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Relief Of Organ Disease, Hyperthoyroidsim

E-Mail – Dog Gains Healthy Weight On Wysong

“Blackjack was losing weight the past few months so I had my vet run blood & urine tests. Result: Normal. Vet suggested I switch dog food so I gave him Wysong Maintenance™ and he gained 6 lbs. over approximately 2 weeks. After finishing the Burns I have on hand, I'll switch all dogs to Wysong. He had a thyroid condition when I adopted him 3 yrs ago so I just thought he was always hungry because of that. (I also have a thyroid condition so I could very well relate to him.) He no longer acts famished after eating his Wysong.”

E-Mail – Dog Gains Healthy Weight On Wysong

“... My Border Collie Mix has a thyroid condition that he takes Soloxine for. He's been unable to reach a normal weight.  Vet ran blood, urine, @ thyroid panel--all results were normal. He suggested I change dog food. I bought Wysong Maintenance™ and he did gain weight so I am pleased. No problem with other 2 dogs. I'm seriously considering switching to Wysong for all dogs.”

Internet – Gordon Setter Shows Dramatic Change On Wysong

"In 1990, I bought a Gordon Setter with a promise to show him at AKC dog shows. I knew very little about dogs, nutrition, and this industry. The breeder fed Joy Pet Foods and told me that most pet foods were the same and for me to continue feeding Joy. At about one year old Tyler was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. In particular he had bald streaks running down his back and the length of his tail. The vet put him on soloxine and there was a slight improvement. I was devastated, as Tyler never grew the coat he needed to be a show dog. When I revisited my vet in 1991, I asked him if he could recommend anything to help solve this problem. He brought out your catalog in as he had bought some of your veterinary products. He had one client using your food. For the rest of my life I will never forget what he said. He said, “try this food, it’s from a granola bar company, I have no idea how it works but in 6 months you won’t recognize your dog”. I bought Wysong from a distributor in Vermont. I remember that it came in a red bag. I read the label and the info. In six months Tyler grew coat where he never had it before. The change was so dramatic I could barley believe my eyes. In 1992 Tyler went Best of Winners at the Gordon Setter National. This is how I met my wife, she showed Tyler for me. The irony of this is the veterinarian stills sells and recommends Science diet, yet feeds Wysong to his own dogs and hands out Wysong Brochures only to clients who ask for a natural food. With your products I was able to wean him off soloxine. I always had to give him EFA™ till the day he died. He was my first Wysong Dog.

It was at this time I became a zealot for Wysong Products. My future wife who owned a grooming shop was feeding Eukanuba or Blue Seal Gentry at this time. While we dated it took me two years to try to get her to use Wysong. She really believed like the majority do today that dog food is dog food. Go by the cheapest pet food out there they are all the same. The only reason she tried some was I bought 1000lbs and stored it at her shop. I told her to recommend it for her problem dogs, the Cockers with yeast infections, the Golden Retrievers with ear infections and she did. Sure enough Wysong works and she saw the results. Today she has a five thousand square foot store carrying many foods, because the market dictates this. (I will explain later), but Wysong has a 16’ display and she sells about 6000lbs per month out of her store. For the past 14 years the only food I feed and recommend is Wysong. Period! I believed in your food so much that I wanted to sell it. I had a purpose, I had a cause, and I had a mission for the first time in my life. In 1995, I closed my office, moved and bought 5000lbs of Wysong. I did not even have a place to store it. I unloaded into a U Haul and then drove it to my house and stored it in my breezeway. I remember looking at all this food and wondering how would I ever sell this. In 3 months I was buying 5000lbs a month, in 6 months 10,0000lbs a month and in the 13th month I bought my first truckload. It was one of my most satisfying moments I have ever had. To this day, my conviction for your food is as strong as it was 14 years ago… In fact almost 100% of my knowledge I learned from Wysong. My customers count on me for advice for their own dogs as well as their customers. I am unbiased, factual… My clients call me Mr. Wysong; since it’s the food I promote, the food I love, and the one and only food I truly believe in. I feel it is the best manufactured food on the market today bar none. I tell my story over and over. I feel it’s my mission to get everyone on Wysong. Other manufacturers have copied your ideas, your message and made it their own…to me, the difference between you and everyone else is your integrity. I believe that you are truly motivated by your ideals and mission and not motivated by profits. I know you need money to continue your purpose. Money and profits are a necessary evil…Does it upset me that people buy Wellness or other shallow copies of Wysong and think it is a better food than Wysong, you damn right it doe"

Email – Cat Doing Well On Wysong

" I have two dogs and five cats and I have them all eating Wysong. For most of his life I could not find a single dry dog food that my 13-year-old lab, Jasper, would eat and keep eating, but he loves both Wysong dry and canned. The pieces are also nice and small for Sam, my Shih-Tzu who has a deformed jaw. I also have a cat named Sassy who has liver disease and hyperthyroidism and with the severity of it at first they didn't think she'd make it, but she has been doing good on Wysong. One of my cats, Sugar, tested positive for FIV when I found him and has also been doing great on Wysong for two years now. Also all of my other cats have lost some weight that they badly needed to do because the old food I was feeding them was too fattening. Thanks so much for having such a great product! I've included pictures of my pets; Jasper, Sam, Twinx, Tiger, Peaches, Sassy, and Sugar."

Ohio – Bare Spots Disappear On Wysong

"When my dog was eating your food she looked and acted a lot healthier. By the way, she is a 13-year-old Doberman and she loved your food! She has a thyroid condition, requiring expensive medication, which causes bare spots on her haunches. When she was eating your food these spots went away and as soon as I stopped feeding her Wysong they returned."