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Relief Of Organ Disease, Neurological

Illinois – Vegan™ Diet Helps Slow Progression Of Disease

“I’d like to take a few moments to tell you how much your product (Wysong Vegan™) has meant to me. To make a long story short, it was eventually determined that my seven-year-old German Shepherd, Luger, had a disease called Degenerative Myelopathy. It is a degenerative neurological disease, still not very well known, that has been compared to Multiple Sclerosis in human beings.  My baby was slowly becoming paralyzed. As I’m an owner who considered Luger my baby, I was truly devastated by this finding. I was told to make him comfortable until it was time to put him down. Luger was at a point where I knew I would be putting him down at any time. However, being stubborn and not wanting to accept what I was told, I hit the Internet. I found that a Dr. Clemmons, DVM/PhD, an Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery through the University of Florida, has been researching this disease. He found that through diet you can actually slow the progression, and if caught early enough, perhaps prevent it. He recommended a vegetarian diet, as well as several prescriptions of natural supplements. He recommended another company’s canine vegetarian diet. Of course I immediately started Luger on this diet. He simply did not like that food.  I then contacted a local pet supply store and was told about Wysong Vegan food.  (I couldn’t help but wonder how a food used for both dogs and cats would be even worth trying.)  Surprisingly, Luger absolutely loved it!  I also have a second dog, a Borzoi. Even he loved it!  I was so grateful to be able to find a brand that Luger would eat, as it was a critical part of his diet. Between prescriptions and the Wysong Vegan™ formula, Luger put all his weight back on. It was amazing to see him come back like he did. Sadly, I had to put him down about one year later. But, that was one more year I had with my baby that I never would have had.  (It has been several months now, and I’m still choking back tears at my loss while writing this.) I have since gotten a second Borzoi, and I have chosen to keep using the Wysong Vegan™ formula, as it is simply a great, natural and healthy food.  And, they both love it! Though I am not one to write letters to companies, I just really wanted you to know how truly grateful I am to have found your product. Thank you.”