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Stops Allergies, Better Skin and Hair Health

Letter – No Allergy Problems on Wysong

“Just wanted to let you know that the Wysong dog and cat foods are the best I have ever used. My dog, Jaime, was having terrible food allergies to all the various dog foods…I tried somewhere around 20 different dog foods…Then one day my vet told me about Wysong. He has been on it for three years and has not had any trouble with your product. Thank you!!!!!”

E-Mail – Scratching Stops on Wysong

“I just wanted to send you a thank you note for making such great products. My cat Marcello had terrible skin allergies which we thought were due to fleas. My vet finally said if it isn't fleas it must be his food. I switched him (and my 3 other cats) to Wysong Vitality and within 48 hours he stopped scratching. I'm attaching a Before picture of his poor raw back and neck and an After picture!”



E-Mail – Epigen™ Makes A Difference – More Energy and Less Allergies

“This morning it seems appropriate to write and tell you what a difference the Epigen™ food has made in our two Cockers, Robin and Dove. They have been on it for approximately one month and are doing fantastic. Robin is trimming down and has more energy than she has had in over four of her six and half years. When we take walks at the park, she is two feet in front of Dove and I, instead of two feet behind while panting up a storm. Also, their coats are shinier and softer...Of course, we still add in the Wysong meats, as well as some raw meats or poached fish and veggies. However, having the Epigen™ base makes life much easier, and the results are nothing less than FANTASTIC~ Thank you for creating this new food…I can't say enough about it and have passed along the word. We have also given samples to those we hope will try it, and will tell our vet, too!”

Store Customer – Otisol™ and Anergen™ Work

“We have been using the Otisol™ and it is the only thing that has cleared up our Bulldog’s ear problems. They are starting to heal now. We also switched to Anergen™ and his hot spots and itchy skin problems are almost gone. His feet have cleared up too (had yeast infection). And he didn’t have any digestive problems switching over to Wysong food either. He is doing great now!”

E-Mail – Coat Improvement on Wysong

“…I saw such a great improvement in my dog’s coat after switching to Wysong. I switched my cat also and I’m guessing it was food related allergies of something with the other food he was on. I can see how much a difference is made with matching the right food with a pet...”

E-Mail – Dogs in Perfect Health

“Our dogs are all in perfect health, no allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, nothing! We have 17-year-old dogs that have been raised since birth on this food along with good healthy table scraps, some occasional meat and raw bones, and none of them have any arthritis! We also take in lots of rescue dogs and we feed

all of them Wysong.”

E-Mail – Anergen™ Helps Dog

“I would like to let you know how happy we are with your Anergen™ dog food. One of our dogs, Moxie, has trouble with ear infections and skin issues, and Wysong was recommended to us by

a friend to help this. Moxie’s problems since have been very minimal.

Also, I recently sent our proof of purchases in and received a coupon in the mail. What a fabulous program! Says a lot about how you value your customers. We tell everyone we can about your product. We were thrilled when our local grain store (The Feed Depot in Easton, Maine) started carrying your products.

Thanks so much for a wonderful healthy product for our pals and coupons for us. Keep up the great work!”

Phone – Cat Doing Great on Nurture with Pheasant™

“My cat has had skin problems for years, but after feeding the Nurture with Pheasant™ his skin problems have cleared up and his coat is beautiful. He has gained a couple pounds and is back up to a healthy weight too! He just loves the food.”

E-Mail – Optimal Performance™ Relieves Allergies

“I am only in the second week of giving him this food and I have already noticed a marked decrease in his itching and he has handled the switch very well. He is one of the dogs who has previously been diagnosed as having allergies and had been on antibiotics and steroids and I was just tired of that because I could see how it was affecting him.”

E-Mail – Anergen™ Clears Hot Spots

“I am feeding Remy Anergen™, and he is thriving on it, hot spots almost gone!

He gets baby carrots, raw chicken wings about once a week, sometimes a cooked egg, and he loved fruit! We share all our fruit. Thanks!”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps

“Per our vet, he [dog] has allergies to proteins, but not sure which ones. We took him to our Kennel as we were leaving on vacation and she suggested trying him on Wysong. He seems to have improved and isn't itching or licking at this time. Thanks!”

Facebook Comment – Wysong Works!

My dog’s battling what we think is yeast and the Nzymes folks recommend this food... Hoping it all works, our girl is so darned itchy and she needs to get off the intermittent steroid/ antibiotic train, stat!...Update - BOY DOES THIS STUFF WORK. She is almost itch free now and her hair is growing back. See the pic I posted today on the Wysong wall!

This is my dog's belly - re-growing HAIR after 6 weeks of Wysong (and 3 weeks of Nzymes!). Not sure which one (or the synergy between the two) gets the credit here, but I am a customer of both for LIFE! Boy is nutrition ever powerful. I thought my dog (who just turned 8) wouldn't make it to 9. Now she is romping around like she is 3, it is like the clock turned back. If you are hesitant about this food......DON'T BE! Get thee to a store and get some!...People - I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see the improvement in my dog's health, and her running around frolicking like a puppy again!...I am telling you, this photo 6 weeks ago would have been all PINK BELLY…Mine love all the Wysong we've tried, which is most of them!!”

E-Mail – Caring Company; Improvement in Coat

“The company cares about its image, its product and the beloved animal companions that it provides product for. My dog loves the product. I have started to notice a change in her coat and allergies. Thank you Wysong.”

E-Mail – Great Skin and Coat, Lots of Energy on Wysong

“I would like to say I love your products and my dogs love them even more. GREAT job on bringing the best food in the States. Please don't change a thing except when making new types of food. My dogs loves Synorgon™ and it gives them great skin, coat, plenty of energy. I have 4 large dogs and I spend around $150-175/ month on your products for my dogs. They love to eat and play. LOL!...Thanks again for making great products!”

E-Mail – Amazing Results on Wysong

“This past July, I lost my dog of 12 years. It was a terrible time for my family as "Gino" was not only a pet, but a member of the family. He was a Rottie that was rescued from a fighting ring, but had nothing but love for people. After his passing I decided to go for a more reliably child friendly breed since we have two small children. After considerable research, we adopted a 95 lb. two-year-old Newfoundland from the Newfie rescue. "Macy' was terribly thin and had been neglected. Her fur was brittle and dull. I went to a local pet supply and was initially looking for the Blue Buffalo® brand of food. The gentleman working there sold me on the Wysong food instead. In less than a month the difference was amazing!! Her eyes are bright, and her fur is AMAZING!!! We get stopped everywhere we go and people comment on what a beauty she is! She has been such a treasure, that we decided to foster a "special needs" Newf that wouldn't have much of a chance getting adopted in their current condition. Wow...we got a doozie!!!! "Chewie" is 7 and has the best happy go lucky attitude! He was brought to the vet to be euthanized…the vet asked that he be relinquished to her and she would see to it that he get a better home. He had been totally neglected!! He is 120 lbs, and is severely underweight. He stands 36" at the shoulder. Truly a gentle giant!!! When we got him as a foster on the 16th of this October, he was on the Kirkland® brand of dog food. They recommended that we feed him 3 cups of food in the a.m. and 3 cups in the p.m. His fur is almost see thru in spots and he is totally bald in other spots. He has some kind of callus or tumor things on his elbows from laying on them so much and his hip joints are bald from laying on each side. He has a thyroid condition and has TERRIBLE allergies (to my knowledge). He itched constantly to the point of bleeding on my carpet. = ( His back legs are very weak and have atrophied. He smelled pretty bad even though he had been bathed. So...after about two weeks on the Wysong food, supplemented with salmon oil, derma form, thyroid meds and glucosamine, he really has been doing soooo much better! His fur was actually feeling like fur and not a balding brillo pad. His boo-boos were healing over really well, and he didn't smell so foul...So... the other day we ran out of the Wysong food and I (foolishly) ran to Costco to get some of the Kirkland food (it wouldn't make THAT big of a difference for a couple of days, right??) till we could get to the distributer where we get the Wysong. WRONG!!!!!!!! After two feedings…p.m. and a.m. Chewie is a MESS again!!!! Itching EVERYWHERE and really smelling awful!!...”

E-Mail – Cat’s Skin Condition Improving

“I am getting 2 Exotic Shorthair kittens the first of the year and I also have a 3-year-old neutered domestic Shorthair. I sent for your $9.99 sample and received the Nurture™ and the F-Biotic™. I am trying this on the 3-year-old and he seems to like both. He has had a problem with flakey skin and this condition seems to be improving since I have started to switch him over…I have been raising dogs and cats off and on for the last 35 years and I am happy that I have finally found a pet food that is truly better than any other food in the commercial market. And I can't believe that it took me this long to find the food due to the fact that we used to live in Merrill only a few miles from Midland. We have since retired to Cheboygan but do get down to Midland quite often…Thank you so much for making such a complete food. Hopefully between the new food (Epigen™), supplements, and a different vaccine protocol, I will have healthier pets that will live longer with fewer medical problems.”

Letter – Great Coat on Dog

“My dog gets a ton of compliments because of his coat – and I know it is because of his food (Maintenance™)! The distributor is great too! Diaz Pet Supplies is professional and very knowledgeable! He is the one who got me to switch to your food!”

Letter – Allergies Improved on Wysong

“Thank you for a good dog food that our pets absolutely love! We have two very happy English Bulldogs and a Corgi that get very excited at meal time. We’ve noticed a difference in their coats, and Riley’s (Corgi) allergies have even improved. We love that this food is made here in the U.S.! Thanks again for making an excellent choice for us to make when it comes to feeding our wonderful pets. Keep up the great work!”

E-Mail – Asthma Condition Improves

“My cats, since being on Wysong products, have very few asthma attacks. Each year gets better and they are no longer steroid dependent. They are happy, beautiful coats, and healthier. Thank you so much :)”

Facebook Posting – Great For Pug

“Love this food for my pug who has severe allergies!”

E-Mail – Himalayan With Great Coat

“Update on the Himalayan I adopted in February.... Her fur is extremely soft & shiny WITHOUT matts!!!! Amazing!!! Most Himalayans matt! I thought I'd have to give her the lion cut...but no way now! Thanks Wysong!”

E-Mail – Only Food That Helps Pug

“Just wanted to tell you what a great job you guys are doing. I am happy to have found a company that cares so much for our animals and is so concerned with making sure we feed our animals correctly. Our pug has been suffering from allergies for years now and your products are the only food we’ve found that actually helps our dog...and doesn’t give her more allergies.”

E-Mail – Fussy Cat Likes Anergen™

“I have a fussy cat – I swear she is neurotic! She gets in a mood and all she does is scratch. I’m trying to eliminate food allergies, and my vet wants to combine this with an anti-anxiety med that is supposed to also alleviate her hot spots. We’ll see! I have the Anergen™ dry food which she seems to like a whole lot.

Anyway, thanks for being such a reputable company. That’s not easily come by these days!”

Letter – Golden Doing Well On Wysong

“My 9 ½-year-old Golden Retriever Sadie enjoys her food tremendously and I’m pleased to say continues to be in good health since I switched her to Wysong (she had a liver problem and nearly died). About a year ago she began having some skin issues, so I gradually changed her from Wysong Maintenance™ to Wysong Synorgon™. She is doing great now and acts much younger than her age. I always recommend your food to my friends who have pets with skin issues or other health concerns, after mentioning that they check in with their veterinarian first…”

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Variety, Improved Health

“My cats have thoroughly enjoyed their Wysong foods. Having the variety has worked especially well. I have found some of your products at Pet Supplies Plus locally. Having it locally has added to the amount of Wysong foods that we use. The Dream Treats™ are like crack cocaine to all our beasts…Otherwise, they have favorites for Wysong of one kind and other's favor a different Wysong type or variety. Thanks again for your products, especially for Spot, our kitty with hair loss. She's improving on her Epigen™ + Pheasant™ regimen.”

E-Mail – Cats and Dogs Love Archetype™, Relieves Hot Spots

“I just wanted to let you know how amazing your Archetype™ product is. I have four animals: two dogs and two cats. About four weeks ago I ordered Archetype™ and started sprinkling it on their food. Not only do they love it, but their coats have become thick and beautiful.

For months, our 12-year-old German Shorthair had been having "hot spots" on the ankles of her back legs. I had tried everything on them -- products from the pet store, a prescription my vet ordered, even tea tree oil, but nothing would heal them up. After two weeks on Archetype™ I noticed they were getting smaller. Now, after four weeks, they are nearly gone! I'm thrilled that she doesn't have to suffer with them anymore. She is a happier animal. Thank you, Wysong. My animals and I LOVE this product.”

Letter – Synorgon™ and Epigen™ Relieve Allergies

“I just want to write and thank you for the information about your dog food and what type of dry dog food I should feed my 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel, who has problems with her stomach and GI tract. I was glad that I was able to contact you and provide detailed information about Freckles’ history and how quickly you responded back, as well as two types of dry dog food that would benefit Freckles…My groomer Jade groomed Freckles on December 1, 2010, and saw a huge difference in her coat. Freckles’ coat is not dry, dull, flakey or any sign of dry skin. Freckles no longer scratches herself, nor licks, bites, and chews herself. Freckles’ coat is very silky soft, smooth and shows her true colors of red and white...Freckles has been on your dry food for 4 months. Freckles has so much energy, like she was when she was a puppy. The food has made Freckles’ poop normal and firm; not loose and runny. Freckles goes crazy when I get her food out of the cupboard and start putting it in her bowl. Freckles keeps going back after she finishes eating continuously licking her bowl. She never did this with other dog food. She has also lost the heavy weight that she gained when I was feeding her fish and potatoes by Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon recipe. She was on Purina Pro Plan puppy food when I purchased her from her breeder and my vet told me to feed Freckles Eukanuba dry dog food as it was the best dry dog food out on the market. Freckles had been on this food until she started throwing up. Then Freckles was put on Prescription Diet W/D dry dog food for 1 year… My vet recommended I take her to a dermatologist to have her tested for allergies. I said I was not going to dish out that kind of money and put Freckles through this. This is when both the dermatologist and the vet suggested putting her on fish and potatoes. I did and she started gaining so much weight, biting and chewing herself raw, as well as scratching so badly. Not only that, but I got tired of dry dog food hitting the recall lists and did not know what to feed her. Your dry dog food has saved my dog’s life, and my money (instead of a huge vet bill for allergy testing, as well as the medicine she had a reaction to). I did not want to put Freckles on steroids. I enjoyed reading the e-mail messages that I get about the Pet Truths. Please continue working on your products and keeping everyone’s pets healthy.”

E-Mail – Anergen Helping Dog

“Thank you very much for the savings code, and I plan to re-order this month. I appreciate your products. I have used them for a very long time; just never used the Anergen. It seems to be helping him with his allergies. Thank you for such a great product line!!!”

Letter- Anergen™ Clears Up Ear Infections

“The Anergen™ pet food is the only thing that has ever cleared up my Dalmatian’s chronic ear infections! He thanks you and I thank you…and (I) recommend it to everyone!”

Pets Love and Thrive On Wysong, Allergies, Seizures

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Dog’s Life

“I had a dog with multiple health problems (seizures, allergies, etc.) and Wysong saved his life. He lived 8 years after almost dying at 1 year old. We were lucky to have him that long!”

E-Mail – Anergen™ Saved So Much Money!

“I LOVE the  Anergen™...before I began using it my Springer Spaniel had terrible ear infections that were costing $200 on average at the vets for several years. Once I began the Anergen™ her ear infections have stopped and she has never had one since. Pass this along to whomever, because it’s awesome!!!!”

E-Mail – Wysong Clears Up Skin And Allergy Problems

“I have an English Bulldog that is 19 months old. I used to feed him Trilogy from the time he was a puppy until a few months ago when I switched to Wysong. Biggie has had chronic skin problems for some time including acne, inflammation in his paws so severe that he had big sores and limped, urinary infections, itchy ears red and inflamed, and hot spots. My vet diagnosed several different things and had him on antibiotics and steroids. She finally called it allergies and was getting ready to treat with a drastic elimination diet when I started doing research and found that he actually has a yeast infection which was exacerbated by the food he had been on before Wysong. Nzymes recommends Wysong  Nurture™ and Synorgon™ as well as Archetype™, so I put Biggie on those foods and started giving him the probiotics, he has never looked better since he was a very young puppy. Everything has cleared up and he has more energy. I am grateful that I found Wysong, it has made a huge difference in my dog’s health and even though it is more expensive than other foods, I am saving hundreds of dollars in vet bills and sparing Biggie from being put on antibiotics and steroids which really made his condition worse. Thanks Wysong!”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Improve Allergy and Kidney Problems

“I have a 2 1/2 yr. old Labradoodle that spent a little over her first year with G.I. problems, allergies and kidney problems from eating a premium dog food that was recalled. My Dexy girl is now the picture of health and has tried nearly every premium dog food on the market and the ONLY ONE she will eat is Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™. Our veterinarian was against this food at first due to the high protein content but after I spoke to your nutritional advisor and relayed the information regarding the quality of protein from non-thermally processed pheasant, our vet was very impressed and the proof was in Dexy's drastic improvement in her blood and urinalysis reports. My dog is now in excellent health!”

Letter – Only Food Dog Can Eat

“Your dog food is the only one my Jack Russell Terrier can eat without having skin problems. We love your food! Thanks!”

E-Mail – Lab Responding Well To Wysong

“My pet “Lady” (black lab) is very allergic and responding well to her diet of Anergen™. Thank you.”

E-Mail – Thanks For Saving Dog

“I just wanted to say thanks for saving my dog. Our dog had lots of problems: loss of hair, dry skin, sores, and bad allergies. We were really desperate for an answer. Our local vet suggested you guys and it was like a miracle. Our dog’s coat is nice and shiny, the sores and allergies have disappeared, and he has stopped losing hair. He looks great and you can tell he feels good. He loves the food. Thanks so much for saving my dog and providing better quality food for my pet. I will surely pass your name around to other pet customers. Thanks for your help in solving my problem and helping my pet to live a better healthy life.”

E-Mail – Westie No Longer Has Skin Problems

“I have to say that I love your product. I've switched my dogs (Westie 3 years and Cairn 1½ years) to your product and they are doing well. My Westie had skin problems with chewing/itching on his leg/paw and since I switched he doesn't do it any more. I use  Synorgon™ dry and use a little canned food as well (either Venison, Rabbit, Turkey or Duck). His coat shines unbelievably and my vet even commented on it. I am happy that there is a company out there that does care about the well-being of our animals and truly does stand by their products. Thank you for producing such a healthy, natural and complete product that meets my standards as well as my boys.”

E-Mail – Suggestions Helped Allergy Problems in Dogs

“My pets are doing great and my vet is SOOOO impressed! Tremendous improvement in my dogs with allergy and health issues. NO MORE SHOTS!”

E-Mail – Dogs Doing Great on Wysong

“First I would like to say that you have created an absolutely outstanding line of dog food. My dogs absolutely love it, and their coats shine brilliantly. I have had dogs my entire life, and many of them. This is the first product line that I have used that has agreed completely with them and leaving them with no digestive issues or dandruff. I currently have three bird dogs, a Lab, a Viszla, and a Llewellen Setter. They haven’t ever walked away from a morsel of their food…I also extremely value the fact that you are a United States of America company, and especially a

Michigan company.”

Store Customer – Duck Au Jus™ Relieves Allergies

“For years our dog had terrible allergies with itching and constant ear infections. I was searching online one day for a food for him and I came across an ad for Wysong. I came into the store and tried the Duck Au Jus™ and almost immediately his itching stopped and his ears cleared up. That was 2 years ago and he is still allergy free!”

E-Mail – Dogs’ Coats Look Great on Wysong

“My dogs thrive on your dog food. I can see the shine in their coats that I don’t see in other dogs not on your food. Thanks.”

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Solve Skin and Ear Problems

“I just want to let you know my experience with Archetype Burgers™. I have a Japanese Chin that has had constant problems with skin sores and ear infections. I have had him to the vet more times than I can remember. Fei has been on antibiotics at least 6 times in the past 2 years. Also different medicines for his skin sores and medication for eye infections. It has been miserable for him as well as me. Now comes the amazing part. My husband and I took an extended trip and we put Fei back with his breeder until we came home. While we were gone she stopped the food we were feeding (Purina) and fed him Wysong Archetype burgers and Wysong dry food. I continued this feeding program after he came home. After about a month I noticed that his sores were clearing up and his inner ears weren’t as swollen and inflamed. Also his eyes didn’t have all the goop in them like before. It really seemed like a miracle to me!! I have to attribute his new health to Wysong. That’s the only thing that changed in his routine. But what a change it’s been. To see your dog back to feeling good and looking good is, as they say, PRICELESS. I would recommend this food to anyone. After everything we tried, to have something like food make such a difference is really hard to believe unless you experience it yourself. It’s been 6 months since Fei’s last vet visit and I’m not kidding you that is the longest period of time without a vet visit ever. I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how satisfied I am with your product. Thank you.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“I would be happy to have you use my testimonial about my experience with Wysong. You might help a lot of people who have pets suffering needlessly because they are feeding them the wrong food. As I said in my e-mail, if I hadn’t experienced the results I wouldn’t believe that diet could make such a profound difference in Fei’s health and well-being. Also it’s hard for an owner that loves their pet to see their health so compromised even with medical care. It’s really nothing short of a miracle to me. Thanks again. “

E-Mail – Big Difference in Dogs on Wysong, Loves Dream Treats™

“I have been corresponding with a lady that works for your company regarding my dog's diet and holistic recommendations. We 'met' per se on a yahoo group when she brought up your company Wysong in discussion. I live in Romeo, MI and was able to locate the products not too far from me. WOW - what a difference! I am opening my own pet store within the next year and definitely want to offer Wysong products...The dog responded within a week of the diet changes, the allergies, itching and licking, all stopped. Her attitude settled as well and she can concentrate on the training. Mooshoo is a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd. She looked so good in a month on your foods that we showed recently and she won her class and was named Best of Breed! This was her FIRST attempt in conformation and she won! We do agility and obedience and she is progressing very quickly now. She should be ready to show in a matter of weeks. Her attention span was severely shortened by her restlessness and itchy skin. What a difference! I wanted to be sure to let you know how happy we are with your foods - she absolutely LOVES the Dream Treats™ and it gives her the most incredible expression when she knows I have some and we are showing..."

E-Mail – Cat’s Coat Shines on Wysong

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful feline diet and nutritional products. I had purchased the Vitality in the past as a supplement but had been unable to find it where I now live. Due to a recent life-threatening illness for one of my 2 cats, I rediscovered Wysong... For the past month I have fed my older kitty (he's 4) a varied diet of strictly Wysong (Chicken Stew™, Nurture™, Archetype™, Uretic™, and Vitality™). I have been utterly amazed at the difference I noticed in his coat within just two weeks! For the very first time ever his coat is smooth, shiny and even somewhat silky; he is even shedding less! I have always fed my cats good, healthy food but am so thankful for switching to a solely Wysong diet... a truly superior and GREAT food!”

E-Mail – Dogs Health Problems Vastly Improved on Wysong

“My oldest Lhasa Apso was diagnosed by my vet in MI with a heart murmur. He was listless, lethargic, and not himself, age 11-12 years old at the time. I have three dogs: two Lhasa Apso's ages 13, 15, and my Shih Tzu, age 11. It was suggested to me to try Anergen food by Wysong. Also, my three dogs have allergies. I changed food to Anergen™ - what a difference in three months. My older dog’s heart murmur went down to a 3 from a 6 - he came back to life! All three dogs loved the food! Recently, my two dogs seem tired of Anergen™, so a Wysong representative suggested Synorgon™ dry food and canned Turkey Aus Jus™. The can food smells like turkey dinner and my three dogs gobble it up! They love the newer Wysong food. With Wysong food their blood counts are good for aging dogs and they look and feel better complimented by excellent food. Thanks Wysong - you brought my older dog back to life! He is age 15 to turn 16 in November with a zeal for life…Quality of food and manufacturing of food are huge safety issues and I am glad Wysong is on the front line to protect our beloved animals! THANKS WYSONG…”

E-Mail – Archetype™ Diet Helps Skin Condition

“…My year old German Shepard Dog had a serious candida yeast overrun. I switched to Wysong Archetype™ diet and followed the protocol recommended by nzymes.com. We saw results within a couple of weeks. It has now been a little over 6 weeks and her skin has cleared up

tremendously with obvious and gradual improvement. I am estimating that she should have her coat back to normal in about another month. I just thought I'd share this experience with you.”

E-Mail – Dry, Itchy Skin Disappears On Wysong, Dog Eats Less With Better Results

“I read about your company in a letter to the editor in the Bay City Times. This was right about the time that all the recalls were going on. We have a black Lab, Remington, who is 6 years old. He was one of four puppies dumped by the side of the road and found by a friend of mine. We took him and he has been spoiled ever since! We had always thought we were buying him a better brand of dog food, but we were always having trouble with him itching and scratching himself silly. We thought he had dry skin and would add butter to his food and the vet told us he may be allergic to red dye, so we were watching any treats that we gave him to make sure that they weren't colored. But, the itching just was getting worse. He even had some skin eruptions at times. Then, I read the letter in the paper and she mentioned the Wysong product and in particular that it seemed to help her pet with itching...I found your product in a pet store in Bad Axe and bought a case right off the bat. He has just started the 4th bag and the itching has completely stopped! THANK YOU!!! He also does not need to eat as much. My husband took him up north to our cabin last weekend and a friend also went along. And, when he saw how much food my husband poured into his bowl, he couldn't believe that was all he ate...He is so much healthier, and you have saved us from much grief over all the scratching that was going on. Your product is wonderful!”

E-Mail – Wysong Assuring, Clears Skin Problems For Boxer

“Thank you for assuring us your pet food is safe. I have been feeding our Boxer Wysong dry for 1 year now, she loves the food, her skin problems have cleared, I cook her chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, and she loves that too! My daughter is now feeding her dog Wysong.”

Letter – Cats With Allergies Doing Well On Nurture With Free Range Pheasant™

“Thank you for making a product of such quality, and one that cats obviously find delicious! We have two cats with special dietary needs and your Nurture with Free-Range Pheasant™ is one of only two foods they can eat without an allergic reaction, and of the two, they prefer yours by far…”

Letter – Dogs Love and Look Great on Wysong

“Our dogs absolutely love it (Wysong Canine Diets)!!!!!! Their coats have never been nicer. We wouldn’t use anything else.”

Letter – Cats Look Great On Wysong Vitality™

“My cat’s beautiful fur coat is so shiny! Thank you.”

Letter – Improvement in Cats Skin and Coat on Wysong

“My cats love your product – my girl cat’s coat has improved 100% since switching.”

Letter – Kudos and Raves

“I’ve been feeding my one year old Chocolate Lab, Gino, the dry Growth™ product. His coat shines and does not have an odor like other dogs. He is developing into a beautiful animal. I’ve recommended your product to my sister. After reading information on your products she just started purchasing it for her 2 dogs. I look forward to trying some of your new products for humans as well as the can food and treats for Gino.”

E-Mail – Better Skin and Hair Health

“Dear Wysong, Since I have used your Maintenance™ Diet, my Golden Retriever has not had any skin problems and her coat is beautiful. She is 4-years-old now and her first two years were plagued with skin problems where she would get a small red bump that would fester into a half dollar size raw patch of skin where the hair would fall out and her itching made it worse. The vet kept saying it was fleas.  We really don’t have any fleas. I thought maybe it was some kind of microscopic insect or something that would infect her but over the last two years since she has been exclusively eating Maintenance, she has not had even one episode. I think all Retriever owners should hear this because skin disease is so common in this over-bred breed. I think that whatever it is, the Maintenance diet is enough to keep her immune system active enough to fight it. Thank you for that. I have only ever used the “best,” most expensive dog food available in the pet stores until I happened across your website. Now I only feed her Wysong Maintenance™.”

Phone – Food has helped with IBD and Skin Problems

“I just wanted to let you know that since I switched to Wysong my dogs’ health has improved dramatically. I started feeding Synorgon™ and for the first time in 9 years and my one dog has no more bowel problems. My other dog had a skin condition for several years and this is the only diet that has dramatically improved his coat!”

E-Mail - Stops Cocker's Allergies

“I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your awesome dog food. I have a Cocker Spaniel, almost 12 years old and this is the absolute first food that controls her allergies. She WAS chewing her paws constantly, now she isn't. She WAS scratching at her coat all the time, now she isn't. I had previously tried dog foods that vets said would help and NONE did. I am so thankful that one of the local Pet Supplies Plus stores started carrying your products. I especially thank you. Thank you again for such an outstanding product that really does benefit animals in a realistic way.”

E-Mail – Improvement In Cats’ Coats Incredible

“I just wanted to let you know how great I think your cat food is. I have two cats, a Scottish Fold and a British shorthair and the improvement in their coats since I switched them to Wysong is incredible!! They were very picky before but love the Wysong chicken, I have no problems with them eating now!! Thanks again for a great cat food!”

E-Mail – Dog Gets Allergy Relief With Synorgon™

“Attached is a picture of my Flat-coated Retriever, Navarre. I have just recently started feeding him Synorgon™. He has a beef allergy and cannot have some foods. I had been feeding him venison and potato, but he didn't like it and ate it sparingly. I show him, and he was so skinny, a handler told me I needed to put some weight on him. Since he was not eating the venison, I tried the Synorgon to see if he had any allergic reactions to it. He did not and he loves it. It actually smells like real meat. Not like typical dog food. He has gained 5 pounds on it and has filled out to a very nice specimen of the Flat-coat breed. He finished his championship and I am still showing him in obedience, agility, rally and conformation. His coat looks and feels great and is very full considering these are the summer months. I am glad a friend of mine got me started on this food. Now I just need to talk my veterinarian into carrying it since the closest retailer is about 50 miles away from me. Thanks.”

E-Mail – Synorgon Alleviates Itching And Scratching

"I just wanted to let you know how your Synorgon™ made a difference in our lives. My Lhasa Apso puppy had severe itching. The vet said parasites, then just "allergies." The vet was ready to put her on steroids, until I started researching and found your website and Synorgon™. I wanted to avoid steroids at all costs, and thought I would try your product after reading your testimonials. Within a few days I noticed the scratching subsided, until after a week it was completely gone! I notice if she gets into her brother's food, because she will start scratching again almost immediately. Thank you again for your quality products. All of my pets eat your foods and supplements and we are staying with you for life. I appreciate all of the help on your website as well."

Letter – Dock Jumping Dog’s Health Problems Clear Up

"I came across your products, namely the dog foods, a few years ago when I was searching for a healthier feeding alternative for my German Shorthair Pointer, Oskar, who was then around a year old. Before being on Synorgon™, his coat was very thin and dry, and he had ear issues, and was constantly licking his feet, amongst other problems. Not only did all of these problems disappear, but he also put on some healthy weight and really muscled up. I loved the results so much I put my Weimaraner, Fiona on it, and also my Australian Cattle Dog, Carly, that I got last summer. I will not feed my dogs anything else. Meanwhile, in the past year we have become very involved in the sport of dog dock jumping, as seen on ESPN’s Great Outdoors Games…a

few weeks ago in Grand Rapids, Oskar took third with a jump of 20’7”….Not only is Oskar a great jumper, he is a gorgeous specimen of a dog and a true testament and walking advertisement to Wysong foods. He is the picture of health, solid muscle and a beautiful shiny coat. I have countless people asking me what I feed him and what I do to keep him in such great shape..."

E-Mail – Improved Coat And Skin For Rat Terrier And Persian

"I saw the featured pet on the website and thought I’d send over my testimonial. I am Peggy Brown and my pets are Sprocket, Babi, Hemingway, and Frasier. I recently adopted my rat terrier, Sprocket and when we got him they had him on a commercial brand food that I knew from past experience was junk. He shed constantly and excessively. His fur was so thin you could easily see skin. I also have three cats and had them on a non-commercial food that wasn’t Wysong. I tried the same brand for my dog and saw no improvement in the shedding. So, I continued my search. I happened into an obscure pet store on my afternoon walk with Sprocket and talked to the storeowner there about Wysong. She sent me home with 2 weeks worth of samples for Sprocket plus your literature. I did my homework, read through the website and after just one week saw good improvement. It was at that time that I started buying him Wysong products. That was 3 months ago. Now his fur is considerably thicker, healthier in texture, and shinier. He’s been able to easily maintain weight and really loves the product. It didn’t take long of me seeing his improvements for me to start the cats on Wysong as well. Their fur has also seen dramatic improvements. My longhaired Persian is shedding considerably less. I’ve gone from combing him three times a week to once a week, I’ve seen a huge decrease in cat dander and one of my three has since stopped some anxiety related behavior without any other change in his routine. And perhaps the best testimonial is that the calico, Babi, has gone from terrible gingivitis to not a sign of it in just 2 months. I have been feeding Wysong Synorgon™, and Vitality™ along with integrating Archetype™, and canned Au Jus™. I adore that you have many products that cross-over canine/feline, it makes spoiling all my pets easier."

California – Healthier Skin And Coat In 6 Weeks

"It’s been since June 8th (now July 16th) that I have been transitioning the animals off all their "high end," "Prescription," and "Veterinarian Recommended" diets onto Wysong System. I am witnessing DRAMATIC results in my animals, i.e. ear secretions, fungus on the nailbeds and ears, and the pruritic orange exudated that has been coming out of my dog’s entire body, mostly underneath and down all legs and feet, is going away!! For the first time in his lifetime, now eight, we can see white fur, and pink skin. The orange residue is turning yellow, and is just now on the tips of the hairs. The new growth, is NEW GROWTH!! Every day of his life, he has suffered severely. He has endured daily scrubbings, ear cleanings, prescriptions, chemical washes in his ears, and everywhere else, and so many visits to so many veterinarians, from dermatology to acupuncture, to Bach’s Flower Remedies™, to hundreds of subcutaneous injections of allergy treatments, changes in diets, and he itched and itched and itched. Every time he would come to me for love, he would get poked, scraped, scrubbed, and rubbed, and then loved and smooched and hugged. Every day of his life I have shaken my head and wanted to cry for him. Months ago I stopped injecting him. He said, "please, I don’t want any more injections," and every night, he hops beside my face on my pillow and licks himself to sleep. He licks, and I scratch him! Well, it is all going away! Day after day, I am watching it fade."

California – Soft, Shiny Coat On Wysong

"With confidence I feed only Wysong. The results have been tremendous and visibly noticeable. I just purchased her second twenty pounds of food and already three changes have occurred. First of all her coat is much softer and is so shiny I wondered if something wasn’t wrong. Really! Second, she doesn’t have as much intestinal upset anymore. Before switching her to Wysong she had a lot of gas and burped up frequently after eating. They have almost completely disappeared. I would have to say those symptoms have been reduced 95%. Incredible! Third, I’ve noticed she has more energy in the mornings. Shadow is 1½ years old and at about 13 months of age she slowly stopped bringing me her toys to play with her and slept longer. In the past few weeks she gets up earlier and with her tail wagging she’s ready to play and full of energy. This may sound a little exaggerated after only a month on your Wysong food but it is the truth! I know my dog very well and any little change in her, for good or bad, I notice right away. I have never written to a company to tell them how great their product is, but I am so pleased with yours I just had to send my thanks and compliments. Thanks again! Keep up the great work."

Breeder, Ohio – Beautiful Coat And Color On Doberman

"After being a long time user of Pro Visions Pro Plan™, we saw that our Doberman show bitch was losing coat luster as well as condition. After having her fully evaluated by a vet, we started searching for a new food. We actually went to buy Innova™, but came across Wysong instead. We LOVE IT! She loves it and her improvement is drastic. She is a red and while showing her at the Indy Winter Classic Dog Show in Indianapolis, she was noted as being darkest red Dobe in the ring. Her overall condition has improved tremendously! We are so pleased with your product and look forward to recommending it to our puppy buyers."

Washington – Allergies Resolved With Synorgon™

"I have a re-homed, year-old Irish Water Spaniel with allergies (bladder infection, inflamed sheath and flea dermatitis). By the time the original infections were cleared up, the poor guy had no hair on his back, belly, chest, paws, and rear legs. I fed Precise Puppy™ and he did okay, but not great. He had all those problems and was a picky eater, then his coat began to get really bad. We switched him to Solid Gold™ thinking that would take care of it. He was less picky about eating, but still reserved and then, while showing, his coat went all to pieces. He developed dermatitis again, but worse, he lost a lot of weight and constantly scratched and chewed himself. He and I were miserable. I went to a feed store with my problem looking for a different Solid Gold variety. The owner there listened to my sad tale and told me about your products. My husband, who is normally not too decisive on dog matters, made the choice then and there and bought a forty-pound box. We switched both dogs (we also have a Weimeraner) to Synorgon™ over the next week. They ate like animals and we haven’t looked back."

Internet – Wysong Turns Dog’s Health Around

"My regular vet told me the dog was going down the tube, he was only 3 years old, but in very bad shape, thin, losing hair, and terrible skin. I put him on Wysong and within 2 months I had him over to a neighbor’s asking, ‘Do you think this is hair growing in?’ Fievel lived 7 more years."

Phone – Bichon’s Allergy Problems Disappear

“I am so glad I have started feeding Wysong to my Bichon. He had all kinds of problems including severe skin and itching problems. I spent over $5000.00 at the vet office trying to clear up the problems. He was on steroids shots and medications and the list goes on. I switched him over to Wysong and within a few months the problems disappeared and he is no longer on medications or allergy shots. It is wonderful. I am trying to get my fellow Bichon club members to feed Wysong, as they all have the same problems with their dogs. I know it will help them all. One club member has switched to Wysong so far and she just raved about it at our last meeting. I will never have another Bichon without feeding Wysong. Thank you for such a great product.”

North Carolina – Hair, Coat and Health Improved

“The dogs at our shelter prefer the taste of Wysong™ over all other foods. There are two main things I’ve noticed about the Wysong Diets. First, their hair, coat and overall body has improved. I’ve given Wysong to dogs with maggots, mange and other skin and coat problems. With Wysong, their coats always came back quickly and healthier. The second thing is palatability. All of the dogs, even the picky ones are willing to eat it. Plus, it dissolves easily, so the older dogs have no problems eating it. I get calls from people who adopt the mini breeds that say they’re such picky eaters, they’ll only eat Wysong.”

Internet – Wysong Clears Up Skin And Ear Problems

“I have a Chow Chow that is 12 years old. She has been on Wysong food for almost the whole 12 years. Kimba has skin allergies. Wysong food cleared her skin and ear problems right up. We have been a believer of these products for years. I started working for Lake Huron Veterinary Clinic (Port Huron) in 1993. Dr. Vyncke has been carrying that product for 20 years. Dr. Vyncke has said that her diet is probably why Kimba has stayed healthy and with us for so long. Kimba’s diet is Anergen™, DentaTreat™, and Biscuits™. Au Jus™ canned as well. Our 1-year-old tabby cat eats Vitality™, Au Jus™, DentaTreat™, and of course Wysong Cat Treats™. I have not worked up the courage to use Tundra™ yet. I’m sure they would love it. I really do believe Wysong is why she is still with us and doing well for her age.”

Iowa – Using Synorgon™ To Improve Skin And Coat

"We are new customers to your products and so far we are finding them quite good. We have tried another food, but are now trying the Synorgon™, which may help reduce the dandruff with one of our dogs. We are also trying C-Biotic™ as an added supplement for our dogs. We are most pleased trying your products because of the freshness, with the smaller individually sealed bags and the high quality of your foods. We really like the fact that you do not use animal by-products in your products."

Internet – Anergen™ Prevents Itching And Scratching

“I owned a pet store until last year, when I sold it. The only dog and cat food I sold and recommended was Wysong™. I currently have a dog who is itchy and always scratching if we run out of  Anergen™ and feed him something else. One of our other dogs is on the Senior™ formula, and the kitten loves the canned cat foods. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product.”

Internet – Wysong Nothing Short Of A Miracle

“There is NO way I could ever thank the Wysong Company for all they have given us in the health of our cats. It was over 10 years ago that we started, and the change was nothing short of a miracle. We were relatively new pet owners and feeding the “leading” brand cat foods, and Hill’s Diet, and when we switched over, all of their conditions (which they were on steroids and even hormone drugs for) simply disappeared. I felt SO angry that we were making their life MISERABLE with all of these drugs we were told to give them, when it was actually all because of the low quality food. Here we were believing what the mainstream (and vets!) say is good food for your pet, and it was all a lie. I was infuriated, especially when I read all of the Wysong material that completely backed up our own experience. Now we “preach” Wysong to anyone we know or meet who owns a pet.”

Phone – Skin Problems Cleared Up

"I want to compliment your company on your great products. I am so happy with the products I have purchased for myself and my pets. ... What you have done for my animals is wonderful. My friend’s Pug had bristly hair and after feeding this food it is amazing, his coat is so silky, and he only switched to Wysong a couple months ago. The skin eruptions all went away too. My greyhound has a beautiful coat too and she eats less and looks better on this food. I tell everyone I know to feed Wysong and not that junk in the store. Thank you so very, very much."

Internet – Cats Doing Wonderfully On Wysong

“I adopted a shelter cat approximately 18 months old after one of my cats passed from kidney failure. We were told he was eating Science Diet™. I bought Science Diet and he really didn’t like it. He also had loose smelly stool. I had always fed my other cats Wysong™ but did not have any dry on hand because my one “baby” will only eat the canned. Since this new cat would not really eat the Science Diet, I bought another brand name and the new cat loved it but still had the loose smelly stool. I quickly ordered Wysong dry Vitality™. My new cat’s stool is now normal. It took him about a month to completely make a turn around. I also would like to mention that my first cat that had died of kidney failure developed allergies when she was about 1 year old. Not knowing any better I was feeding her store bought cat food. The vet warned me to give her a home cooked diet. I didn’t want to deal with that so I did some research and found your company. I tried switching the cat to Vitality™ and her allergies improved dramatically. She still needed a very small dosage of allergy serum injected a couple of times a month for tree and grass allergies. However, I truly believe that the Wysong diet did wonders for her. When my beautiful baby was diagnosed with kidney disease (from routine blood screening) I again did more research when my vet wanted me to switch to a very low protein commercial food that contained all the “bad” things I had avoided giving her. Through my research on the web and through your site, I decided to keep her on Wysong Geriatrx™. She lived 1 ½ years after her diagnosis and did not really degrade until a month before she passed. My cats do wonderful on your food and their beautiful soft and silky fur is definitely a sign of a good diet. Thank you for providing our pets with so much!”

Ohio – Wysong Clears Up Bare Spots

"When my dog was eating your food she looked and acted a lot healthier. By the way, she is a 13-year-old Doberman and she loved your food! She has a thyroid condition, requiring expensive medication, which causes bare spots on her haunches. When she was eating your food these spots went away and as soon as I stopped feeding her Wysong they returned."

Internet – Dramatic Difference With Wysong

“We started our two puppies, a six-year-old Welsh Corgi and a 3-year-old Border Collie, last September on Wysong™. Up to that point Huck, the Border Collie, had been having skin problems and was just not very interested in eating his food. Lily was also having skin problems, but was also suffering from an overweight issue. Immediately after we switched to Wysong we noticed a dramatic effect in not just their health, but also in the attitudes; they seem genuinely happier now. Lily has lost 15 pounds and acts like a puppy again and Huck’s coat has never been thicker. It is nice to know that we are doing something to benefit their health. My wife and I were appalled when we started doing some research and discovering what was in their old dog food.”

Internet – Thicker Coat In Less Time

“I am extremely pleased with your food. I am a breeder and professional handler. I specialize in terriers and many times we have difficulties with skin and coat, especially with Westies. In December, I changed my champion male Westie to your food on recommendation. At that time, I was having trouble getting good thick coat and it was extremely slow growing. Also, I noticed that his hair was getting drier and coming out much too easy. I have to admit that when I switched his food over to Synorgon™ and Archetype™ I was not expecting much of a difference till about three months (that seems to be the time I have found most foods to show up and it is also about the time for a cycle of development of their coats). I was pleasantly surprised to see a change starting in about a month. I now have my 3 house Scottie’s on it and weaned my most recent litter with Growth™ and Archetype™ (they are now 7 weeks old).”

Michigan – Great Food For Dog With Allergies

“Please keep supplying us with this food. It is WONDERFUL!! Our dog has major food allergies. Finally, something she can eat. Thank you so much.”

Washington – Glossy, Soft Coats On Wysong

“I have used your product for about 9 months. The coat on each is so glossy and soft that everywhere we go people want to know what we feed them to get the same results…Thanks for your effort in keeping my dogs in perfect shape.”

Internet – Synorgon™ Clears Up Skin Problems

“Just a note on your Synorgon™. My dog had all kinds of skin problems last summer. This year since I put him on your Synorgon™, he hasn’t had any skin problems. Thanks.”

Tennessee – Silky, Mat-Free Hair Coat

“Since I’ve been using your Wysong™ products for my dog, his coat is silky and mat-free. He no longer has knots in the fur of his stomach and underarms.”

Wisconsin – Synorgon™ Improves Hot Spot

“I’ve been taking my dog to the vet for a hot spot. I have been doctoring her since last November. I have tried numerous creams. I started giving her Synorgon™ and the hot spot is improving. I am sold on Synorgon!”

Internet – Coat Soft And Shiny On Wysong

“After just 3 days our Jack Russell’s coat is soft and shiny and he isn’t shedding like he was or stinky. Wow! Thank you.”

Internet – No Skin Problems For Dog After Feeding Wysong

“I want to thank you all very much for helping me to keep my pets healthy…I first started using your products when my dog developed allergies to the food that the shelter had been feeding her. I tried other lamb and rice formulas but she continued to have breakouts. Then I started mixing the Maintenance™, Anergen™ and Synorgon™ dry formulas with the different canned varieties and she's never had a problem since! I've now added more of the Senior™ formula to adjust to her activity level but she's still thriving and trying to catch squirrels. My cats simply shine and are extremely happy too. I recently lost my 12 yr old cat to leukemia but he ate Wysong his most of life and was gorgeous!! The vet used to say he couldn't believe how old he was, he simply didn't act or look like a 12 yr old cat.”

Letter – Cats’ Coats Soft And Glistening

“I just wanted to compliment your company and its products. I have been using the Feline Uretic™ and Canine Maintenance™ dry foods for quite a few years. My cats’ coats seemed to change immediately, becoming soft and “glistening.” Their stools are firm and formed and they seem to have increased energy. My male has no more problems with bladder stones that led me to purchasing your food. My greyhound is thriving on the Maintenance™. She has not acquired any fat on her body, which I have seen happen to a lot of greys that are consuming other brands. Her coat was deplorable when I got her and almost immediately became soft and now looks like a polished boot. Her stools are also firm and formed...”

Email – Wysong Helps Save Cat

“I have two beautiful felines Lunar and Lay'la. In November 2005 my male Lunar had to have surgery, he had been blocking up (struvite) on and off for several months. He had the surgery and when I got him home the day after, I saw that his health was deteriorating rapidly. I kept bringing the poor baby back to the vet until they realized that Lunar was in renal failure. I had to rush him to the emergency vet's office so he could have care 24/7. He stayed in there for 8 days. It seems Lunar had a surgical tear that caused his urine to back up into his body. They flushed his kidneys, gave him an antibiotic and he was eventually well enough to come home. When I took Lunar home, he weighed no more than 5 pounds. This was shocking because when Lunar went in for the surgery he was 12 pounds. It seemed he weighed no more than a sparrow. I thank Wysong because it is because of your wonderful products that Lunar is back up to his 12 pounds, happy, frisky and healthy with an incredibly shiny coat. I use a variety of Wysong products from the meat mixers, Gourmet™ products and Uretic™ dry food. I know that because of your products he healed properly and rapidly. He will be 7 years old this June and still acts like a kitten. Both of my cats have been using your products now for quite some time and I've noticed a huge difference in skin/coat, behavior, breath and bowel movements. Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products and I thank you for helping my Lunar!”

Phone – Cat Has Thicker Hair Coat On Wysong

"Wysong is probably one of the best products I have ever used. My cats have a tremendous amount of energy. One of my cats has had thin hair all of his life, and now he has more hair growing in. Friends have even noticed how much better he looks."

E-mail – Cat’s Fur Doubles In Volume

"One of our 4 cats was having problems that could not be explained by our vet. He finally came up with "Flash" having a nervous stomach. Flash is our smallest weighing in at about 7 lbs and had lost the shine to his fur. His fur also started to become patchy and he was throwing up fairly regularly. Thank goodness in a casual conversation I found out about Wysong and did a slow weaning of all of our cats onto your food. Within two months Flash was a completely different cat. His fur has doubled in volume and he is not throwing up like he was. He also has his old energy and playfulness back. So the feline portion of our family, (all are from our local

animal shelter), are grateful to your company for caring so much about animals that your caring reaches to their diet as well. Best regards"

Letter – Food Allergies No Longer Existent

"Thank you so much for such an amazing product. Our Boxer’s food allergies are pretty much non-existent and he’s stopped itching since we switched him to Wysong. We look forward to new products and future information."

Connecticut – Pom’s Coat Grows Back In Fuller And Softer

"I am writing to thank you for making such a good healthy pet food. A friend suggested that we try Wysong and told us where to go and buy some. We went that night. About a year ago, my Pom’s fur was beginning to fall out and her skin was becoming dry and flaky. She was put on medication for whatever caused her fur to fall out. It stopped, but her fur never grew back the way it was. Since I’ve had her on the dry food, plus the treats now, her fur has grown back so nicely and came back so much softer. Also, her skin isn’t itchy or dry anymore.

She is going on thirteen. So I have her on the Senior™ dry food, plus some wet food, and treats. I wish I had known about this food earlier. My brother now uses your dry food for his dogs and I’m letting a friend try in on her dog who has dry skin. As good as the other foods may be, I would never go back to any other food. I figure if I’m eating healthier, so is she. I see the results of a health food, even for a dog.”

Internet – Hyperpigmentation Clears Up For German Shepherd

“I recently purchased your Anergen™ dog food for my five-year-old German Shepherd. I would like to tell you that I noticed results within the first two weeks of feeding him the Anergen™-- and, this was still while the Anergen™ was being mixed with his 'old' food. The hyperpigmentation on his belly (it used to be all black) seems to be clearing up -- turning pink again. The redness on his legs and eyes has lessened, also. I am going to order different types of the moist food to add variety to his diet. I hope his condition continues to improve.”

California – Helps Dog Grow Coat

"For once I found a food that helps my dog grow hair instead of lose it. I feel so good about the

Wysong foods that I almost named my new pup ‘Wysong’."

California – Big Difference in Skin Allergies

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your food for dogs who have allergies. I have used it for only one week but there is a big difference in my dogs."

California – Wysong Clears Up Skin Problems For Goldens

"I feed my 5 Golden Retrievers your dog food under the advice of my veterinarian. Besides my dogs liking the food, which is very important, it seems to have cleared the skin problems they were having on Iams™ pet foods."

California – Irish Setter With “Allergies” Re-Gains Healthy Skin And Coat

"I had a beautiful Irish Setter show dog given to me. He began to scratch and itch and quite frankly I found myself with a nearly nude Setter. My wonderful veterinarian did all he could do testing for allergies, using Cortisone as a desperate effort, all to no avail. I was administering anti-allergy shots to this poor dog nightly and still he did not respond. Of course, we tried many, many dog foods and preparations and still we had a miserable looking and feeling Setter. THEN WE FOUND WYSONG!!! Half way through the first bag of Anergen™, the dog’s itching stopped, he began to feel better and hair began to grow...and grow...and grow. It was most remarkable! We are on our third bag of Wysong and singing its praises. The veterinarian is amazed and I am thrilled."

California – Cat Now Has Beautiful Coat

"I have 2 cats and 1 dog. One of the cats, a 6-year-old Siamese, has had skin problems, dandruff and oily mess. After switching to Wysong, his skin has cleared up and he now has a beautiful coat – after only 2 weeks on your food!"

California – C-Biotic™ Eliminates Scratching, Need For Steroids

"I just had to write to you and tell you what a remarkable product your C-Biotic™ is. My dog is an Airdale/Shepard mix and I got her at about 1½ years from an animal foundation. She is now 8½ and for her entire life she has chewed her back and has been on cortisone pills and shots – which I hated to give her. One of my clients raises Scottish Deerhounds and I was telling her about Benn, my dog, and she brought me in some C-Biotic™ and told me to try it. Well – after three months – my dog has a full growth of fur on her back and looks beautiful. No more pills,

and maybe its me, but she seems much spunkier. Being the skeptic that I am I would have never believed it but seeing is believing. All my friends are astounded at the way Benn looks – and I have sold a ton of your product through recommendation to them for their dogs. I should be a sales rep for you!! (Really Benn should be.) I’m only sorry I didn’t find this sooner and I wish I had before and after pictures for you. Thank you so much!"

California – Dog Stops Chewing Feet

"My dog chews at his feet and I have noticed him not doing it after 4 weeks of dry Wysong."

Delaware – No Itching Problems On Wysong

"My 2½-year-old German Shepherd was having an itching problem...my friend told me to try Wysong Diets...not a bit of itching – Praises be...thank you for all the concern and care you put into your products, I only wish every dog could be on it. I thank the day my friend told me about it."

Florida – Less Shedding, Better Coat On Wysong

"Our dog’s veterinarian has put our ‘Hugo’ on Wysong. Due to his food and many other allergies we had tried most every other food. He is doing fine on Wysong and loves it! Many good changes have taken place; less shedding, better coat and better stool habits."

Louisiana – Coat No Longer Dry, Full Of Luster

"We have two dogs, both thrive on Wysong Maintenance™. We’ve tried many other brands, but yours is definitely the best. Our Lab/Chow mix had a terrible dry, flaking skin with a dull coat. Since switching to Wysong, her coat is no longer dry and is full of luster. We also have a Sharpei. Known for their awful skin problems, our dog was no different. On Wysong, she no longer has any skin problems. Our Vet is astonished!"

Massachusetts – Wysong Cures Seasonal Allergies For Dog

"My Collie was put on Wysong last January and the first positive result was he gained 10 lbs. in one month. He had always been very thin and could not put weight on no matter what he was fed. He put on a few more pounds and is now maintaining his weight. The next positive result was his allergies - which appeared every year in March (as the snow melted) and got progressively worse until November. The first 2 summers of his life he was put on potent antibiotics for the entire time, and the allergies got worse to the point that his entire body was affected. This is the Collie’s 4th summer ...he is vastly improved and I attribute it to Wysong. Another ‘miracle’ is my mother’s German Shepherd, whose coat was dull and dry; skin was red and in places actually bleeding; constantly biting at himself. The first vet shaved the dog in several places looking for fleas (he found none). Four months later, the dog still looked awful, still biting at himself constantly, but now he had bare patches where the vet had shaved him; not even a stubble had grown in. I took the dog to another vet to have thyroid tests done – he was normal. I then decided to put him on Wysong. Three weeks later he looked like a new dog: fur had grown in where there had been none, coat was shiny, no more dandruff, skin was nice and healthy looking - no more bleeding, and the dog no longer was biting at himself."

Minnesota – After Years Of Failed Attempts, Wysong Finally Cures Allergies

"My husband and I were seriously considering having our 10-year-old West Highland White Terrier put to sleep because of her hysterical scratching from allergies. She has had numerous allergy tests and is allergic to almost all dog foods. At that time I was lucky enough to find Wysong at a pet food warehouse. Since that time her coat has grown back in thicker than it has ever been and her scratching is all but gone. This is after years of trying vets and medications, as well as every dog food on the market."

Ohio, Veterinarian – Dramatic Results For Lhasa Apso

"I have not only replaced all my ‘prescription’ diets with Wysong Diets but also find myself now selling more Maintenance diets to provide health instead of waiting to cure problems. My most dramatic case was a Lhasa Apso which had been bald for over a year. She had been treated by 3 veterinarians including a leading clinician in Columbus, Ohio and a very well known clinician from Ohio State University. Excellent results were achieved by adjusting thyroid dose and Wysong Diets!"

Pennsylvania – Wysong Synorgon™ Offers Allergy Relief For Sheltie

"I just wanted to write and let you know I found your dog food through a breeder/friend and am eternally grateful to your company! We have two Shetland sheepdogs, which as everyone knows, can be easily affected by airborne or food borne allergies that affect their coat, skin and health in general. Shelties can be prone to many a varied problem, but are wonderful intelligent dogs. So, when our new Sheltie puppy had a bout with flea bite dermatitis (which took awhile to detect, since no fleas or flea related symptoms were present), which left him undernourished (he wouldn’t eat) and with multiple skin and coat problems, we were advised by a Sheltie breeder that Wysong dog foods might help in getting this little pup back on his feet due to your superior/healthy ingredients. We felt at this point that we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying yet another dog food, as up to this point he was proving to be a ‘non-eater’ and was not healthy in our view. We had already tried Nutro™, Eukanuba™, Natural Choice™, and a variety of other premium dog foods to no avail. Numerous trips to our vet included blood workups, skin scrapings, and other tests that proved negative and futile. So, we figured ‘why not,’ and gave your food a try. Well, no one was more amazed than us when our little boy not only ate the new Wysong dog food with gusto, but also actually started to thrive on it! Within three weeks of being on your Synorgon™ formula, he was a different puppy! He gained weight (in fact he doubled his weight within this period), skin and coat condition were remarkably better, and he was healthy once again! His vet has even been amazed at his quick recovery and lustrous new coat since putting him on this food. She admitted that the new food was helping him gain a whole new healthy self-due to the high omega 3 content in this food and premium ingredients (chicken, ground brown rice, flaxseed), which in turn helped him regain a healthy immune system and overall health. I have started to recommend this food to all my Sheltie friends and acquaintances as both a normal maintenance diet and as a possible food source to help with Shelties who are also ‘fussy eaters,’ sick or convalescing. Everyone so far who has tried this food agrees that their Shelties gobble it up and for long term users, they have seen a marked improvement in overall health, coat and skin of their dogs. Again, thank you for making such a superior dog food that not only provides our dogs with a healthy, natural based nutritious diet, but giving us owners a little piece of mind as well. Our other Sheltie, who is almost a year old, is also on your Synorgon™ formula and has gained a wonderful coat and eagerly gobbles it up, which he had never done before on any other brand of premium dog food!"

Pennsylvania – Veterinarian Sees Dramatic Results With Wysong Diets

"After practicing veterinary medicine for 25 years, I have never been as excited about a product as I have been with Wysong Diets. The clinical results that I have seen in many animals have been unbelievable. Probably the most dramatic results that I’ve seen have been in skin disease and hair coat. The health and general well-being of the animal has been quite noticeable. This has greatly increased rapport with our clients. I challenge any other food to produce the consistent results that we have seen in the treatment of skin disease, etc. Any veterinarian that has not tried Wysong Diets in their clinic is missing out on a lot of personal reward."

Tennessee – Pruritis Cured For English Sheepdog

"An 8-month-old Old English Sheepdog was presented with intense pruritus. At his request we started the dog on Wysong Maintenance™. One week later the owner reported that the pruritus had decreased significantly. At last report, the dog is doing well with no evidence of pruritus."

Texas – Wonderful Difference In Coats

"I wanted to let you know how positively impressed I am with your Canine Diets. Feeding Wysong to my dogs has made a wonderful difference in their coats, and they are incredibly fit and healthy! I had not heard of your product until a friend of mine told me about it. I saw how beautiful and full of good health her Rottweiler was. She attributed her pet’s health to Wysong. She couldn’t sing its praises enough! That’s when I decided to try it for my own dogs. I was indeed pleased. Thank you for making such a fine, high quality dog food. Eating well has shown to be the key to good health, and I’m glad I can provide that for my pets."

Washington – Scratching Stopped Within 2 Days Of Feeding Wysong

"Also, I ordered Anergen™ and 2 dogs with food allergy were not scratching in 2 days! One had long-term deep-seated skin problems. He is old. His eyes had puffy black skin surrounding them. His belly was all black skin. Within a week his belly is turning pink. He used to shriek all the time. Now he is calmer and only shrieks when he gets over excited. The other young dog evidently had a mild allergy. We couldn’t find the problem at first. His skin was blushed pink but not red. He didn’t scratch. The other dogs always nibbled on him. He did not have any parasites, like fleas, lice, etc. When we saw the old dog get better so fast we put the young dog on Anergen™ and in 2 days…his skin is white. The dogs don’t nibble on his skin. Also, we had a lot of stool eaters. That activity has disappeared in all but 2 old ones."

Washington – Dermatitis Improving, Shedding Reduced For Dogs

"...After two months, my beautiful Spaniel has hair over his whole body, and his dermatitis is much better, although still there. I recently added your Flaxseed Oil™ to his diet to give him a little extra help and he eats like he loves it. Even the Weimeraner benefited, she glows with health and her shedding is reduced, as is her waistline. I can now foresee my dog having a real Water Spaniel coat and going into the show ring again. Thank you for putting out such a superior product. I noticed the human products and plan to try some of them next. I am so grateful for what you have done to make my companions more healthy and comfortable. God bless you."

Washington – Alopecia Stops After Feeding Wysong

"I have a cat that kept chewing the hair off her back and tail. She had been eating Science Diet™ when this began. I changed her diet to Iams™ which did not stop the chewing. Then I tried Lick Your Chops, and the chewing got worse. At one point, her body was ½ naked – the whole back half of her back, legs and 2 to 3 inches of her tail base. Then I discovered Wysong and her hair grew back completely!"

Washington – Skin Scabs Clear Up For Tabby Cat

"My tabby had skin scabs for 5 years and her hair was thin in places. She kept scratching her scabs until they bled. Finally, we found Wysong and her scabs disappeared in 3 months and her fur is thick and shiny. Her fur has never looked this good!"

Washington – Best Food For Doberman With Allergies

"We have used your Wysong Canine Diet for at least a year on a Doberman with allergies. His skin has been much better than with any other food, including lamb and rice diets. We had tried everything we could find, and this is the best for this dog. Thanks."

Wisconsin, Veterinarian – Newfoundland’s Itching Stops On Wysong

"The pets on Wysong Diets seem healthier with better hair coat, improved growth in pups and kittens, and clients love it! Here is a typical case history: 6-year-old intact male Newfoundland has chronic (2 years) skin disease. The dog has been examined by four other veterinarians. Owner elected to try Wysong Maintenance™ Diet. At 30 days, itching had stopped. At 60 days, hair growth had become evident. At 90 days, skin and hair were normal."

Internet – Easier Coat Maintenance™ On Wysong Diets

"I am a long time user/dealer of your products. I have Newfoundland dogs, the landseer variety and the black with white markings. I would like to say this, the landseers owned by many people are dirty, hard to keep white and all around for showing, much more work than mine. The white couldn’t be whiter, shinier and cleaner. The black is black, shiny and free flowing. Many complain that the landseer is too much work, when I find them easier than even the blacks to clean up. If you want, my dogs are eager to be cover dogs for Wysong."

Internet – Cats No Longer Have Dandruff On Wysong Diets

"Both my cats have always had a bad case of dandruff. Then something extraordinary happened – I bought – just for the heck of it – your dry Vegan™ diet. I include a quarter of a can for each cat of Gourmet™ or the All Meat and Organ™ canned and in the evenings about half a cup each of dry. The result – no dandruff! I mean nothing, not a trace! Plus their shedding has been greatly reduced. Their fur is sleeker, softer, and shinier than I had ever seen it. What’s in it? A magic bullet? I mean even my vet couldn’t come up with anything! I thank you, thank you, thank you. A special meow from 2 happy felines."

Internet – Wysong Promotes Shiny, Shimmery Coat

"I adopted a 7-month-old cat from the local adopt-a-thon a few months ago. She had been cared for, spayed, etc., after being found roaming the streets. She was very thin and her coat was very dry and dull. She was eating Iams™ when I got her and did not like to change her diet. She is the kind of cat that doesn’t care what she eats, as long as we keep it consistent. But her coat is so shiny, it shimmers! This is GOOD food!"

Internet – Doberman Receives Compliments On Coat And Appearance

"I am the owner of a 20-month Doberman female who was fed Wysong. She has done very well on your food and everyone who meets her comments on her overall appearance, but especially her coat."

Internet – Italian Greyhound Known As The Hairless Grows Full Coat On Wysong Diets

"I am writing because I recently changed my dog food to Wysong Synorgon™.  I have one young Great Dane and two 10-year-old Italian Greyhounds. One of my Italian Greyhounds has had a thyroid problem most of his adult life and has been basically hairless except for a few spots here and there, and also has seizures every 4 to 6 months. Since I have put him on Wysong Synorgon™, he has grown a full body of hair. I can’t believe it, or can anyone else who was used to Gabriel, the hairless. He is a beautiful soft silky golden fawn color. I have had him since he was three and I never knew what his true color was."

Internet – Cat With Allergies Thriving On Anergen™

"I have been feeding my 11-year-old cat the Anergen™ formula – both the canned and dry – mixed together, as she has severe food allergies. She is absolutely thriving on it!"

Internet – Wysong Offers Only Improvement For Greyhound With Allergies

"Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Wysong Anergen™ dog food. My Tommy (retired Greyhound) is better. After surgery to remove a broken infected leg, my Tommy developed an allergy and became red all around his mouth. He is white, so this was especially unnerving and sad. We tried everything, steroids, foods, vitamins, flax oil, etc. We also tried Benadryl™ and other antihistamines. Nothing worked and Tommy got progressively worse. I happened upon your dog food and ordered some. We are on our 5th week and Tommy is turning white again. It is a miracle. I love you all. Can you send it to me in 55-gallon drums?? It has been 18 months with no improvement until we tried your product. God bless you!!"

Internet – Vet Exclaims About Gorgeous Coats

"My cats have been eating Wysong foods since they came to me at 5 months – my vet always exclaims about the gorgeousness of their coats."

Internet – Cat’s Coat Gorgeous On Wysong

"The breeder I got my cat from was feeding the mother Wysong before, during, and after she became pregnant. That cat’s coat is gorgeous."

Internet – Guide Dog Is Allergy Free On Wysong Synorgon™ And C-Biotic™

"We cannot sing your praises loudly enough! I feed my guide dog Wysong and add in the C- Biotic™. She is doing splendidly. I am on a mailing list for guide dog users and I just got this in the mail after referring a person to Synorgon™ about six months ago. Here you go: ‘I don’t know if you remember me, but I asked about food for dogs with bad allergies on G-Dog list and you were kind enough to suggest Wysong Synorgon™. I am the one with the pet Border Collie shepherd cross who loses all his hair in the spring. Couver is allergic to grass, corn, and a multitude of other things. I am writing because I just returned from the vet with the terrific news that he shows no signs of any allergies. But even better after about 6 months on Wysong he also has gained 10 pounds. We have never been able to keep weight on him and now he looks wonderful. I can’t thank you enough.’ The list knows we feed Wysong, and they know why! My own dog is allergy-free as well, although she chewed herself raw on other foods."

Internet – No More Allergies For Keeshond On Wysong

"We recently put our 11-year-old Keeshond on Wysong. We noticed some really neat improvements from the Senior™ we had been giving him. Such things as his eyes clearing from a bluish black tint back to their original brown, and not having allergic type symptoms such as watery eyes and itchy inner ears. Plus, increased energy and overall well-being. We are extremely grateful for this."

Internet – Cures Severe Skin Allergies For Yorkie

"I am writing to you to thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have three Yorkshire Terriers, two of which have pancreatic problems & one with severe skin allergies. Your food has helped them tremendously with their health issues. I cannot really afford Wysong, but am going to do everything I can to keep them on it; I had no idea how expensive rescuing two Yorkies could be between the vet costs, medications, & food. I am impressed with the organic properties of the food, the small & less frequent stools & the overall health benefits from the food. We use the Wysong canned Au Jus formulas & the Yorkies just love it! I know I have helped save two of these little dogs & with your food you have improved their quality of life. Thank you & please don't ever stop making this excellent organic food."

Internet – Wysong Cures Skin Allergies For Dogs

"I began using Wysong about 12 years ago. I had a very sick dog and after our conventional veterinarian said there was nothing we could do for this animal, I found an alternative medicine veterinarian who said she wanted to try a couple things before we euthanized the dog. One of which was changing to Wysong dog food. The dog recovered and lived another 6 years. Six years later we now have a beautiful golden retriever. Unfortunately, over the past year, I have watched this dog go through numerous ear infections and scratch continuously. Our alternative veterinarian has moved away so I am back to a conventional vet. Environmental allergies and choosing a breed prone to allergies is what we have been told is the reason for the ear infections and scratching. No mention of food or food quality as a possible culprit. We were just about ready to put this dog on Prednisone when just by chance, while at one of our natural food stores, Vitamin Cottage, I saw a copy of the book “Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Richard Pitcairn”. This is a book I had purchased back when our previous dog was so ill. I went home and found the book and began reading it again. It all came back about poor quality dog food and the effects it has on animals. The book mentions Wysong as a good quality food to consider which I already knew but had forgotten, as I had found it hugely beneficial in the healing process of our previous dog. I switched immediately and our beautiful dog is no longer scratching and has had no further ear infections."

Pennsylvania – Chronic Ear Infections Clear Up On Wysong

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Wysong dog food. Our standard Poodle, Nigel, has had constant ear infections since he was a puppy. Our vet suggested that this might be due to food allergy (after 4½ years of vet bills). Nigel was switched to Wysong. We had an appointment with the University of Pennsylvania Vet. School for an ear evaluation April 17. He had both ears scoped and they were completely normal, without any inflammation. The vet was familiar with Wysong products and was very impressed with the amazing results. He advised we keep Nigel on Wysong the rest of his life. Thank you again for your advice and products. We also give him E.F.A.™ and  C-Biotic™."