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Dream Treats

E-Mail – Dream Treats™ Are A Hit

“Today, I let my German Shepherds try the Dream Treats™...sadly one got left out because there are six in the bag and I have seven dogs. But, just like the bag read... they are begging for more. What a hit!”

E-Mail – Dream Treats™ a Big Hit

“So far the Dental Dream Treats™ are a Hit with our 3 year old Rottie—Spring!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Chicken Dream Treats™

“…I gave some Chicken Dream Treats™ for my friend to try with her cats. Look what they did to the bag during the night...they "destroyed" it to open & ate ALL the treats!!! You think they liked? Maybe a "little"? Hahahaha! (She has 3 young cats/kittens...).”

E-Mail – Healthy Treats for Pets

“I recently purchased Daily Dream Treats from your website. I used to purchase them from my local pet store until they no longer carried them. I wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I have a rescued puppy mill dog who is aging and is in bad health. She was diagnosed with heart failure in September. One of the things that shocked me is how much salt is in dog food and treats. I read every can and label. Wysong Dream Treats™ was the one treat I could give her that did not have salt in it. In December my same beloved dog Belle was diagnosed with bone cancer. She has some better days and some real bad ones. On many of those bad days she would not eat at all. Some of these days the Dream Treats™ is all she would eat. I am grateful that I can give her these and know they are good for her.”

E-Mail – Wonderful Results on Archetypal 2™, Cats Love Dream Treats™

“I have been using your Archetypal 2™ for my ferret, and having some wonderful results. She really enjoys it. Thank you for your time and for great products. My cats love your Dream Treats™ as well.  :)”

E-Mail – Ferrets Love Dream Treats™

“My ferrets are adapting well to the Wysong products. They are hooked on the Dream Treats™ (My little junkies:).”

E-Mail – Cats Enjoy Variety, Improved Health

“My cats have thoroughly enjoyed their Wysong foods. Having the variety has worked especially well. I have found some of your products at Pet Supplies Plus locally. Having it locally has added to the amount of Wysong foods that we use. The Dream Treats™ are like crack cocaine to all our beasts…Otherwise, they have favorites for Wysong of one kind and other's favor a different Wysong type or variety. Thanks again for your products, especially for Spot, our kitty with hair loss. She's improving on her Epigen™ + Pheasant™ regimen.”

E-Mail – Cats love Supplements and Dream Treats™

“...They both will eat their food w/ the DentaTreat™ & AddLife™ in it, which is amazing.  Samantha is really picky…They both just love the Dr’s Dream Treats™ for Teeth. I mean they positively scarf the pieces down!”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Pheasant Dream Treats™

I received my order by the way and Elvis LOVES the kibble with the pheasant in it. He also seems to like the AddLife™!!!! I absolutely think that Dr. Wysong should have him on the site!!! 

I am not sure what is in the AddLife™, but, he tries to get it as I am taking it out to put in his food?????  

Elvis doesn't get any canned food. He still gets his meat baby food. He just loves it and I feel it is good for him, the Vitality™, the Archetype™ and his treats...and now these new additions. I hope that is good for him. He is special, beautiful, sweet and SMART!!!!!

He just loves his treats. Tooo bad you guys don't need a model for advertising. He would be purrrrrfect...he stands up on his hind legs and takes the treats and the Archetype™ from my hand.

Elvis sends you a big purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and a head bonky!!!! I am particularly anxious about this order as I got some new item we haven't tried before and I want to use it as an incentive for him to be good while I am on my Vegas trip.

I am off to order Elvis some treats... my goodness I opened the pheasant one today and he almost went up my leg to get a piece (no claws, he is a gentleman)!!!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™ and Archetype™, Eyes Clear Up and Coats Soften

…All 3 cats "go bonkers" over the Dream Treats™ which I'm thrilled about. Two love the Archetype™! I'm so happy my newly adopted Himalayan not only likes the Archetype™ but prefers it! In the 6 weeks I've had her, although healthy by normal standards, she's tremendously improved. Her fur is silky soft (before had a straw-like feel) & her eyes are barely tearing --a common tendency for Himalayans. My Ragdolls already had super soft fur, that simply got even softer--the one is like a cloud. All enjoyed the Epigen™. I've been giving them Nature's Variety raw kibble but I now prefer Epigen™. I'm looking forward to getting the Epigen 90™. 

They all dislike the frozen raw from Nature's Variety, so thrilled they like some of Wysong's raw. Any way to get them a healthier diet --I'm all for it!! Thanks so much for offering such quality food for our beloved pets! And thanks for your personal attention & concern.”

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

“I'm glad you received the pictures ok & happy you liked...Now you see my "furry babies" -- hah! Please --feel free to post the pictures & share my testimony! Yes...there's definitely a remarkable difference ---noticeable positive change for good & better health! I daily wipe Crystal's eyes "just in case"...but no more brown staining, nor tears!  You'd almost think she was now a Ragdoll like her "brothers" --her fur is so soft. They all have more energy, too & are raring to go with romping play! It's all good & I'm so thankful!!! Such a blessing!!”

Before Wysong

After Wysong

“I thought you might like seeing ‘before & after’ pics of Crystal so just sent some. I'm rather fastidious about cleaning her eyes, so none of the photos were too bad. (As before being wiped.) But you still can sometimes see some brown that is virtually non-existent now. Any moisture/residue on tissue is clear now & no need to dip in water first to remove brown discoloring!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™, AddLife™ and DentaTreat™

“My cats love your Dream Treats™ and the AddLife™ and DentaTreat™ are great for supplementing their foods. I have been trying to get others to use your products as well.”

Letter – Cats Love Dream Treats™

“I recently purchased Daily Dream Treats™ (All Chicken). I have two cats (Gizmo and Nazumi) who are over 10 years old and wanted to try your product as I love my cats and want to have them healthy and happy. I am writing to tell you how much I found both cats to enjoy your treats! My boy is very fussy on his eating habits and gobbles up every morsel of it. I thank you for providing such an enjoyable treat for both my cats.”

E-Mail – Cats And Ferrets Love Food

“Our cats love their foods! Our Ferrets, especially Pokey Hokey and Thunderous Boom, think that the Dream Treats™ and the Type 1™ foods are the BEST!  Thank you providing such wonderful options for our fur kids!!!”

E-Mail – Dream Treats™ Are A Hit

“Thank you for the samples! They were great. The Dream Treats™ where a hit, and the dog food was well loved.”

E-Mail – Cats Go Nuts Over Dream Treats™

“Thank you for making such a great product. Both of my kitties (Nikta & Trixie) LOVE Dream Treats™! They simply go nuts. I usually give them one cookie to split. While I'm breaking it up Nikta will stretch his paw to the counter and try to swipe it away from me because he can't wait. And don't even get me started on the meowing. I feel like I'm with 20 cats!!! I give them a piece and they take it away and then run back at TOP speed to get a new piece. It's awesome! Thanks again.”

E-Mail – Finicky Cats Love Dream Treats™

“My VERY finicky cats went NUTS when I opened the 1st bag of Doctor's Dream Treats For Healthy Teeth™. They smelled the treats in the bag & their heads & noses started "bobbing" up and down with excitement. They ate 1 piece & begged for more, literally pawing at the bag. They seem to like the texture of these treats, as well; lightly crunchy, not hard. I am THRILLED to finally have found some truly healthy and beneficial treats that my cats adore. Thank you, Wysong for another great product!”

E-Mail – Dream Treats™ Not Just For Dogs (FOR CATS!!)

“If ever there was a bribe to get your cat to come in at night Dream Treats™ are the answer! Simply cut the treat into small squares and feed. Our cats love the Beef. The bonus is that these treats are healthy nutritious raw food. I have one cat that comes home at lunch time everyday to check in and eat a Dream Treat™ before continuing her adventures outside. She used to be overly thin because food is of little interest to her compared to being outside, now she is a good solid weight. A small bit of water can be added to moisten if preferred.”

E-Mail – Calico Cat Loves Pheasant Dream Treats™

“My calico with food allergies just absolutely loves the Pheasant Dream Treats™!  She is 17 and will act like a kitten when she knows it’s treat time!!  It’s good to see the old girl still enjoy life a bit. Can't wait for you to get restocked as we are running out. This is a great product!”

Store Customer – Pet Loved Dream Treat Sample

"I bought an individual Dream Treat™ to try the last time I was in buying other products. It was eagerly chewed right up. I had to come right back in and get more!"

Store Customer – Dog Tears Into Dream Treats™

"When I buy Dream Treats™, my dog wants to tear right into the bag.  I can't keep enough of them in the house."

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™

“My cats love! love! love! the Dream Treats™…Keep up the good work. As you know it’s hard to get love love love from a cat.”

E-Mail – Dog Enjoys Daily Dream Treat™

“Schatzie runs to "her" little throw rug every morning to find her half of a Dream Treat™. She is so much smarter than some people. Her special treat is a piece of fresh broccoli and a chunk of carrot. I wish my children had taken to veggies as easily. Thank you too, for your wonderful products.”

Phone: Veterinarian Happy With Dream Treats™

“I really like the Dream Treats™ product you offer. We can hardly keep them in stock, and find ourselves pretty much on an automatic re-order for them. I give them in house to cats that have health issues and are very finicky eaters, and they all love the Dream Treats™. My clients are very impressed with them, and I am happy to offer a treat that is nutritious and healthy, instead of the crummy vitamin pill type products.”

E-Mail – Cats Love Geriatrx™ and Dream Treats™

“I have known about Wysong for many years and have purchased specific items

for my cats from natural pet food stores. One of my regular products is Wysong Geriatrx™ for my older cat…Also, the last time I was in the pet food store, I brought back some of the Dream Treats™ for my cats to try.  My older cat, who has had a poor appetite lately, loved them…”

E-Mail – Great For Training/Dog Shows

“This is a great treat to use when training for dog shows, the dogs really perk up when they get a whiff of the wafer, and it is never oily or messy in your pocket.”

E-Mail – Dogs Love Wysong Nurture, Synorgon and Dream Treats™

“I have 2 Yorkies and a Maltese and finally after literally a dozen foods, they all eat Wysong wonderfully!  I mix about 1/4 cup of Nurture™ with about 3/4 cup of Synorgon™ and they love it. This time I got them the Doctor's Dream Treats™ for their teeth so we will see how they like them (they LOVE the Pheasant Dream Treats™!) Thanks again!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Dream Treats™ – Convenient and Healthy

“These Pheasant Dream Treats™ were so eagerly eaten by my 3 cats - and it made me especially happy to see my thin and picky cat go nuts over them. I hardly ever buy treats because I consider them junk food and most treats simply make 2 of the 3 cats vomit anyway (the third could eat and digest anything I think!). But these Dream Treats™ have not caused any digestive upsets and are very nutritious for the cats. I have started using the pheasant treats as a supplemental source of calories for my older thin cat. They're convenient to feed too!”

E-Mail -  Dream Treats™ Great For Cat With Cystitis

“…I've ordered the Pheasant for my two cats. My cats have been on Wysong for a few years now and they love the Chicken and Beef Stews™. I've ordered the Dream Treats™ too as other "organic" treats cause my male cat Lunar to have cystitis attacks frequently. My homeopathic vet, Dr. Michael Dym highly recommends your food and I appreciate the fact that Wysong has only the very best intentions for my pets…”

Phone – Cat Loves Dream Treats™

“I got a bag of the Dream Treats™ with my last order and my cat loves them! I wish I had ordered more in my last order. I definitely need to have some more sent to me.”

E-Mail – Dream Treats™ – What Trouble!

Dream Treats™...what trouble!!! ARRRGGGHH!! Christine, who has N E V E R liked any treats in her life hangs out by the treat cabinet A L L  T H E  T I M E. She growls and purrs and chews at the same time, defending her broken pieces of Dream Treats™. For 4 days, while waiting for the nice UPS man to bring 4 big bags, she was ever hopeful in the kitchen. Oscar begs and cries for his Wysong treats. Julia only likes the small Cat Treats™.

Sabine loves the Dream Treats™.  Emily - Hurricane Emily - 5-month-old calico foundling jumps up to get all treats. Going at nothing less than full-gallop she is always ravenous, but she does prefer the Dream Treats™.

Like I said: DREAM TREATS™...WHAT TROUBLE!!! <chuckle>”

Web Review – Japanese Chins Love Dream Treats™

“I think my Japanese Chins named these Dream Treats™ because they absolutely love them. I give them the Pheasant and the Chicken Dream Treats™. They're little dogs, so they each get 1/4 treat. Dream Treats™ have a great consistency that travels well and doesn't get messy if you just want to break off bits, so it's a great incentive when lead training or rewarding them for pee and poo.”

Phone – Cats Go Wild Over Dream Treats™

“I got a sample of the Dream Treats™ and the cats went wild over them. I will definitely include some with my next order!”

E-Mail – Poodle Loves Dream Treats™

“My little 3-1/2 lb poodle loves the Dream Treats™.”  

Phone – Cats Love Pheasant Dream Treats

“I got a sample of Pheasant Dream Treats™ with my last order and they are great. One of my cats is ill, and I use the Dream Treats to give my cat her pills, it is so much easier than the wrestling match I used to have to do everyday. She really likes the Dream Treats.”

E-Mail – Love Dealing With Wysong/Cats Love Pheasant Dream Treats™

“…As always, I love dealing with Wysong, and I love your products. By the way, the cats went wild over the new pheasant snacks. I don't feed them snacks, but I trust Wysong, so I ordered some.”

E-Mail –Cats Love Dream Treats™

“…Your help was invaluable! Gabby (our diabetic cat) is loving her new raw food regime! And Call of the Wild™ will become a part of it. Last BG test was 162 (down from 393, before that it was 500+)! Go MEAT! Gabby’s boys (Sam & Adam) couldn’t get enough of the Dream Treats™. I had to dole them out sparingly, at your advice, but they would have eaten all I offered…Tyke (dermatitis) will be getting a lot more raw meat with the addition of Call of the Wild™. It is great to see results from altering their diet. Hope to send more testimonials in the near future.”