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Dramatic Results in Puppies and Kittens

Internet – Kitten Turns Around On Wysong

"A month and a half ago I adopted a kitten from a friend who was going to put him in the humane society. He was thin, his fur was rough, and he didn't play. I immediately put him on Wysong Nurture™ and Wysong canned. He has so much energy - I love it. His fur is like silk, and he is very alert. He is not thin; he is healthy looking. I didn't realize he had changed that much, until my friend brought his sister over, I almost cried. His sister is half his size, very thin and lethargic. Her fur is rough. She didn't play; she hid. I tried to tell her owner to put her on Wysong, but to no avail. All I can say is thank you for this great food."

California – Dramatic Results In Attitude And Overall Appearance

"I have tried many premium dog foods – never have we seen such dramatic results in our canine kids in such a short time (6 weeks)! The overall healthy appearance, that attitude change with our ‘recluse,’ the itchy skin problem is gone, need I say more?! I have recommended (HIGHLY) Wysong Diets and C-Biotic™ to several people and will continue to do so. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

California – Kittens Ultimate Picture Of Health

"My roommate and I swear by your dry cat formulas. About two months ago we adopted 2 kittens that were born wild on the levee near us. We feed them Wysong plus homemade foods. They are the ultimate picture of health. Their coats don’t just shine, they glisten!"

California – Wysong Litter Looks Better and Sells For More

"Our pups, fed Wysong, looked so much healthier they sold for more than past litters. And their mother, on Wysong, looked so good you wouldn’t even know she was nursing."

Georgia – Australian Shepherd Puppies Doing Great On Wysong

"I am currently feeding your Canine Growth™ formula to my two Australian Shepherd puppies. It is wonderful! I raised the elder dog on Science Diet™ which seemed fine at the time. After switching, I noticed Science Diet’s limitations. Their coats are outstanding, their energy levels are high and they have little-to-no body/ear/breath odor. I wanted to thank you for producing such an outstanding, environmentally/ecologically sound food."

Breeder, Michigan – Bulldogs Look Best Ever On Wysong

"I’ve had my Bulldogs on Wysong since September of ‘94 and I’ve never been happier with their health, coats, and general appearance. Even my ‘Corky’ with allergies is doing better. I’ve recently had my first litter of puppies since switching to Wysong and I can’t begin to tell you the difference in these pups from my other litters. They have been very healthy and vigorous since birth. I’ve always lost a puppy in each litter, but this time we had 5 and they are all doing beautifully. I was totally amazed at their shiny, thick, beautiful coats on the day they were born. Obviously, I credit Wysong for these beautiful healthy pups."

Ontario, Canada – Pomeranian Puppy Thrives On Wysong

"I wanted to write to tell you what a tremendous difference Wysong has made in the life of our pet Pomeranian puppy. Poncie absolutely thrives on Wysong pet food. It was our veterinarian who first referred us to Wysong and I can say that this was the best thing that has ever happened to me as a lifelong pet owner! Thank you for your kindness and once again please accept my deep appreciation for your invaluable products and your innovative methods of animal health care."

Veterinarian, Tennessee – Large Puppy Litter Excels On Wysong

"We had one case of a user of Wysong with 15 pups fed mother’s milk only and mother and all 15 puppies were in superb condition and absolutely no supplements were given."

Texas – Difference On Wysong Diets Noticable

"Your food was recommended to us by our vet. We have a 4-month-old Golden Retriever and he really loves your food. We can see a difference in him already. Not only is the food high quality, but it actually looks good and smells good."

Washington – Thin Kitten Grows Into Healthy Cat On Wysong

"Ever since my cat was a kitten she has been a ‘Wysong Cat.’ My cat is still a Wysong Cat and always will be. Her veterinarian claims that the balanced nutrition of Wysong helped her become a healthy cat from the thin sickly kitten she was when I first got her. I know he’s right."

Kennel, Washington – More Muscle and Better Bone

The food has really turned out nice pups, more muscle and better bone with less fat. We produce 3 or 4 litters a year of Labs and Golden Retrievers. All of our pups have passed their O.F.A. thanks to your products."

Veterinarian, Wisconisn – Fantastic Changes In Puppies And Kittens

"There is only one word to describe it: Fantastic! Even though we have been working with Wysong Diets for only a few months, it is fantastic the changes I have seen in the skin and hair coat of my patients on this product. When puppies and kittens are presented for their first inoculations, I automatically put them on Wysong Diets; When they return in three weeks for their boosters, it is very satisfying to both the client and me to see the changes: nice slick coats, pink healthy skin (no dandruff!), and increased energy and vitality in those little guys...Fantastic!"

Internet – Sick, Abandoned Kitten Improved On Wysong

"I had to write to tell you about how your Wysong feline food has helped our kitten. Oscar was found in the woods with the rest of his littermates already dead. He was tiny, and a real fighter, and it was love at first sight for me. Unfortunately, we have found out that he had severe malnutrition and parasites internally, and they suspect a genetic disorder in which his body is not developing properly. Well he has gained 5 ounces and is active and talkative and I think it has to do with your wonderful food. He is eating it and loving it, and I cannot thank the makers of Wysong enough. It is really a testament to what the right food can do. We may not see Oscar live a long life, but the life he will have has been greatly improved by Wysong food. Thank you!"

Internet – Himalayan Big And Strong On Wysong

"My Himalayan cat will be six months old next week. I have fed him Wysong exclusively for the past three months. He loves it and is big and strong and very active."

Internet – Newborn Puppies Heavy And Healthy

"This weekend my six year old Westie, Barbie, that I imported from England had a litter sired by my Am. Can. Nor. Dan. Dutch Swed. Int. Ch Max Mekker that I imported from Sweden. The puppies weighed over 8½ oz! I told a breeder in California about the litter and how thrilled I was. I mentioned how I put the litter in a puppy bed while I was cleaning Barbie and changing her bed and when I turned to get the puppies they were out of their puppy box and working their way across the room. He couldn’t get over it, he told me his never weighed over 5 oz and he was lucky if he could get them to nurse in the beginning. He will be phoning to find where to buy Wysong.”

Internet – Kittens More Energetic On Wysong

“My cats are definitely healthier since beginning your products. We began with the Cat Treats™ and some Archetype™ - both of which we got from our wonderful vet. While our cats are still kittens – only 6 months old, we still see a difference. First, they are more energetic, excitable, and leaping about. And, second their coats are healthier and shinier. That is especially noticeable with our all black cat who is very sleek and shiny and looks like a seal! So, with that, we thank your company for developing your products.”