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2007 Pet Food Recall

Letter – Pleased Wysong Holds High Standards

“I would like to say that I am very pleased that Wysong is such a good product and that your standards are always so exemplary. Wysong is truly the Thinking People’s Pet Food. I was so appalled when I read about the pet food recalls and it just reinforces my opinion about the dangers of certain food products whether human or animal. I think the past events warrant a serious look at the food industry as a whole.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Standing Up To Your Principles

“I just read Wysong's latest response to the pet food recall and I felt compelled to write this email. Thank you for responding (former "controversial" responses included) like human beings. I have to admit, when I read your earlier response, with the sarcastic urge to lynch Menu Foods - it resonated with me because it spoke to me in my own language. Finally, a company that isn't trying to spin the news in a way that is least damaging to them personally. I have been checking for news of the recall every day.  I have been to many sites, checking information for myself and for my friends and family.  Every other site that addressed the recall did so in a bland, whitewashed manner that made me sure they had run the final draft through marketing, legal and whatever other departments they had to make the end result the most watered-down drivel that said relatively little. Your site was different. Your site said what your company believes in - in a straightforward manner that was refreshing.  I liked that it didn't sound like a spin doctor had reworded all of your message into something palatable for all of the easily offended masses out there. I have such respect for a company that advocates that people feed a natural diet - even if that means not buying your products. I have been working my way toward the Optimal Health Program with my cats. I admit that early on in their lives, I was ignorant of what I should have been feeding them. I thought I was feeding them the best, but now I know that it wasn't really better than anything else out here. I always did supplement with human food when possible - but that was against the recommendations I'd read at the time. Hopefully, my cats will benefit from what I've learned and any pets in my future will definitely benefit from it. Thank you for standing up for the principles you believe in. I am so impressed with your company.”

E-Mail – Customer Appreciates Wysong Letter Concerning Recall

“What a wonderful letter to pet owners! After reading all of the histrionics, name-calling and general uneducated bs on many of the message boards, I must say that was a refreshing and informative read. I switched to your food (Vitality™) when the recall started, along with Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul and Felidae.  After reading and printing your letter, I can see I need to spend some more time researching and understanding cat food.  I truly love and cherish my cats, they are as much my family as my sisters and brother. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt them. Thank you again for the honesty...something that is sorely lacking in our society today.”

E-Mail – Trustful Of Wysong

“I heard about Wysong a couple of years ago from my daughter's vet in College Station.  He has since passed away, but with the recent pet food scare, we have returned now to using Wysong because we know we can trust the food quality.”

E-Mail – Thanks For High Standards

“I've been telling all of my worried friends about your wonderful pet food. Our cat is safe and alive thanks to your high standards. God Bless you for being a company with integrity!”

E-Mail: - Scottish Terriers Doing Well On Maintenance™, Customer With Wysong In Light Of Recent Recalls

“I have been buying the Maintenance™ dog food for the past 9 months, and our two Scottish Terriers are doing so much better for it! Thank you, and we're so glad we did, in light of the recent recalls. Believe me -- we're with you for the long haul!”

E-Mail – Thank You For The Safe And Healthy Food

“Thank you for so many years of a safe and healthy food for my dogs."

E-Mail – Grateful To Be A Wysong Customer

“Surely you have gotten tons of e-mails just like this one! Still, I had to express my appreciation. I was so grateful to be a long-standing Wysong user when I saw the first pet food recall. And now another recall. Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence. “

Letter – Glad Dogs Are Eating Wysong Diets

“Thank you for your reasonable and fact filled response to the pet food recall. It was comforting and straightforward. I’m glad my dogs are on Wysong food.”


Letter – Animals Safe Eating Wysong

“I have been purchasing Wysong products for 3 years. I’m so glad my animals were safe from the tainted food episode. My Schnauzer and cat are healthy and have beautiful coats.”


E-Mail – Thank You For Safe Products

“Thank you for making safe, healthy pet food products! I have been feeding my cats Wysong food for the last five years, and they are wonderfully healthy. I have been so relieved during the recall, knowing that my dear animal friends are safe, thanks to Wysong. Thank you again!”


E-Mail – At East With Wysong

“Thank You so much for the info on the website and for putting us at ease about your product and the recent Menu Foods recall!!! You guys rock and Maggie loves your products :) You have a customer for life...we like your coupon program because we buy by the case!!!!!!!!!!”


E-Mail – Wysong Assuring, Clears Skin Problems For Boxer

“Thank you for assuring us your pet food is safe. I have been feeding our Boxer Wysong dry for 1 year now, she loves the food, her skin problems have cleared, I cook her chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, and she loves that too! My daughter is now feeding her dog Wysong.”


E-Mail – Thankful For Wysong Products

“Thanks so much for noting on your website that Wysong is not affected by this terrible contamination situation. My heart goes out to those pet owners. We will continue to feed our cats your product because they love it and it seems to love them! They are 2 healthy and happy kitties!  Thanks for making a wonderful product.”


E-Mail – Appreciate Wysong’s High Standards

“In light of the recent Menu Foods recall, Wysong's investment in its own processing plant seems entirely justified. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your high standards. When I heard about the recall, I was comforted knowing that Wysong produces its own pet food, rather than contracting out to vendors of questionable quality control. It was a relief to see that you had posted confirmation that your foods were not affected on your website.”

E-Mail – Happy That Wysong Is Safe To Feed

“I've been buying your dry dog and dry cat food for years and was so glad to read that Wysong was not on the list of recalled pet foods. The vets I've brought my pets to over the years have told me Wysong is a good product. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

E-Mail – Thank you for the Reassurance

“Everyone involved in making Wysong pet foods continue to happen: Thanks for posting the tidbit on your website about the "rest assured" statement regarding how the recall doesn't affect Wysong products…I am glad I found the caring folks that design, develop and make available a safe and healthy food for dogs like mine.”

E-Mail – Customer Firmly Believes In Wysong

“Thanks for your prompt and comprehensive reply to my e-mail regarding WDJ's list of top-rated canned dog foods. I agree with you about the criteria the magazine uses in many of its evaluations, not only canned dog food. In no way do they convince me that they are the final arbiters of good animal nutrition. Your comment - " We have alerted them to these issues but have received no reply or evidence of any change in their format" - seems to be the operating mode at the publication. As I said in my initial message to you, I have never received a reply to my questions to them. Your thorough reply, and the company philosophies it expresses, is one reason why I continue to be a Wysong advocate. My dogs, by their good health, attest to this attitude.”

E-Mail – Happy To Deal With Wysong

“Thanks for the links to the two articles regarding The Whole Dog Journal and rating dog foods. I have printed copies and will distribute to my friends who have dogs and cats. In light of the recent disaster of deaths of animals by rat poison found in a wide range of pet foods, it's comforting to know that we're dealing with a company such as Wysong.”

E-Mail – Confident In Wysong Diets

“I finally had the chance to check the list of pet foods that are part of the recent rash of pet illnesses and deaths. But even before I read the list, I was confident Wysong was not on the list. Therefore, I was in no real hurry to find the list on the Internet. Keep up the good work! I love Wysong products and feel good about feeding them to my cats and dog.”

E-Mail – Don’t Need To Worry With Wysong

“I just wanted to say "Thank You Very Much" for allowing me to not have to worry one moment about the latest pet food poisoning scare. I have been trusting Wysong for many years with my dog’s and cat’s health and nutrition.  I also have been trying to convince my friends and family to do the same.  Perhaps now, they'll listen!”