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Veterinarian Recommended

Pennsylvania – Veterinarian Sees Dramatic Results With Wysong Diets

"After practicing veterinary medicine for 25 years, I have never been as excited about a product as I have been with Wysong Diets. The clinical results that I have seen in many animals have been unbelievable. Probably the most dramatic results that I’ve seen have been in skin disease and hair coat. The health and general well-being of the animal has been quite noticeable. This has greatly increased rapport with our clients. I challenge any other food to produce the consistent results that we have seen in the treatment of skin disease, etc. Any veterinarian that has not tried Wysong Diets in their clinic is missing out on a lot of personal reward."

Letter – Healthy Greyhound

“Thank you! My dog loves your food and my vet says she’s super healthy. She’s even recommending Wysong to other Greyhound owners.”

E-Mail -  Dream Treats™ Great For Cat With Cystitis

“…I've ordered the Pheasant for my two cats. My cats have been on Wysong for a few years now and they love the Chicken and Beef Stews™. I've ordered the Dream Treats™ too as other "organic" treats cause my male cat Lunar to have cystitis attacks frequently. My homeopathic vet, Dr. Michael Dym highly recommends your food and I appreciate the fact that Wysong has only the very best intentions for my pets…”

E-Mail – Thanks For Saving Dog

“I just wanted to say thanks for saving my dog. Our dog had lots of problems: loss of hair, dry skin, sores, and bad allergies. We were really desperate for an answer. Our local vet suggested you guys and it was like a miracle. Our dog’s coat is nice and shiny, the sores and allergies have disappeared, and he has stopped losing hair. He looks great and you can tell he feels good. He loves the food. Thanks so much for saving my dog and providing better quality food for my pet. I will surely pass your name around to other pet customers. Thanks for your help in solving my problem and helping my pet to live a better healthy life.”

E-Mail – Vet Sees Remarkable Improvement in Dog and Cat Health

“I have spoken at length a number of times with your vet techs at Wysong - Jeff and Sheri that I recall.  Most recently I spoke with Sheri after she spoke with a client of ours who was recommended your foods. Martha was so impressed with the assistance she received with Sheri both on the phone, by email, and by sending her invaluable information she is just singing Wysong's praises to everyone she sees!  Martha's little dog was in rough shape and liver number way out of whack. Sheri's recommendation so hit the spot with the little dog that remarkable improvement was seen in just 3 days. A week later his blood values were high normal. Considering the dog has had issues with liver problems for years with little success in treating, it was pretty astounding to see all our training go out the window and a pet food company give legitimate nutritional advice to our client. To add to that, I then spoke with Sheri regarding a cat having persistent kidney issues, borderline renal failure and shows little to no improvement with conventional treatments. Her simple recommendations of a more natural diet - to try as simple as quality ground turkey with Call of the Wild™ and EFA with Fish Oil™. Of course suggesting your great dry foods and Archetype™, and UnCanny™ but her suggestions to start with the simplest approach was right on target. That and adding Biotic pH-™ and her symptoms are completely under control with acceptable numbers across the board, even bilirubin scores are markedly better. We even added Nephurol™ from your human supplements. Within a week, definitive improvement. And now a month later, you would never know how ill that kitty was.  I cannot think of any better kudos to offer to a company that to say their customer services staff is fabulous to deal with, that their technical staff is more versed in nutrition than most veterinarians I know, and that they can share this information in easily understood methods so general folks can understand. Then to offer the company itself kudos for actually producing the products that they claim will work and that they REALLY DO! 

My vet partners here are looking into how we can incorporate Wysong in our product line here at our clinic and with some remarkably impressive results to report from the very beginning, I can imagine a huge following will begin... will be in touch again very soon.”

Wisconsin, Veterinarian – Newfoundland’s Itching Stops On Wysong

"The pets on Wysong Diets seem healthier with better hair coat, improved growth in pups and kittens, and clients love it! Here is a typical case history: 6-year-old intact male Newfoundland has chronic (2 years) skin disease. The dog has been examined by four other veterinarians. Owner elected to try Wysong Maintenance™ Diet. At 30 days, itching had stopped. At 60 days, hair growth had become evident. At 90 days, skin and hair were normal."

E-Mail – Dog Gains Healthy Weight On Wysong

“Blackjack was losing weight the past few months so I had my vet run blood & urine tests. Result: Normal. Vet suggested I switch dog food so I gave him Wysong Maintenance™ and he gained 6 lbs. over approximately 2 weeks. After finishing the Burns I have on hand, I'll switch all dogs to Wysong. He had a thyroid condition when I adopted him 3 yrs ago so I just thought he was always hungry because of that. (I also have a thyroid condition so I could very well relate to him.) He no longer acts famished after eating his Wysong.”

Pennsylvania – Ears Normal, No Inflammation After Switching To Wysong

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Wysong dog food. Our standard Poodle, Nigel, has had constant ear infections since he was a puppy. Our vet suggested that this might be due to food allergy (after 4½ years of vet bills). Nigel was switched to Wysong. We had an appointment with the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School for an ear evaluation April 17. He had both ears scoped and they were completely normal, without any inflammation. The vet was familiar with Wysong products and was very impressed with the amazing results. He advised we keep Nigel on Wysong the rest of his life. Thank you again for your advice and products. We also give him E.F.A.™ and C-Biotic™."

Email – Bad Breath Eliminated By DentaTreat™

“LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I purchased a small bottle of the DENTATREAT™ for my 70lb. Border Collie Mix a couple weeks ago from a local PET FOOD EXPRESS store. My dog's breath was horrible. I took him to his Vet. He has no bad teeth. They're all clean (I do brush them). He receives no human food (except for apple slices and broccoli)...no meat or other foods. He also has no stomach issues, which could cause bad breath. A clean bill of health from the Vet. I don't waste time on many available things for my pets. This is what I LOVE about PET FOOD EXPRESS. They know me and my dog. I went in and asked the manager, what is the best remedy for Bunker's (my dog's) bad breath. He pointed out three items, but told me that the Wysong is what he feeds to his little dog and it works. I bought a small bottle (first) to see if it works for Bunker...and it does. His bad breath has been eliminated by 90%!!…My Vet (whom I have total faith in) said the Wysong DENTATREAT™ is what he would recommend too…This is the first Wysong product I've given to any of my animals. Now that I've done research on your company, that will likely change to include more of your products. As you can tell, I'm pretty fanatical about my pets’ care and health. I've been blessed with long-living pets.”

Internet – High Levels Of Nutrition For FeLV Cat

"I heard about you from my vet Park Place Pet Hospital, San Diego, CA. I was so glad because I had been trying to get my cats off dry food. My younger cat used to be feral and consequently has had gingivitis/stomatitis and needed to be treated so I needed to get him off the dry food. I was so glad to hear about the care that you take to ensure high levels of nutrition in your food as my cat also is a carrier of FeLV and needs all the nutrition he can get for his immune system. Thank you so much for caring about pets and people."

E-Mail – Veterinarian Prefers To Feed Wysong To Own Pets

“I am a veterinarian and have been recommending your product to my clients for over 10 years. Due to where I work, I have access to discounted premium foods and have been feeding that to my own pets. But after the scares of the pet food trade, I decided that I needed to feed my pets the best food I know of. So, that is why I ordered your food. So far, my cat has found a favorite of what we ordered. Thanks for the email and prompt delivery of our order.”

E-Mail – Vet Clinic Impressed with Call of the Wild™

“I am writing because our veterinary clinic uses your Call of the Wild™ in our raw meat. We are so happy for your product because the special needs cats that live at our clinic are all healthier. We now sell our raw meat and have recommended your product to numerous clients.”

Iowa – Vitality™ Finally A Solution For Cat’s Digestive Problems

"In case you didn’t know it, you have a miracle product! My wife and I got our first cat 17 years ago. Regardless of the type of food we have given her she has consistently had diarrhea, and frequently has just not eaten. The result is that she has lived her life as a very thin, weak cat. Trips to different vets had not helped, none could provide a solution. We were finally to the place where she was so weak we were planning to have her put to sleep. Our vet suggested we try your Feline Vitality™ product. After years of misery, Sydney eats like a pig! No more diarrhea, she’s gaining weight, and she looks a long way from death’s door...Since cats can’t talk, I hope this says it for her. THANK YOU!"

E-mail – Great Pyrenees Thriving On Wysong All Meats

"I've just started my 3 Great Pyrenees on Wysong at the recommendation of Dr. Anne Smith, a holistic veterinarian from near Phoenix, AZ, who flies to Riverside every 3 weeks for consultations here. I had been using Innova and Simply Natural previously, but Trinket (6 1/2 years) was experiencing severe problems from Premium Edge when I had to substitute that for 3 months--I was out of the country, and the feed store I use stopped buying Simply Natural. (I didn't try Innova until I returned home.) Initially, when her problems were observed, I had her on only organic turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, duck, and rabbit combined with vegetables and bone in frozen form from PORGIE's here in Riverside. Vast improvement in only 2 days! I am continuing her on this food basically but adding Wysong gradually to the frozen food, which has been cooked. The other 2 Pyrs are having Wysong gradually added to and exchanged with Innova so that they will be totally on your dry food but with some of the frozen foods and vegetables. I also use AddLife™, Prozyme, and other additives per Dr. Smith. I know of 5 ***** hotels; my Pyrs have now rated our kitchen a 5 woof kitchen! Thank you for all you do for us!"

E-Mail – Love Products

“I love your pet food products and recommend them to my clients.”

Letter – No Allergy Problems on Wysong

“Just wanted to let you know that the Wysong dog and cat foods are the best I have ever used. My dog, Jaime, was having terrible food allergies to all the various dog foods…I tried somewhere around 20 different dog foods…Then one day my vet told me about Wysong. He has been on it for three years and has not had any trouble with your product. Thank you!!!!!”

E-Mail – Rabbit Au Jus™ Helps Cat With Excessive Drinking

“…the owner is currently feeding her cat your Rabbit Au Jus™, and the cat is no longer PU/PD--she is no longer drinking or urinating excessively. She has never fed her cat venison so we might give that a try too.”

Veterinarian, Illinois – Recommends Wysong Over Science Diet

"We contacted all clients who were using d/d or Science Diet™ and had them change to Wysong Diets. All cases are doing very well. One woman came to our office to purchase k/d. Another veterinarian had sent her to our hospital because he was out of the k/d, which he had recommended she try for her older dog with chronic diarrhea. The k/d wasn’t working very well so our technician convinced her to try Wysong Senior™. She called our technician back three days later to report that after trying about 5 different diets, it was Wysong Diets that did the job. She felt Wysong Diets saved her dog’s life."

Phone: Veterinarian Happy With Dream Treats™

“I really like the Dream Treats™ product you offer. We can hardly keep them in stock, and find ourselves pretty much on an automatic re-order for them. I give them in house to cats that have health issues and are very finicky eaters, and they all love the Dream Treats™. My clients are very impressed with them, and I am happy to offer a treat that is nutritious and healthy, instead of the crummy vitamin pill type products.”

E-Mail – Veterinarian Loves Results

“I am a veterinarian…and I recently started feeding my cats your product - varying between Vitality™ and Uretic™. I alternate bags. I am really liking the improvement in their coats and attitudes with your foods.”

Washington – Veterinarian Suggested Wysong Over Others

"I was recently introduced to your product by a veterinarian that I took my Siamese cat to. He asked what I feed my cats and I proudly told him Science Diet™. Every veterinarian I have spoken with has been very pleased with my choice in food and I never bothered to read the label to find out just what was so special about it anyway. So when this veterinarian seemed miffed with me for feeding my cats Science Diet, I was a bit offended. He acted as if I was feeding them Kitten Chow™ or something. My cats are like my children, and I want them to have the best so after reading the literature he gave me I bought some Wysong for my cats. They did not take to the wet food right away, but they didn’t have a problem adapting to the dry food. It has been a little over a month since we made the switch, and I am very pleased with the results; their coats are shiny and thick, and my male who lost a lot of weight while sick gained it all back and looks wonderful. The ingredients of Wysong are incredible... My cats are eating better than I am now and it isn’t costing me more."

E-Mail – Cats No Longer on Medications

“Your cat food is a miracle. We have 2 cats, each with their own digestive problems; one with frequent colitis, the other with severe constipation. One is on antibiotics frequently, the other on W/D cat food and fiber pills. Since switching to Wysong both cats are off all medicines and doing fine – no signs of colitis or constipation. They both love the food-both canned and dry! Kudos to Lunenburg Veterinary Hospital for recommending your great foods.”

Internet – Vets Uses Synorgon™ As Example For IBD Patients

"I would like to commend you on some wonderful pet products. One of our three dogs, an aging ‘mostly golden’ has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and almost died before we found that he could digest (and thrive) on a diet of boiled chicken breasts and Wysong Synorgon™. His weight dropped from a ‘normal’ weight of 60 lbs. down to about 47 lbs. We tried all kinds of prescription foods and diets and nothing worked until a friend gave us half a bag of Synorgon™. He has slowly improved over the last year and now weighs about 62 lbs. He is looking almost pudgy but the vet just laughs and says to leave him alone with the weight. Our vet asked for an empty Synorgon™ wrapper and keeps it in Buster’s file to show other owners."

E-Mail – Cat Doing Great Since Switching To Wysong

“I heard about Wysong from a friend. My cat has crystals. Her vet in Seattle, Washington is the one who suggested putting "Mr. Browns" on Wysong and he has been great ever since!! Thank you.”

Connecticut – Hepticene™ Helps Dog, Immulyn™ And Pancidrim™ Cures Human Infection, Baffles Doctors

“One of my customers was told by her veterinarian that her dog had liver problems.  He recommended Hepticene™. After taking Hepticene™ for a while the dog is fine. This woman also had an infection that the doctors had been treating for 6 months with antibiotics.  As long as she was on antibiotics it would get better, when she quit them the infection came back.  I suggested that she try Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™.  After being on Immulyn™ and Pancidrim™ for 60 days her infection went away and the doctors are now very curious as to what she had done to get rid of it.”

Internet – Exceptional Results With Wysong

"In 1990, I bought a Gordon Setter with a promise to show him at AKC dog shows. I knew very little about dogs, nutrition, and this industry. The breeder fed Joy Pet Foods and told me that most pet foods were the same and for me to continue feeding Joy. At about one year old Tyler was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. In particular he had bald streaks running down his back and the length of his tail. The vet put him on soloxine and there was a slight improvement. I was devastated, as Tyler never grew the coat he needed to be a show dog. When I revisited my vet in 1991, I asked him if he could recommend anything to help solve this problem. He brought out your catalog in as he had bought some of your veterinary products. He had one client using your food. For the rest of my life I will never forget what he said. He said, “try this food, it’s from a granola bar company, I have no idea how it works but in 6 months you won’t recognize your dog”. I bought Wysong from a distributor in Vermont. I remember that it came in a red bag. I read the label and the info. In six months Tyler grew coat where he never had it before. The change was so dramatic I could barely believe my eyes. In 1992 Tyler went Best of Winners at the Gordon Setter National…”

E-Mail – Cat Lives to Age 23 on Wysong

“My Vet, who is now retired, gave me your CD and told me about Wysong about 10 years ago. It totally changed my attitude about “grocery store” cat & dog food—and the effect on my cats’ and dog’s health has been pronounced…More energy, healthier and shiny coats, and longer life.  My old feline friend Amber just passed away last week at 23 years…running around and enjoying life to the very end! Your Vitality™, as well as your canned food, has phenomenal results, and I believe Amber made it to 23 years in large part because of your food. My 4-legged friends devour ALL your food - there are never any leftovers like there are with other canned foods. Thank you for an outstanding product!!”

Internet – Switching To Wysong Changed Dogs Life

“I’ve been using your Maintenance™ food for about 5 years now.  I began using it when my little Peek-a-Poo became deathly ill and no one could find the cause of his illness.  He’s since passed on, but when I had gotten Joshy from the humane society, he was a very sickly little guy.  I had gotten him when he was 4 years old and the workers at the society didn’t want me to take him because they thought he’d never be healthy.  He never was very healthy, but when he became deathly ill at the age of 9, I wasn’t ready to give him up.  I had tried everything.  My veterinarian said there was nothing left for him to try.  He suggested going to the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. I took him there and thousands of dollars later he was no better. A veterinarian then suggested a long shot of changing to Wysong™ dog food. I immediately changed his diet. Within 2 weeks Josh was a different dog. After a few weeks, he was running and playing and interacting with my other little Westie. Joshy had NEVER played!  The next few years were the best of his life. He was so healthy and happy. He lived another 6 years!!!  I just wanted to say “thank you” for improving the quality of Joshy’s live.  Thank you for all of your research and work and concern for our little (and big) guys all over the U.S.  Keep up the wonderful work!”

Veterinarian, Maine – Wysong Offers New Lease On Life For Pets, Owners, and Veterinarians

"These diets convert strangers to friends within days oftentimes. Wysong Diets have probably been the most uplifting and challenging thing that has hit my practice in years. It is a new lease on life for the pet, its owner, and its doctor."

Veterinarian, Tennessee – Clients Amazed At Results From Wysong Diets

"Having been raised on a dairy farm and working in a predominately large animal practice that stressed nutrition taught me early in my veterinary career that nutrition is extremely important to good health and top performance. Therefore, in 1985, when I received information on your Wysong Diets pet foods, I became very interested. I became convinced beyond a doubt that the palatability and performance were even better than I had anticipated. Two years have elapsed and my clients and I continue to be amazed at how much better their pets act, feel, and look on the Wysong Diets. My professional reputation is very important to me. I have no reservations about recommending the Wysong Diets to my clients because I know by suggesting them that I am practicing better preventative medicine and enhancing the health of my patients."

Veterinarian, Texas – Positive Results On Wysong Diets

"We have not had any problems converting our clientele to Wysong Diets. We have seen all positive results with the dogs on Wysong Diets."

Veterinarian, Texas – Positive Comments From Clients

"Never before have I heard so many positive testimonials from my clients concerning pet foods. I’ve heard everything from the fact that the cat’s litter box no longer has that awful odor, to comments that their dogs had the most beautiful hair coats ever seen."

Veterinarian, Wisconsin – Superior Food For Patients

"We have used Wysong Diets since June 1985, and I must say I was somewhat skeptical at first. We are now using Wysong Diets on all ages of animals and have a long enough experience with it to see the benefits. Our clients are beginning to tell us how well their animals are doing, especially in their hair coat, weight, and general well being. Thank you for introducing this product to us. It has greatly helped us provide a superior food for our patients."

Veterinarian, Wisconsin – Impressed With Wysong Diets

"Our clients’ comments certainly eliminate any doubts... in the short time that we have been working with the food, we have been impressed on several occasions with the effect it has had on some of our patients with dermatologic, enteric, or urinary problems."

Veterinarian, Wyoming – Proud To Offer Wysong Diets

"In my practice we have never sold a large amount of diets because we never could see any difference between the so-called special diets and Purina™. I am so glad your products came along. The results speak for themselves. I could go on for hours telling about them. The best thing is you really feel proud using them in your clinic. I would like for you to tell anyone to call me anytime and I would be pleased to discuss case after case with them. The results they may not believe, for there have been times I’m not sure I have. The products are truly amazing."

Veterinary Clinic – Excellent Results On Wysong Diets

"Using the Wysong Diets, we’ve seen excellent results with skin problems, allergies and digestive, pancreatic and liver disease."