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Pets Love and Thrive On Wysong

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Terrific for Traveling

“I feed my Japanese Chin a modified raw diet along with various Wysong Supplements, following the suggestions and recipes on the Wysong website. But when I'm feeling lazy or haven't been to the grocery store, I feed them Archetype Burgers™. They're simple to prepare and my Chins love them.

Archetype Burgers™ are also a terrific meal when traveling with your dogs. I just bring along a container of the burgers and some DentaTreat™ and we’re good to go.

Thank you, Wysong!”

Letter- Rescue Kittens and Puppies Doing Great on Nurture With Pheasant™ “Our rescue kittens and puppies thrive so well on this [Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™] and the skinny abandoned animals do very well with Wysong!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Turkey Au Jus™

“My cats really love the canned Turkey [Au Jus™]. Marvin gets all inspired and playful after he had a bite. It is so good to see him so happy right now after all he has been through this year. When he hears the lid opening he comes running no matter where he is. He gets a little more than the female Munchkin since she is already voluptuous...”

E-Mail – PDG™ Helps Kittens

“I wanted to thank you for making your product  PDG™. I truly give it credit for saving my young kittens' lives.

In early July, I adopted 2 rescued kittens from my local SPCA. Their first vet appointment went well with the exception of their being underweight.

The vet suggested feeding them 3 times a day. However, I could not find any food that they would both eat. I called Sandy's Pet Food Center in Concord, NH. Adam Burr- Mecum, the owner of the store, explained that he had this Wysong product that may help. I purchased the product the next day. Mixing it with water, my kittens lapped it up and looked for more.

Eventually, their appetites seemed to be stimulated, and they downed some of the samples of cat food that Adam had given to me. I continued to add the PDG™ to their food until their next vet appointment. That appointment brought bad news: both kittens had tapeworms and coccidia that apparently were developing as my kittens were settling into their new forever home.

Both kittens are almost done with their antibiotic treatments. They are gaining weight-- slowly, but surely. They are still receiving PDG™ with their meals. I believe your product helped them maintain and then begin to gain weight, to help them survive their parasite infection.

For the lives of my Milestone and Maximum, I thank you for your product!”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Chicken Au Jus™

“I gave my cat just a bit of Chicken Au Jus™ to try and she immediately ate it up. The good taste likely was the reason she would not thereafter eat her other food. When I introduced just that small amount of your Chicken Au Jus™, she stopped eating the other food!”

Letter – Dog Better On Wysong

“My name is Maize and I just wanted to say thank you for making really good food. I used to get really bad ear infections and used to have to take a lot of medicine. I tried switching to other foods but nothing helped. Then I tried Wysong and it cleared right up…and I don’t have to take medicine anymore either!”

E-Mail – Chicken and Beef Stew and Gravy™

“My cat absolutely LOVES your Chicken and Beef Stew™.”

Letter – Strays Do Well On Wysong

“Our dogs really thrive on your food. We have 6 dogs of our own and 22 orphans and strays. We bring them back to health and wellbeing…and we would like to thank you for having a superior dog food.”

Letter – Outstanding Products

“Your products are outstanding and I highly recommend them to anyone with pets. I’ve never had to worry about purchasing pet food that was inferior. By the way, my two dogs are 15 and 16 years old and our cat is 14 and they have thrived on Wysong Pet Foods.”

E-Mail – Amazing Results with Wysong

“My good friend, an Oriental Shorthair Breeder in the Midland area, turned me on to Wysong last year with my new kitty. It's been amazing! His coat, energy and overall health are fantastic and AMAZINGLY improved VS the diet he was once on as a kitten. I buy your products and brag about Wysong to my Breeder group...they want to know the secret of my new Quad Grand Oriental...I happily represent your products…I'm proud to live in Michigan and support your company and your products...you're doing it right and I'm reaping the results.”

Facebook Comment - Tasty!

Letter – Pets Love Nurture with Pheasant™

“Both of my German Shepherd Dogs Koda and Kobe along with my cat Puff truly love the Nurture with TNT Free-Range Pheasant™. It’s been over 2 ½ years that my animals have been fully enjoying this nutritional all life-stages food. Thanks again for supplying this safe, nutritional and healthy food.”

E-Mail – Pets Love Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™

“All 3 of my animals truly love the Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™. This food goes quickly at my house and the animals can never seem to have enough of the food.”

Letter – Boxer Healthy on Wysong

“Thank you for the superior dog products. Your quality food has enhanced the health of my Boxer, Sasha, greatly.”

E-Mail – Big Difference on Wysong

“…they couldn't even recognize my fiance's cat when they saw her - the last time they saw her she was fed on poor food, and now, being fed on Wysong, she looks completely different, she's got perfect body condition and looks as if she visits the groomer regularly, which she doesn't, :]…”

Facebook Comment – Healthier Cat

“I really like their food... my cat uses their dry food, and she's been healthier for it.”

E-Mail – Cats Thrive on Wysong

“We have been buying your cat food for years and our cats are thriving on it…”

E-Mail – Great Skin and Coat, Lots of Energy on Wysong

“I would like to say I love your products and my dogs love them even more. GREAT job on bringing the best food in the States. Please don't change a thing except when making new types of food. My dogs loves Synorgon™ and it gives them great skin, coat, plenty of energy. I have 4 large dogs and I spend around $150-175/ month on your products for my dogs. They love to eat and play. LOL!...Thanks again for making great products!”

E-Mail – Exceptional Service, Wysong Pulls Cat Through Illness

“Thank you for replying, and I just wanted to let you know that I purchased food for my beloved cat T.C. a couple of weeks ago! He was really getting poor and not feeling well and I knew I had to take action. I started surfing the Internet and found the Wysong website. The customer service was exceptional and I really do appreciate all the effort the ladies did to help me. I started feeding T.C. the Au Jus™ chicken and he loved it. Also, the Turkey, he is not much on the Beef flavor but Bella the dog is happy to have a small portion at a time mixed in with her dry food :)…The canned Chicken alone has helped him because at least I was able to get some food down him period. He had reached a point where I could not get him to eat but just an extreme small amount daily and knew it would be just a matter of time before I would have to start giving him fluids in order for him to survive. Wysong pulled him through and I am hoping that the rest of the food I will be able to get him to eventually start eating. If not, Bella will eat it plus I have cats outside that will gladly take it!”

E-Mail – Cats love Supplements and Dream Treats™

“...They both will eat their food w/ the DentaTreat™ & AddLife™ in it, which is amazing. Samantha is really picky…They both just love the Dr’s Dream Treats™ for Teeth. I mean they positively scarf the pieces down!”

E-Mail – Store Owners Have Great Results With Own Pets

“We carry pretty much the entire line of Wysong pet foods, cans, dry, Biotics™, and treats. Of course I think your new products are the best. My favorite is the Optimal Performance™ but this would be a great time to sample the Epigen™ especially with it being so unique…I have sent you a picture of my 2 children, both of which thrived on Wysong. Jethrow lived to be 10 after rescuing him at 3 ½ and Lucy was rescued at 5 with heartworm and every other worm imaginable, plus infections galore. She is still with us and doing great and is 7.”

Letter – Cat Doing Well On Nurture™

“Not that you need any more testimonials for your great products, but I have raised my cat Beto on Wysong Nurture™ (in addition to canned) for the five years I’ve had him and he’s in great health. Even though he’s fussy and doesn’t enjoy being brushed often, people always comment on his beautiful, shiny coat…”

Letter – Cats and Dogs Love Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™

“I think your kibble is great! Both my cats and dogs love it! Thank you for making such a great, healthy, nutritious product. Our pet supply can’t keep it in stock. It sails out of their store. Please don’t change or sell the company. It’s so good to relax and know that one’s pets are getting what they need in your product. Plus the tasty pheasant treats. My dogs dig through their bowls for a piece...”

E-Mail – Poodle “Guards” Wysong Box

“Our Wysong order arrived yesterday and our Standard Poodle, Beasley, laid beside it - guarding it? Waiting for it to be opened? Thought you'd get a kick out of it!”

Letter – Exceptional Dog Food Products

“Banner, my dog, is looking forward to trying the new varieties of Epigen™. He loves your products and so do we. Thank you again for your exceptional dog food products and high quality standards. It’s just nice to know that Wysong is a name you can trust.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Duck Au Jus™

“... I will try them and I appreciate all the wonderful information your company provides. My 5 cats love your canned Duck and I hope to find dry food they'll also love.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Biscuits

“Both our dogs love your Biscuits™ and eat them daily.”

E-Mail – Dramatic Changes in Dog

“Just ‘discovered’ your site and philosophy a couple weeks back, so still consider myself ‘a newbie!’ : ) With the dramatic changes I'm seeing in our very senior doggie child ‘Jumpie’, and the six cats rescued off the streets over the years, felt the need to try to benefit myself a bit. So just ordered some Archetype Buffet™ for the kids, and a couple things for me. Trying to do my best for the kids...difficult having been unemployed many months. But I want to be a good caretaker to those who depend on me for their welfare. Thought I'd read your catalog as well, to see if there is information I've not yet seen (have read ALL the testimonials at your website). Thanks so much for your caring attitude. May God bless you all for the kindness you extend His creation.”

Letter – Every Dog Enjoys Nurture With Free Range Pheasant™

“…It’s a wonderful kibble (Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™) and every dog I offer it to likes it!”

Phone – Dog Loves Products

“My dog is 19 and has been on Wysong since a puppy.”

E-Mail – Cats and Dogs Love Archetype™, Relieves Hot Spots

“I just wanted to let you know how amazing your Archetype™ product is. I have four animals: two dogs and two cats. About four weeks ago I ordered Archetype™ and started sprinkling it on their food. Not only do they love it, but their coats have become thick and beautiful.

For months, our 12-year-old German Shorthair had been having "hot spots" on the ankles of her back legs. I had tried everything on them -- products from the pet store, a prescription my vet ordered, even tea tree oil, but nothing would heal them up. After two weeks on Archetype™ I noticed they were getting smaller. Now, after four weeks, they are nearly gone! I'm thrilled that she doesn't have to suffer with them anymore. She is a happier animal. Thank you, Wysong. My animals and I LOVE this product.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™ and Archetype™, Eyes Clear Up and Coats Soften

…All 3 cats "go bonkers" over the Dream Treats™ which I'm thrilled about. Two love the Archetype™! I'm so happy my newly adopted Himalayan not only likes the Archetype™ but prefers it! In the 6 weeks I've had her, although healthy by normal standards, she's tremendously improved. Her fur is silky soft (before had a straw-like feel) & her eyes are barely tearing --a common tendency for Himalayans. My Ragdolls already had super soft fur, that simply got even softer--the one is like a cloud. All enjoyed the Epigen™. I've been giving them Nature's Variety raw kibble but I now prefer Epigen™. I'm looking forward to getting the Epigen 90™. They all dislike the frozen raw from Nature's Variety, so thrilled they like some of Wysong's raw. Any way to get them a healthier diet --I'm all for it!! Thanks so much for offering such quality food for our beloved pets! And thanks for your personal attention & concern.”



When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“I'm glad you received the pictures ok & happy you liked...Now you see my "furry babies" -- hah! Please --feel free to post the pictures & share my testimony! Yes...there's definitely a remarkable difference ---noticeable positive change for good & better health! I daily wipe Crystal's eyes "just in case"...but no more brown staining, nor tears! You'd almost think she was now a Ragdoll like her "brothers" --her fur is so soft. They all have more energy, too & are raring to go with romping play! It's all good & I'm so thankful!!! Such a blessing!!”

Before Wysong

After Wysong

“I thought you might like seeing ‘before & after’ pics of Crystal so just sent some. I'm rather fastidious about cleaning her eyes, so none of the photos were too bad. (As before being wiped.) But you still can sometimes see some brown that is virtually non-existent now. Any moisture/residue on tissue is clear now & no need to dip in water first to remove brown discoloring!”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Food in the Introductory Pack

“I received the introductory pack yesterday and my dogs LOVED the food! I was so excited because they are so VERY picky. I was so excited that I got online last night and ordered 3 more packs for my parent’s dog, sister’s dog, and brother’s dog!!”

Facebook Post – Cats Love Geriatrx™

"I just purchased the Geriatrx™ Feline Diet for our 3 cats. The youngest of 11 years was having health issues & was off hard food for a week & we have a 19 & 15 year old. All 3 love the new addition & it is nice seeing the 11 year old choose dry & moist just like the good ole days. On the road to recovery. Thank you for making such a clean product. Love it even more that

it is from Michigan - our home state!!!"

Letter – Shiny Coats and Good Digestion

“We love your pet food. Our coats are shiny and we don’t have gas. We sleep well and are happy.” Lovie the dog and Molly the cat

E-Mail – Dog Loves Archetype™

“My dog absolutely loves the Archetype™ raw food!”

E-Mail – Puggle Enjoys Wysong Foods

“My Puggle heartily eats Growth™ and Maintenance™ dry food. Thank you for everything you do.”

E-Mail – F-Biotic Saved Cat’s Life

“Love your products. F-Biotic™ basically saved my cat’s life many years ago after we adopted her from the SPCA. She had puss oozing from her paw pads, ulcers on her lips and severe tummy issues with blood and mucus in stool. They ran every test and came up with nothing; they could not figure it out. 2 weeks after adding F-Biotic™ to her food she was perfect. She is now 16 pounds – not fat but a large cat. Her teeth are very tiny, like a kitten’s, due to all her issues when they were coming in. THANK-YOU”

Facebook – Cat Does Well on PDG™

“We have been purchasing your food for many, many years for our SIX rescued cats. Even though we don't eat meat, we do give our cats fresh meat, in addition to your food and Teeth treats. One cat who nearly died several times does very well with PDG™ powder. I always recommend your food to people. Did not think of "liking" you on FB until I just gave a FB Friend a link to your web site. "

E-Mail – Finicky Dog Loves Wysong Samples

“I got your samples and first of all thanks so much, and WOW, this is the first dry kibble that my Dachshund did not turn her nose up yet. I am really stunned as I have samples from other manufacturers -- I open the packs and she sniffs but does not do much else. But yours - she really gobbled it up!! Thanks and I will be buying your product.”

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Variety, Improved Health

“My cats have thoroughly enjoyed their Wysong foods. Having the variety has worked especially well. I have found some of your products at Pet Supplies Plus locally. Having it locally has added to the amount of Wysong foods that we use. The Dream Treats™ are like crack cocaine to all our beasts…Otherwise, they have favorites for Wysong of one kind and other's favor a different Wysong type or variety. Thanks again for your products, especially for Spot, our kitty with hair loss. She's improving on her Epigen™ + Pheasant™ regimen.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™, AddLife™ and DentaTreat™

“My cats love your Dream Treats™ and the AddLife™ and DentaTreat™ are great for supplementing their foods. I have been trying to get others to use your products as well.”

E-Mail – Wysong Dog Food Lover!

“I am a Wysong Dog Food Lover! I have been feeding it to my 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog and she has never looked better. She is a very picky eater, and since swapping to Wysong she now wolfs down her food and looks for more. Switching between the Maintenance™ blend and the Synorgon™ blend keeps her from getting tired of the same flavor all the time. Recently my husband and I adopted a Newfoundland mix and began to switch him to eating Wysong as soon as we got him. He came from a shelter in TN and when we got him his fur lacked luster and sheen and he was severely under weight. Since putting him on a Wysong diet his fur is beautiful and his weight-gain has been ideal. In addition to my two dogs, we also foster rescued Bernese Mountain Dogs, whom we also feed Wysong to.”

Letter – Cat Looks Great on Vitality™

“It is the only food (Vitality™) my cat Zoe has ever eaten, and she loves it! She is super sleek and healthy and I have to thank you for it!”

Letter – Dogs Thrive

“The dogs continue to thrive!”

E-Mail – Miraculous Transformation in Health

“I felt compelled to write a letter after I started my dog Yardy on your food and noticed what I can only describe as a miraculous transformation in her overall health and appearance of well being. Yardy is a seven-year-old Rottweiler who was suffering from an overall poor body condition and arthritis from living outside as a guard dog for her first six years. After her former owners relocated to Central America she came to live with me. I wanted to do right by her in phase two of her life so I decided to feed her Wysong Maintenance™ and I can honestly say that she looks like a different dog after one year of proper nutrition, mild exercise, satisfying human interaction and lots of love. The "bloat" she had from the junk they used to feed her is 100% gone. Thanks to your food, her coat is soft, eyes clear, teeth clean, breath fresh, and she has a very healthy overall appearance. Your product and nutritional philosophy gets my endorsement and my repeat business. Thanks for making food that makes Yardy feel good, and I feel good about giving to her everyday.”

Letter – Love Your Products

“My dogs and I love your products! Thanks for looking out for dogs health.”

Letter – Boxer Thrives on Maintenance™

“My Boxer thrives on this diet [Maintenance™] supplemented with fresh chicken and rice daily. We intend to have many more years of continued health. Thank you.”

E-Mail – Only Food On Which Pets Thrive

“I have been purchasing Wysong for my rescue cats and dogs (currently 49 cats and 2 dogs), as well as for ferals I feed for a little over 3 years. I have also recommended it to several people, and personally know of more than 80 pets that are fed Wysong foods. First of all, it's difficult to find a brand of food that that many animals will eat, and none will get sick from, but Wysong is that brand. I have never seen a food make as much of a difference in the health, look, and attitude of an animal as Wysong has. I have seen kittens that the vet didn't think would survive thrive on this food. Without the help of Wysong, it would be impossible for my family to have taken in as many animals as we have.”

Letter – Healthy Labradoodle

“Our Labradoodle is very, very healthy thanks to your product.”

Letter – Healthy and Happy

“My dogs enjoy your dog food. It keeps them healthy and happy.”

Letter – Long-Time Customer

“I have been a long-time customer of your dog food. My dogs love your food, and are always excited to eat. I appreciate the high quality ingredients used in your food.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Wysong

“I want to thank you for your recommendations and concern. I've transitioned Yoshi to Wysong Uretic, mixed with wet. I'm also feeding his sister, Suki, the same diet. They both love the new food. I've just purchased the Au Jus™ and a bag of  Vitality™ for variety. I'm looking for the Vitality™ and Gourmet™ Canned Foods to also mix it up a bit. I'll continue to give them raw chicken each day as a treat. Hopefully, the Uretic™ diet will help Yoshi. Again, thanks for your support - it's so appreciated!!!”

Letter – Cats Tear Into Bags

“I have been using Wysong for almost five years now for both my dogs and cats and it is wonderful! Better than anything I have ever used. I can’t even leave an extra bag on the floor as the cats will rip it to pieces to get to the kibble! I use it in conjunction with fresh meat, fish, chicken and vegetables. Thank you again for a great product.”

Letter – Delicious Food

“My kitties have enjoyed your delicious food!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant

“I cannot tell you how much my cats LOVE the Nurture with Pheasant™ bits.”

E-Mail – Veterinarian Loves Results

“I am a veterinarian…and I recently started feeding my cats your product - varying between Vitality™ and Uretic™. I alternate bags. I am really liking the improvement in their coats and attitudes with your foods.”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Vitality™ And Au Jus™

“I love your products and so does she! She has so much energy after she eats this food.”

E-Mail – Great For Dogs

“I love your food and what it does for my dogs!!!!!!”

E-Mail – Dog Gains Healthy Weight On Wysong

“Blackjack was losing weight the past few months so I had my vet run blood & urine tests. Result: Normal. Vet suggested I switch dog food so I gave him Wysong Maintenance™ and he gained 6 lbs. over approximately 2 weeks. After finishing the Burns I have on hand, I'll switch all dogs to Wysong. He had a thyroid condition when I adopted him 3 yrs ago so I just thought he was always hungry because of that. (I also have a thyroid condition so I could very well relate to him.) He no longer acts famished after eating his Wysong.”

Letter – Cats Love Vitality™

“My cats love Wysong, especially Vitality™.”

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™

“…My dogs love the burgers…”

E-Mail – Dog Gains Healthy Weight On Wysong

“... My Border Collie Mix has a thyroid condition that he takes Soloxine for. He's been unable to reach a normal weight. Vet ran blood, urine, @ thyroid panel--all results were normal. He suggested I change dog food. I bought Wysong  Maintenance™ and he did gain weight so I am pleased. No problem with other 2 dogs. I'm seriously considering switching to Wysong for all dogs.”

E-Mail – Best Dog Food

“I have been feeding my little rescue Yorkie Shadow Dancer Wysong since the day I got him two years ago, and he loves it…I have given some to friends and co-workers for their little dogs...It's the best dog food I have ever found and will feed nothing else but

Wysong to Shadow Dancer…Thank you for all your hard work you put into making the best food for the animals…”

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Dog’s Life

“I had a dog with multiple health problems (seizures, allergies, etc.) and Wysong saved his life. He lived 8 years after almost dying at 1 year old. We were lucky to have him that long!”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Prolong Life

“My 17 1/2 year old male Papillion…had been on Wysong his whole life and was never once sick until the final months. He was a brave little guy but I partially credit Wysong in keeping him healthy for so long. I really feel you played a big part in keeping him with me for so long...”

E-Mail – Dog Doing the Best Ever on Wysong

“I wanted to express to you my delight in the progress my dog has made since I switched to your products. She is currently eating Anergen™ supplemented with canned food. Sometimes we use the Archetype Buffet™ instead of cans. Her coat has taken on a beautiful rich, soft luster and her energy level is unbelievable. She has had health issues since a puppy but this is by far the best she has ever been and I make sure to tell everyone I know that it is primarily due to her diet. Thank you again.”

E-Mail – Healthy Cats

“My cats are so beautiful and healthy since they've been eating your products!”

E-Mail – Dogs Doing Great

“Love Wysong dog food! My k-9 friends have always done very well on it!”

Letter – Cat in Great Health

“…My cat has been on Nurture with Pheasant™ for 3 years and is in GREAT HEALTH! Thank you for your fine products.”

E-Mail – Cats Go Wild Over Wysong

“I wanted to let you know I finally found a dealer for your Uretic™ and Geriatrx™ cat foods (dry). I included a few pieces of it with my cat's normal dry food as well as putting out a small bowl with several pieces. My "fussy" Maine Coon mix went wild and inhaled it. The 5 others almost started fighting for a chance to get to the bowl. I have never had such a reaction to a new "natural" food ever. I usually get the "why are you punishing me" look! It's like giving a choice between Dairy Queen Ice Cream Sundae and the "salad bar." If it is any help, my Maine Coon mix was a feral (born) and has been a housecat for the past 5 years (spoiled), as well as 3 of my others. Thank you for your help. I am trying to get my "local" supplier to carry your food. I found it in a health food store, several miles away. But, I hope I can get it closer.”

Letter – Cats and Dogs Enjoy Nurture with Pheasant™

“My kitties and doggies love Wysong products. They really enjoy eating the pheasant. Keep up the good work…”

Letter – Thank You!

“Our dogs are thriving on Wysong. Thank You!”

Letter – Dog Loves Wysong

“…My dog Mendo loves you guys!”

Letter – Dog Loves Senior

“…I love the Wysong Senior™ food and so does my dog Barney.”

Letter – Dogs Loves Wysong

”…My beautiful dogs just love their food!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Wysong

“I would like to mention that my cats love their Wysong foods and I am so happy you do what you do. Thank you!”

Letter – Vitality Helps Cats

“Thanks to your wonderful healthy product Vitality™, my two stray cats are so great and smart. Dr. David Krugh helped to care for Grace along with my prayers (she is so happy). I have used Vitality for four years.”

Letter – Dogs “Blooming” on Wysong

“…I have switched to Wysong a few months ago and I am very satisfied to see my dogs just “blooming.” I have been a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 16+ years and currently have 6 adult female dogs in my house. The ages range from 11 years to 2 years. All are American/Canadian Champions and very active in agility, lure, coursing and rally-obedience. I feel sorry that I haven’t tried the great variety of your food much earlier. Thank you for producing such a great food. I think I have finally found the right balanced food for each individual dog of mine and I also recommend it to my puppy people. Currently I am feeding Senior™ to my older Ridgeback, Anergen™ to one of my dogs with a very sensitive stomach, and Synorgon™ to the rest of the pack. I love the even balance between protein and fat, especially with the Anergen™, because almost every lamb based dog food is much lower in fat and protein. I will use the Growth™ with my next litter.”

Letter – Weimaraner Loves Wysong Diets

“…Thor loves your pet food. He’s almost 10 years old; a Weimaraner. He’s a fit 82 lbs…”

Letter – Cats Love Nurture With Pheasant™

“Your Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™ is a big hit with our two tabby cats. Thanks for the great products.”

Letter – Dogs Love Optimal Performance™

“My Labradors love Optimal Performance™, which I combine with raw meaty bones and a wide variety of fruits and minced vegetables in a healthy, varied diet…My 12 dogs and

1 cat adore Dream Treats™ too.”

Letter – Dogs Love Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant

“As the owner of two Parson Russell Terrier pups, 5 months old, who love your Nurture product, I have made six separate purchases of your product…”

E-Mail – Attributes Cat’s Longevity to Wysong

“…As I attribute our previous cat's longevity in part to your healthy food, it makes sense to me to switch the two younger cats to Wysong as well...”

E-Mail – Wysong Works!

“…By the way...Sydney is 9 years old and had 2 ACL replacements in both knees when she was 5. Wysong works!”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Synorgon

“Synorgon is the perfect food in conjunction with raw feeding for my dogs. My dogs needed a kibble with limited ingredients and I found it here. I have been using it for over a year and my dogs couldn't be happier at feeding time. I love the product packaging it makes storing the extra bags very easy, it stays fresh and I like that it comes in small quantities, rather than a huge bag. Thank you for a wonderful product.”

E-Mail – Biscuits 5 Stars

“These are the only biscuits that my Japanese Chin will eat. I finally got smart and ordered the 25 lb. box of biscuits. I rate Wysong Biscuits 5 stars, but my Chin gives them 5 WooWoos. ;)”

E-Mail – Superior Customer Service

“Thank you very much for your phone call yesterday. Your company continues to maintain the superior customer service standards that are indicative of a successful business. I truly appreciate that, and will continue to use your products and recommend them to everyone I know. My own primary physician is extremely impressed with your Origins Bars. My 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels thank you for the goodies. They LOVE your cookies and kibble, and I love giving them such a healthy and preventative treat.”

E-Mail – Goldens Doing Well On Wysong

“Your products are great. We supplement them with real veggies, yogurt, etc. and our four Goldens are very healthy and happy!”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Wysong

“Our doggies love Wysong!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Food

“We/Our cats love your food and they are so healthy!!”

Letter – Dog Doing Well On Senior

“We tried the 4 lb. Senior™. My dog loved it and did really well on it.”

Letter- Thank You

“Our dog Sophie is much healthier since she is eating your products!”

E-Mail – Horses And Dogs Love Wysong/Agree On Philosophy Of Products

“I have been involved in riding horses since I was a young child. At one point, I fed my horse Wysong. I just learned that Wysong makes products for dogs, and so I tried them.

My dogs love Wysong. I figured I'd try it too. Your approach to food really speaks to me.”

Letter – Cats Love Vitality™

“Just a short note to say how much our cats love Wysong Vitality™ food. They are the picture of health and their coats are always in beautiful condition. We would not feed them anything else!”

Letter – Goldens Doing Well On Wysong

“I switched my Golden Retrievers to Wysong Growth™ and Wysong Maintenance™ 18 months ago. After 25 years on another top brand food – I’d never go back! My dogs have had a renaissance in coat, color and energy. I have had a bonus in enjoyment of their enjoyment – and reduced yard clean-up. Thank You Wysong!"

Letter – Dogs Love Wysong

“Thank you for such a great alternative for my dogs and their health. I feel better giving it to them and all three of my labs enjoy it.”

Letter – Dogs Love Maintenance

“I have two large Labradoodles, foster large dogs for an animal rescue, and dog sit family and friends’ dogs of various sizes; there is no dog that has entered my home that has not LOVED eating Wysong Canine Maintenance™! Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

E-Mail – Excellent Products

“Brittany is a very healthy dog and living proof of your excellent product.”

Letter – Black Lab Loves Wysong

“Our black Lab loves your food and soon we’ll be switching our brand new puppy to

Wysong. Love your products.”

E-Mail – Rescue Dog Doing Well On Wysong

“I appreciate your care, my dog is 16 years old, and had a rough start to life (rescue dog) so I attribute her advanced age largely to a great diet! Thank you all for such wonderful products.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Uretic™

“I have 7 cats and they all love Uretic™! I’ve been a loyal customer for years…”

E-Mail – Vet Clinic Impressed with Call of the Wild™

“I am writing because our veterinary clinic uses your Call of the Wild™ in our raw meat. We are so happy for your product because the special needs cats that live at our clinic are all healthier. We now sell our raw meat and have recommended your product to numerous clients.”

E-Mail – Puppies Love Optimal Performance™

“I just wanted to thank you for sending samples of your new Optimal Performance™ canine diet to Joy Carpenter for the Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association program. I had not heard about or seen this new food but after she talked about it at the program the other night, I picked up a sample to try. Matter of fact, several of us were almost fighting over the few samples she had of that food! So, needless to say, I ended up with only one small sample bag to try. Anyway, I fed it to my new litter of Kerry Blue Terrier puppies and they loved it!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Wysong Cat Treats™

“I don’t know if your Cat Treats™ are a new product, but I just discovered them. My cat absolutely LOVES them!”

Letter – Quality of Life for Dog Better on Wysong

“…Although your product is more expensive than the average dog food, I would never switch Sadie’s food again. Her quality of life has become undeniably better since eating exclusively Wysong dog food and treats. The coupons (FBC) certainly help offset the cost of the food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering the coupons.”

E-Mail – Dog and Horse Doing Great On Wysong

“My partner and I have been using your products for over eight years for four different animals after being introduced to it by my sister, who was using it years before that. We currently have a dog and a horse who both exclusively are fed your products. Our Lab/Border Collie mix has been on a steady diet of Archetype Buffet™ and Maintenance™/Anergen™/Synorgon™. We have been very happy with this combination, as has she.”

Letter – Cats and Dog Love Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™

“I, and my 2 cats love your Nurture product with the Free-Range Pheasant™! In fact, my super finicky Chihuahua dog, who has never liked any kibble type food is crazy about it too.”

Letter – Dog Loves Wysong food and Dream Treats™

“My dog “Shadow” loves your food, and also the Dream Treats™.”

Letter – Dogs Love Wysong

“My dogs just love your product.”

Letter – Cats Live Long, Healthy Lives on Wysong

“The grey, American Shorthair feline sitting in the Wysong carton in the enclosed photo, was 19 years old when the photo was taken. “Smokey” not only loved your food, but he liked the box it came in. We attribute Smokey’s longevity and good health in great part to his all-natural, all-organic diet, which featured various Wysong cat protocols as its mainstay. He’d have made it well past 20 years, we’re sure…had he not suffered an unfortunate accident, after which his spine was damaged. Smokey was kittenish and vital to the end, playful, alert, and curious, more typical of a 5-year-old cat than one nearly 20. He was the object of curiosity to our vets, and the envy of our cat-owning friends, who rarely ever see their pets live past 10 or 12 years. We also own a 15-year- old canine named “Beauty,” whose longevity defied the vet’s expectations (she has some serious liabilities of a genetic/congenital nature)…and whose diet has always been Wysong... Beauty wasn’t supposed to be with us last Christmas. Not only was she, but she’ll be with us this one too. “

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Cat’s Life

“Thank you for your response, I appreciate the information and will make some changes in my cat's diet. I hate to play around with success as Wysong saved my cat's life. I will, however, start to give her some canned Wysong each day, I am sure she will love the change.”

E-Mail – Cat Tears Into Wysong Box

“I decided to order some Dream Treats™, Archetype™, and Vitality™ for my cat. He simply could not get enough of the products…he ended up pushing the Wysong box around and pawing at it, making every possible effort to open the box and access the contents. That night, he slept next to the box!”

Pet Store Owner – Cat On Wysong Lived 34 Years

“I recently purchased a small pet food store in San Francisco from a long time owner. He was a proponent of Wysong, and relayed a true story to me regarding a customer’s cat that lived 34 years on strictly Wysong diets.” (Wysong could not verify the exact age of the pet but we’d love to believe our customer!!)

E-Mail – Poodle Loves Nurture With Pheasant™

“We purchased Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™ for our 6-year-old Toy Poodle and he loves it. We have been using Wysong products since we brought him home from the breeder (who gave us a package of Growth™ when we took him home).”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Wysong Food

“Recently started with your food. Love it! Enzo loves it too!  He eats so much less.”

E-Mail – Burgers Save Dog’s Life

“Thank you so very much for such a detailed and comprehensive response! Wow! I'm very impressed and appreciate your help. I must say I'm probably guilty of feeding just one food - the Archetype Burgers™ for 3 years - because it restored my dog's health from nearly dead to energetic and determined! He was diagnosed with diabetes in May ‘02 and I was told by the vet at the time it would be too difficult for me to maintain him with insulin shots so I should euthanize him. I didn't. I followed the Hill's diet for all of one week. I refused to put such terrible ingredients into my dog's body. As time went on, and I tried home cooking and following a bunch of different diets, he dwindled to 9 lbs. (from 23) and then the vet told me my dog was on his last leg. He was re-diagnosed with concurrent Cushing's and diabetes and that sunk me.

However, I went home more determined than ever to figure out what to do. If he was going to die, then he'd die well fed. I bought the Archetype Burgers™ and it was as though I had a new dog. He was so energetic and happy like he was when he was a puppy nearly 9 years earlier...”

Letter – Golden Retriever Doing Much Better On Maintenance™

“…What a wonderful dog food product you have! My now 6-year-old Golden Retriever Sadie Belle has been thriving on your Canine Maintenance™. After being near death this past winter due to a liver condition, thanks to Wysong she is spunky, happy and healthy…”

E-Mail – Cats Only Like Wysong

“Since I purchased Wysong Vitality™ my cats wish to eat only this product! What is it that makes this product so tasty to them and they devour it???? I have read the label and know it is a superior healthy food for cats…Thank you so much for this product for my furry friends.”

E-Mail: Westie Loves Synorgon and DentaTreat™

“I have just started using some of your products. My little Westie is a very fussy eater. He loves the Synorgon™. I put some of the DentaTreat™ on my finger to see if he would like it. He went crazy and tried to grab the little container from me. He ate his dinner right up and was still licking the bottom of his dish.”

E-Mail – Finicky Eater Loves Archetype Burgers™

“This is Miss Lizzie (photo attached), also known as the pickiest eater in the history of picky eaters. It has been an uphill battle for 2 years to get her to eat anything. Not only has she turned her nose at every decent food on the market, but she's also been known to turn her nose at fresh beef or chicken if the mood does not strike her. Canned dog food holds no interest for her--my other dogs would have died for canned food. If it were up to her, she would live on peanut butter and avocados. If I don't sprinkle parmesan cheese on her food, she won't go near it. For days. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see her devour the Archetype Burgers™ (I rehydrated them) because that has never happened before. I am in shock. Why? Because every night that she has been in my life for the past 2 years, after I put her food down, she sniffs at it, then gives me this look and walks away. Yes, I am in shock. In fact, the first time, she ate the Archetype Burgers so fast she threw it back up. (Luckily, she has slowed down.) If you ever need any food testers, I am sure Lizzie would be happy to oblige. But be forewarned! Thank you for such great products, Noura and Lizzie.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Wysong

“I love Wysong! We have three dogs and I vary their diet with the three different dry foods that you offer. I also sprinkle a little Archetype™ on top for flavor and they love it. Oak Ridge Feed has begun carrying most of your pet products now so it makes feeding “our girls” more convenient. In fact, we stopped at the feed store yesterday and when I started talking to one of their customers they thought I was the Wysong rep. Anyway, the feed store does not sell “people products” so that is how I plan to use my credits (CE credits).”

E-Mail – Rescued Cats Doing Great On Wysong

“…I love your products and your company. I switched my two young cats (adopted from a local shelter) to a combination of raw and a variety of Wysong prepared diets about six months ago and I cannot believe the difference. Their fur has become incredibly soft, they have tons of energy, and their stool is nearly odorless. Thank you for the wonderful work you're doing!”

E-Mail – Bichons Love Archetype Buffet™

“…we received the goodies today. You should have seen my 5 nosey Bichons wanting those treats right then and there. They really devoured the Archetype Buffet™, that's all I gave them so far.”

Letter – Dogs Look Great

“Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My 3 dogs love it and look beautiful.”

E-Mail – Archetype™ A Lifesaver

“I'm thrilled to have received the free sample of Archetype Buffet™. My finicky dog and cat licked it all up in a hurry. I'm at my wits end preparing their food which is an all raw diet but I make SUCH a mess in my kitchen. This Archetype™ food will be a lifesaver for all of us!”

Letter – Dogs Healthier On Nurture With Pheasant™

“Just wanted to let you know, we have 5 large dogs that have never been healthier since they started eating Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™. Great Product!”

E-Mail – Dog Much Happier On Wysong Diets

“Thank you so much! Molly Mae has been much happier since we've started her on a Wysong diet (we've got her on some Synorgon™, Struvatrol™, and still a little of her old food right now). She is shinier and has stopped searching out cat poo (yea!)! I am glad to know that there are several ways to feed her a successful diet, and we will continue to use the various Wysong foods and increase her meat diet.”

Letter – Dog Loves Senior

“Rufus Scheder from Redstone, CO loves his Wysong Senior™ Food!”

E-Mail – Cats Dive Into Wysong Archetype™ and Vitality™

“I recently was shocked to discover that the "organic" pet food I had been purchasing was part of a recall. Upon research into the manufacturing I discovered that many of the ingredients in order to be on the recall list were most decidedly not organic. My sister recommended your products she is using for her cats. I have changed pet food once before, I considered it a long process of gradually changing from old to new products. My sister loaned me a small baggie of your food, when put on top of theirs, they picked out and ate all of your food first leaving their current food. When your food arrived today, one cat (I have four), perched on top of the boxes and wouldn't move. After my son opened the boxes, we separated our food from those bags that were to go to my sister. The cats with full food bowls chewed through the bags of newly arrived Wysong food in less than 10 minutes. I had both Vitality™ and Archetype™ all over my living room and kitchen floor. There is now no doubt that in addition to this food being healthier, there is no problem with taste preferences either. Some of my cats I have had for years, for the first time, I now must lock up their cat food. I only hope that my containers will hold up to being cat proof until the transition is over. Thank you for your products.”

E-Mail – Cocker Spaniel Doing Great On Wysong

“First of all our Cocker Spaniel loves your dog food. She is 10 years old now and on Wysong Senior™ and doing great. We love the fact that all those healthy products are in Wysong. When this recent pet food recall happened I felt that we were safe with Wysong but did call to make sure. Thanks for a great product. She has been on Wysong for 9 years. Our wonderful groomer told us about your product. We have since moved to West Virginia and find the only way to get her food is to order it online as we aren't near anyone that sells it. But...we find it very easy to order her food and it arrives within the week. Since our last order we have started ordering her dog treats and she loves them. She was getting the small IAMS biscuits but I won't trust them anymore as they are now on the list. We will be using Wysong for all our pets from now on. Thank you for a great product and great service.”

E-Mail – Adopted Cat Bounces Back On Wysong

“I recently adopted a cat from PAWS, a local rescue group. I had heard very good things about Wysong pet food from Angels of the Snow, a local husky rescue group. When I got my cat, who we think is about a year old, her fur was really dry and she weighed four pounds. I've been feeding her Archetype™, Nurture™, and Vitality™ in rotation, plus DentaTreat™, and she loves them. She goes wild when I crumble the Archetype™ into her bowl; she tries to begin eating while my hands are still in the bowl! She has gained three pounds in three months, and her fur is glossy and very soft…”

E-Mail – Cats Produce Less Waste On Wysong

“My cats really like the Wysong food. They eat with great gusto but not as much as with previous brands. It must be the food's nutrient density... I have ten furballs, and what has really hit home in a great way with this food is how much it has lessened cat box output and the attendant odors. I have special filters that keep odors at a minimum, but I can still tell a difference with the new food. Seriously. I keep 4 very large, homemade cat boxes in my home (90 quart plastic sterilite containers each) as well as some smaller ones. The cats go less I've noticed, so of course there is less waste, but what there is also less potent, so to speak. I know this all sounds silly, but it's not when you have as many pets as I do. What a nice impact from the food to report!!!”

Letter – Cats Enjoy Vitality

“I have enjoyed using your quality cat food for over 12 years when my last cat had a UTI and I used your Uretic™. Now I have 2 more cats and they eat Vitality™ and really like it. Thank you for a great food that I can trust and my “kids” enjoy.”

E-Mail – Jack Russell Doing Great On Wysong

“Thank you so much, my dehydrated 3-year-old Jack Russell is quickly recovering.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Geriatrx and Dream Treats

“I have known about Wysong for many years and have purchased specific items for my cats from natural pet food stores. One of my regular products is Wysong Geriatrx™ for my older cat…Also, the last time I was in the pet food store, I brought back some of the Dream Treats™ for my cats to try. My older cat, who has had a poor appetite lately, loved them…”

E-Mail – Wysong Makes A Big Difference For Rescue Dogs

“I learned about Wysong from a good friend in Austin who raved about how healthy her older dog is. I am really pleased with your product, and recommend it to everyone I can. I have seven rescue dogs, many of which were terribly abused and neglected, and Wysong has made a huge difference in how quickly they heal. I have to order the Archetype Buffet™ because my supplier does not carry the Buffet version, but I buy the Senior™ and the Maintenance™ from her. Thank you for a great product!”

E-Mail – Rescued Kitten Looks Great On Wysong

“I have fed my kitten Wysong since he came to me. He wasn't 8 weeks and the woman told me she was throwing him away. I took the poor little guy and bought the Wysong. His fur was rough. You could see his little ribs. I took him to the vet. You should see him now. He is large, loving and his fur is like a bunny rabbit’s. THANK YOU! When the animals started dying from the food, I told everyone about your food.”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Wysong Food

“We received our order today, in good shape. Bette, our pup, loves the food!”

E-Mail – Wysong Extended Life Of Cat

“About 6 years ago my old girl (cat) was on her death bed…then it was suggested to me to take her off Science Diet and use Wysong…Her health made a 90 degree turn around…thank you sooooooo much…it gave her back her life…she was as healthy as an energized kitten, and I was able to enjoy her for another 5 years…since then my other 2 cats that I have acquired live on Wysong. I am sooo grateful. You gave me my old girl for another 5 years of healthy living. Unfortunately it was age that took her…I had her for a total of 19 years. Thank you again, Wysong. Keep up the good work…”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“You are more than welcome to use my letter and my name. If saves even one pet, it's worth it. I swear by Wysong…only regret is wish I had known about it earlier…Thank you again.”

Letter – Cats Happy And Healthy On Wysong

“Meow to our Wysong friends! We sure love your food – yum… Over these years it sure has kept all ten of us healthy and happy – purer! Licks and kisses from Samson, Delilah, Millie, Molly, Lindbergh, Simon, Jimmy, Ramie, Annie and Andy – oh and Mom too!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Archetype™

“I'm very excited to say I just received my 1st Wysong order today! It was a small order to try some things out I've been interested in, but speaks of good things to come. First and foremost, I've been very interested in your Archetype™ food since reading a vet paper by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM, regarding high quality grain-free canned foods. I've been feeding your DentaTreat™ topical food supplement for the past year on a sporadic basis, since being recommended by my own veterinarian. After receiving your email I will be more religious about applying the DentaTreat™ more often. :-) To get back to the Archetype™ food, I fed a sample to my 5 cats tonight with 4 paws up! I have one tabby tigress that can be very picky and would not eat it, but hope she will come around soon. I only re-hydrated a 1/4 cup dry with water to be divided up between the 5, so am hoping that it will not be too much to upset their tummies for the 1st time. All including the tabby girl, Summer, were very, very excited about the smell before I gave it to them. Am planning on making it a part of their weekly feeding routine, at least 3 times a week (their Archetype™ tea!). Also ordered 4 cans of the Rabbit Au Jus™. Rabbit would be a very natural food for cats, so am also excited to see how they like this. It will be a treat as well like the Archetype™, probably reserved for the weekends, but according to your program, variety is good, and definitely better than the same old food every day. Thanks so much for responding back to me the other day. Wish there was a Wysong office in my area so I could apply for employment. Must be very rewarding to work for such a company.”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Archetype

“I am delighted to write that the generous samples that you sent arrived this afternoon! As soon as I returned from the gym I prepared that "Archetype™" food for my cat, Ruby. She absolutely loved it! She hesitated at first, since she has never had this quality of food before, and then proceeded to eat her dinner with easy pleasure.”

E-Mail – Dog Lived Long And Well On Wysong

“I just put down my last baby girl, Millie. She was 17 and such a precious puppy. With all the horrific news about the contaminated dog food in the news, I am even more

grateful that I found your website when I did several years ago. I am convinced it was your dog food that kept my Millie alive and healthy as long as she did.”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Archetype Burgers™

“I took the patty home, and my one cat, who is a finicky, but notorious “bird eater,” snatched the patty out of my hand and licked my fingers—something she is not known to do. With this in mind, I doubt that there are any food issues on our end. ”

E-Mail – Dog Looks Great For Age

“My dog is seven and a half, and has been eating Wysong, supplemented by some natural beef & lamb from an organic butcher, since she was a year old. Her skin, coat, and teeth are all great, so much so that when she was recently picked up by the pound-- scared by firecrackers, she jumped out of the parked car--the vets there assessed her as being three years old.”

E-Mail – Dogs Look Great On Synorgon™

“I have been feeding Synorgon™ to my dogs for the past 10+ years, their coats are always in great condition. Everywhere I take the dogs we get so many compliments on how shiny and healthy they look. Even at our Vet's office, where they see so many dogs each day.”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Archetype™ and Dream Treats™

“Thank you for the sample packet of Archetype™ and the Dream Treats™, my dog loved it. I spent a lot of time on the website reading up on things and the feedback from other people who are showing.

We received an order today of the variety of the Wysong kibble, canned, Archetype™ and Free Range Pheasant™ as a little add on once in a while, so I will rotate his diet more in time and this hopefully will help keep him interested. He also was very thrilled to get his Mallard Duck and honk it!”


E-Mail – Scottish Terriers Look Great On A Variety Of Wysong Diets

“…I've had wonderful results with your products and know that they are natural foods. I have 2 Scottish Terriers, one of which had serious gastro problems as a pup. I started him on the Anergen™ diet and it worked wonders. Both of my Scots now have a variety of your foods including Anergen™, Vegan™, and Archetype™ in small amounts, the canned Variety Pack™, Canine Biscuits™ and Dream Treats™. They have been healthy, happy and their coats are great.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Venison

“I had to share this story about our cats. Our female, Tigger, was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Our vet said she needed to be on a hypoallergenic diet. Our male cat, Willie, a Maine Coon, had struvite crystals. They were both on Wysong Uretic™ and really liked it, but needed to change to hypoallergenic, hence we went to Wysong Anergen™ dry and Venison wet food. I also thought I should get a tin of Anergen™ wet to let them try a couple of different flavors.

Now, you REALLY need to understand something about Willie. He has an opinion about EVERYTHING and is quite sure that you need to hear all about it. So, very verbal. He will hunt you down wherever you are in the house and stand and talk a blue streak until you follow him and take care of his need. When it is time to be brushed, at HIS regular time, he will continue letting hubby know, loud and long to get the brush and get busy. (We truly do only exist to serve his needs, or so he thinks). Anyway, we gave them the dry and it was ok, not too much fussing about changing dry foods. Hubby gave Willie and Tigger the Venison wet the first time, and when they finished, you truly had no need to wash the bowls! Willie also has this habit of trying to tell Tigger she is through eating her food before she actually is so he can have it. We have to watch him on that. I have to wonder if the reason for the Venison favorite is all the deer that come into our backyard of an evening. His favorite pastime is sitting on the screened in patio and watching them. Makes one wonder?!”

E-Mail – Cats, Dogs and Ferrets Enjoy Health on Wysong

“Howdy. My cats, dog and ferrets have all enjoyed healthy, happy lives, thanks to your wonderful products. Thank you!”

E-Mail – Great Dane Responds Well to Wysong

My 13-year-old Great Dane...seems to be responding from our first bag of Wysong remarkably. The Senior™ with improvement in a canine senior…with issues that happen in their geriatric years. Thank you.”

E-Mail - 11-year-old Corgi Is Like A Puppy On Wysong

“My 11-year-old Corgi has been on Wysong his entire life, as well as the 4-year-old Corgi we recently adopted. NO ONE believes my 11-year-old is that age...he is like a puppy all the time!!! I believe it is due to his nutrition and exercise.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The information you gave me was very helpful. You have my permission to use my letter/information in your testimonials. I am including a picture of my dog Dusty Rhodes. He is in GREAT health! NO ONE believes he is 11 years old. He acts like a young dog, thinking he "is" the ball. If it were up to him, he would run all day long. We now have to limit him w/ the ball playing. The vet is amazed at his perfect health! I owe it all to Wysong's nutrition, fed to him his entire life. I NEVER give him anything else. I am looking forward to many more years with him!”

E-Mail - Dog Loves Archetype™

“My name is Flower. My mom has been buying different dog foods for

all my life (7 years), and throwing it away because she knows I didn't want anything to eat but meat: chicken, beef, ham. Sometimes a little sweet potato but I wasn't getting the vitamins and minerals I need to stay healthy. Last week my mom brought home this bag of Archetype™ diet from Wysong and I fell in love. I have it in my breakfast and dinner every day now and sometimes for a snack. As you can see in the picture, I clean up my bowl and leave nothing to throw away. Thanks for making a good food I like and can get my vitamins and minerals from. Flower”

Letter – Great Cat Food

“Thanks for a great cat food. All seven of my cats are doing very well on it; from ages 10 months to 18 years old.”

Letter – Dogs and Cat Love Nurture with Pheasant™

“My 2 German Shepherd Dogs Koda and Kobe along with my cat Puff absolutely love the Nurture with TNT Free-Range Pheasant™. The animals have been eating the food for over 2 ½ years…Thanks again for supplying this nutritional, healthy and safe food.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Wysong Nurture™, Synorgon™ and Dream Treats™

“I have 2 Yorkies and a Maltese and finally after literally a dozen foods, they all eat Wysong wonderfully! I mix about 1/4 cup of  Nurture™ with about 3/4 cup of Synorgon™ and they love it. This time I got them the Doctor's Dream Treats™ for their teeth so we will see how they like them (they LOVE the Pheasant Dream Treats™!) Thanks again!”

E-Mail – Puppy Full Of Good Health On Wysong

“Thank you for your quick reply! I have been feeding my Australian Cattle Dog puppy Wysong, and he's bounding with good health. I'm looking forward to seeing how my horse, Beau, fares on your wonderful products.”

Letter – Dogs Look Wonderful Since Switching to Wysong

“…I switched my dogs to Wysong 2 years ago and have noted a wonderful result. Thank you for your great product.”

Letter – Written By Seven-year-old Pet Owner Verity

“I have 3 ferrets, 2 dogs, 5 crayfish, 3 fighting fish, a sucker fish and a guinea pig. My guinea pig eats a lot. My baby ferret eats a lot and makes a mess doing it! He is a boy. There is one girl ferret. She sleeps a lot! My other boy ferret is playful. My ferrets drink a lot of water. My fish have a big aquarium. If you wanted to have a girl fighting fish, you would have to buy two. My girl fighting fish are blue and red. The brand of my dog’s

food is Whyson (Wysong). I also have two cats. They are boys. I love all my pets!”

E-Mail – Cat loves Food, Customer Loves Philosophy

“I love your company! My cat absolutely loves your cat food. It's so nice to know that all of your products are healthy and made with love. I also love the mission of the company.”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Sample

“I just wanted to let you know that we received your sample and brochure yesterday. I fed Duchess the sample this morning, and she loves it. Her little tail was wagging the whole time she was wolfing down the food.

I like how the nuggets are smaller although she is a larger breed, her older teeth and digestion can handle the smaller bits better. I also read the ingredients and really liked what I saw. Lots of crude proteins and actual meats; not a lot of filler products.

I will definitely be ordering your product in the very near future. Thank you very much for the sample and for your product :)”

E-Mail – Cat Thriving on  Vitality™

“Thank you so much for your generous response to our complaint. Maggie, our 7-and-a-half pound, 16-year-old kitty will have plenty for Wysong for some time to come. She loves Wysong and is thriving on it -- our vet was surprised to see her age on her chart. She's slim and strong, and full

of, well yes, Vitality!”

E-Mail – Dogs Loved Samples

“I want to say thank you for sending me the samples of your products. You sent me some AddLife™ and some Dream Treats™ and a sample bag of Synorgon™. 2 of my 3 dogs loved the kibble and the one is very fussy but once I softened it in a bit of water and put some AddLife™ on it he gobbled it up…”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Archetype™ and AddLife™

“I simply wanted to drop you a line because I am very satisfied with the products I received from you. I recently ordered your online special, and I was excited to discover that my cat devours the Archetype™ like nothing else. I also sprinkled the AddLife™ onto her current dry food (Felidae), and it seemed to 'prompt' her to eat though I doubt she was terribly hungry at the time. I look forward to ordering more products from you especially because of your customer service. Thank you for a great introduction to this company.”

E-Mail – Bichon Has Improved Health on Wysong

“I first learned of Wysong when I tried your dog food for my 13-year-old Bichon. His improvement on Wysong food has been remarkable, perhaps I can try Wysong to get healthier and more energy too.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Canned Au Jus™ Diets, Wysong Produces Less Waste

“…Recently we ran out of the canned food and I went to the closest pet store where I purchased Wysong Chicken Au Jus™. Well Polly fell in love with your food. She happily eats her food now and licks the bowl clean. Daisy wasn't too fussy on the Chicken so I thought she might be a beef girl so I tried the Beef Au Jus™ and she loves it just as much as Polly…I noticed in Polly in particular when she ate strictly Eukanuba she pooped

about 4 times a day -- now only twice!”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™

“I just received my order of two bags of the Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™, and I must say that my Italian Greyhound loves his new food! He's already had two pheasant meals and each time he inhaled the bowl and came back to me asking for more. He's not a picky eater, but I can tell when he likes certain foods more than others, and he's already declared that Nurture should be on the top of the menu.”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™

“I received my order by the way and Elvis LOVES the kibble with the pheasant in it. He also seems to like the AddLife™!!!! I absolutely think that Dr. Wysong should have him on the site!!! I am not sure what is in the AddLife™, but, he tries to get it as I am taking it out to put in his food?????

Elvis doesn't get any canned food. He still gets his meat baby food. He just loves it and I feel it is good for him, the Vitality™, the Archetype™ and his treats... and now these new additions. I hope that is good for him. He is special, beautiful, sweet and SMART!!!!!

He just loves his treats. Rooo bad you guys don't need a model for advertising. He would be purrrrrfect...he stands up on his hind legs and takes the treats and the Archetype™ from my hand.

Elvis sends you a big purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and a head bonky!!!! I am particularly anxious about this order as I got some new item we haven't tried before and I want to use it as an incentive for him to be good while I am on my Vegas trip..

I am off to order Elvis some treats...my goodness I opened the pheasant one today and he almost went up my leg to get a piece (no claws, he is a gentleman)!!!”

E-Mail – Dog Loves Wysong

“I purchased Wysong Synorgon from a place in Burien, Washington, I have a very picky Pom that is really special and he loves your product…”

E-Mail – Cats Have Immediate Improvement

"I think my cats are already better just in the last week being on your food and feeding them 2 or 3 times a day.”

E-Mail – Likes the Kibble Size

“I’m a big fan of your products so far. I purchased the Maintenance™ diet for my 15 lb. Pug/Chihuahua mix. It’s nice to finally find a quality food with small enough kibble for a small dog to eat.”

E-Mail – Cats Do Well On Call Of The Wild™

“…I have also purchased your Call of the Wild™ supplement for my cat. This is where I found out about your products, through a Chausie breeder website for "Mandala Exotic Cats" (http://www.chausie.net/aboutourcattery.html. Scroll down to the section about the kitchen). Additionally, the people at Mandala have also written a book on Chausies and Jungle Cat Hybrids and they suggest your Call of the Wild™ there as well. My kitten eats a half raw/half canned mix twice a day and I use your supplement to balance out the raw half of his diet. I feel good knowing he's getting the correct balance of vitamins and minerals as well as the probiotics. When I feed him, I know I'm doing my best to take care of him. So really, thank you for making amazing products. I'll be using your products for many years to come.”

E-Mail – Chow Loves Wysong

“Hi. I've been feeding your products and just wanted to let you know my Chow Chow loves them.”

Internet – Greyhound Acting Like A Young Pup, Cats’ All-Around Health Improves

"I have been using the principles of your natural diet for my nine-year-old greyhound and she is eating better and acting like a young pup! I have also started my cats on the natural diet and have had good results as well; their eyes are bright, their fur is silky and their all-around health is better. Although I use organic/natural food for my family and me, I never gave my pets any concern and just bought the national brands (my vet never mentioned feeding my pets anything else). I’m just glad that I talked to my friends at my local health food store one day and was given your booklet. Boy, what an eye-opener! Thank you so much for helping me to educate myself; I pass this information on to any and all who will listen."

Internet – Love Wysong Diets

"I just love your food and feed it to both of my dogs…”

Internet – Wysong Makes Significant Health Impact For Family And Dogs

"I have four dogs that go through a lot of Wysong dog food, and it's great that I am able to earn dollars to be used for the human products that I love (particularly the Peanut Butter Plus™, the Trail Mix™, and the skin cleanser). Thanks again for Wysong's generosity, and for the significant impact your products have made on the health of my dogs and my family."

California – Rescued Cat Does Well On Wysong

“After many years without a pet, I have acquired a beautiful kitty, who was picked up as a stray. He was dumped in a field along with a sibling – so little, not even weaned. I picked up a bag of Wysong Nurture™ dry food purely by accident as the shiny, silver bag caught my attention and then I liked what I was reading. I initially had a difficult time locating your products, but have finally found a pet/feed store that carries the entire line. My now almost adult cat loves the Vitality™ dry food and cannot get enough of the Cat Treats™. I have since converted my 88-year-old dad’s little senior dog to both Wysong dry and canned. He has done very well with the change. Please keep up the good work. I enjoy and appreciate receiving the interesting and informative Wysong e- Health Letter.”

E-Mail – Greyhounds Enjoy Au Jus™ Canned Diets

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry earlier today. It may interest you to know that I serve Wysong Au Jus™ food to my three retired racing greyhounds. I am very happy with the good results. The greyhounds are thriving. They enjoy all six varieties, beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey, and venison mixed in with their dry kibbles."

E-Mail – Pets Enjoy Long, Healthy Lives

"My pets (a cat and dog) have always done very well on your food and have no health problems to speak of. I'm originally from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and first learned of your products from a friend many years ago. My pets and my family’s pets have long lived on your wonderful pet products and have enjoyed long healthy lives thus far."

E-mail – Sick Kitten Dramatically Improves On Wysong

"My older sister referred me to your line of products. She has a young cat that she took in as an extremely sick kitten (nearly died several times) – he obviously survived his ordeals but was never very healthy. In the six months since she started feeding him your products, I’ve seen him improve dramatically! You might say this has caught my interest."

E-Mail – Labs In Peak Condition On Wysong

"I am a Wysong believer and I trust your advice with confidence. I have 2 adult 5-year- old labs that are in peak condition due to the variety of diet I feed that I purchase from Wysong, both canned and dry food. I also have an 11-month old female that I plan on

breeding that is doing great on your food - both Growth until she is 1 year old on April 1st and also a variety of all of your canned meat products are fed. Thank you, in advance, for any recommendations you can provide!!! I hold your advice in high regard, my other labs are of the utmost health, perfect weight and have excellent muscle tone and appearance, people every where I go ask me my secret - it is Wysong as far as I am concerned!!!"

E-Mail – 21-Year-Old Cat Thriving

"Hi, I have written to you before in appreciation, but this time I am sending a picture of my 21.5 year old Siamese cat Snardler. We switched to Wysong Feline Vitality™ six years ago after a health scare and subsequently added Archetype™. I had thought I was going to lose my beloved pet, and consulted a cat naturopath and author of a book on cat health. After taking her list of "must have" nutrients and searching the Internet, I found Wysong. Snardler's still jumping! I can't say enough good things about your products. Also, this finicky eater gobbles up your food. It must be very tasty! Thanks for contributing to her long and healthy life."

E-Mail – Dog Healthy On Wysong Variety

"I love your products - my dog’s healthier than he's ever been. The vet's amazed. Right now, I get the meat variety pack and the dry variety pack, and the Archetype Buffet™. I feed him rotation - morning and evening, 1/3 meat, 2/3's dry is usual - sometimes 1/3 Archetype™, 2/3's dry. I also add Wild Things™, and usually some chopped fresh vegetables or fruit."

Letter – Bulldog Excels On Wysong

"My Bulldog Tommy, has been on Wysong since he arrived in our home at the tender age of 14 weeks. He was started on the Growth™ formula and he is currently on the Maintenance™ formula. He loves his food, he eats twice a day and there is hardly any food leftover. He is very active and athletic. Thank you for your wonderful products, Tommy thanks you too."

Internet – Archetype™ Great For Show Ring, Promotes Healthy Weight

"A friend told me to try the Archetype™ and it is just great!! I have even used some of the chunks as bait in the show ring. I am now feeding it to a friend’s female Papillon who is very underweight and when her owner saw her after two weeks of being on the food she was amazed at how much weight she had gained. Not fat - just feels so much more solid in the body!!! Many thanks."

Internet – Aussie Raised On Wysong Picture Of Health

"I heard about your product almost exactly 13 years ago. I bought an Australian Shepherd puppy, just 4 weeks old, and I called a dog trainer friend of mine to ask him what kind of dog food was the best and he told me to get Wysong. He said it was more expensive than the rest, but because of the quality, you don't have to feed as much. Well 13 years later, and Elvis, (my Aussie) is the healthiest dog in the world. I've been feeding him Wysong from the start. He has never had any problems heath wise, and his eyes are still clear and bright. At times, he's a little slow and you can tell age is sneaking up on him, but I'm convinced that because of the diet he's been on old age will take longer to get here for him…Now, what do you have for a human that is getting old too, as in me. Thank you very much."

E-Mail – Wysong Cures Chronic Cat Odor

"I've been using Wysong for years now for my felines. I was getting it at a pet food store. However, that store was sold to someone I don't know so I thought I'd order direct. I heard about Wysong from a friend who is a nurse and animal lover. I've been using it and recommending it ever since. One cat was a stray and living on the streets for a while before I got him from the pound. Another interesting thing...he smelled SOOOO bad when I got him and while most of that odor went away within the first two weeks, some of it lasted for months. I thought it must have been what he was eating. So, his name is Stinky but... he doesn't smell anymore -- I think because of the good food."

Internet – Wysong Gives Complete Recovery Of Rescue Shelties

"Thank you so very much for providing a product that is so incredibly healthy for animals. Our family rescues unwanted dogs (except for our Corgi-the only pet I have ever purchased). Last June we rescued/adopted 2 male Shelties, which were in such extreme distress, that their hair was falling out from the malnutrition. They were emaciated, didn’t have any documentation of their background such as vet visits, vaccines, even age! Your products have resulted in the complete recovery of our loyal boys! They are beautiful and healthy."

Internet – Healthy Results Since 1980’s

"I have been using your pet products since 1980’s and talk about the fine quality of the products and the healthy results that I have had."

St. Louis, MO – Thank You For Healthy, Natural Product

"Thank you so very much for making a very fine healthy natural product that the body needs."

Internet – Corgi’s Have Great Overall Health On Wysong

"Our Corgis have been on Wysong for over 8 years, and overall, their health has been great. I am a very satisfied customer."

Internet – Convinced Wysong Adds Years To Life Of Cat

"I have been a grateful longtime customer of yours, and am convinced that your products have added and continue to add years to my beloved 21-year old cat's life. Thank you."

Internet – Happy With Wysong For More Than A Decade

"I've been using Wysong for more than a decade now, and have been happy with it from the beginning. I have a dog, George, that is twelve and a half now, and is still happy, healthy, and engaged in the world. I think it has a lot to do with Wysong. Thanks again."

British Columbia, Canada – Wards Off Breed Specific Ill Health Charateristics

"I have been using your products for quite some time now, and my four English Bulldogs are doing really well. By using your food and following your advice they have not developed any of the Bulldog ill health characteristics."

California – Boxer True Testament Of Wysong Diets

"Enclosed is a picture of what I believe may be your first ‘Boxer’ Champion. He’s a magnificent animal, a true testament to your fine food."

California – Labradors’ Never Looked Better

"I would like to say that a few months ago I switched to Wysong Food for my dogs (upon the recommendation of a friend) and I absolutely love the results and the difference I see in their coats and general health. My Labradors never looked better! Many of my friends would like to switch to Wysong after seeing the results – even my Vet!"

Georgia – Dog Grew Up On Wysong, Doing Great

"I have been feeding your diets to my dog since I got him at 7 weeks old (approximately one year). I have also followed your recommendation regarding supplementation with fresh foods. He has thrived!…"

Georgia – Cats Radiate Health And Vitality

"Just wanted to sing your company’s praises for the wonderful pet food you’ve developed. Wish you could see my cats, see the difference in their appearance and temperaments since I’ve had them on both the canned and dry foods. They also get the sprinkle on supplements, and I add raw meats, vegetables, and fruits to their diet on a regular basis. All 10 of my cats radiate health and vitality, and incidents of sickness, etc., have dropped considerably since they’ve been on the Wysong Diets."

Kentucky – Service Dog Shows Healthy Difference On Wysong

"I’m a complete paraplegic and I have just received my first service dog. I have switched him to Wysong. I can’t believe the difference."

Groomer, Massachusetts – English Springer Healthy And Active

"My 10-year-old English Springer has been on Wysong for about 6 years. She is healthy and very active. I am a professional dog groomer and feel I have a well developed sense of a dog’s health and well being and drive 18 miles to buy Wysong food for my dog and cat."

New York – Basset Hound Looks Great On Wysong

"We have been giving our Basset Hound Wysong since she was a puppy. Emily has a gorgeous coat and is quite lean. She loves it! My husband and I will never give Emily anything but Wysong."

Animal Shelter, North Carolina – Wysong Saves Dog

"…the health of many of the animals has improved markedly since introducing Wysong. One dog, in particular, was so ill that it was to be put to sleep. After two weeks on Wysong, however, its been reported the dog has rallied and is doing great."

Wisconsin – Many Compliments On Golden Retriever

"Our Golden Retriever LOVES his Wysong food and we get many compliments for how good he looks! Thanks to you people!"

Internet – General Health Improvement With Wysong

"I have switched all 6 of my animals over to your food based on a friend’s recommendation. I can already tell that my 5 cats and dog are doing very well on the food. Their coats are beautiful, they eat with gusto and some minor things like weepy eyes are starting to get better. So, I am very happy with your products."

Internet – Rottweiler In Perfect Health

"I would like to take this time to thank you for your product. My Rotti has been eating your food since 8 weeks, and is in perfect health and shape."

Internet – Dogs Thriving On Maintenance™

“We’re feeding Wysong  Maintenance™ to our two Maltese and German Shepherd. All are thriving on it!  Thanks for the healthy canine food alternative.”

Internet – Wysong Changed Poodle’s Life

“We love your products.  It has changed our beloved toy poodle’s life. Thank you.”

Illinois – Labs Doing Fabulous On Wysong

“My husband began feeding our 10½ year old black lab, Sammie, Wysong, after she almost died last spring. She’s doing fabulous. We also have a 7-month-old black lab, Weezie, who has been on Wysong. She is the quintessential healthy dog.

Internet – Un-explained Weight Loss Cured With Wysong

“I’m a very loyal customer who has 3 VERY large dogs and I spend a lot of money on your products!I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful your product was for me. My oldest dog, who will be 15 in February was losing weight and to no avail (even with the help of our vet) he continued to lose weight. I came across the canned food at the health store and then found out my local feed store carries it. Now I buy it by the case. The dogs LOVE it. My Golden has been feasting and finally putting on weight. The other dogs started holding out until I began feeding them the food too. My Mastiff turns 9 in a couple of weeks and my Saint is 7.”

Internet – German Shepherd Never Sick

“My parents own a 7-year-old German Shepherd and they have been feeding her Wysong™ dry food (Synorgon™ and  Maintenance™) and fresh raw meat, bones and vegetables since she was 3. She has never been sick (not even one visit to the vet) since she has been eating your food. She lives outdoors, breathes fresh air everyday and has the ideal weight. She has absolutely no white hair on her face and has a lot of energy. She just looks like a young adult.”

Texas – 13-Year-Old Dog Has Vibrant Coat

“We love Wysong, and Ginger does too. She’s very healthy for a 13 year old and her coat is always vibrant. Thanks for a great product!”

Email – Adopted Cat/Kitten Beautiful On Wysong

“I learned about Wysong from Rebel Oaks Obedience School. I had both my dogs on it from the time I first learned about it and they both lived long healthy lives. After we lost both our dogs we didn't want any more pets for a while. It's been about five years and then a stray cat showed up in our yard and decided to adopt us. After she got a clean bill of health from the vet I started her on Wysong and she's just beautiful. We have since adopted a kitten so she would have company and she was a stray someone had rescued and she is just beautiful too on the Wysong food.”

Email – Vet Can’t Believe Health Of Older Dog

" We learned of Wysong years ago through our local pet store. Wesley, our 13-year-old Keeshond has always used the Wysong diet. He is very healthy, and even the Vet says he can't believe how old Wesley is. We had him with us this year on vacation on Hilton Head Island in SC. Those who we met while walking thought he is around 6 years old. He is our baby and still beautiful. We have always left him home in Maine when we travel, with a friend, house- and Wesley-sitting. We are glad we have him with us this year."

Letter – Feeding Wysong For More Than A Decade

"I have been feeding my dogs (and cat!) Wysong for more than 10 years. They all love it and I am reassured that they are eating food that is safe and healthful. I look forward to trying your products for myself!"

E-Mail – Archetype Buffet Dog’s Favorite

"I use many of the Wysong dog foods, but Archetype Buffet™ is by far my (and my dog's) favorite! I love that it actually smells good when I make it (unlike some canned foods that can make me gag). My dog loves it when I mix with some warm water. She practically knocks the cabinets over to get to it. I guess that's a rousing endorsement! It's a great item to have in the rotation."

E-Mail – Thank You For The Many Food Choices

"I especially enjoy the Chocolate Therapy™ and could eat it every day! My cats (eight) love everything of yours and enjoy trying new foods and supplements. Thank you for supplying us with such good and interesting food choices!"

E-Mail – Wysong Food Gets Raves From Cats

"I am a new customer and so far my cats like 2 out of 3 of your products which I ordered:

* Geriatrx™--looks great but my old cat will not eat it unless I mix it with something more palatable

* Archetype™ - all the cats like this

* Meat Variety Pack - practically caused a fight with all the cats & dogs - everyone loved them."

E-Mail – Dogs Love All Meats

"Hello, just received the 'All Meat, variety pack' and the boys love it."

Letter – Dogs Doing Beautifully On Wysong

"Your product is very impressive and our dogs do beautifully on your food in combination with some raw food (meat, veggies, grains) that they receive. Your Archetype™ diet – ingenious, the dogs “adore” it. Thank you for being a “thinking person” Dr. Wysong."

Fax – Fussy Eaters Devour Wysong

"Holy cow! That first bowl of Wysong was gone in seconds literally. They loved it. No fussy eaters at my house because I have the good stuff. These two little ones are now filling out, looking pudgy and happy like a puppy should. Their energy level has increased, of course now foster mom is exhausted after chasing them around all day."

Internet – Biscuits Are A Hit

"My three kids and I LOVE our Elvis, a five-month-old Sheltie. We have recently tried your biscuits...I have also "tried" them with all of the dogs in my life: two different neighbor dogs, the two dogs I work with, my mom's dog, my aunt's dog, my cousin's dog, my other cousin's three dogs.... etc. You would not believe how much my neighbor's dog Mac will dance for one of your biscuits!!!! We even take some to the doggie park and hockey games to treat the other dogs that attend the games!! The biscuits are a HIT!! "

Internet – New Kittens Love Wysong

"I just got 2 new kittens this winter and I use your AWESOME product for them. They eat it day and night. They love it. Keep up the good work for Billy and Bessie. Thanks!"

Internet – Bulldog Has Lots Of Energy

"We started our bulldog pup Tommy on Wysong Growth™ formula (canned and dry). Now that he is over one year he's eating the Maintenance™ formula (canned and dry) and he loves it! He has lots of energy and vitality and is very athletic. Thank you for a superior product."

Internet – Dog Performs Tricks For Archetype™

“...our dog - Navy - is not real big on doing tricks. Shake - sure...roll over - not a chance. God knows we've tried. In any case, along comes a bag of Wysong Archetype™ and all of a sudden Navy thinks he's in the circus. Roll over - sure! Lay down - for how long! Jump off the roof - no problem. Light yourself on fire and run through the neighborhood - simple. I guess you could say that it has transformed our 6-year-old Lab/Greyhound. Many thanks from my family and myself.”

California – Scottie Impatiently Awaits Feeding Time

"I was happy to find your products and bought some for my 2-year-old Scottish Terrier. I’m happy to report that when I get home from work each day, she can hardly wait until I feed her...she almost climbs up my side as I prepare the food! Thanks for making such a great product! My Scottie will be fed Wysong dog food from now on."

Animal Shelter, Florida – Cats Love Wysong

"Thanks a million for the food. The cats love it and they are thriving on it."

Maine – Cats and Dog Beg for Archetype™

"Speaking of Archetype™, it is hard to express how excited I am about this new product. I find it interesting that as other food companies are just beginning to add probiotics,

human grade ingredients etc. that you are already making the next generation of pet food. It sure gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that Wysong leads in this new innovation. Watching my cats eat the Archetype™ for the first time I was surprised to see that they eat it the same way that they eat mice that they have caught. They chunk it down; it was surprising to me to see this. Now, every night at 6:00, they jump up on the counter where they are fed and meow non-stop until I give them some Archetype. Not only do the cats really like this diet, but my dogs like it as well. The first night after feeding Becky, my 7-year-old Gordon Setter, I left the open Archetype™ on the counter. After leaving the room for a few seconds and then coming back, Becky was on the counter with her front feet tearing the Archetype™ bag to get more."

Texas – Senior Only Diet Agreeable With Lab

"My sweet old black lab loves Wysong Senior™ and even throws up any other brand of pet food."

Internet – Pets Love Archetype™

"I just learned about Archetype™…They love this food. I gave them each 1 chunk on their food and they went nuts."

Internet – Dog Enjoys Wysong Food

"Just wanted to let you know that my dog loves your food. I have been so pleased. He goes over to his bowl and licks it the next day even! He has been on several foods and after that initial excitement about a new food, he could barely care, leaving eating dinner until late at night. Now he asks for your food and eats right away or within the hour. Also, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it seems the stains by his eyes are getting better. No kidding. Just wanted to say thank you very much!"

Internet – Dogs Overwhelmed By Wysong

"My canines are overwhelmed by your food. I am so excited to see them enjoy it – I wish I would have known about your food 8½ years ago when I adopted them as pups."

Pet Owner – Dog And Owner Excited About Treats

"We are so excited!!! I just ran through the house telling Cubby that he’s going to have his treats. Yay!!! Thank you so much for listening to us all."

Internet – Dog Never Been Happier

"Love your food, my dog has never been happier!"

Internet – Owner Converted Friends To Wysong

"I love your products and so does my toy poodle. I have converted all my friends as well."

Michigan – Bouvier Loves Wysong

“We have a Bouvier who loves Wysong. Thanks for making such a terrific product”!

Internet – Pets Love Archetype™

“My dog and cats love your Archetype™.”

Internet – Cat Begs For Wysong

“I have used your cat food for several years now. Both my cats love it. Well…I had run out. I bought some other good quality products. My picky female was most unhappy! She ate the other food only because there was no other. So…the other day when your food arrived, the box, unopened, was sitting on the floor of the kitchen. She came running into the house, found my husband and started rubbing on his legs, purring. She then ran to the box and started rubbing the box and purring. Looking up at him doing a silent meow, definitely letting him know that her favorite food was here and she expected it now! So, I thought you might like to know just how important your food is to my beasts! Thank you, a loyal Wysong customer for sure.”

Internet – Pets Tear Into Archetype™

“You sent me a sample of Archetype™. Wow, did they love it! I received it when I was leaving my house so I put it on the sofa. I came back home 15 minutes later and it was torn apart and all that was left was tiny pieces of plastic everywhere. They tore through the envelope and the plastic it was in. There wasn’t a thing left. I’ve never seen them do anything like that before. I went and purchased some and they eat it like it’s no tomorrow.”

Pennsylvania – High Demand For Wysong In Store

“Wysong™ sells beautifully in my store. My customers can’t get enough of Maintenance™. I feed my own dog  Senior™ and he just loves it. Thanks for such great products.”

Rhode Island – Cats Addicted To Wysong

“My cats are addicted to Uretic™ and Vitality™. They also love the Cat Treats™. This is the only food I have found that all my cats love.”

Internet – Picky Eater Loves Wysong Maintenance™ And Archetype™

“I just received my first delivery of Wysong Maintenance™ for my dog, Lucy. I was shocked to see how she reacted when I brought the package in from the mailbox. She pranced and jumped; she just knew there was something good in that box for her. I had to give her some to try right away, and she loved it. I’ve never seen her like this; usually she’s very picky and it’s hard to get her to eat enough. Lucy was thrilled with her free trial of Archetype™ as well.”

Internet – Synorgon™ And Anergen™ Customer Favorites

“Thanks for your wonderful products. We like Synorgon™ and Anergen™.”

Texas – Dogs Never Looked So Healthy

“Your food ROCKS!!! Our dogs have never looked so healthy and they clean their bowls eagerly at every meal. Thanks so much for your fabulous product.”

Internet – Labs Love Wysong

“My two Labrador retrievers love their Wysong food – so why wouldn’t I try it? I will!”

Internet – Archetype™ “Heavenly” For Dog

"I have started mixing the Archetype™ into my dog’s kibble...my dog loved it. She thought she died and went to heaven--is this for me?? I never saw her eat so fast!"

Email – Golden Adores Wysong Diets

“I have been ordering your products regularly now for a year from a company on the web. My Golden adores your food and I love your company.”

E-mail – Great Pyrenees Thriving On Wysong All Meats

"I've just started my 3 Great Pyrenees on Wysong at the recommendation of Dr. Anne Smith, a holistic veterinarian from near Phoenix, AZ, who flies to Riverside every 3 weeks for consultations here. I had been using Innova and Simply Natural previously, but Trinket (6 1/2 years) was experiencing severe problems from Premium Edge when I had to substitute that for 3 months--I was out of the country, and the feed store I use stopped buying Simply Natural. (I didn't try Innova until I returned home.) Initially, when her problems were observed, I had her on only organic turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, duck, and rabbit combined with vegetables and bone in frozen form from PORGIE's here in Riverside. Vast improvement in only 2 days! I am continuing her on this food basically but adding Wysong gradually to the frozen food, which has been cooked. The other 2

Pyrs are having Wysong gradually added to and exchanged with Innova so that they will be totally on your dry food but with some of the frozen foods and vegetables. I also use AddLife™, Prozyme, and other additives per Dr. Smith. I know of 5 ***** hotels; my Pyrs have now rated our kitchen a 5 woof kitchen! Thank you for all you do for us!"

Internet – Wysong Cats Look And Act Better Than Roommate’s Cats

"I began using Wysong between 5 and 7 years ago for my cats after reading in Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats about the dangers of most processed pet foods. My cats have thrived, but the real evidence of feeding a healthy and well balanced diet was more clearly demonstrated to me recently. About a month ago I moved in with a new roommate. She feeds her cats a cheap cat food bought in 20 lb bags at a discount store. Two of my cats are as young as hers (3 years old), and one is over twice their ages (8 years old). Comparing them, her cats look mangy (as if they have been rolling in dust) and feel thin (they seem to have very little muscle mass), and are fairly lazy. Her cats are not siblings so I know their body type is not genetic. Two of my cats are siblings, and all three share the following: shiny coats, alert eyes, are a

healthy weight (not overweight), feel as though they have much more muscle mass than her cats, seem more active, and seem generally happier. I haven't lived with her to know if all of those differences can be attributed to the food, but I am sure most are. I am thrilled to see such clear proof of your great food, and saddened that I have not (YET) been able to convince her of it too. I am starting to send her relevant Wysong articles in the hopes that she will eventually change her mind. Thank you!"

Indiana – Wysong Has Given Longer, Healthier Lives For Animal Friends

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog food. I’ve been feeding my 3 dogs (aged 14, 15, and 16 years) Wysong since I first heard of your product (7 years ago) from my vet. I truly believe Wysong has given me the opportunity to enjoy longer, healthier lives with my animal friends. Thanks again."

California – Wysong Best Food Ever Found

"All of my dogs were raised on Wysong. Even when they were little. It is the best food I have ever found for pets."

Email – Shih-Tzu Enjoys Wysong

“I first heard about Wysong on a TV commercial. I have a habit of keeping the TV on as I roam about the house, so I couldn't tell you what channel I was listening to. I then found your website and also a pet store that carries some of your products locally in San Destin, FL. My little Shih-Tzu, Felix, is thriving on the Wysong canine diet! I have definitely seen an improvement in his overall health, happiness & energy level -- he bounces around like a puppy, always wanting me to play with him and he is 9 1/2 yrs. young. Thank you for providing quality products to nourish my little woofer. He always seems to enjoy the food, whereas he used to leave his bowl with food in it on the previous diet. After he finishes eating, he races up onto the bed, tosses through the bedcovers, rolls over onto his back and waves his front paws in the air. I always interpret this as his way of saying, "Thanks for the great grub!!!"

Internet – Cats Are Healthy And Frisky On Wysong

"We are so glad a friend’s vet recommended Wysong. Our two cats love it, and are very healthy and frisky."

Internet – Cats Big Fans Of Wysong Diets

"My four indoor kitties are big fans of both your wet and dry feline diets. I am so happy to be feeding them a sound and highly nutritious diet."

Colorado – Cat’s Immune System Strengthens

"First I want to thank you for producing such a good product. My poor cat’s immune system just didn’t seem to be able to get strong until my vet suggested your food."

New York – Cat Fed Wysong Healthiest Ever Seen

"When we adopted our cat, Bandit, nearly two years ago, she was in less than healthy condition. Our vet put her on your Feline Vitality™ dry cat food...I have owned cats all my life, and I have never seen a healthier looking or feeling cat! Bandit’s fur is sleek, shiny, and soft! Her teeth are bright white and her eyes are bright and alert. Every person Bandit sees says the same thing! We all know it’s her diet!"

Texas – Wysong Helps Keeps Cats Healthy For Years

“Thank you for making such a wonderful pet food available to those of us who love our animal friends. I always get compliments about how great all nine of my cats look. Which only proves you are what you eat! The combination of your food and bottled water has kept my cats healthy for years!"

Texas – Thank You For Healthy Alternative

"Thank you for providing a healthy alternative to the widely available cat foods on the market and especially for spending your money on ingredients instead of advertising."

Washington – Excellent Quality Food

"As the owner of 2 cats & 1 dog, I have enjoyed the benefits of your fantastic product for 6 years now. Thanks again for the excellent quality food you put out. My cats are living proof as to its success!"

Veterinarian, Washington – Great Comments From Clients

"We get comment after comment on how they like the improved hair coats, less scratching, less gas, less stool, and increased vitality of their pets. The popular Feline Vitality™ Diet has proven to be an excellent maintenance food for cats of all ages and in helping to prevent urolithiasis."

Internet – Amazing Results With F-Biotic™

"I recently started using your F-Biotic™ and am totally amazed with the results! I will be using it from now on and will probably start using some of your other supplements. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the product."

Internet – Will Never Go Back To Other Brands After Feeding Wysong

"I recently switched my 3 cats to your chicken and turkey canned products. I will never go back to the ‘other brands!’ My cats are happier, look better (fur and eyes), and just enjoy your product! I have a pet store that orders the food for me by the case and I am very, very happy with your product. Keep up the good work!"

Internet – Cats Show Glossy Coats And Bright Eyes

"My cats love your products. Two bags later, their glossy coats and bright eyes say it all. Thank you for caring as much as I do."

Pet Owner – Vitality™ Diet Improves Health Of Cat

"I have used  Vitality™ cat food for several months now and it is obviously a top-quality product – my cat has gone from a scruffy scrawny sickly animal (fed on supermarket pet food) to a magnificent filled-out cat with shiny fluffy fur such as I haven’t seen on her in many years. I believe the improvement in her health is entirely due to the change in her diet, because that has been the only major change in her lifestyle lately. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!"

Pet Owner – Difference In Cat Foods Obvious After Switching To Wysong

"We didn’t think there was much difference in cat foods, but after changing Gimpy to Wysong Vitality™, her coat is shinier, her eyes are brighter and her energy levels are up."

Illinois – Wysong Helps Save Siamese Cat

“Thanks for such great products—you are helping me save my severely ill Siamese cat.”

Internet – Vet Comments That Cats Are Healthiest She Has Ever Seen

“I took my two Birmans to my holistic vet a week ago. They both had a very good check up. On the way out, my vet said my cats are the healthiest she has ever seen. (I have been taking my four cats to her for the past 3 years) I asked her if she meant Birmans or cats in general. She said all cats, and in all her years as a vet she has never said to a client that she didn’t need to see their cats for a year, which is what she told me. I was on cloud 9 when I left. All my cats have been fed Wysong™ and home cooked food for the past four years, after I discovered what is in commercial foods. They get holistic treats, Wysong F-Biotic™ supplement and I recently started buying Wysong Wellspring Water Concentrate™, which we are all drinking. My two youngest, which are the Birmans, (my other two cats are older rescued cats) were started on the holistic foods and holistic vet when I adopted them at 12 weeks of age. I also maintain other proactive procedures in my household like cleaning products that I use and taking responsibility for keeping everyone on a healthy track. May you continue to lead us down the road less traveled and challenge us to think.”

Phone – Dogs Love Archetype Burgers™

“We feed the Archetype Burgers™ to our 3 dogs and they just love it. They know when I get the canister out and they get so excited. It is such a unique product and convenient to feed. It is like fast food but I know it is healthy for them. They are all doing so well on it. We are so happy with this product. Thank you!”