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Relief Of Organ Disease, Megaesophagus

Internet – Owner Firmly Believes Wysong Saved Dog’s Life

"I’m a huge Wysong fan. My Golden who passed away a year ago did wonderful with your products. Thank you for the extended life we were able to have with him as well as the improved quality of life. We are now owned by 2 pups, a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie mix. Unfortunately our Border Collie mix was born with megaesophagus and didn’t have long to live. I firmly believe that Wysong saved his life and he is now over 1-year-old and an amazing dog. He of course will always have this problem, but with supplements, Wysong Diets and extra love and care we hope to have him a long time. You wouldn’t think he was ill by looking at him. His coat is shiny and beautiful, his eyes are bright and his energy and love of life is fantastic."