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Relief Of Organ Disease, Pancreatitis

E-Mail – Vet Impressed with Great Results With Wysong Synorgon™

“I have been using Wysong Synorgon™ for my dogs for the past 4 to 5 years. Your product was suggested by a friend when my dog suddenly started having problems with pancreatitis. Since the first of the year one of my Miniature Schnauzer developed diabetes and was referred down to Iowa State University Veterinarian Hospital for eye surgery. I was informed that I shouldn’t consider changing the dog food as after having read the ingredients they felt she was receiving a top quality diet. Since being on this food we have not had one incident of pancreatitis. Several months ago my local Vet took an empty bag home to check out the product on the internet. The next week he commented, “That must be some pretty high quality food. My dog and cat knocked me over just to lick the empty bag. On behalf of my dogs, my sincere thanks to Wysong.”

Internet – Dog Re-Gains Healthy Weight On Archetype™

“Hello, I recently ordered (from Revival Animal Supply), and received ten 7.5 oz. pouches of 'Archetype™' for my ailing Shiloh Shepherd pup. Recently diagnosed with sub-clinical EPI, she had been spayed, and the surgical trauma had cost her eight pounds of badly needed body weight. At just under 26 inches at the withers, she was weighed at 57 pounds after surgery.  She was 'painfully thin' and we wanted to put her weight back on in protein, NOT carbohydrates. A longer process (or so I had thought!), but a far stronger foundation for her recovery and maintenance.  Within mere DAYS of beginning to feed our 21-month-old pup your product, I began to see improvement!  She is-before our very eyes-beginning to rehydrate and put on weight!  I have hope for her now to reestablish her pre-diagnosis weight of 75-80 lbs., and I thank you! I know this product will be an aid in maintaining her condition, even when her EPI progresses to a more active state in the future, and 'Archetype™' will always be a helpful component of her diet.”

Internet – Wysong Diets Help Save Yorkies’ Lives

"I am writing to you to thank you for making such a wonderful product.

I have three Yorkshire Terriers, two of which have pancreatic problems & one with severe skin allergies. Your food has helped them tremendously with their health issues. I cannot really afford Wysong, but am going to do everything I can to keep them on it; I had no idea how expensive rescuing two Yorkies could be between the vet costs, medications, & food. I am impressed with the organic properties of the food, the small & less frequent stools & the overall health benefits from the food. We use the Wysong canned Au Jus™ formulas & the Yorkies just love it! I know I have helped save two of these little dogs & with your food you have improved their quality of life. Thank you & please don't ever stop making this excellent organic food."

Internet – Health Problems Disappear

"I just wanted to send a little note along to you, my dog (English Springer Spaniel) about 2 months ago had a bad bout with pancreatitis. At the time she was on antibiotics as well, but after speaking to a few people I was told that the food could also be a source of the problem. So after doing some extensive research on the Internet, I chose Wysong as my new food. And then, I printed almost everything from your website…and presented it to my vet. Well, the first question he asked is can you give me the link to all of this, I did one better I gave him all my research! Well, I switched my dogs’ food. The older of the two, that had the pancreatitis, had a slight limp, it’s been almost 2 months now they’ve been on the food, guess what, no more limp. Their coats are shinier, their breath is better, and their disposition is better! I have always had a weight issue with the two, very common in this breed; they’re starting to shed a little weight with no compromise in their daily intake of food. Of course your food is a little more expensive, but I’ve always been a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I’m actually not spending any more money because a can of wet lasts 3 days now. And you want to know the best part of all this, I felt so terrible when my dog got pancreatitis, so helpless, now that I’ve switched to your food, and they’re doing so well, I really feel good and know that all my research has paid off."

Internet – C-Biotic™ Reverses Pancreatitis

"My ten year old dog has had chronic pancreatitis most of his life. The enzyme powder I have been using on his food, which is very expensive, stopped working like it used to. My dog lost seven pounds, so I tried the Wysong C-Biotic™ and just five days later he has gained back two pounds and is like a puppy again. His energy level has increased and another plus is that his horribly smelling breath is gone! I took him to my vet today and he wrote down the product information to refer other owners of dogs in his practice with this condition to your product. He was extremely impressed with the results. I tried your product in desperation along with Synorgon™ dry food and I am just thrilled with the results already! Thank you!"