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Relief Of Organ Disease, Kidney

E-Mail – Wysong Is Working!

“Sydney, the one with the kidney problems, is using Senior™ Dry & Canned, along with Nephreon™ and Nephurol™ supplement. Surprisingly, at her last checkup (at the end of December) her blood creatinine was in the normal range for the first time since her kidney problems were first detected in May of 2008. Must be your stuff that is working!”

E-Mail – Dog doing great on Nurture with Pheasant™

“My almost 4 yr. old female Labradoodle, Dexy, has been a Wysong Nurture™ fan forever!  There is NO OTHER DOG FOOD that she will eat. I can give her a steak or a bowl of Wysong Nurture and she loves them equally. She especially loves the days when she gets a bonus treat on her food - Wysong EFA with fish oil. ;-) My Dexy girl is the picture of health after suffering kidney problems at 10 mos. old from the massive dog food recall in 2007. She has had PERFECT blood work and no evidence of damage.  My vet was very skeptical with the higher protein content but became a believer when he saw how she improved. Dexy had no undercoat and her hair was very thin, hardly grew and felt like sweater fuzz. Now it grows fast and after I gave her a haircut and she looks and feels like velvet. ;-) She has been on Wysong for 1.5 yrs. now and has not had any dry or itchy skin or ears.”

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Geriatrx™ and Au Jus

“I stopped at one feed store today (listed on your site) that had the Geriatrx™ dry for cats which I purchased plus the Duck Au Jus™ for dogs and cats - got one can to try.  Both were a big hit - all cats liked the dry and most liked the Duck. The two with kidney disease really liked the Duck…”

E-Mail – Cats Doing Well on Recommendations

“Hi Wysong! My cats currently eat Geriatrx™ with an enzyme supplement (they have kidney disease and you suggested this combination a couple years ago- their kidney levels are great!)...”

E-Mail: Chicken Au Jus Helps Cat

“I want to say that I started using this on my cat with bad kidney values and values have improved tremendously.”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Prolong Life Of Cat

“…The cat that I had for 16 years died in August…I want to thank you for making the last years of my cat, Ruby, the best that they could have been. She was struggling through leukemia and renal failure and I am convinced that your foods made the 2+ years that she had left the best that they could be. Now that I know how essential the benefits of your food are for cats, I am looking forward to giving a new kitty all the advantages of great nutrition from the beginning. Thank you!”

E-Mail – Kidney Levels Come Down

“I just wanted to thank you for this letter back in July, shortly after I started Izzy (Kidney Failure) and actually all of the cats on the Geriatrx. We rescued a kitten left to die on the city sidewalks, in the hot blazing sun on the holiday in August. It was meant to be, because I was not supposed to be in this area that day. Anyhow, we were going to find him a home, but he has found it with us….he has a hernia, one testicle still inside his body, coccidia, which my other cats caught.  Everyone has been treated. He is due to get fixed, and his hernia, and he is one lucky kitten. People were just walking around him, and to say I spoke my feelings to some people. I believe he was almost hit by a truck, which the man would not own up to it. We named him Royal because it was right in front of the Royal Bank. Anyhow, my point is, because of the coccidia I ran Izzy back to the vet in September. The vet was very sure it was her kidney failure, and we did tests, but to their surprise, not mine, her levels have come down, because of the food. I still do the subcutaneous fluids on her twice a week. So I told my vet, that if there are other patients that want a health food, to recommend Wysong Geriatrx™ for kidney issues, or Wysong for other health problems. I hope we can keep her levels down enough to give her some more extension to her life. I know that being 17 it will not be forever, but for now, I am not ready to let go, not just yet.”

E-Mail – Vet Sees Remarkable Improvement in Dog and Cat Health

“I have spoken at length a number of times with your vet techs at Wysong - Jeff and Sheri that I recall.  Most recently I spoke with Sheri after she spoke with a client of ours who was recommended your foods. Martha was so impressed with the assistance she received with Sheri both on the phone, by email, and by sending her invaluable information she is just singing Wysong's praises to everyone she sees!  Martha's little dog was in rough shape and liver number way out of whack. Sheri's recommendation so hit the spot with the little dog that remarkable improvement was seen in just 3 days. A week later his blood values were high normal. Considering the dog has had issues with liver problems for years with little success in treating, it was pretty astounding to see all our training go out the window and a pet food company give legitimate nutritional advice to our client. 

To add to that, I then spoke with Sheri regarding a cat having persistent kidney issues, borderline renal failure and shows little to no improvement with conventional treatments. Her simple recommendations of a more natural diet - to try as simple as quality ground turkey with Call of the Wild™ and EFA with Fish Oil™. Of course suggesting your great dry foods and Archetype™, and UnCanny™ but her suggestions to start with the simplest approach was right on target. That and adding Biotic pH-™ and her symptoms are completely under control with acceptable numbers across the board, even bilirubin scores are markedly better. We even added Nephurol™ from your human supplements. Within a week, definitive improvement. And now a month later, you would never know how ill that kitty was.  

I cannot think of any better kudos to offer to a company that to say their customer services staff is fabulous to deal with, that their technical staff is more versed in nutrition than most veterinarians I know, and that they can share this information in easily understood methods so general folks can understand. Then to offer the company itself kudos for actually producing the products that they claim will work and that they REALLY DO! 

My vet partners here are looking into how we can incorporate Wysong in our product line here at our clinic and with some remarkably impressive results to report from the very beginning, I can imagine a huge following will begin... will be in touch again very soon.”

E-Mail – Wysong Assistance Attributes to Recovery Of GSD With Kidney Disease

“I wanted to write and express my extreme gratitude for the wonderful and informative assistance I have received from your company with regard to the health of my German Shepherds. My dogs are search and rescue dogs and serve great service to our community. Their health and well-being is paramount to me. I have been feeding your food for years and recently had one of my best dogs come down with illness that I was at wits end about. His kidney problems came without warning. The vets tested and suggested their traditional suggestions of Science Diet. Dissatisfied with this, I called and spoke at length with a Wysong tech. Sheri's suggestions and insight were right on the mark. With her assistance, I attribute his prompt recovery to her wonderful advice and the Wysong products. Her recommendations showed improvement within days and he is feeling wonderful again. Her understanding and personal treatment will be forever remembered in our household! Thank you Wysong and thank you Sheri!”

E-Mail – Wysong Recommendations Improve Kidney Condition

“We communicated about a month ago about your recommendations for my Wheaten Terrier with a recent diagnosis of proteinuria, a beginning kidney disease. I followed your recommendations and am now feeding her a combination of Senior™, Duck Au Jus™, and Nepheron™. She's happy and her tests are reporting good results.”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Improve Allergy and Kidney Problems

“I have a 2 1/2 yr. old Labradoodle that spent a little over her first year with G.I. problems, allergies and kidney problems from eating a premium dog food that was recalled. My Dexy girl is now the picture of health and has tried nearly every premium dog food on the market and the ONLY ONE she will eat is Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™. Our veterinarian was against this food at first due to the high protein content but after I spoke to your nutritional advisor and relayed the information regarding the quality of protein from non-thermally processed pheasant, our vet was very impressed and the proof was in Dexy's drastic improvement in her blood and urinalysis reports. My dog is now in excellent health!”

E-mail – First Products Considered Solid And Valuable

"About 3 ½ years ago our 5 year old male Doberman, Tanner, was diagnosed with an aggressive kidney sarcoma; very limited prognosis. He had been on the Wellness diet. I launched myself into studying and learning as much as I could about canine nutrition; committed to providing the best diet possible for Tanner. While I only hoped to extend his life my primary objective was to have him enjoy every minute that we had together including a diet that would promote same.

What I discovered and as Dr. Wysong knows is how little is truly understood about canine nutrition; most dog foods contain ingredients that when understood, are frightening and cause for anger. I began delving deeper into the subject including published studies from around the world; eastern medicine, rainforest medicine, and establishing informational relationships with prominent research Veterinarians at Tufts, University of Colorado, etc. I began cooking home meals for Tanner the very day that his kidney mass was discovered. As my education “grew” I modified his diet accordingly. I began purchasing and cooking organic meats for him such as rabbit, duck and goose along with a blend of several vegetables and supplements. To make a long story short we lost Tanner barely 2 months after his surgery. It is fair to say that his recovery time to his surgery was remarkably short and his seeming return to health was similarly remarkable. His blood work and other tests, as recent as 3 days prior to us having to make that horrible decision, were not only within range but as noted by 2 vets, they were perfect. The cancer spread to his lungs. We now have another male Doberman and I have been cooking his meals, 3 times per week, since he came home. Tedious to be sure but worth the trouble. Only recently did I discover the Wysong products, purchased a small volume of your Rabbit, Venison, Beef and Chicken, and I could not be happier with their quality. They are just as healthy if not superior to what I have been preparing at home. The inclusion of organ meats is much appreciated. Not to mention that I cannot tell you how tired I am of picking the meat from cooked rabbits! I am out of the business of cooking meats though I continue with the vegetable blend, of course. I have shifted our cat to your diet as well. He has shown improvement in his coat, is not constantly hungry between meals and his mobility has improved – Persi is 10 years old. Yours are the first products that I have considered as solid, valuable substitutions for my own cooking. I never thought I would say that, honestly. Thank you!"

Internet – Cats Much More Satisfied On Wysong

“I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful food. We were rescued from my wild Mother when we were very young, just a few weeks old. My orange tiger brother, the biggest of my siblings died before he reached age 2 because of cancer. My sister is the runt and I am the most handsome black boy you could ever want to see. I had however experienced an awful time with kidney/bladder stones and I thought I would die. The doctor did some things to make the stuff come out and then had me go on a diet of Feline C/D. My sister and I ate a lot of it but we seemed hungry all the time. One day my new Mom went to Woof and Hoof in North Falmouth, MA and saw your food. She bought some and mixed it with the other stuff and now we get to eat it straight. We are so satisfied now and you should see our coats! Mine has gotten much softer and not so wiry and I don't throw up hairballs much anymore. Thank you for caring for all the animals, making such wonderful nutritious food. Sincerely, Sweety and Baby”

Internet – Cat Lives High Quality Life After Diagnosis

“I adopted a shelter cat approximately 18 months old after one of my cats passed from kidney failure. We were told he was eating Science Diet™. I bought Science Diet and he really didn’t like it. He also had loose smelly stool. I had always fed my other cats Wysong™ but did not have any dry on hand because my one “baby” will only eat the canned. Since this new cat would not really eat the Science Diet, I bought another brand name and the new cat loved it but still had the loose smelly stool. I quickly ordered Wysong dry Vitality™. My new cat’s stool is now normal.  It took him about a month to completely make a turn around. I also would like to mention that my first cat that had died of kidney failure developed allergies when she was about 1 year old. Not knowing any better I was feeding her store bought cat food. The vet warned me to give her a home cooked diet. I didn’t want to deal with that so I did some research and found your company. I tried switching the cat to Vitality and her allergies improved dramatically.  She still needed a very small dosage of allergy serum injected a couple of times a month for tree and grass allergies. However, I truly believe that the Wysong diet did wonders for her. When my beautiful baby was diagnosed with kidney disease (from routine blood screening) I again did more research when my vet wanted me to switch to a very low protein commercial food that contained all the “bad” things I had avoided giving her.  Through my research on the web and through your site, I decided to keep her on Wysong Geriatrx™. She lived 1 ½ years after her diagnosis and did not really degrade until a month before she passed. My cats do wonderful on your food and their beautiful soft and silky fur is definitely a sign of a good diet. Thank you for providing our pets with so much!”

Canada – Bloodwork Normal After Feeding Wysong

"This is in regard to my 17-year-old cat, Mocha. She has had some vomiting and diarrhea with resulting weight loss over the past few months. Her digestion is now back to normal. She has a voracious appetite. We are feeding her 4 small meals a day with PDG™ in it. I want you to know that all her blood work came back absolutely normal! No evidence of kidney or liver abnormalities. The vet was amazed that a 17-year-old cat would show this! I owe all this to feeding her Wysong products and supplements over the last 6 years with raw, fresh food also. Thanks to Dr. Wysong’s knowledge and advice, our cats are healthy and never require medical care!"

Maine – Wysong Turns-Around Shelter Dog

“I have been using Wysong Diets for over 10 years now. My wife and I rescue Gordon Setters. About 5 months ago the local shelter called my wife as they had just receive a stray Gordon Setter. He was about 13 to 14 years old, totally emaciated and weighed 42 pounds. His normal weight should have been 65 to 70 pounds. The shelter workers called him Slim Jim. We took him home and started him on straight PDG™. He could barely eat anything and I truly thought he was going to die. Our vet thought he would only live for about a month because he was also in partial renal failure. He survived the first week and we started adding Wysong canned food with the PDG™. He started to gain some strength but was drinking 4 to 6 quarts of water a day. We truly thought he would not survive the month, but at least his final days would be comfortable. In the next 2 months, we had him on Wysong dry and canned food. I wish I had before and after pictures for this sweet gentleman. You should see him now. He weighs 65 pounds and has a luxurious winter coat. His water consumption is significantly less and today he is alert, playful, and looks great. Best of all we are adopting him out to a new home with the condition he is to be fed Wysong only. Thanks for your great products. They work!”

New York – Health Greatly Improved

"My veterinarian recently switched my dog’s diet to Wysong. My dog is 12 years old and has decreased kidney function. Using Wysong’s dry and canned food has greatly improved her health. I am very satisfied with your products."

Texas – Chicken Gourmet Saves Cat’s Life

"I just wanted to thank you for making Chicken Gourmet™ canned for cats... it saved my 5 year old Siamese blue short hair’s life! His kidney disease has almost vanished due to your great food. Thanks so much."

Internet – Creatinine Levels Decrease On Wysong

"Thanks for your wonderful work. My kitty who had a creatinine of 3.0 is now down to 2.2 in part because of your wonderful food. She loves it. She was able to have 5 teeth removed after her numbers went down and now she is doing beautifully. Her coat is shiny; she is happy, and less irritable. All is well with her."

E-Mail – Kidney Help, Shiny Coat, and Energy for Dogs

“…I have a lot of respect for your products. My beloved dog with the kidney disease has been on your Senior™ diet for about a year now. She is doing very well. I also have another dog on your Maintenance™ food and she is very healthy. Her coat is shiny and she is abounding with energy.”  

E-Mail -  Cat Rebounds From Surgery On Wysong

“…My cat Lunar had surgery last year that did not go well. He went in prior to surgery at 12 lbs. and came out in renal failure and at a body weight of 6 lbs.  After almost 2 weeks in the emergency room, he came home and he looked like a skeleton. I used your wonderful Wysong products to build his weight back up again and in no time he was back up to 12 lbs. again. His coat is like a mink!  My female cat has colitis, asthma, a heart murmur and allergies. Since I've had her on Wysong, her allergies are virtually gone, and no flare up of the colitis either! I thank all of you for your wonderful products!!”