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Relief of Organ Disease, FeLV

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Prolong Life Of Cat

“…The cat that I had for 16 years died in August…I want to thank you for making the last years of my cat, Ruby, the best that they could have been. She was struggling through leukemia and renal failure and I am convinced that your foods made the 2+ years that she had left the best that they could be. Now that I know how essential the benefits of your food are for cats, I am looking forward to giving a new kitty all the advantages of great nutrition from the beginning. Thank you!”

Internet – High Levels Of Nutrition For FeLV Cat

"I heard about you from my vet Park Place Pet Hospital, San Diego, CA. I was so glad because I had been trying to get my cats off dry food. My younger cat used to be feral and consequently has had gingivitis/stomatitis and needed to be treated so I needed to get him off the dry food. I was so glad to hear about the care that you take to ensure high levels of nutrition in your food as my cat also is a carrier of FeLV and needs all the nutrition he can get for his immune system. Thank you so much for caring about pets and people."