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Relief Of Organ Disease, Bloat

Email – Restores Senior Rescue Dog To Good Health

"I learned about your product a year ago. I had adopted an older very ill dog that had lived at a pound for his entire life. However, he nearly died on me one night shortly after adopting him. He developed bloat. It was a miracle he survived, though he did have many other genetic problems. I was concerned and knew that if I could provide him with the healthiest food I could find that this would make a difference. It in fact has, I searched on the web and found the Wysong website. I read some of the literature available, and found a local pet store that sells some of the Wysong products. I have three dogs that eat nothing but Wysong kibble, the Wysong meat in the can (duck, rabbit, venison), fresh cooked meat and some vitamin supplements. I believe it's the exceptional quality of this food that has restored my senior dog to very good health, a year later. I was feeding my dogs the Maintenance™ kibble and have read that I should provide them with all the varieties of the kibble not just one type. Despite their age differences, I even supplement the Senior™ Wysong kibble with the other varieties for our senior and our two young dogs. If this is incorrect please let me know. That's why I ordered the multi pack to see how they will do with it. I do have cats, but have been unsuccessful in getting them to eat the canned varieties of the food. I do supplement their kibble with different Wysong varieties though. I can only say that I am extremely happy that your products are available. I know it has helped my dog, and has given him a second chance for a happy life.”

E-Mail – Different Dog on Wysong

“I felt compelled to write a letter after I started my dog Yardy on your food and noticed what I can only describe as a miraculous transformation in her overall health and appearance of well being. Yardy is a seven-year-old Rottweiler who was suffering from an overall poor body condition and arthritis from living outside as a guard dog for her first six years. After her former owners relocated to Central America she came to live with me. I wanted to do right by her in phase two of her life so I decided to feed her Wysong Maintenance™ and I can honestly say that she looks like a different dog after one year of proper nutrition, mild exercise, satisfying human interaction and lots of love. The "bloat" she had from the junk they used to feed her is 100% gone. Thanks to your food, her coat is soft, eyes clear, teeth clean, breath fresh, and she has a very healthy overall appearance. Your product and nutritional philosophy gets my endorsement and my repeat business. Thanks for making food that makes Yardy feel good, and I feel good about giving to her everyday.”

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