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Relief Of Organ Disease, Liver

Letter – Wysong Helped Golden

“My eight-and-a-half year old Golden Retriever Sadie enjoys her food tremendously and I am pleased to say has been in good health since I switched her to Wysong (she had a liver problem and nearly died; after much research and trial, Wysong was the only food suitable and that she not only would eat, but jump up and down for (literally)). I always recommend your food to my friends who have pets with skin issues or other health concerns, after mentioning that they check with their veterinarian first. Thank you for continuing to offer this coupon program [frequent buyer program] to help offset the cost of the dog food.”

Connecticut – Hepticene™ Helps Dog, Immulyn™ And Pancidrim™ Cures Human Infection, Baffles Doctors

“One of my customers was told by her veterinarian that her dog had liver problems.  He recommended Hepticene™. After taking Hepticene™ for a while the dog is fine. This woman also had an infection that the doctors had been treating for 6 months with antibiotics.  As long as she was on antibiotics it would get better, when she quit them the infection came back.  I suggested that she try Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™.  After being on Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™ for 60 days her infection went away and the doctors are now very curious as to what she had done to get rid of it.”

E-Mail – Liver Values Normal on Wysong

“I just wanted you all to know that I was recommended by a friend to your products. I have a 4-year-old Yorkie who is in liver failure so she has to eat a very low protein diet. So I ordered the Senior™ food for her. First of all she is the most pickest dog eater I have ever seen. But she just loves it!!!!!!!  After being on it for a month I went back to her vet and did blood work. Her liver values were finally in the normal range. YEAH...I just wanted you all to know how much this dog food means to me and that it is helping my "Lacey" and that I know she loves it!! ... Thanks again.”

Letter – Golden Doing Well On Wysong

“My 9 ½-year-old Golden Retriever Sadie enjoys her food tremendously and I’m pleased to say continues to be in good health since I switched her to Wysong (she had a liver problem and nearly died). About a year ago she began having some skin issues, so I gradually changed her from Wysong Maintenance™ to Wysong Synorgon™. She is doing great now and acts much younger than her age. I always recommend your food to my friends who have pets with skin issues or other health concerns, after mentioning that they check in with their veterinarian first…”

E-Mail – Cats Do Much Better on Wysong Au Jus™ and Dream Treats™

“Tiger has some type of problem that affects her liver function. Last Sept, she stopped eating, and was vomiting neon yellow (our vet explained it, but what I understood was this was a liver problem). He gave her IV fluids and an anti nausea shot. Meanwhile, I had been researching her illness on the internet and found info on raw foods, so I fed her chicken livers "pate" that I made from farmers market chickens. The vet was pleasantly surprised at how good she looked the next week and I went back to feeding her Nurto wet food (because I had run across info that dry food of any type is bad for cats - my vet warned me this was bad for her teeth). As predicted her breath got really bad so in Dec I reintroduced one cup a day of the Nutro dry for senior cats - within one month Tiger had yellow skin, and the neon vomit was back. The vet prepared our family for the very real possibility that she would not make it through the week.  She was down to 8 lb from 14 lb and looked really bad, we gave her the IV again and some antibiotics. I made the pate again. She got better again, but I was afraid to feed her anything else. At this point, someone at the health food coop told me about your products so I started feeding the canned Duck and Pheasant Dream Treats™. I keep the treats in the freezer (something else I picked up online). Tiger got better to the point where you would never know she was so sick, (I just need to keep her from getting fat again)…Criss has a different problem, she pulls her fur out (her person, my daughter went off to college and she is not taking that well)…she enjoys the same diet as Tiger and I notice she does not bloat anymore...”

Texas – Wysong Products Heal Shelties

"Dear Dr. Wysong: I hardly know where to begin but I’ve been meaning to let you know I am thrilled with your products. I have 2 gorgeous Shelties who are now thriving I know because of your food and supplements. Wasn’t the case last year... the girls caught something from another animal...Both of mine came down ill and it cost me over $3,000.00 to save their lives.... particularly Sheba, the eldest who at 13 years old was desperately ill. She was treated at Texas A&M Vet School...At her weakest point her ALKP was nearly 4000. Last summer was pure hell for me emotionally and financially, as I’m not wealthy by no means. I’m disabled and living on Social Security Disability...but I will do anything for my girls because I love them that much...after all I can’t put a price on what they give me in return. After returning from A&M...I made calls to your company.... Both of my girls are on your food and have been over 1 year now...Hepticene™ and Immulyn™. We also gave her C-Biotic™ and a few other of your products. She slowly improved.... Roughly 8-9 months after nearly dying and taking these supplements of yours, her tests were all normal! In fact, her ALKP recently was like 361, I believe. I know it was your products that healed her and continue to make her thrive. She is nearly 15 now, is gorgeous, healthy, active, etc. My other Sheltie Hillary is also on your food and thrives...I’ve had no vet bills for illnesses from either of them since they got over their sickness last summer. Sheba is still on Hepticene™ and Immulyn™ several times a week, but not as often as before. I can’t begin to thank you enough for saving the lives of the 2 most precious and meaningful beings in my life. I know you saved them because nothing A& M did seemed to help much. Sheba’s improvement began at home with your food and supplements...Thank you for your time and for allowing me to still have my 2 precious babies."

E-Mail – Great For Dog With Food Intolerance, Helps Puppy With Liver Shunt

“I've used your food since 2004, and I've been very satisfied with the quality.  Our dogs love it.  We've recently put one of our new rescued dogs on your Epigen Fish™ formula due to many of her food intolerances. I am so thankful that you have developed a Fish and Venison kibble formula…Any time I get into a conversation with other animal owners about dog or cat food, I tell them about your company! I want to spread the word!


One of our dogs is 14 years old and going strong!!! We also had a dog with a liver shunt that lived to the ripe old age of 9, and we didn't even know she had this problem until a few months before she died. Was it the food? Who knows? But, she was a miracle dog that should have started showing symptoms as a puppy and shouldn't have lived very long into adulthood. I like to think your food helped her condition in some way! I have no other explanation of why she lived so long! 


I don't know if you still post consumer reviews on your website. I know I've read them in the past. You have my permission to put the parts of this email on your website. I'd like others to be aware of how satisfied we are with your food. 


Thank you for making such a quality product!”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Dog With Liver Shunt 

“You've always been very helpful when I've emailed in the past regarding my other dog. I just wanted to share a story of our pug with you. We recently lost our beloved pug at 9 yrs. She was very sick her whole life and we had no idea how sick she really was. She had almost constant urinary tract infections and vomited all the time. We did notice a change in her when we started her on the Wysong diet. She almost never vomited on Wysong, and she'd go several months between urinary tract infections. So, we swore by Wysong. Finally, we decided to investigate her problems further when she started vomiting blood to see if we could get down to the bottom of her problems once and for all. We found that she had urinary diverticuli and a hiatal hernia, which we had repaired.  They also discovered a liver shunt and no one really knows how she survived to age 9 with that shunt!!  But, somehow she did…Her ammonia levels got so high that she went into hepatic encephalopathy. She lived only two months after she went into hepatic encephalopathy. When they found the shunt, she had been on Wysong products religiously for 4 years. I do believe that Wysong helped this really sick dog live a happier, healthy life. There's no substitution for good nutrition!!!” 

E-Mail – Vet Sees Remarkable Improvement in Dog and Cat Health

“I have spoken at length a number of times with your vet techs at Wysong - Jeff and Sheri that I recall.  Most recently I spoke with Sheri after she spoke with a client of ours who was recommended your foods. Martha was so impressed with the assistance she received with Sheri both on the phone, by email, and by sending her invaluable information she is just singing Wysong's praises to everyone she sees!  Martha's little dog was in rough shape and liver number way out of whack. Sheri's recommendation so hit the spot with the little dog that remarkable improvement was seen in just 3 days. A week later his blood values were high normal. Considering the dog has had issues with liver problems for years with little success in treating, it was pretty astounding to see all our training go out the window and a pet food company give legitimate nutritional advice to our client. 

To add to that, I then spoke with Sheri regarding a cat having persistent kidney issues, borderline renal failure and shows little to no improvement with conventional treatments. Her simple recommendations of a more natural diet - to try as simple as quality ground turkey with Call of the Wild™ and EFA with Fish Oil™. Of course suggesting your great dry foods and Archetype™, and UnCanny™ but her suggestions to start with the simplest approach was right on target. That and adding Biotic pH-™ and her symptoms are completely under control with acceptable numbers across the board, even bilirubin scores are markedly better. We even added Nephurol™ from your human supplements. Within a week, definitive improvement. And now a month later, you would never know how ill that kitty was.  

I cannot think of any better kudos to offer to a company that to say their customer services staff is fabulous to deal with, that their technical staff is more versed in nutrition than most veterinarians I know, and that they can share this information in easily understood methods so general folks can understand. Then to offer the company itself kudos for actually producing the products that they claim will work and that they REALLY DO! 

My vet partners here are looking into how we can incorporate Wysong in our product line here at our clinic and with some remarkably impressive results to report from the very beginning, I can imagine a huge following will begin... will be in touch again very soon.”

E-Mail – Cats Show Complete Turnaround on Wysong

“I learned about Wysong through my veterinarian, who recommended looking into your pet foods (which I have done and am now a faithful follower); what a difference diet has made in my cats!  Especially my oldest one, who began having serious liver issues. After 6-8 months on Vitality™ and AddLife™, he's done a complete turn around--liver enzymes are back to where they should be, and he's got his frisk back. That got me thinking--if the company can do that for him, what could their human products do for me? I have already implemented your Protein Shake™ and Un-Cereal™ Bars into my daily routine, and I find I have energy and seem to be thinking a little better, and it's only day 4.”

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Dog from Liver Failure

“I just wanted to thank you for great products and great service... My dog's test results have improved to nearly normal now. I can’t believe what a difference feeding your foods made in such a short time. I will be in soon to get more. Thank you so much for saving my dog's live. Vet said his chances were slim. Thank you so much.”

E-Mail – PDG™ Stimulates Appetite For Ill Cat

“A few years ago I was introduced to PDG™ by a friend who had been doing rescue for years and found it very effective for those animals who were found near starvation and not interested in eating as an appetite stimulant. I used it for one of my girl cats when she went through hepatic lipidosis as a result of her intestinal cancer. It really worked for her. I don't know what PDG™ actually stands for, but "pretty damn good" works for me!”

E-Mail – Test Results Come Back Normal

"Just a note, I placed a dog named Doc Vogler on the Wysong Senior™ diet and Heparone™ diet 4 months ago. He came in for re-evaluation and blood tests. Happy to say that his persistently high ALT/ALKP enzymes have dramatically improved. The ALT/GGT/AST are all normal and his ALKP came down 200 points! She is very happy. She was getting a little frustrated by the cost but after hearing of his improved hepatic values, she is committed once again!"

Connecticut – Hepticene™ Helps Dog

“One of my customers was told by her veterinarian that her dog had liver problems.  He recommended Hepticene™.  After taking Hepticene™ for a while the dog is fine. This woman also had an infection that the doctors had been treating for 6 months with antibiotics. As long as she was on antibiotics it would get better, when she quit them the infection came back. I suggested that she try Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™. After being on Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™ for 60 days her infection went away and the doctors are now very curious as to what she had done to get rid of it.”

Email – Cat Doing Well On Wysong

" I have two dogs and five cats and I have them all eating Wysong. For most of his life I could not find a single dry dog food that my 13-year-old lab, Jasper, would eat and keep eating, but he loves both Wysong dry and canned. The pieces are also nice and small for Sam, my Shih-Tzu who has a deformed jaw. I also have a cat named Sassy who has liver disease and hyperthyroidism and with the severity of it at first they didn't think she'd make it, but she has been doing good on Wysong. One of my cats, Sugar, tested positive for FIV when I found him and has also been doing great on Wysong for two years now. Also all of my other cats have lost some weight that they badly needed to do because the old food I was feeding them was too fattening. Thanks so much for having such a great product! I've included pictures of my pets; Jasper, Sam, Twinx, Tiger, Peaches, Sassy, and Sugar."

Canada – No Evidence Of Liver Abnormalities

"This is in regard to my 17-year-old cat, Mocha. She has had some vomiting and diarrhea with resulting weight loss over the past few months. Her digestion is now back to normal. She has a voracious appetite. We are feeding her 4 small meals a day with PDG™ in it. I want you to know that all her blood work came back absolutely normal! No evidence of kidney or liver abnormalities. The vet was amazed that a 17-year-old cat would show this! I owe all this to feeding her Wysong products and supplements over the last 6 years with raw, fresh food also. Thanks to Dr. Wysong’s knowledge and advice, our cats are healthy and never require medical care!"

Internet – Liver Disease Reversed With Wysong

"I read an email in the e-Health Letter from a woman in Texas whose dog, Sheba, was fed Wysong and her liver problems were reversed. Well, the same thing happened to my dog. Last January, Mitzi, now 13 1/2 years old Min. Schnauzer, was diagnosed with liver problems after blood work. The ultra sound showed her liver full of what looked like pock marks. The vet said usually this means cancer. I chose not to do a biopsy because of her age. But, what I did do, without telling the vet, is take her off of commercial dog food immediately and switched to your food, both canned and dry. She likes Anergen™ because she likes lamb. I also, at the advice of my breeder, put her on 175 mg of milk thistle a day. Within weeks we could see improvements in her energy and behavior. Last Friday I had blood work done again and the result is that her liver is almost completely back to normal. I told the vet what I did. Needless to say he was surprised but with the typical traditional medicine reaction. I will continue with Wysong the rest of her life. And the milk thistle. Please pass this on. Some other dog might be helped. Thank you."

Texas – Wysong Saves Pet’s Life

"I’m so excited. Sometime ago I had written Dr. Wysong and extolled the virtues of your products and foods, further explaining how it saved my Sheba’s life…my testimonial is on your website! It’s all true, and I have the bloodwork (lab results) to show how your foods and supplements reversed Sheba’s liver failure. I don’t care what lists of ‘best foods’ you may or may not be on because my girls are gorgeous and in perfect health because of your products. I will never switch! I also tell anyone who will listen about Wysong!"