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Relief of Organ Disease – Respiratory

E-Mail – Sneezing Subsides on Wysong

“Buddie has been sneezing the past week. No signs of infection in nose or eyes. May have developed allergies from outside cottonwood trees, but is an indoor cat. He had crystals four months ago and put on Hill's Prescription Diet by vet. Just discovered Wysong food at a pet store I was inquiring about alternative means. They had just discovered this product and recommended it by some of their customers who requested it. In two days of eating this diet, Buddie seems to be better, less sneezing and back to himself. It looks like a wonderful answer to my questions and needs for my lovable three cats.”

E-Mail – Asthma Condition Improves

“My cats, since being on Wysong products, have very few asthma attacks. Each year gets better and they are no longer steroid dependent. They are happy, beautiful coats, and healthier. Thank you so much :)”