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Creates Show Champions

E-Mail – Show Boxer Doing Well on Epigen™

“Just wanted to thank you for making Epigen™. What a great product!!! I free feed it between raw feedings.  My dogs just know when they need it and I'll hear them happily crunching away…Their health, energy and coats are amazing and it's good to know they are getting the additional supplements. I sometimes worry about with just feeding raw. Thanks for all your knowledge and being the kind of company I can trust with my pets’ health!

P.S.  I asked my pet food store (Pet Food Express, Palo Alto) to special order Epigen™ as they only carry your Growth™ and Maintenance™ kibbles. They were happy to do that (they are an awesome pet store) and when it came in and they read the ingredients they were really impressed. I sure hope more people learn about this product. My show girl is a testament to your fine products!”

E-Mail - Dog Gains Healthy Weight on Wysong

“I have a Briard who is a show dog. We recently pulled him in off the show circuit because of his extreme thinness. My local pet store recommended Wysong. I fed him the Wysong lamb and rice (Anergen™) with AddLife™. In 12 days he gained 11.5 lbs. His coat is restored and he is a different dog. I am sold on your product even more so since it is a Michigan product…I cannot believe the difference a quality feed made in my dog in just a few weeks time. His color is even richer…I have switched my other dogs and one cat to your food as well. I am also using your Archetype Burgers™ to entice the animals to eat more. Show dogs need the quality food due to increased stress while on the show circuit.”

E-Mail – Doberman Puppy On Wysong Impresses AKC Judge

“I show my dogs and this year while at the Louisville, KY shows in March, I had several people come up to me and ask what I fed my male puppy Doberman as his coat was so shiny...one lady, an AKC judge, who has been in Dobermans for many years, was so impressed she came over to us ringside to ask and then tried to remember the name so she could begin feeding her own dogs Wysong. Last weekend in Columbus, OH, this dog took Best Puppy in the Sweepstakes and in the Doberman Specialty Show...I am sure due to his fine coat condition!”

E-Mail – Master Agility Champion

“Did I tell you my dogs compete in dog agility? Sebeka is 9 months and learning agility foundation and also herding. Selah, my Keeshond, is 4 1/2 and is halfway to her first MACH, Master Agility Champion in AKC. Thought you might want to know what your food is fueling. LOL! Thanks so much!!”

E-Mail - Terriers Winning on Wysong

“I live in Maine, and feed my 4 American Pit Bull Terriers Wysong Maintenance™. Not only do they love the taste, the outcome is amazing! I travel around the United States entering all 4 of my dogs in old fashion conformation shows. They are registered with the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA). They are constantly winning ribbons and praise. We attend several shows a year... I always tell people about Wysong, and they ask if I have samples or brochures with information. I end up turning many people away just writing your name on a used napkin or receipt!…Once again, there are no words for how much your food has affected OUR lives! Thank You Wysong!”

E-mail – Wysong Dog Invited To Westminster

"I just wanted to let you know that my dog who has eaten Wysong foods most of his life, is invited to the Westminster Dog Show. He has been entirely owner handled. He also competes in Agility. He is also invited to the Eukanuba AKC National show in Tampa in January. He will be competing in both shows."

Breeder, Illinois – Maltese Show Dogs Grow Great Coats On Wysong

"I just wanted to drop you a line about using your product. I changed over in early December of 1999 and have been using the Growth™ dry and canned for my Maltese. Some of the other breeders suggested it to me for improving coats and appetites. I am very happy to say it has been amazing. My coats are doing wonderful, there’s such an improvement I can’t believe it myself. I’ve finished three of them this year and I do believe it’s because of the texture change. I had one girl that lost all of her coat due to allergies and scratching, and have been trying to grow a new coat since last October. She finished with a full coat. I also had one of my boys that had stomach problems all last year and changing food has stopped his intestinal problems completely. I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your products and plan to try some of your other line."

Illinois – Dogs On Wysong Finish Championships Easily

"Ever since we have been using your canine diet (feline too!), the health, vigor, coats, and attitudes of our dogs have been absolutely amazing. Every dog we have raised on it, the last four and a half years have not only been easy to finish their championships, but multiple specialty, group winning, and nationally ranked in the top ten during their campaigns as well. I have never been so happy with a product as we are yours! The balance is right-on for their nutritional needs for general health, and it has the correct mixture of fatty acids and other wonderful things that make their luxurious double coats magnificent to work with – week after week for the show ring. Hips, elbows, stifles, and thyroid tests on all our dogs are currently normal, we believe in large part to your products. Thank you for such wonderful products!"

Breeder, Texas – Boxer Wins Specialty

"Thank you for the good food. My bitch had skin problems, so I switched her to your food. I then sent her to the American Boxer Club Specialty. She won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite."

Breeder, Internet – Wysong Westie Wins Championship

"Arthur is a ‘4’ generation "WYSONG WESTIE." In Canada, he got his Canadian Championship in 2 shows winning ‘Best Puppy In Show.’ In the U.S., in the two shows he has been in, he has won ‘Best in Puppy Sweepstakes,’ and ‘Reserve Winners Dog’ at the Westhighland White Terrier Club of Greater Washington and ‘Best Puppy,’ also ‘Best in Puppy Sweepstakes’ at the W.H.W.T.C. of America Roving Specialty, and his class. All of this at 10½ months of age. I know without Wysong he would not be here today. Thank You."

Breeder, Internet – German Shepherd Dog Wins At A Young Age

"My German Shepherd Dog has the nicest, shiniest coat, and is VERY healthy. He’s 17 months old and made his first champion point at 13 months, due in large part to his healthy appearance from eating Wysong. He LOVES it!"

E-mail – Champion Newfoundland Raised On Wysong

"I am located in Wisconsin, I am a Breeder of Newfoundland dogs. HarborWinds Newfoundlands have been fed and thrived on Wysong Growth™ and Synorgon™ for over ten years now. We are faithful feeders of your product and we appreciate that you don’t constantly switch your formulas! You are tried and true. I sent a photo of UCH HarborWinds StarrBurst (Sydney) in his prime, raised and still being fed Wysong Growth and he is three years old."

Photo Copyrighted: Christine Kozak/Wilterdink 

Internet – Customer Changes Career After Exceptional Results With Wysong

"In 1990, I bought a Gordon Setter with a promise to show him at AKC dog shows. I knew very little about dogs, nutrition, and this industry. The breeder fed Joy Pet Foods and told me that most pet foods were the same and for me to continue feeding Joy. At about one year old Tyler was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. In particular he had bald streaks running down his back and the length of his tail. The vet put him on soloxine and there was a slight improvement. I was devastated, as Tyler never grew the coat he needed to be a show dog. When I revisited my vet in 1991, I asked him if he could recommend anything to help solve this problem. He brought out your catalog in as he had bought some of your veterinary products. He had one client using your food. For the rest of my life I will never forget what he said. He said, “try this food, it’s from a granola bar company, I have no idea how it works but in 6 months you won’t recognize your dog”. I bought Wysong from a distributor in Vermont. I remember that it came in a red bag. I read the label and the info. In six months Tyler grew coat where he never had it before. The change was so dramatic I could barely believe my eyes. In 1992 Tyler went Best of Winners at the Gordon Setter National. This is how I met my wife, she showed Tyler for me. The irony of this is the veterinarian stills sells and recommends Science diet, yet feeds Wysong to his own dogs and hands out Wysong Brochures only to clients who ask for a natural food. With your products I was able to wean him off soloxine. I always had to give him EFA™ till the day he died. He was my first Wysong Dog. It was at this time I became a zealot for Wysong Products. My future wife who owned a grooming shop was feeding Eukanuba or Blue Seal Gentry at this time. While we dated it took me two years to try to get her to use Wysong. She really believed like the majority do today that dog food is dog food. Go by the cheapest pet food out there they are all the same. The only reason she tried some was I bought 1000 lbs and stored it at her shop. I told her to recommend it for her problem dogs, the Cockers with yeast infections, the Golden Retrievers with ear infections and she did. Sure enough Wysong works and she saw the results. Today she has a five thousand square foot store carrying many foods, because the market dictates this. (I will explain later), but Wysong has a 16’ display and she sells about 6000 lbs per month out of her store. For the past 14 years the only food I feed and recommend is Wysong. Period! I believed in your food so much that I wanted to sell it. I had a purpose, I had a cause, and I had a mission for the first time in my life. In 1995, I closed my office, moved and bought 5000 lbs of Wysong. I did not even have a place to store it. I unloaded into a U-Haul and then drove it to my house and stored it in my breezeway. I remember looking at all this food and wondering how would I ever sell this. In 3 months I was buying 5000 lbs a month, in 6 months 10,0000 lbs a month and in the 13th month I bought my first truckload. It was one of my most satisfying moments I have ever had. To this day, my conviction for your food is as strong as it was 14 years ago… In fact almost 100% of my knowledge I learned from Wysong. My customers count on me for advice for their own dogs as well as their customers. I am unbiased, factual… My clients call me Mr. Wysong; since it’s the food I promote, the food I love, and the one and only food I truly believe in. I feel it is the best manufactured food on the market today bar none. I tell my story over and over. I feel it’s my mission to get everyone on Wysong. Other manufacturers have copied your ideas, your message and made it their own…to me, the difference between you and everyone else is your integrity. I believe that you are truly motivated by your ideals and mission and not motivated by profits. I know you need money to continue your purpose. Money and profits are a necessary evil…Does it upset me that people buy Wellness or other shallow copies of Wysong and think it is a better food than Wysong, your damn right it does"