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Livestock/Pot Belly Pigs Thrive

Phone – Pig, Goat and Sheep Thrive on Wysong Equine Diet™

“I have been feeding my pig, goat and sheep the Equine Diet™ and they look absolutely great on this product. The pig is just beautiful. She weighs 400 pounds and is in wonderful condition. I am glad that you offer this product as I did not want to feed my pig commercial pig feed as that would make her fat.”

Internet – Vegan™ Diet Works Great For Pot Belly Pig

"Just a quick note to thank you for your products. I have recently begun working at a pet supply store that promotes Wysong foods. As I bring my dog to work with me, the owner suggested I switch her food from Purina™ to Wysong. I was skeptical, but did the research. I liked what I found, and your website is honest and straightforward. After seeing how well my dog did, I decided to consider your foods for my other pets. We also have 6 cats, now on Wysong. We also have a potbelly pig. Our pig had several problems. Chronically dry skin that flaked off in huge patches every day (even if I put lotion on him), and several bouts with piggy colic. The colic could kill him, and as he is only 9 months old and had colicked several times, I was worried. As potbellies have gone down in favor as pets, their supplies have limited choices. I could only find one food specifically made for potbelly pigs and it caused him to colic. I began researching what potbelly’s need for a healthy diet. I decided to try a bag of your Vegan™ formula for dogs/cats. I checked the ingredients, and all looked very well for pigs. He has been on your food for three weeks. The change took very little time. His skin hardly flakes at all, and there has been no colic. In fact his stools are softer, and he has an easier time going potty. I know it is the food because we ran out for a few days. At the end of three days without Wysong the skin flakes appeared again. They disappeared after I gave him his Wysong back."