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Relief Of Organ Disease, FIV

Maine – Immulyn™ Helps FIV Cat

"Just a short note to say your products have helped many animals that we rescue and those of our customers. Our FIV positive cat, Kelvin, is especially grateful for his Immulyn™. That supplement, holistic treatments, and lots of love have caused him to thrive with full-blown AIDS for two years. Pretty good for a cat who was given 6 weeks to live! Thanks again!"

E-mail – FIV Cats Love Archetype Burgers™

"The cats really love the Archetype Burgers™! I have to be able to make the pieces as small as possible -- I have 3 FIV+ cats…I tried the Un-Cereal™ for myself (I'm on a low-carb diet) and I really loved it also. Your products are absolutely awesome!”

Email – FIV Cat Doing Great On Wysong

"I have two dogs and five cats and I have them all eating Wysong. For most of his life I could not find a single dry dog food that my 13-year-old lab, Jasper, would eat and keep eating, but he loves both Wysong dry and canned. The pieces are also nice and small for Sam, my Shih-Tzu who has a deformed jaw. I also have a cat named Sassy who has liver disease and hyperthyroidism and with the severity of it at first they didn't think she'd make it, but she has been doing good on Wysong. One of my cats, Sugar, tested positive for FIV when I found him and has also been doing great on Wysong for two years now. Also all of my other cats have lost some weight that they badly needed to do because the old food I was feeding them was too fattening. Thanks so much for having such a great product! I've included pictures of my pets; Jasper, Sam, Twinx, Tiger, Peaches, Sassy, and Sugar."