were our children since we had none! You are doing a fine thing helping to educate the public along with providing great nutrition for all.”

E-Mail – Thanks For Not Testing On Animals

“On behalf of those who can't speak, thank you for not doing animal testing.”

Letter – Appreciate Education from Wysong

“…I learned a great deal from your company through your website and your literature. The thing that drove our little dog over the edge in his senior years was the fact that I consistently used dry dog food his whole life, and then I did what the veterinarians said to do---which was to vaccinate him annually. Those two things in combination literally killed him. Vaccinations that are not tittered to weight are a ridiculous measure. All dry dog food without adequate supplementation is just plain unhealthy. Those two things

combined completely depleted his immune system…leaving him literally to fight for his life. The allergies he acquired as a result of this led me to utilizing exclusively Wysong Duck along with a few other things along the way…with the advice of my holistic and alternative veterinarian. I have appreciated your educational initiative on your website and in your brochures, and I have passed this information along to all of my friends with pets as well. We are all extremely ignorant in the venue for sure. I have been a registered professional nurse for almost 40 years, and I surprised myself with the personal knowledge I came upon from your website. So a heartfelt thanks and bravo to you and your company for keeping my little guy healthy and alive for almost 18 months more than expected.”

E-Mail – Thankful For Advice in “How To Apologize To Your Pet” Booklet

“I live in S. Korea and I regret that I didn't learn about your company until today (Nov.2 at 6:54 PM local time). I have blamed myself for two years for the deaths of my mini- pins. I had used a certain dog food (owned by Mars Company) in America and trusted it. In 2005, my beautiful children died of renal failure. They died a day apart and in extreme pain. I can never forget their screams. My wife and I now have more mini-pins and we are very careful about what we feed them. However, it is still processed food and I am shocked by the information that you present in your booklet. I am also very thankful for the recipes and advice you give. These guys are starting to eat better tonight!!! :) When the pet food recall hit America, I was mixing a BARF diet in with their food but your information is much better. I just wanted to say Thank you. You have made the lives of my dogs much better.”

E-Mail – Informative Website

“I just spent most of my afternoon glued to your website!”

E-Mail Informative Website

“The information on your Wysong Website has helped me immensely to demystify many false claims.”

E-Mail Wysong Values Refreshing

“The Wysong overall messages of integrity, strong company values, and honesty are one of the most refreshing, informative, and inspiring websites that I have had the pleasure of visiting time and time again.”

E-Mail – Referred by Other Professionals

"I have been using Wysong products for maybe a year now. But I just found out from a friend there are a lot more products I should be giving my 2 dogs that would be very beneficial. She is a RN, and has been breeding Bichon's for maybe 16 years and has published articles on the subject of allergies in magazines, like the winter/2004-2005 issue of The Bichon Frise Reporter, where she put The Truth About Pet Foods down as a selected reference at the end of her article. I think that's how I may have heard about your products. Which I might add are wonderful.”

E-Mail – Honest Approach Towards Pet Food And Nutrition

“Thank you for sending me the materials regarding Wysong. I enjoyed going through them. It is probably the first and only truly honest approach I have ever heard a pet food company taking. You and the rest of Wysong should be very proud. I have spent a large portion of my career helping people sift through the myths about dog food and nutrition.”

E-Mail – Excellent Products And Philosophy

“Thank you for your great service, excellent products and philosophy. P.S. I wish that the children that I taught ate as well as the animals that are fed with your food!”

E-Mail – Wysong Offers Common Sense Philosophy

“Thank you so very much for your quick response. I always learn so much from you all!!!! Common sense is simply disappearing and it's funny to watch customers' faces when I tell them about Dr. Wysong's philosophy about feeding variety and show them what that means, like feeding canned rabbit top-dressing the dry in the spring, and maybe turkey or venison in the fall. It's like they never thought of it before-----duh!!! Good health to you.”

E-Mail – Wysong Philosophy Works

"Over the past 10 years or so I have read most of what Dr. Wysong has published and relate deeply to the core "philosophy" presented, firstly because it makes sense to me and secondly because I have applied that "philosophy" and continue to use many of Wysong's products for myself and my dogs and to recommend this "philosophy" along with Wysong products for my patients over the past 10 years and all I will say here is that it works... I used to be dismayed by the human and veterinary medical professions lack of interest, even dismissal of Dr. Wysong's contribution of educational materials and products that to me, clearly enable one to optimize their personal health as well as the health of their patients. Today I have a better understanding as to why this is and have taken a much softer approach whenever discussing nutrition."

E-Mail – Article Interesting And Informative

"Dr. Wysong: I read your article in the February/March 2006 Townsend Newsletter entitled “A New and Potent Sun Vitamin Supplement” and found it most interesting and extremely informative."

E-Mail – Impressed By Wysong Philosophy

"I learned about Wysong through a website for owners of cats with chronic renal failure (felinecrf.org). The site has a link to another site where dry matter analysis data for cat foods from various manufacturers is available; Wysong had provided data for that site. I became aware of Wysong by reviewing that data. Since Wysong has some cat food with low phosphorus content, which is important in managing CRF, I found your website &

decided to try your products. I was pleased to find the full dry matter analysis for your pet foods available on your website. I was also impressed by the overall Wysong philosophy conveyed by the material on the website, and the products available beyond pet food. Thank you for providing the data for the CRF site - I would not have discovered Wysong otherwise."

E-Mail – Creation/Evolution Controversy Book Excellent

"Dr. Wysong, I just wanted to let you know that I found your book to be excellent. Thanks for taking the time to produce such an exhaustive work." (Creation/Evolution Controversy)

E-Mail – Switched To Wysong Because Of Philosophy

"We switched to Wysong almost a year ago, after learning of your philosophy and humane treatment of your testing animals. Thanks to you for providing a great product in such a compassionate way. Our cats eat a combination of your Geriatrx and Uretic dry foods."

E-Mail – Hooked On Wysong Website

"I saw your ad in an animal magazine; name escapes me. I am completely hooked on your website and have read testimonials. Excited to see products and read about them all. I think I saw a special somewhere for trying the pet food…Thank you for so much information. I have 2 shelter dogs, no children, just Gracey, a German Shepherd mix and Velvet, a beagle with some mix."

Phone Message – Customer Agrees With Wysong Philosophy

"I purchased your Wysong Synorgon™ at Whole Foods in Miami Beach and I am so moved by the fact that my dog loved the product and when I read your literature I found out I am exactly the person described in the literature because he eats everything. I feed him fruits and vegetables and chicken legs that I cook for him, and brush his teeth and clean his ears and on and on. I am so moved! Your literature has changed my life too; or rather it emphasized the way I live. I promise that I am going to buy from you. Please send literature to my son in Texas. Thank you very, very much. My dog is not a dog but a being and he is the best “person” in the world (next to Dr. Wysong)! I know this is a little emotional but your literature reaffirmed everything that I do and I also learned more. Thank You!"

Internet – Customer Values Wysong Educational Literature

"I have been feeding Wysong to my dogs for about 10 years and always value the educational information that you offer your clients. Please continue to send me the Health Letter and other related educational features as you publish them."

Internet – Customer Enjoys Educational Website

"I am pleased that you have such an educational website. I would like to comment on your consumer's questions and comments on your Rabbit Meat page. This (former)

consumer is blind to the fact that some people love ALL animals, not just their rabbits. I am a Vegan living with quite a few carnivores - 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 monitor lizards, a snake, and a boyfriend. Although I do not eat animal products because I find the industry cruel, I certainly understand that my companions require meat. I love all animals, including cows, chickens, deer, sheep, and rabbits. It makes no difference to me whether I am feeding my carnivore friends a "culturally accepted" meat like cow or chicken, or another meat, be it rabbit, horse, or human! Meat is meat and someone had to die so someone else could eat. I enjoy your products and I am happy you posted that "mean" message on your site so others could see how ridiculous that person thinks. You are an honest company and it is appreciated. I like to use a combination of foods - like your Vegan dog food paired with organic vegetarian-fed free-range meat that I buy at the market. These kinds of products you offer make it easier to be kinder to ALL animals, not just the ones in your house. Thank you so much"

Internet – Information An Eye-Opener

"I have been using the principles of your natural diet for my nine-year-old greyhound and she is eating better and acting like a young pup! I have also started my cats on the natural diet and have had good results as well; their eyes are bright, their fur is silky and their all-around health is better. Although I use organic/natural food for my family and me, I never gave my pets any concern and just bought the national brands (my vet never mentioned feeding my pets anything else). I’m just glad that I talked to my friends at my local health food store one day and was given your booklet. Boy, what an eye-opener! Thank you so much for helping me to educate myself; I pass this information on to any and all who will listen."

Internet – Customer Agrees With Wysong Philosophy

"I thought your article, Cancer - the Missing Point, was wonderful. I've added it to my website. Our philosophies are much the same. Thanks again for your important article."

Internet – Customer Trusts Wysong

"I just spent most of the day reading your pages, and am thrilled to find out I can feed my pet a balanced diet of home cooked foods, along with raw from the grocery with your probiotics and also use your raw and canned products simultaneously! I never trusted the other raw products from other companies. There was something I just couldn't put my finger on. Now I know what that was, they just didn't give enough info or seemed knowledgeable enough for me to TRUST them! I trust you though. Also will be ordering for me also (from your human supplements)! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Internet – Wysong Only Helpful Website

"I have searched high and low for information on premium pet food. Your site is the only one that made sense. Thank you for it. I have 2 little Chihuahuas that mean the world to me. I have been feeding them Wellness and Innova because those 2 had the

best sales pitch. Although I like the idea of feeding raw also, something didn't sound quite right about it. I felt I was experimenting with my 2 little ones. Too big of a risk with their lives! I will buy Wysong, but I also would like to cook for my 2 little ones also. Thank you for the wonderful enlightening articles on your web site. I always had an inkling "something" was not quite right about Innova and Wellness, now I know what it is, "Too good to be true!"

Internet – e-Health Letter Very Informative

"Hi there, I just received your latest email newsletter/update and loved the “Shorts” items. They were very informative. Keep up the great work all the way around!!!!!!"

Internet – Wysong Very Helpful

"This is a thank you note for your putting the Wysong vs. Apperon controversy on the Internet. I found it extremely helpful."

Internet – Education As Good As The Products

"I am writing you to thank you for trying to help the people and animals of this malnutritional society. Education really helps as well as having products that actually work! I am continuing to try the different products for my pets and will hopefully get some much-needed things for my family and myself. So far the results of using your products have been outstanding."

Internet – Customer Agrees With Wysong Philosophy

"I’m a long time customer, and I’ve enjoyed Wysong tremendously for myself and for my critters. I have enjoyed the books too... and really agree with the philosophy of Wysong. I cannot wait until I’m done with vet school... I plan to use what I have learned from Wysong! I have always had a very strong interest in both human and animal nutrition, so I am always very intrigued by what I learn. Thank you so much!"

Internet – Customer Impressed By Magnitude Of Information

"The Origins Bars and the Raw Trail mix would also be a GREAT treat for a parrot!!! Some of the other supplements that you offer also would work well with parrots. I so appreciated the info pack on Wysong - I am so excited to read through it in my chair with my dog rather than at my crappy computer chair, dog eyeing my toes. I love the info and how it is presented. I seriously cannot even tell you how much I love learning more, and seeing the parallels for myself, my kids, and my pets. (I would LOVE to work for Wysong - too bad I live in Pittsburgh, and I probably don't have the proper background). I emailed about the Wyscin article - sorry to keep emailing, but I just cannot get over the magnitude of info - how much it means to my pets! I LOVE learning about all pet nutrition (I mentioned in a previous email that my parrots got me interested in pet nutrition. To make a long story short, I felt that if I were going to share my home with an animal that thrives on freedom and flight, I had better learn how to feed them. It is not fair that they spend so much time in their large cages, only getting 4 hours out a day to play and interact directly with me and my three kids. They are not as

"domesticated" as family dogs, as most parrots were literally wild caught until around 1992. So, I knew I HAD to learn to make their lives in "captivity" also known as my family as wonderful as possible. A bag of seeds and a bag of pellets are not what they would eat by choice. Funding for parrot nutrition is so much less available than for more popular pets. Parrots tend to not have sensitive digestive systems so I can be extremely creative day to day, and hour to hour. I bake breads and cookies, serve bean, rice, and veg mixes cooked, all types of fruit and veg, grasses and greens, millet sprays, manufactured treats, baby food (really), baby biscuits, and so on...sorry to be so wordy) I cannot stress enough that the info and products that Wysong offers as a result of extensive research is a blessing to me, as well as to my Elvis. We are currently converting Elvis to Wysong slowly. I started by using the kibble sample as a treat, then I started stuffing his Kong toy with the kibble for "SNACK TIME". Elvis has been eating the treats since a few months ago when we came across them at Pet Supplies Plus in Cranberry, PA. I just wanted to say thank you for the info pack you sent me -- MADE MY WHOLE DAY!!!! I cannot wait to finish reading and rereading!!! I also wanted to email to suggest that many of your human products are definitely parrot friendly. I am still looking into the enzyme supplements for the parrots (I am currently using Prozyme for the dog and the birds until it is gone). Another suggestion that I would like to make is that when I serve apples to any of my animals, I dip the apples into Natural orange juice to add nutrients, flavor, and keep them from turning brown!!! I apologize for being such a pain, but I am so pleased - I feel like I just found a lost treasure! My two older boys love learning about animals as well, and have been reading through the info as well (they are 10 and 11). My three-year-old daughter wants to be a vet, so hopefully the research aspect will help her. Wysong has made such a positive impact in my home - the three kids, the dog, the parrots, and me.

Thank you for your time!!!"

Internet – Wysong Literature An Eye-Opener

"I have completed my review of your website, the furnished CD (The Thinking Person's Master Key to Health), both brochures ("Does America owe an Apology to its Pets?" and "How to Apologize to your pet") as well as the book "The Truth About Pet Foods”. While I enjoyed the content provided by all, I was most consumed by the book. The book was an eye-opening educational tool with a pinch of humor that I truly believe every pet owner should possess in their library. Favorite chapters include: pet food regulation case files, approved ingredients and nomenclature, and "old wives' tales" and food fallacies. From what I have recently read, reductionism is the Antichrist (so to speak) of this industry, jeopardizing the health and lives of the very companions that provide businesses their profit. I too believe that consumers are hypnotized by trendy buzzwords and attractive packaging, which blindside the real issue of quality nutrition and their pet's health and longevity. I am more interested than ever to continue my education from Wysong."

Internet – Wyscin Article Thought Provoking

"I find pet nutrition extremely fascinating. I found the Wyscin article thought provoking. I was excited to see the mention of volcanic clay ingestion, and the ability of the clay to bind to toxins for safe elimination. The first time I heard of clay ingestion, the reference was made to parrots and how they flock to the clay licks in large numbers. In the wild, they do not necessarily know what are parrot safe plants or conditions...so the belief is that these clay licks keep wild parrots safe from certain toxins. Parrots are what initially inspired me to learn about pet nutrition...I love to learn about all aspects of nutrition, and I am so thrilled to have found such an amazing archive of info with Wysong!!!! I find that the more I learn, the more I need to learn. I am just a mom and animal lover - I am not by any means too articulate or formally educated about animals. I am so glad that our dog joined our family after I learned the alternative to Purina and Iams. Thank you for the great info - I am sure that I will refer back to it often (once I am through all of it the first time)."

Internet – Customer Enjoys Approach To Pet Health

"I finally bought some Wysong in the pet food store today, and perused your website and enjoy your approach and common sense to pet health."

Internet – Customer Puts Trust In Dr. Wysong

"Dr. Wysong and Dr. Andrew Weil are the two persons I look to for the vast majority of my health questions."

Customer – Appreciates All That Wysong Does

"I have loved your company for many years and promoted it long before the “holistic” approach started to really make people pay attention. I have worked in Animal Welfare for over 20 years and have even started shelters. I really want to work teaching people how to help their animals live longer thru nutrition. I have received an information packet on your products and would LOVE to work for your company. I appreciate all you have done and do."

Alabama – CD Thinking Person’s Master Key To Health Best Information

"I am an M.D. and have prided myself for many years in being able to counsel people on prevention and nutrition--unlike most of my colleagues. When I received your CD by Dr. Wysong I listened to it 4 times. It is the best information in a nutshell on the subject I have ever heard. He has made what should be common sense so very obvious…Thanks."

Internet – Customer Enjoys Reading Past e-Healthletters

"I've been reading your back issues via Internet looking for data on distilled water. Perhaps you have covered the subject somewhere in the 200 plus entrees the search engine turned up. I am reading, but my pace is slow partly because there are so many other interesting topics to trip over along the way. I have already read many entries from your own archived e-Healthletters searching for any information you may have shared on the subject. So far I've found a wealth of data on water quality. Thank you for filling a vacuum with the work you do."

Internet – Creation-Evolution Controversy Favorite Book

"Just wanted you all to know that I was going through a list of the best dog foods to figure out what would be best for my new puppy. When I got to Wysong and kept wondering where I had heard that word (which I finally remembered was a name) before -suddenly I remembered a book I read a couple years ago. It is one of my favorites. I searched for the book and sure enough it was The Creation-Evolution Controversy by RL Wysong. Still not sure if it was the same Wysong I searched your site till I found Wysong publications and found the book there. I want Wysong to know I very much enjoyed his book and it is still on my shelf waiting to be shared with some extended family members if I could just find a way to peak there interest! Now I am looking forward to not only purchasing Wysong pet food, but then also using that as a means to hopefully get some extended family members to read his book."

Internet – Impressed With Literature

“I recently ordered Archetype™ from your company, along with more Beef Au Jus™. I also read the brochures that came with my last order and I must admit, I'm very impressed with your comments on raw, organic foods. I've been "cooking" for my two puppies for the past year, meaning most of it is raw, and I don’t regret it. I'm just pleased to know that I have an alternative to purchasing very expensive meats at the grocers. They also get a lot of fruit and vegetables, plus rice and other grains - all organic. I appreciate all you do!”

E-mail – Impressed With e-Healthletter

“I just wanted to say BRAVO! I signed up to receive your newsletter when a neighbor sent it to me and the health issues seemed much more bright than the average monkey. I was impressed enough with this “speech” on self-determination to say thanks and to share it…so thanks, when I share it, as I always do with tidbits of info I get from you, I offer them the suggestion of signing up for your newsletter.”

Internet – Thank You For e-Healthletter

“Your health letter and links to article is the slickest e-letter I get including some I pay for. Thanks so much for helping me and my patients by making it so easy to learn! – D.L.- M.D., M.S.”

Internet – Honesty Is Refreshing

“I wanted to thank you for being the first major pet food company to ADMIT that raw feeding is good for pets, despite what it might do to your bottom line. I began feeding my dogs raw one year ago, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. One of my dogs, a 14-year-old Lab, has had epilepsy his entire life, and when I started feeding raw meat, the seizures stopped completely. I just ordered your Call of the Wild™ mix to help me with feeding. It will make life MUCH easier for me! Your company honesty was so refreshing to me that I am dumping my Purina horse feed effective immediately and going for your Equine Diet™ as well. I plan on telling as many other boarders in my barn about the by-products in their Purina feed as I can. Finally, a company that cares enough about the welfare of the animals to speak the truth!!!!”

California – Thank You For e-Healthletter

"Thank you for the informative and excellent health letter (Wysong e-Health Letter). We take your advice and counsel. We have been using Synorgon™ for our Golden Retriever for the past two years. Our satisfaction is at 100%."

Pet Shop Employee, Canada – Wysong Philosophy Best Out There

"I have worked in a pet supply shop for close to two years and I have come to the conclusion that the Wysong products and philosophy are the best out there. What you advocate is the truth, plain and simple. I have listened to dozens of companies perpetuate the false idea that everything in a bag (porous paper one for that matter) or in tin will sustain an animal in optimal health forever. I can’t thank you enough for providing this information and sticking to your philosophy when we live in a world that at times can be so resistant to critical thought. It’s amazing how many people believe that what is inside a bag of dog food is absolutely perfect for their animal, that feeding so called "table scraps" can only be damaging to the health. In my opinion, a lot of pet food manufacturers are no better than the tobacco companies, they rely on the public’s ignorance and take advantage of that for profit. Thank you for your respect."

Breeder, Louisiana, Blackwatch Great Danes (excerpt from Great Dane Quarterly magazine) – Wysong Is Visionary

"In all of my personal search to gain some perspective on these problems, I have never come across a company as ‘visionary’ as Wysong. The philosophy and approach to feeding offers hope for all Great Dane owners that are wanting to improve the quality of life and longevity for ourselves and this breed."

Michigan – Impressed By Common Sense Philosophy

"I have never been so impressed by the common sense expressed in your recent catalog. My daughter is studying to become a doctor at U of M medical school but she was also raised within a mindset of natural health and Chiropractic preventative medicine. Her statement when I read the ‘For Prevention and Health Optimization’ was ‘Mom, this is all true’ and she is going to present this to all her patients."

Veterinarian, New York – Impressed With Wysong

"I have never written a letter with such excitement about my pet’s nutrition! I have never been so impressed with a pet food company in my life. What else can I say... I love your products and the philosophy behind The Wysong Theories and Company. I also loved Dr. Wysong’s tape as it was very informational to me. I hope to have a long relationship with Wysong and I think I should look into taking as good care of myself as I do my cats. Thank you so very much."

South Dakota – e-Healthletter The Best

"Thank you so much for your offer of a free Health Letter, ‘the best health newsletter in the world’, no less! We are feeding – or treating our dog to your biscuits and she loves them. Your instructions say ‘feed dry from the container’ – so for a joke, mind you, we set it on the floor! Our sweet little girl took one ever so gently and then another and waited for us to say one more. It was terribly cute. Believe me if we had taken the instructions seriously they would have all been gone in 10 minutes. Thanks for thinking of pets too."

Wisconsin – Thank You For The Truth

"I actually trust you enough as a company to tell me the truth! I have decided to go back to Wysong…the ‘stars’ as my husband calls you."

Breeder, Internet – Believe In Philosophy And Products

"I have been using your products for over 6 years now. I have referred over one hundred people because I believe in your philosophy and your products. I tour the world with my

‘K-9’s in Flight Frisbee Show’. It is the number one Frisbee show in the world. Thank you for your love for animals and your great products."

Internet – Best Health Information Ever Encountered

"Hi, I have used your products for quite some time now with much success for our cats. Also some of the human products as well. What I’d like to share most is the fact that you provide the best in health information that I have ever encountered. Thank you for


Internet – Customer Enjoys e-Healthletter

"I enjoy your e-Health Letter very much. Thank you. My dogs enjoy your food and people always comment on their healthy coats. I wanted to let you know that when my female dog had four puppies in November they also did very well on your food. I supplement the food with meat, veggies, etc. as you suggest. Thanks for the great products!"

Internet – Customer Implementing Optimal Health Program

"I just wanted to thank you for contributing so substantially to the well-being of myself and my Weimaraner, Reckless. He and I are both on a nutritional regimen of food and supplements that are endorsed and developed by your research team and facility. The unispecies vitamins and supplements have benefited both of us enormously. Reckless is just two years old and I want to help ensure optimum health and wellbeing for him. In doing my own research for a nutritional philosophy that seemed to make the most sense, I selected yours for its combination of whole, fresh foods and a Maintenance™ diet developed at your research center. I have had a history of anorexia and I finally began to realize that I needed to take good care of myself if I was going to take care of my dog. Thus, both he and I are the very fortunate benefactors of your wonderful work and products, as well as your continuing research. At a recent check-up with my physician, the results of the exam and the blood work indicated that I have never before

been in such good health. My doctor related to me, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep it up.’ That is just what I intend to do, for both myself and my much-loved canine companion. He and I are most grateful to you for contributing so substantially to our collective well-being. Our lives have been greatly enhanced."

Internet – Wysong Helps Owner As Well As Dog

"I owe my good health to my Weimaraner, for once I started researching for the optimum nutrition for him, I decided that perhaps I should take just as good care of myself as well."

Internet – Wysong Ahead Of The Pack

"I tell everyone I know with pets about your products. Other manufacturers may be leaning too much towards what pleases the customer, and not what the animal needs. It also seems to me that one is fired upon much more when they are on a pedestal (a much deserved pedestal, because you are so far above everyone else)."

Internet – Wysong Supplies The Best Information

"I thoroughly enjoy all the info found on your website. Initially I was drawn to Wysong because I was told it was the best dog food. Through reading your statements and approaches, as well as witnessing thorough and honest responses to questions and controversies regarding your approach to healthy living, I came to understand that you are not supplying the best dog food, but more importantly, supplying the best insight on the best way to feed one’s dog."

Internet – Admire Wysong Philosophy

"My cats love your products and I admire your philosophy of education and learning."

Internet – Customer Appreciates Product Monographs

"You have some of the best products I have ever seen, and my interest in supplemented nutrition now spans 31 years. Your detailed product monographs, one for every product, are worth their weight in gold."

Pet Owner – Impressed With Honest Information And Advice

"I wish to say foremost that I applaud the principles the company works with. I was most impressed with the idea of a company manufacturing pet food (amongst other products) and yet acknowledging its own products’ limitations by promoting a supplement of ‘fresh and whole’ foods."

Rhode Island – Great Results Using Optimal Health Program™

“I just wanted to write to you once again to thank you for contributing to my dog’s good health, as well as my own. We have a new puppy and he has begun a regimen of your products and is just thriving. My other dog, Reckless, now 3½ years old is enjoying increased strength and vigor after adhering to your philosophy of the Optimal Health Program™ and so am I. We definitely subscribe to the theory that preventive care is preferred to trying to fix problems that may have been thwarted from the beginning or onset. Enclosed please find a picture of our new puppy, Sting at 5 months old. As you can see he is going to be and is a very big and vigorous boy. We all are very grateful for raising our collective conscience about what constitutes good nutrition for humans and the companion animals we are fortunate enough to share our lives with. I hope that your research continues because there are many individuals and animals who are the beneficiaries of your knowledge, compassion, and dedication to their well-being.” New York: “…You are doing a wonderful job! I have written to many a company in my quest for finding the best food for my kittens (nearly cats now) and do you know NOT ONE has replied! It’s been over a month since I have written to each of the other companies – I think that is ample time to reply, no? I guess they did not like my in depth questions or either they just don’t care. Regardless, I have found the best foods and ‘program’ and company that cares for my animals and will be sticking with it for their life times and subsequent animals to follow. You are doing a great job, and again THANK YOU”!

Internet – e-Healthletter Enlightening

Your newsletter is very enlightening and understandable. Keep up the good work!”

Letter – Customers Shares Philosophy Ideas

“Thank you for offering products that reflect your statement of purpose. We share the same philosophy. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been searching for a pet food supplier whose concern for my cats’ health (and the Earth) is genuine.”

California – Thank You For Contributions To Good Health

“Thank you so much for your continuing contributions having to do with our favorite companions and their good health! Of course, I only provide Wysong products for my four beloved feline friends.”

Internet – Grateful For Wysong Philosophy

“Thank you for all you do for our pets. We have had absolutely amazing results from being on Wysong, and tell everyone with a pet about what Wysong strives for, etc. We just love you, and are so grateful for your gift of a healthy life for the pets we hold so dear.”

Internet – Customer Believes In Wysong Philosophy

“Thank you! Just a note to say I have purchased the Wysong Gourmet™ canned cat foods at my health food store, and I use them for my kitties regularly. I feel Wysong products are truly high quality and I believe in the philosophy behind them.”

Canada – Customer Applauds Wysong

“Thank goodness I now have your health letter as I am new to e-mail, websites, etc. Keep up the good work. I applaud your work. All my pets and my clients are on Wysong™ and have been for years. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Internet – Thank You For Useful Materials

“Thank you so much for the time you spend providing me with various useful material. I think I will be able to feel more confident of my cat care by this learning and practice.”

Maryland – Appreciate No Animal Testing Policy

“I appreciate your policy against animal testing and thank you for choosing to be cruelty-free.”

Internet – Great Article in e-Healthletter

“Wow and wow again. Whoever wrote the “pet psychic” section in your e-Health Letter did an excellent job. You may have just opened up hundreds of minds to other possibilities. And you did so in a very light-handed manner. Truly some zen-like writing.”

Internet – Great Article in e-Healthletter

“Thank you for all the information you put out in your newsletters. I was especially fascinated by the “Pet Psychic” one. I have watched the show and am very fascinated by it. There is so much out there in this universe and since anything is possible, why not keep an open mind. Thank you for yours.”

Internet – Thank You For Not Testing On Animals

“Thank you for not testing your products on animals. As a pet owner, I was appalled to hear that pet food manufacturers perform brutal and lethal tests of their products on caged animals. Thank you very much for your commitment to doing what is right. I thank you and so do my pets.”

Internet – Customer Appreciates e-Healthletters

“I always appreciate your e-Health Letters, even if I’m not in agreement with something in particular. I appreciate your absolute common-sense rationale on prevention and that you always advocate taking responsibility for our health. I appreciate that you humbly acknowledge the vastness and wisdom in the universe and that we don’t have all the answers.”

Internet – Amazed At Wysong’s Beliefs

“I subscribed to your e-Health letters just to see what they were about. I was very amazed with Dr. Wysong’s beliefs. I’d never expect such a position from a feed company owner. Congratulations to all of you.”

California – Impressed By Wealth Of Information

“I’ve been buying Vitality™ Wysong for my cats for 6 or 7 years and never read the back of the package – What a wealth of information – I’m impressed! I just went online and “subscribed” to your subscription service – Please send me the Optimal Health Program brochure and the Wysong product catalog. I have four cats – 1 7 yr. old, 2 10 yr. olds, and 1 9 yr. old. I’ll “digest” all you send me and then decide if I need to order the books – Thank you for obvious concern for healthy animals.”

Internet – Veterinarian Admires Wysong

“As a veterinarian who has had a nutritionally oriented career for almost 50 years, your views and activities have always been of interest to me. I have admired the work you have done in the field of animal nutrition.”

Internet – Educational Information Helpful

“Thank you for your suggestion of Wysong Archetype for my nine month old cats. I spent some time reading the educational information on your website and realized my concern over the loose stools from feeding the Vitality™ food was misplaced. So I ordered Archetype™, Nurture™, Vitality™, and Pet Inoculant™ to transition them to adult cat food. After a few days of feeding Wysong, the difference in their energy level was amazing. And my previously finicky female cat is now begging for the Archetype™ food every day. After watching my previous felines suffer from the degenerative diseases Dr. Wysong talks about on his CD, I am determined to offer my new family members the very best. I have placed another order for gift baskets for all the cat owners on my Christmas list and a variety of food supplements for my family. I appreciate the extra material that came with my order, especially the CD. You won’t be getting it back because I am passing it around among family and friends (even non-pet owners)!”

Breeder, California – Encourages Others To Apply Wysong Philosophy

"As breeders, we are constantly being told the majority of our health problems are genetic in origin. Some may be, but I am convinced the majority of today’s health problems are due to feeding processed foods for generation after generation. I am extremely pleased to learn of Wysong and have encouraged breeders, through my ‘Watchword’ column, to study the Wysong Philosophy and use the Wysong products for their dogs and themselves. I have been using the Maintenance™ in my feed trials with wonderful results and can highly recommend it to my puppy buyers. I am very glad to see Dr. Wysong has addressed the need for incorporating raw whole ‘living’ foods back into the diet, and the C-Biotic™ helps to cover any nutritional gaps in a diet too. I have seen these foods do remarkable things for dogs on a maintenance and prevention level. I recommend the Wysong products without hesitation."

Internet – Customer Changes Career After Exceptional Results With Wysong

"In 1990, I bought a Gordon Setter with a promise to show him at AKC dog shows. I knew very little about dogs, nutrition, and this industry. The breeder fed Joy Pet Foods and told me that most pet foods were the same and for me to continue feeding Joy. At about one year old Tyler was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. In particular he had bald streaks running down his back and the length of his tail. The vet put him on soloxine and there was a slight improvement. I was devastated, as Tyler never grew the coat he needed to be a show dog. When I revisited my vet in 1991, I asked him if he could recommend anything to help solve this problem. He brought out your catalog in as he had bought some of your veterinary products. He had one client using your food. For the rest of my life I will never forget what he said. He said, “try this food, it’s from a granola bar company, I have no idea how it works but in 6 months you won’t recognize your dog”. I bought Wysong from a distributor in Vermont. I remember that it came in a red bag. I read the label and the info. In six months Tyler grew coat where he never had it before. The change was so dramatic I could barely believe my eyes. In 1992 Tyler went Best of Winners at the Gordon Setter National. This is how I met my wife, she showed Tyler for me. The irony of this is the veterinarian stills sells and recommends Science diet, yet feeds Wysong to his own dogs and hands out Wysong Brochures only to clients who ask for a natural food. With your products I was able to wean him off soloxine. I always had to give him EFA™ till the day he died. He was my first Wysong Dog. It was at this time I became a zealot for Wysong Products. My future wife who owned a grooming shop was feeding Eukanuba or Blue Seal Gentry at this time. While we dated it took me two years to try to get her to use Wysong. She really believed like the majority do today that dog food is dog food. Go by the cheapest pet food out there they are all the same. The only reason she tried some was I bought 1000 lbs and stored it at her shop. I told her to recommend it for her problem dogs, the Cockers with yeast infections, the Golden Retrievers with ear infections and she did. Sure enough Wysong works and she saw the results. Today she has a five thousand square foot store carrying many foods, because the market dictates this. (I will explain later), but Wysong has a 16’ display and she sells about 6000 lbs per month out of her store. For the past 14 years the only food I feed and recommend is Wysong. Period! I believed in your food so much that I wanted to sell it. I had a purpose, I had a cause, and I had a mission for the first time in my life. In 1995, I closed my office, moved and bought 5000 lbs of Wysong. I did not even have a place to store it. I unloaded into a U-Haul and then drove it to my house and stored it in my breezeway. I remember looking at all this food and wondering how would I ever sell this. In 3 months I was buying 5000 lbs a month, in 6 months 10,0000 lbs a month and in the 13th month I bought my first truckload. It was one of my most satisfying moments I have ever had. To this day, my conviction for your food is as strong as it was 14 years ago… In fact almost 100% of my knowledge I learned from Wysong. My customers count on me for advice for their own dogs as well as their customers. I am unbiased, factual… My clients call me Mr. Wysong; since it’s the food I promote, the food I love, and the one and only food I truly believe in. I feel it is the best manufactured food on the market today bar none. I tell my story over and over. I feel it’s my mission to get everyone on Wysong. Other manufacturers have copied your ideas, your message and made it their own…to me, the difference between you and everyone else is your integrity. I believe that you are truly motivated by your ideals and mission and not motivated by profits. I know you need money to continue your purpose. Money and profits are a necessary evil…Does it upset me that people buy Wellness or other shallow copies of Wysong and think it is a better food than Wysong, your damn right it does"

Letter – Likes the Creation-Evolution Book

“…This is some very exciting information. I devoted the next two days to reading and underlining everything that caught my eye in The Creation-Evolution Controversy. Your book has some very good information that I had not seen before and I liked the format…”

E-Mail - Creation-Evolution Book Very Moving

“I just finished reading The Creation-Evolution Controversy which was very moving, an excellent book. It is enjoyable, very well sourced for supporting each point, thoughtfully written and clarifies the subject matter well using common sense (funny how school causes us to doubt ourselves). I found it to be enlightening, uplifting and a great learning experience.”

E-Mail – Agrees With Wysong Critiques of Pet Food Companies

“I have been reading your articles. I don't think they are putting other companies down. I think you are basically stating facts that I agree with more than those claims of others…”

E-Mail – Wysong Gives Honest Information

“I've known about you guys for years. I received a female Rottweiler in 1989. She was fed Wysong, raw bones and other meats and lived to the ripe old age of 14. She did not develop any gray in her muzzle until 12 yrs. old and then it was just a little. I have never been able to find another dog food company that gives honest information and that is backed up by the facts as Wysong is…I challenge you to find another company who has been in the business this long and keeps on improving.”

E-Mail – Learn From the Web Site

“I just spent several minutes on your website and wow. What a great company you have. I learned so much while reading all your information and will be going back again…”

E-Mail - Love the Philosophy, Information and Honesty

“Jenni, Many thanks for the links to introduce and expand knowledge to help with my cats. Appreciate it.”

E-Mail - Love the Philosophy, Information and Honesty

“Dear Jenni, Thank you very much for the material. I will try your Optimal Health Program™. I have known all along that it was the correct thing to do and will now take the first steps to implement.”

E-Mail - Love the Philosophy, Information and Honesty

“I love Wysong-what it stands for, and I’ve purchased a lot of the products. Currently, my cats are using Wysong Vitality™.”

E-Mail – Wysong Gives Honest Information

“I love Wysong products. I believe Dr. Wysong is not motivated by the “almighty dollar,” but rather by his own sense of making a contribution to society by helping other make healthful choices for themselves and their companion animals.”

E-Mail - Thank You for Great Information

“Thank you. I've always thought your food was excellent. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.”

E-Mail – Thankful For Wysong Values and Efforts

“Dr. Wysong is a pretty incredible person and I'm continually amazed by his passion and continuing research about what is good for our pets. I believe for way too long that the pet food industry has been shoveling waste crap down our pets’ throats and charging us a fortune for it. I'm pretty horrified to find out what many ingredients really are, and how un-nutritious just feeding dry food is. Dr. Wysong makes utter sense to me with his philosophies and I'm so grateful that he's devoting his life to researching and writing these ideas down and making available for my cats, which I value incredibly, a great source for nutritious food. I do believe that health stems from a healthy gut and a good diet.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Response And Information

“Wow! Thank you for the great information. I was confused after I visited your website the first time so this really helps. I am an advocate of staying as close to natural as possible in my own life & diet, so it is refreshing to deal with a company that has the same focus. I actually found a retailer through your store locator and bought some feline products to try out last night. I will experiment with some diet additions and see how my cat reacts. Again, thank you for the quick response and great information.”

E-Mail – Reassuring That Wysong Is An Available Resource

“A friend of mine turned me on to your website and not a moment too soon. The dog food "scare" is really pathetic. I'm tired of all the junk that we feed our pets. It's nice and reassuring to know that there are places like Wysong that we can turn to. Thank you for your response and concern. I'll be using your company for now on and telling all my friends and clients (I'm a hair stylist) also.”

E-Mail – Information An Eye Opener

“…I have heard of Wysong but never have tried it. I will look for samples at the pet food store next time though. Sounds like you all know what you’re talking about. Thank you for all the information and I will definitely keep up with all this information since I too like so many just believed what I was told. Knowledge is key and you have to do your research in order to know the full story. Again I thank you for opening my eyes when they were clouded a bit by all the information. Wishing you the best and keep the info coming…”

E-Mail – Teacher Uses Creation-Evolution Controversy book for Class

“I would like to ask permission to use several excerpts, and graphics from this eye- opener…I would, of course, recommend this book for its clarity, scope, research value, and readability for the general reader.”

E-Mail – Enjoyed Dr. Wysong’s CD Presentation (Thinking Person’s Master Key To


“…Oh I loved listening to Dr. Wysong. I am from Hawaii and my grandfather taught me so much about natural health and wellness through a system called La'au kahea, which is a Hawaiian natural way of healing using nature’s bounty and good food. His presentation was so well delivered and I was fascinated with his courage to speak out on such an important issue for the welfare of all humans and pets. I also speak on health and wellness issues and his philosophy falls into line with our beliefs as well. I would love for him to be one of the speakers for the Atlanta convention and also for our online events. He has a passion and love for humanity, which is so rare. I love it when presenters just step out and speak in truth…I went online to look at his products for my dog Maile and when I have time this weekend plan to get some things for her and look at the rest of his site...”

E-Mail – Love the CD Presentation (Thinking Person’s Master Key To Health)

“Best common sense presentation on health and wellness I have heard in along time…I honor Dr. Wysong’s courage to speak these truths.”