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Customer Service

E-Mail – Surprised With Prompt Response

“Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was pleasantly surprised of how fast I had an answer. That speaks for you and your company!! This afternoon I went and bought some of your food and both cats went crazy when I fed them a little. I will see how it goes and will probably have to order more.”

E-Mail – Thank You

“Thank you for your excellent customer service! The Uretic™ arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you, Kristine!

-E. T. (and Higgins, who also enjoys raw chicken mixed with 'Call of the Wild™' with

'PDG™' as a top dressing)”

E-Mail – Growth™ Recommended for Puppies/Caring Customer Service

“I have been a fan of Wysong dog food for years. I use the Growth™ puppy food for my Westie litters. It is actually in my contract that if an owner changes food before the first year is up, our health contract is broken. I recommend Growth for the first 6 months and then a mixture of Growth™ and Maintenance™ (50/50) for the 7 to 12 months of the puppy’s lives. I want to protect the growth progress in the little legs for my breed. This has been very successful for Crownview Westies.

I have never purchased food directly from Wysong because the shipping is prohibitive ($98 for this order). But, I do buy from the local pet stores, many over the years I have introduced to Dr. Wysong.

Anyway, I have a litter of 5 Westies on the ground and needed to purchase some Growth™ puppy food. So, I ordered on line through the Wysong site. But, at the same time, my husband picked up cases of Growth™ locally, without me knowing it.

Here is the reason for this letter:

I want you to know how very gracious your company was when I asked to cancel the order. I asked if you could capture the order and credit my card. It was a sizeable order and you had already prepared it for shipping as the parcel was retrieved from the shipper. I would not know what to do with all the puppy food, it has shelf life and I have nowhere to store such quantity of food. I only breed 2 or 3 litters a year. I have been breeding for 17 years. But, I want to say thank you and let you know you just endeared me even more to Wysong. What a trusted, truthful and helpful company. Thank you for having such quality food for us who care to feed the best.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“Yes, of course you may post my letter…but, most important, do thank the people involved. What a fabulous team behind your product.

Thank you for the grand food.”

E-Mail – Low Purine Diet

“Wysong has been the answer to our prayers as our dog needs a low purine diet… Excellent customer service is very much appreciated - thank you!!”

E-Mail – Wonderful Customer Service

“…I appreciate your wonderful customer service. It was so kind of you to find me by phone when the work e-mail box was misbehaving! I told the manager at MV Pets that I haven't had that kind of customer service anywhere in years and years! Thanks!”

E-Mail – Caring Company; Improvement in Coat

“The company cares about its image, its product and the beloved animal companions that it provides product for. My dog loves the product. I have started to notice a change in her coat and allergies. Thank you Wysong.”

E-Mail – Great Service and Products

“Great company and products, and customer service!”

E-Mail – Informative Staff and Website

“Thank you so much for your quick reply! I’ve ordered my first batch of Synorgon™ (4 8 lb. bags) from Doggiefood.com, and I’m excited to get to the point (financially) where I can start on the Epigen™. I have subscribed to your newsletters and was very impressed by the conversation I had with your product manager (so informative), as well as the information contained on your website.”

E-Mail – Gold Star Service

“Again, thank you very much for all of your help. Please ask your Boss (for me) to put a Gold Star on your chart. Your Customer Service is Excellent. You are truly a credit to Wysong, and a pleasure to work with. PS: This is Sammy. He loves Wysong Foods.”

E-Mail – Quick To Respond

“I love Wysong! ...every time I have a question, Wysong is quick to respond...”

E-Mail – Wysong Supplements More Helpful Than Therapy, Fast Shipping

“I just wanted to thank your staff for my order that I just got VIA UPS about 30 minutes ago. I had problems ordering thru the web site yesterday afternoon, so I called the toll free number. I wanted the Contifin™ & Anaplex™…I used those & Glucosamine™ about 6 years ago for the tendonitis in both arms. After 4 yrs of physical therapy and no success...after 3 months of your supplements, all the pain in my arms was gone, and the muscle and whatever else was rebuilt around the bone. I now have pain in both my knees. I have been to therapy for 5 weeks, and it hasn't worked, so I am trying your new Joint Complex™ to see if it will fix the problem. Therapist said it is probably the cartilage worn or moved, but I have faith in your products, and will let you know the outcome of my success. I was so excited that I finally had the extra money to purchase your products, and the nice lady told me I would get it from UPS by Saturday or Monday. UPS delivers to my building just about every day, so when I saw him, I went to let him know I was expecting a package, and inquired about whether he would need a signature or if he could just leave it by my door when it comes. Well, to my surprise, he had my package in his hand. I am in a suburb of Chicago, and for $5.00 shipping, you got my stuff to me in 24 hours. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I just took my first dose & on my way to better health, because of your efficient staff. They deserve a big pat on the back.”

E-Mail – Marvelous Service

“I almost cried seeing your e mail...I "yelled" for my husband when I read about the canola oil... I will spread the word ASAP…You made my day and Missy's life better.”

E-Mail – Service Goes Above and Beyond

“...the effort to go above and beyond what is expected, makes me solidify why I enjoy and always keep coming back to Wysong!”

E-Mail – Impressed With Response

“Thank you for supplying me with so much info about your product. I am very impressed. I emailed several other companies and two told me to ask my vet and the rest did not reply. Your company definitely stands above the rest! My vet wanted me to give her Hill's k/d and I just think it is poor quality and refuse to.

I have been feeding my 19-year-old cat holistic, good quality canned food for the past 5 yrs. She will not eat dry. I have tried the raw before and she would not eat it, but I will try again…I agree that the diet should be varied, it is just hard to convince my old cat…Thanks again.”

Letter – Thank You

“Thank you once again for your participation in a frequent buyers program. My cats love your food and I really appreciate a bit of a discount!”

E-Mail – Helpful and Courteous

“Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to trying your food out on my cats. My experience so far with Wysong has been wonderful…employees who are so courteous, helpful and efficient.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Caring

“Thank you so much for all your time and care in this matter. It is much appreciated. I

will surely give Wysong my best recommendations!”

E-Mail – Fast and Courteous Service

“Wow - I am totally impressed with how fast you sent out the samples and all the information - thank you so much! Two health food stores near me carry your line so I will shop there rather than order on-line, once my cats indicate which they like. Once again, thanks!”

E-Mail – Thank You For The Tech Help

“Thank you for all of your help on the phone. I called the store here in town, and they are able to get all of the products you suggested…Thank you so much. It's great to have the help and in knowing I have my pets on the healthiest program possible. I love them so much, and want them here a long time.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Informative Reply To Questions

“Thank you for your kind reply. I have received quite an education about Rachael's and my own health. I have read the Wysong material and received my first order from your wonderful company. Rachael is happily adapting to her new diet. I feel so much better knowing that I'm doing the most I can for her health and happiness. You have a lifelong client due to your non-condescending informative reply. I believe I contribute greatly to society, as I have treated the critically ill at the expense of my personal life for over 20 years. It's all worth it when I come home to that little wagging tail. Again, Thank You so much!”

E-Mail – Superior Customer Service

“Thank you very much for your phone call yesterday. Your company continues to maintain the superior customer service standards that are indicative of a successful business. I truly appreciate that, and will continue to use your products and recommend them to everyone I know. My own primary physician is extremely impressed with your Origins Bars™. My 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels thank you for the goodies. They LOVE your cookies and kibble, and I love giving them such a healthy and preventative treat.”

E-Mail – Customer Thankful For Alert About Less Expensive Shipping Option

“Thank you for looking out for us. That is why I like to do business with you and have sent all my friends to you.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Help

“Thank you for the e-mail. This e-mail symbolizes your commitment to your customers. I was pleasantly surprised because you really do not see this from companies anymore. I have come away with a very positive feeling about the company. I am excited to see if this helps Nike's problems…I am very happy that Shelly conveyed the information. Please let her know that I appreciate that she let you know.  Without your help I would have not be able to ask the correct questions. Here is my boy that we are helping. His name is Nike.”

E-Mail – Best Anywhere

“Your company has about the best customer service I have seen anywhere!”

E-Mail – Impressed with Helpful Service

“WOW!! I am SO impressed with the response I just had to a recent phone call I made to Wysong. I had a question about the color change in my EFA w/fish oil™. I was put through to Kristine who was immediately pro-active. She couldn't have been more responsive, helpful and thorough and, after answering my concerns, directed me to your website which I can use from now on to check shelf-life codes - it seemed mine was over a year old and she advised me not to use it. Once on your site, I was again totally impressed with the extent of the information you offer. This openness and readiness to respond gives me great confidence in your company and in your products.”

E-Mail – Impressed With Fast Delivery

“I was looking for an allergenic cat food for my cat who can only eat IVD venison/green pea from the vet, and I know he gets sick of that and sometimes gets into the cat food of the other two cats I have, which can be a problem for his skin. And those two don't like the IVD dry or canned venison, so I couldn't convert them over to that, they eat Wellness Salmon, but it has turkey in it too. I looked up every kind of superior cat food, (short of making my own, and no one liked it!), and finally found the Anergen™...thank you so much for a very pleasant experience dealing with your company. I just gave one of the non-allergic cats a little of the dry and he ate some and seemed to like it. The one who is allergic ate a little bit too..."

E-Mail – Impressed With Wysong

“I am very impressed that Wysong provides this kind of service. You're a great company--all my cats think so too because they all have urinary problems and love your Uretic™ dry food.”

E-Mail – Technician Very Helpful

“I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff today and I wanted to send a note to tell you how very helpful he was. I have a senior dog with a number of health issues and was looking for some specific product information. Jeff was most informative and helpful. He helped me navigate your website for future use and provided excellent recommendations. I hope I will be able to use Wysong food for my "baby." I am going to be discussing the product with my vet as well as recommending your website. Kudos to Jeff!”

E-Mail – Appreciate Wonderful Customer Service

“Thank you so much for your prompt response! I appreciate your wonderful customer service…I'll be sure to speak very highly of your company.”

E-Mail – Great Products And Great People

“I wanted to share kudos for AWESOME customer service!!! The lady who helped me, Sheri, was an invaluable source of information and knowledge of your products. Her assistance helped me purchase foods and supplements that have since CURED my dog of his health issues (severe allergies, fatty tumors, and kidney disease). Although diagnosed at the vet initially I chose to research a holistic approach and came across Wysong. After finding many great referrals I called and spoke with Sheri who really knew her stuff. Her enthusiasm for your products was evident and I felt I could trust her judgment. No one takes the time to learn a company's products that thoroughly if they don't believe in them. KUDOS Wysong - for great products and great people working for you!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Prompt And Thorough Reply

“Thanks once again for your prompt, thorough replies to my inquiries! They are very much appreciated. And the information is always shared with other interested purr- sons...”

E-Mail – Thank You For Recommendations For Cats With Urinary Problems

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and I am very excited to get them started on it (Uretic™ and Biotic pH-™)! It should be here tomorrow! I've even passed the word along to a lot of others!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Information

“I just wanted to thank you for your extremely informative and thoughtful reply. I greatly appreciate it. You are a wonderful representative of your company.”

E-Mail – Appreciate Thorough Response

“Thank you for your response, Allison...I am sure many others have written you---I really appreciate that you took the time to give me such a thorough answer...one more reason to buy Wysong!!! Thanks again…”

E-Mail – Thank You For Your Great Service

“Hello, I received some shampoo samples and am not sure whom to thank personally…you are very nice & helpful - and have wonderful customer service!”

E-Mail – Customer Service Offers Quick Response

“Thanks so much for your quick attention to my situation. Great customer service is hard to find!”

E-Mail – Cats, Dogs and Ferrets Enjoy Health on Wysong

“Howdy. My cats, dog and ferrets have all enjoyed healthy, happy lives, thanks to your wonderful products. Thank you!”

E-Mail – Helpful Service

“Thanks so much for the note...really appreciate the great customer service as well as the cost savings!”

E-Mail – Information Very Helpful

“Thanks so much, Jenni. You sent the information I needed. This is the first time I've ever felt I understood what I'm buying. It's worth paying more for that. Our vet seemed to think the food was excessively expensive. He obviously did not see the irony of his charging $122 for the consult!”

E-Mail – Love Feline and Equine Products, Customer Service Helpful

“I sincerely appreciate your help with this, and for sending me a replacement bag. I truly love Wysong products, and have been using the feline products for many years. I like the Equine, too, and intend to keep using it.”

E-Mail – Nutritional Information Helpful

“Thank you for the advice. I will try the supplements you recommended. The links are also very helpful. Thanks again and have a nice day. Here is Mimi saying thanks.”

E-Mail – Thank You For The Great Service

"Thank you for great service. My order arrived far sooner than I expected…”

E-Mail – Nutritional Information Helpful

“Thank you so much. It has been a long time since I have had a kitten and I want to give him the best food for his growing body. You have helped me out so much and I am grateful.”

E-Mail – Tips Helpful

“Thank you so much for the very good tips on how to administer Biotic Ph-™; peanut butter or butter are great ideas. I layered the powder on cheese (DentaTreat™) today and that worked well. Then I discovered that if I put it dry in the dog food bowl with nothing else, it was eagerly licked up! Perhaps the first meal (which was eaten - just slowly) was just a new grainy texture. Many thanks for your help!”

E-Mail – Appreciate Extra Effort

“Thank you very much. I truly appreciate the extra effort and the outstanding customer support.”

E-Mail – Thank You For Your Time

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. I know your time is valuable and it's unusual for a company to take the time to provide such lengthy answers to individual customers. It really makes a great impression!”

E-Mail – Happy With Wysong

“Great! Thanks a lot.  I just wanted to say I have been very happy ordering from Wysong and the customer service is excellent.”

Phone – Only Helpful Pet Food Company

“Out of all the pet food companies I have called you are the only one that has offered to send me samples and literature! I really appreciate that. My vet said that Wysong was the best food available.”

E-Mail – Extensive Information

“Thank you so much for the information. It is very extensive and complete. I will buy the

95% Duck Au Jus™ for my beloved dog.”

E-Mail – Info Really Helpful

“Thank you so very much; all the info was really helpful. When I was done presenting it to the vet he didn’t even try to question what I was doing. I also tried the water in the canned food and Calvin ate and "drank" it assuring that he got some extra liquid into his system. Again thanks so much.”

Phone – Always Knowledgeable

“It is always a pleasure to speak with (Wysong). You guys are always so knowledgeable. Thank you for all of your help.”

E-Mail – Informative Information

“Thank you so much for responding and the informative information. I will certainly take everything into consideration.”

E-Mail – Fast Response

“Thank you very much for your fast and wonderful response!”

E-Mail – Information Helpful

“Thank you - your information is very helpful. I will look at the Optimal Health Program more closely now - I had seen it on your web site.”

E-Mail – Thanks For Great Customer Service

“I would like to thank you for the literature packet and samples you sent to me a few weeks ago. We have finally found a food that my dog will eat...she loves your Wysong food and we no longer have to worry about whether or not she is eating enough. I thank you very much for your great customer service and wish your company much success in the future.”

E-Mail – Excellent Customer Service

“I look forward to receiving the products I ordered. Besides offering an excellent product, I now know that you have excellent customer service as well. Thank you."

E-Mail – Impressed On Fast Response

"I have been saving the UPC's on the Synorgon™ for a coupon towards human products. I was really impressed at how quickly I received my coupon and catalog. I also purchase cans of Rabbit and Turkey™ and I am considering switching my cats over to Wysong as well."

Internet – Quick Response And Generous Gift

"Thank you for your quick response to my email and even greater gratitude for Wysong's generous gift to the Red Cross. As we all can see from the news, the Gulf Coast area will need our support for a very long time. Seeing the pictures of dogs and cats plucked out of the water and knowing that you helped is the reward. You made a difference! Seeing companies, such as yourself that I support and purchase from, step up to the plate reaffirms my purchasing decisions. Thank You! Wysong Corporation"

Internet – Impeccable Service

"Wysong has been a marvelous company to purchase from. I plan on being a lifelong customer. Service is impeccable on all fronts."

Internet – Wonderful Customer Service

"You offer wonderful products and wonderful customer service!"

Internet – Expert Guidance and Great Personal Service

"Wysong has provided the kind of personal service, complete with initiative and follow- up, which is virtually non-existent at other web sites or in traditional brick and mortar establishments. Your expert guidance and articles go a long way to erase misconceptions and instill confidence where there was previously much doubt. If the Wysong products I ordered are as good as your customer service, Kimo and I are sold for life!"

Internet – Excellent Customer Support

“We are very happy that the company that produces such great animal foods has excellent customer support as well. Thank you!”

Oregon – Thank You For Time And Effort

“I want to thank you so very much for answering my e-mail questions. And, if that wasn't enough, you mailed a package of information on your products, along with a sample package of your Archetype™ food and CD. The Archetype™ was a real hit and I thank you for it. Also, I enjoyed your CD and passed it along to a vet friend of mine and plan to share it with my family and friends. Mostly, thanks for the extra attention in not only answering my e-mail, but also following up with additional information, sample and CD. Thanks for your time and efforts and for making such great products. My two little kittens, now approximately 3 years old, are on a Wysong™ diet after their rough beginning at the local humane society. Thank you. I respect what you are doing.”

Email – Set Record For Response Time

“That sets some type of record for quick response as compared to the other food manufacturers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

Internet – Customer Values Kindness And Service

"We have corresponded several times since we have been feeding your food and I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent customer service I have received. My e-mails have been answered thoroughly and promptly. Please know how much we not only value your products, but your kindness and service as well."

E-Mail – Great Customer Service

“…If your customer service is any indication of your company’s products, we are all in for a treat. Thanks from me and our very large furry family, especially Gabby.”

E-Mail – Very Helpful And Kind

“Thanks for your help on the phone. You were very helpful and kind. Perhaps you could forward this email to your supervisor for me so he/she could see what a fantastic job you’re doing!”