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Makes The Old Young Again

E-Mail – Anergen™ Increases Energy For Older Dog

“I have never written one of these letters before (really). I purchased two cases of your Anergen™ dog food not expecting anything, but I had to try. We have an 'elderly' dog, large guy, over 100 lbs and 10 1/2 years old. He does not need the food for 'old' dogs as he is not overweight and relatively healthy. He has aged rapidly over the last several years and it broke our hearts. We are 1/2 way into the second case and noticed a remarkable difference in his energy level. He is running, with pep in his step and there has been no other change for him except his food. Oh my gosh I cannot believe it. How in God's good earth can a food make that much difference? The feed store recommended it, and as stated my spending that amount of money on dog food was fierce. As to the price, I am considering feeding the 4 1/2 year old Shepherd and the little rat dog regular food BUT I will never change the food Gus is eating (that's his name). Just wanted to tell you because I still don't believe it myself.”

E-Mail – Great Dog Food!

“Thanks for making a great dog food!! (That's all we've tried so far.) Our dogs are 11 and 13 and still run around like two year olds and we attribute it to your product!!”

E-Mail – AddLife™ Helps Older Cat

“2 of my most finicky cats like it [AddLife™] in their dry food…You have been instrumental in giving my cats the nutrients they need. One of these cats is about 16 years old and has had a hard time coming on my bed. Since he’s been eating this food with AddLife™, I was surprised to see him sleeping on my bed. Keep up what you are doing! Wysong is very lucky.”

Store Customer – Joints of a Younger Dog

"The vet says that our Jack Russell Terrier looks so good. He is 10 years old and the vet also says that he has the joints of a 2-year-old!"

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Pets

“…I also have an elderly cat Ginger who is 14 and suffers from UTI issues and last year when this started we were referred to use your Uretic™ dry cat food along with her wet food, which I add UTI Free from Native Remedies. I feed her wet food twice daily with that holistic additive and then keep the dry Uretic Wysong out for her in between. She loves it and since changing her diet she has had no reoccurrences of UTI…We also have my son's 15-year-old dog Katie, and she was fragile when my son brought her to us, but I have changed her diet to Wysong dry and have been also giving her various types of wet food that is also holistic/natural or I cook human food for her, and she has become a puppy again. Wysong is my choice of food for all of our pets…”

E-Mail – Cat Lives to Age 23 on Wysong

“My Vet, who is now retired, gave me your CD and told me about Wysong about 10 years ago. It totally changed my attitude about “grocery store” cat & dog food—and the effect on my cats’ and dog’s health has been pronounced…More energy, healthier and shiny coats, and longer life. My old feline friend Amber just passed away last week at 23 years…running around and enjoying life to the very end! Your Vitality™, as well as your canned food, has phenomenal results, and I believe Amber made it to 23 years in large part because of your food. My 4-legged friends devour ALL your food - there are never any leftovers like there are with other canned foods. Thank you for an outstanding product!!”

Letter – Golden Doing Well On Wysong

“My 9 ½-year-old Golden Retriever Sadie enjoys her food tremendously and I’m pleased to say continues to be in good health since I switched her to Wysong (she had a liver problem and nearly died). About a year ago she began having some skin issues, so I gradually changed her from Wysong  Maintenance™ to Wysong Synorgon™. She is doing great now and acts much younger than her age. I always recommend your food to my friends who have pets with skin issues or other health concerns, after mentioning that they check in with their veterinarian first…”

E-Mail – JRT Looks Young On Wysong

"The vet says that our Jack Russell Terrier looks so good. He is 10 years old and the vet also says that he has the joints of a 2-year-old!"

E-Mail – Dog Lived Long, Healthy Life On Wysong

“I just want to say that I have been reading your books and I am finding them very helpful. My friend just told me her dog lived to 18 on Wysong and home foods with the blood work of a 2-year-old dog according to her vet. He died from water in the lungs from a pool. Poor dog. So I am using some of Wysong products even with the barrage of new ones on the market with pretty and expensive catalogs. Thanks again.”

“P.S. In addition to the dog’s blood work being perfect his x-rays were perfect as well showing not one organ problem. My friend said the vet called her up at 7:30 a.m. saying how he had never seen anything like this and wanted to know what she was doing... ”

E-Mail – Improvement in Dog’s Health on Wysong

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for your informative email. I quickly ordered everything and between doing all that you suggested and a few other things I just wanted to let you know that Ballkan is doing better than ever. It's actually like he is back to being a puppy again....a 5 year old 110-pound puppy!! I've attached a picture so you can see him. (he is the German Shepherd)”

E-Mail – Nine-Year Old Seems Six-Months Old

“I'm really impressed with the food. I highly recommend it, our dog has been on it for 9 years and everyone thinks he is a 9 month old puppy. Our vet is impressed at how healthy Buster is.”

Veterinarian, California – 11-Year-Old Acts Like A Young Dog

"One particular case stands out in my mind: A former client’s 11-year-old Springer Spaniel (which was lethargic, obese, and had dermatitis and kidney problems) was put on Wysong Diets. Just a few weeks ago I saw her in my former practice and didn’t even recognize her dog – he bounced out the door. I noticed his body condition and hair coat. I couldn’t believe it was the same dog. She feeds her dog Senior™ and it looks and acts like a young dog. The owner is very happy, to say the least. The dog has only been on Wysong Diets for 5 months!"

Internet – Switching To Wysong Changed Dogs Life

“I’ve been using your Maintenance™ food for about 5 years now. I began using it when my little Peek-a-Poo became deathly ill and no one could find the cause of his illness. He’s since passed on, but when I had gotten Joshy from the humane society, he was a very sickly little guy. I had gotten him when he was 4 years old and the workers at the society didn’t want me to take him because they thought he’d never be healthy. He never was very healthy, but when he became deathly ill at the age of 9, I wasn’t ready to give him up. I had tried everything. My veterinarian said there was nothing left for him to try. He suggested going to the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. I took him there and thousands of dollars later he was no better. A veterinarian then suggested a long shot of changing to Wysong™ dog food. I immediately changed his diet. Within 2 weeks Josh was a different dog. After a few weeks, he was running and playing and interacting with my other little Westie. Joshy had NEVER played! The next few years were the best of his life. He was so healthy and happy. He lived another 6 years!!! I just wanted to say “thank you” for improving the quality of Joshy’s live. Thank you for all of your research and work and concern for our little (and big) guys all over the U.S. Keep up the wonderful work!”

Internet – Older Cat Now Acting Like A Kitten

"I had to write. I have been using Wysong for approximately 1 month and my cats have never been happier! I hadn’t seen my eldest cat play since her first litter was born. She is now acting like the kitten she was when we got her!! I will never again purchase another brand!!"

Michigan – Older Cat More Playful

“I want to thank you and encourage you to keep making and selling all your pet foods and supplements. I was spending many hours a week making my cats homemade food. It was difficult to combine the correct vitamins, herbs and supplements into their raw food, but I kept at it. Then I discovered Wysong! You had already done the work for me. Since my two cats have been eating your cat food and supplements, they have

thrived, much more than on my homemade food, which was already many times better than commercial foods.  I can see a huge difference in their coats, eyes and teeth. My 10 year old sometimes plays like a two year old. It’s great! Thank you!”

Internet – Wysong Gives Dog Bounce In Her Step

I just wanted to thank you for having such a great product for pets. I am referring to your canned meats. My lab/shepard mix is 17 and a couple of weeks ago she was attacked by another dog. One thing led to another and the wound caused an abscess, which had to be drained. She was really off her diet and I couldn't get her to eat much. I was leery of getting her any kind of canned meat, because she's never really had it in her diet. And considering her age I didn't want to give her something with a bunch of crap in it. Western Farm in Santa Rosa came to the rescue. They turned me onto your products. Tinker's favorite flavors are beef and venison. She really goes after her food when I add it to her bowl. I thought this was the end of the road for my long-time friend, but thanks to Wysong, the vet, and much love she is back and even has some bounce in her step! I call her the energizer bunny, cause she just keeps going and going. :-)

California – 14-Year-Old Dog Bounding Like A Puppy

"I am very pleased with your Wysong dog food. My dog is 14 years old and is thriving on it. She is like a puppy, bounding over hedges, running about, etc. It isn’t often that one sees 14-year-old Dalmatians with such good health."

California – Lab Acts Like A Youngster Again

"Thank You! You saved Hank’s life. Hank is the most wonderful 13-year-old Lab you can imagine, but six months ago he reached a point where he could not digest anything. He gagged and threw up and his poor stomach would rumble and complain and GAS - whew! Because I love this dog so much I was determined there was something out there he could eat and one of those miracles – I found Wysong and he began to thrive. He can digest it with no symptoms. He now can run and hike and acts like a youngster again. Also, his arthritis has disappeared and he can run and jump in the pickup again. Amazing stuff. I should be a representative I’ve referred so many people to your products!"

Canada – Older Dog Running And Playing

"I have a 4-year-old Cocker who has had four homes in as many years, and a 14-year-old Border Collie/Cocker who came to me this past year from an elderly man who had died. My dogs’ homeopathic vet suggested to me I should be giving them Wysong. I took a chance and bought a bag of Wysong Maintenance™ and both dogs ate it immediately. I have found the perfect diet for my old dog now. He gobbles this up. I have noticed that the old dog is now running and playing and smiling a whole lot more than he used to. Also, the fact that both dogs can now finish their dinner in one sitting is a nice change."

Canada – Lab Test Results Astound Veterinarian

"This is in regard to my 17-year-old cat, Mocha. She has had some vomiting and diarrhea with resulting weight loss over the past few months. Her digestion is now back to normal. She has a voracious appetite. We are feeding her 4 small meals a day with PDG™ in it. I want you to know that all her blood work came back absolutely normal! No evidence of kidney or liver abnormalities. The vet was amazed that a 17-year-old cat would show this! I owe all this to feeding her Wysong products and supplements over the last 6 years with raw, fresh food also. Thanks to Dr. Wysong’s knowledge and advice, our cats are healthy and never require medical care!"

Colorado – Dogs Living A Healthier Life

"I just recently learned about your products from a friend who had them recommended by her vet for her elderly and ailing dog. After only a few weeks of eating Wysong canine foods exclusively, her appearance, stamina, and overall health have taken a dramatic turn for the better! I immediately switched to Wysong products for my own dog. He likes your pet foods more than any he has eaten in the past. Plus, with Wysong’s effects on my friend’s dog, I am convinced that my dog will live a healthier life."

Massachusetts – Dramatic Change In 12-Year-Old Cat

"I AM TOTALLY AMAZED!! My 12-year-old cat has been on Vitality™ only 5 days and I can’t believe the change! The difference in her coat and she is playful! I used to give her Science Diet™."

Michigan – Geriatric Dog Spirited And Vivacious

"I have been feeding Wysong Senior™ for over two years to my now 14½-year-old Golden Retriever and for a year to my 8-year-old Golden. I put my old dog on the food after he was neutered due to testicular cancer, and I firmly believe that the ingredients in Wysong have helped him become the vivacious, spirited geriatric dog that he is. He suffered what we believe to be a stroke this past winter, and probably because of his otherwise good health he recovered fully... Thanks for making such a great food for my dogs. I won’t ever feed anything else!"

Nevada – More Energy And Strength On Wysong

"I purchased the Wysong dog food several months ago. What a remarkable change in my 16-year-old mix breed terrier. Off and on I’ve had to give her other dog foods since then, and always she begins to decline when I run out of Wysong with other dog foods she can barely place one step over another; after a couple of weeks on Wysong she’s running and pulling tight ahead of me and walking me instead of the other way around. She has less trouble going up and down stairs. Thank you. I’ve bragged about your product to my friends but they doubt my dog is 16 years old in the first place, or believe it’s just my imagination. But my husband and I are convinced."

Internet – Health And Energy Of Dogs Greatly Improved

"I have a pup that is half wolf and half German Shepherd. The only dog food she eats is Wysong (puppy and Vegan™). Since I started buying Wysong for her, I decided to feed my older dog the Maintenance™ dog food. Her health and energy has improved drastically! My two dogs and I thank you for your wonderful product. I will have to try feeding my cat your product next!"

Internet – Cats Strength Amazingly Improves

"Thank you for your products. I have a very elderly cat who was going downhill steadily. I’m always seeking out the most nutritious food I can find short of making raw for her to eat. I’ve been supplementing her and also syringe feeding her for almost 2 years. She’s strong willed and her spirit is not ready to give out as much as her body. I have had her on the Wysong Geriatrx™ about 8 weeks, and amazingly enough, came across Archetype™ at my local generic pet supply store. I bought all 4 packages they had. I make a gruel to fill the syringe – a mixture of Geriatrx™ and Archetype™. Since the Archetype™, about 3 weeks now, her strength amazingly improved."

Internet – Noticeable Difference In 15-Year-Old Cats

"We started our other Standard Poodle, a 5-year-old male, on Wysong, switching from Precise™ several months ago, as well as our two 15-year-old cats. We’ve been very pleased with Wysong. We’ve really noticed a difference in the cats. One cat also used to vomit a couple of times a week, and this seems to have stopped since beginning Wysong. Hairball medicine and hairball cat food did not seem to help. Our Poodle has a good level of energy and always eats his food, whereas before he frequently didn’t eat, and we had a problem with him vomiting in the early morning every now and then."

Pet Owner – Wysong Helps Setter To Long Life

"We have an Irish Setter who will be 18 years old on March the 12th, 1999. We have been feeding her Wysong for the last 5 or 6 years and she loves it. Before, she was such a picky eater, we were sure that this has helped her live so long."

Maine – Rescued Gordon Setter Turns Around On Wysong

“I have been using Wysong Diets for over 10 years now. My wife and I rescue Gordon Setters. About 5 months ago the local shelter called my wife as they had just receive a stray Gordon Setter. He was about 13 to 14 years old, totally emaciated and weighed 42 pounds. His normal weight should have been 65 to 70 pounds. The shelter workers called him Slim Jim. We took him home and started him on straight PDG™. He could barely eat anything and I truly thought he was going to die. Our vet thought he would only live for about a month because he was also in partial renal failure. He survived the first week and we started adding Wysong canned food with the PDG™. He started to gain some strength but was drinking 4 to 6 quarts of water a day. We truly thought he would not survive the month, but at least his final days would be comfortable. In the next 2 months, we had him on Wysong dry and canned food. I wish I had before and after pictures for this sweet gentleman. You should see him now. He weighs 65 pounds and has a luxurious winter coat. His water consumption is significantly less and today he is alert, playful, and looks great. Best of all we are adopting him out to a new home with the condition he is to be fed Wysong only. Thanks for your great products. They work!”

Oregon – Keeshond Bounds Back From Cancer, Looks Like A Puppy

“I am writing to you today to express my delight not only in your products, but in your insightful information and inspiration. Two years ago our Keeshond was diagnosed with cancer after finding a tumor on his tonsils. At this point our vet told us to prolong his life we needed to poison him (his exact words), then take him home for the remaining 6 months of his life. Already into the alternative world of medicine for ourselves, we decided that this vet’s narrow view of reality was not for us. After searching our area, we discovered a holistic vet who told us about your products, but didn’t recommend at this point that we use them. Instead, she prescribed a diet of raw meat and vegetables and supplements that we were taking for ourselves. Well, needless to say, our Keeshond, Goliath, is alive and well today. We kept him on a protocol of raw meat and veggies for about 6 months, and eventually began giving him Wysong products. Today, when we take him somewhere, people always comment on what a cute “puppy” we have. When we tell them he’s no puppy, he is in fact 12, no one believes us! Naturally, I use the opportunity to inform the lucky inquirer about Wysong and nutrition, for both their pets and themselves! Two months ago I acquired another puppy – a mastiff/shepherd. I almost choked when we arrived at the owner’s home to find them giving the 6-week-old puppies a generous serving of Alpo™. Well, of course, I immediately switched her over to Wysong and fresh, organic raw meat and veggies. Thank you Dr. Wysong for your wonderful products, and most of all, for caring. It’s a rare trait these days”!

Internet – Hard-Keeping Horse Looks Young Again

“Sometimes people do not take the time to really let you know how great your professional diets are. I can truly say I walked into the situation as a skeptic, but now, I can really support your feed. I recently purchased (i.e. rescued) a 19 year-old Tennessee Walking horse mare that was severely underweight. She had led a very hard life and has never received “many groceries” in her life neither. But at 19, here I was with an almost emaciated mare that I bought out of pity. My trainer asked if I wanted to put her on the grain supplement and I said sure why not. It may take about 6 months to get her back in proper weight as she is old and somewhat of a hard keeper. My trainer kept feeding her Wysong for about 3 months and when I walked to the barn, I remember asking, “so who’s the new show horse over there?” They said that’s your mare. She was sleek, fat and had “proper weight.” Granted I am riding her about 3 times weekly now and she gets routine worming, she looks like a totally different horse. The barn owner actually offered to feed another grain that she feeds her non-show horses for free. I simply said NO WAY! The results that I received in 3 months of feeding it definitely outweigh the monetary results. Well, you have a customer for life here. I rarely get caught up with trends or fads, but this is one that’s here to stay.”

E-Mail – Burgers Save Dog’s Life

“Thank you so very much for such a detailed and comprehensive response! Wow! I'm very impressed and appreciate your help. I must say I'm probably guilty of feeding just one food - the Archetype Burgers™ for 3 years - because it restored my dog's health from nearly dead to energetic and determined! He was diagnosed with diabetes in May ‘02 and I was told by the vet at the time it would be too difficult for me to maintain him with insulin shots so I should euthanize him. I didn't. I followed the Hill's diet for all of one week. I refused to put such terrible ingredients into my dog's body. As time went on, and I tried home cooking and following a bunch of different diets, he dwindled to 9 lbs. (from 23) and then the vet told me my dog was on his last leg. He was re-diagnosed with concurrent Cushing's and diabetes and that sunk me. However, I went home more determined than ever to figure out what to do. If he was going to die, then he'd die well fed. I bought the Archetype Burgers™ and it was as though I had a new dog. He was so energetic and happy like he was when he was a puppy nearly 9 years earlier...”