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Optimal Health Program Works

Facebook Comment – Raw Diet Helps Dog

“I was afraid at first about raw food - and yet what do they do in the wild with the things they catch and my Jack Russell loves bugs and critters - and began to have seizures I believe after feeding Beneful - I wonder if any processed dry pet food is good for them at all…I also have a Min Pin that was a rescue and suspect ate antifreeze so stomach lining is bad or gone - but he pukes regular dry dog food always - give him a Burger and he is just fine so that again has me thinking this should be the way to go.”

E-Mail – Dog Lived Longer Than Expected

“A friend used Wysong, flaxseed oil, and yogurt on her dog with bone cancer and it lived 5 years longer than the vet thought. That dog died at age 15 yrs.”

E-Mail – Optimal Health Program™ Presented Clearly

“I can't thank Wysong enough for the clear way the Optimal Diet is presented.........I have read about raw diets before, but it seemed overwhelming to try and implement it.  You are all doing a great service!”

E-Mail – Cocker Spaniel Owner Takes On Optimal Health Program™

"This is with reference to your Optimal Health Program™. I started my 2 month old (pup) on it a month and a half back. He is an American Cocker Spaniel. I think the best and worst part about the program is its latitude in allowing you to make the best food choices given various contexts and different constraints. However, for a newbie, that latitude makes it difficult to start. Owners of my pup's siblings and my pup's breeder have all expressed their eagerness to try Wysong that conflicts with their confusion with how to get started and how to incorporate it into their dogs life. Since I am the only one they know who has been on the program for any length of time, and with gorgeous results (my pup is the best testimonial to your products), they have asked me for my own food chart….they could use it as a *framework* to lessen their initial fears. (I also advised them to get the Veterinarian's go ahead and to make changes gradually). My puppy is 3.5 months old. He eats 3 times a day. Two are proper meals, one is a snack…I don't repeat foods during the day. If Archetype™ is fed that morning, the pup might get a kibble, fresh meat or Au Jus™ variety for the evening…My cat (4 years) eats pretty much the same food except the kibble is different (variety of Wysong cat kibbles), and he gets F-Biotic™ supplementation…I am going to do right by my pet, I want to make sure I *am* doing right by my pet."

Internet – Customer Remains Cold And Flu Free – Attributes To The Optimal Health Program™

 “I have been following the Wysong Optimal Health Program™ for several years now and I attribute it to helping me remain free of all the “colds and flu” that “go around” every season – I am very grateful to Dr. Wysong for devising this program.”

Internet – Pain Free With Optimal Health Program™

"For almost five years I have suffered from stomach problems and a weird respiratory condition. I've gone to every imaginable doctor and specialist. They load me up with drugs and no answers and I end up feeling sicker than before because of the drugs. A friend suggested that I go to your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Everything you say makes so much sense. I decided to try your Optimal Health Program™ and on the advice of one of your customer service people bought one of your water filters and started drinking water like you suggest. After two weeks my stomach was pain free--the first time in almost 5 years!!!! My respiratory condition seems to be improving as well. Thank you for your great company and wonderful information."

Michigan – Impressed By Common Sense Philosophy

"I have never been so impressed by the common sense expressed in your recent catalog. My daughter is studying to become a doctor at U of M medical school but she was also raised within a mindset of natural health and Chiropractic preventative medicine. Her statement when I read the ‘For Prevention and Health Optimization’ was ‘Mom, this is all true’ and she is going to present this to all her patients."

Internet – Customer Implementing Optimal Health Program

"I just wanted to thank you for contributing so substantially to the well-being of myself and my Weimaraner, Reckless. He and I are both on a nutritional regimen of food and supplements that are endorsed and developed by your research team and facility. The unispecies vitamins and supplements have benefited both of us enormously. Reckless is just two years old and I want to help ensure optimum health and wellbeing for him. In doing my own research for a nutritional philosophy that seemed to make the most sense, I selected yours for its combination of whole, fresh foods and a Maintenance™ diet developed at your research center. I have had a history of anorexia and I finally began to realize that I needed to take good care of myself if I was going to take care of my dog. Thus, both he and I are the very fortunate benefactors of your wonderful work and products, as well as your continuing research. At a recent check-up with my physician, the results of the exam and the blood work indicated that I have never before been in such good health. My doctor related to me, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep it up.’ That is just what I intend to do, for both myself and my much-loved canine companion. He and I are most grateful to you for contributing so substantially to our collective well-being. Our lives have been greatly enhanced."

Rhode Island – Great Results Using Optimal Health Program

“I just wanted to write to you once again to thank you for contributing to my dog’s good health, as well as my own. We have a new puppy and he has begun a regimen of your products and is just thriving. My other dog, Reckless, now 3½ years old is enjoying increased strength and vigor after adhering to your philosophy of the Optimal Health Program™ and so am I. We definitely subscribe to the theory that preventive care is preferred to trying to fix problems that may have been thwarted from the beginning or onset. Enclosed please find a picture of our new puppy, Sting at 5 months old. As you can see he is going to be and is a very big and vigorous boy. We all are very grateful for raising our collective conscience about what constitutes good nutrition for humans and the companion animals we are fortunate enough to share our lives with. I hope that your research continues because there are many individuals and animals who are the beneficiaries of your knowledge, compassion, and dedication to their well-being.” New York: “…You are doing a wonderful job! I have written to many a company in my quest for finding the best food for my kittens (nearly cats now) and do you know NOT ONE has replied! It’s been over a month since I have written to each of the other companies – I think that is ample time to reply, no? I guess they did not like my in depth questions or either they just don’t care. Regardless, I have found the best foods and ‘program’ and company that cares for my animals and will be sticking with it for their life times and subsequent animals to follow. You are doing a great job, and again THANK YOU”!

E-Mail - Love the Philosophy, Information and Honesty

“Thank you very much for the material. I will try your Optimal Health Program™. I have known all along that it was the correct thing to do and will now take the first steps to implement.”