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Relief Of Organ Disease, Ear

Store Customer – Otisol™ and Anergen™ Work

“We have been using the Otisol and it is the only thing that has cleared up our Bulldog’s ear problems. They are starting to heal now. We also switched to Anergen™ and his hot spots and itchy skin problems are almost gone. His feet have cleared up too (had yeast infection). And he didn’t have any digestive problems switching over to Wysong food either. He is doing great now!” 

E-Mail – Ear Problem Resolved on Epigen™

“I found out about Wysong pet food recently and have been feeding my 2 cats the Epigen™ and Au Jus™ food for about 7 weeks now. I'm writing to thank you for your product.


My cats are domestic short hair cats - gray tabbies. One is a 12-year-old male, the other an 11-year-old female - both pretty healthy. However, my male cat has had a problem with wax in his right ear for several years. I take him to the vet to have his ear cleaned and buy a prescription to clear it up - it always comes back. I was recently told he was probably having an allergic reaction to a corn-based food. His last visit for ear problems was just 8 weeks ago. He had been on Wysong for one week at that point.  


I am happy to report that his ear problem is gone. I can't believe how clean his ear is - I think it's because of the high quality Wysong food I am feeding him. I've also noticed his coat is lusher and there is no more dander - same for my female cat.


I tell everyone I know with pets to check out your products. Thank you for what you do. I wish I had known about Wysong years ago.”

E-Mail – Otisol™ Best For Ears and Human Supplements, Shampoo and Conditioner Top Notch

“I am using your ear cleaner on our dogs – and it is the best I have ever found. AND your human supplements & shampoo & conditioner; well I feel they pack a lot of value as they are top notch!”

Letter- Anergen™ Clears Up Ear Infections

“The Anergen™ pet food is the only thing that has ever cleared up my Dalmatian’s chronic ear infections! He thanks you and I thank you…and (I) recommend it to everyone!”

Internet – Wysong Cures Ear Infections

"I began using Wysong about 12 years ago. I had a very sick dog and after our conventional veterinarian said there was nothing we could do for this animal, I found an alternative medicine veterinarian who said she wanted to try a couple things before we euthanized the dog. One of which was changing to Wysong dog food. The dog recovered and lived another 6 years. Six years later we now have a beautiful Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, over the past year, I have watched this dog go through numerous ear infections and scratch continuously. Our alternative veterinarian has moved away so I am back to a conventional vet. Environmental allergies and choosing a breed prone to allergies is what we have been told is the reason for the ear infections and scratching. No mention of food or food quality as a possible culprit. We were just about ready to put this dog on Prednisone when just by chance, while at one of our natural food stores, Vitamin Cottage, I saw a copy of the book “Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Richard Pitcairn”. This is a book I had purchased back when our previous dog was so ill. I went home and found the book and began reading it again. It all came back about poor quality dog food and the effects it has on animals. The book mentions Wysong as a good quality food to consider which I already knew but had forgotten, as I had found it hugely beneficial in the healing process of our previous dog. I switched immediately and our beautiful dog is no longer scratching and has had no further ear infections."

Pennsylvania – Ears Normal, No Inflammation After Switching To Wysong

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Wysong dog food. Our standard Poodle, Nigel, has had constant ear infections since he was a puppy. Our vet suggested that this might be due to food allergy (after 4½ years of vet bills). Nigel was switched to Wysong. We had an appointment with the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School for an ear evaluation April 17. He had both ears scoped and they were completely normal, without any inflammation. The vet was familiar with Wysong products and was very impressed with the amazing results. He advised we keep Nigel on Wysong the rest of his life. Thank you again for your advice and products. We also give him E.F.A.™ and C-Biotic™."

Internet – Dogs’ Ear Infected When Off Of Wysong

"At first I was skeptical, but I used your product because I trust my two black Labs’ veterinarian. The dogs were fine. I changed their food only to find that they both got bad ear infections. My veterinarian insisted to change back, which I did, and their ears haven’t been infected since switching back. The proof has sold me! Thank you for such a great product! My dogs in their own way also thank you!!"