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Epigen Testimonials

E-Mail – Pets Love Epigen 90™

“Among our many Show Dogs we also have two cats...  One normally does not like kibble. I opened the Epigen 90™ you sent just to see his reaction... All I will say is WOW!!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Epigen 90™

“My two cats absolutely love the Epigen 90™.”

Letter – Epigen™ Line Has Done Great Things for Dogs

“My dog loves this food (Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™). Also, I would like to express my happiness with the Epigen™ line. We have used all three flavors, and believe it has done great things for our dogs. One is small and has a fast metabolism; the other is a little heavy and has a slow metabolism. Robin, the heavier girl, loves the Epigen™ and has now lost almost two pounds since starting it last year. Of course, we also rotate with fresh meats and veggies. It makes a wonderful base to work with, and I don’t worry about them getting the proper nutrition.”

E-Mail – Best Quality and Variety of Food

“I want to thank your company. I don't make a lot of money but I still HAVE to give my dogs (who I love more than life itself ) the best diet I can, they deserve it…All dogs, no matter where they come from deserve the best diet money can buy. Thanks to you and your team, Wysong makes the best quality and variety of food eaten by our companion animals, it's had to categorize your products as "dog food." It’s so much better than that…So your team sent me a 50% off shipping coupon code, I got on and checked that out and it still was a little out of my range. So they didn’t give up, they sent me a 20% off coupon code, guess what I did it - I ordered 32 lbs of Venison Epigen™. Eureka!!!!...VENISON is EXCELLENT !!!! My dogs and cats LOVE vension…I can’t wait for Epigen 90™ :)


Thanks again from both me and my happy soon to be happier rescues that LOVE your Epigen™.


Please know that my thank you is very sincere, from the bottom of my heart :)”

E-Mail – Epigen™ is a Bargain

“I am happy to learn of your newest development of the product Epigen™. Thanks for changing the way people look at dog food and grain free kibbles. I nearly have a heart attack when I see all the starch in grain free kibbles.

I feed my dogs 99% organic (50% green raw tripe and a 50% meat blend or meaty bones), raw, human grade food/meat - but I feed about 1 cup of kibble per day during walks as a treats. I may consider feeding a bit more now that your product is available.

I plan to use Epigen™ and will buy some today to test it with my dogs.

I will try your food in any event, because it appears superior to everything else. I feed such a small percentage of kibble that it isn't a problem for me, really. It is hard to find high quality treats, in my opinion. So I feed kibble as a treat.

BTW, your Epigen™ is a bargain. Poor health is costly and cruel if it can be avoided. Don't listen to everyone saying it is expensive...feeding raw is expensive and eating well as a human is even more so. I don't feed dogs anything I won't eat myself (before my transition to veganism). I am a vegan now, but still feed high quality meats to my dogs.”

E-Mail – Epigen 90™ Superior Product For Cats

“Thank you greatly for creating this food, Epigen 90™. My 3 year old cat is healthy, yet a very finicky eater. She loves Epigen 90™…the Epigen 90™ is a hit, the ingredients are far and above superior to anything else out there. Thank you for the starch free™ and gluten free.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Helps Overweight, Borderline Diabetic Cat

“I have two cats, one is an Abyssinian (Kiri) and the other is a black short-haired cat (Midnight), both are 4 and half years old.  

Kiri does not have any medical issues. However, Midnight had started gaining weight at an alarming rate and I was feeding them premium "grain free" cat food (Midnight has allergy problems with grains). However, she was not eating very much. She was very lethargic and was having trouble breathing. I had blood tests and such done on Midnight and there were no medical reasons for the weight gain (she went from 14 to 22 pounds) and she was borderline diabetic. The vet recommended scheduled feedings and cutting down her portions. I don't think the vet believed me that I wasn't overfeeding her (she was a new vet that I went to after moving to a new neighborhood, so she wasn't aware on how I cared for my cats like my previous vet that I went to for over 20 years).  

I decided to do some research and read an article about grain-free foods using starch rather than grains. Being a diabetic myself, I know that starch and diabetes don't go together. That shoots my sugar up and also makes me gain weight. So I decided to try Epigen™. I supplement the Epigen™ with canned/wet cat food a couple of times a week.  

I started feeding them Epigen™ on 6/22 and Midnight has slimmed down drastically and seems more satisfied with her food. Kiri loves it as well. Midnight is now playing and wrestling with Kiri like she did when she was younger and breathing normally. She is jumping up on the cat tree and bed with no problems. Both of their fur coats are shiny and healthy.

I cannot thank you enough for providing a good product for my cats.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Prolongs Life

“My dog is going through chemo for stomach cancer. I credit Epigen™ for her living this long because for months that was the only dry food she would eat.”

E-Mail – Wysong Epigen™ Fan

“I'm a huge Wysong fan, your Epigen™ is the ONLY kibble my dogs are allowed to eat - that's the truth!”

E-Mail – Ferrets love Ferret Epigen 90™

“Our relatively small market has literally been eating up the Epigen 90™ (pun intended!). It is prime ferret show season, and people are really excited about the product. Thanks for producing such wonderful products that are easy to sell!”

E-Mail – Poms Love Epigen™

“Hello...rec'd the sample of Epigen™. WOW! Have 4 finicky Poms and ALL loved it. But I don't see it on your site...'coming in June'...not here yet? My Poms eat fair, Bentley tries but he just doesn't like it. But again, he loved this! Eager to order, thanks!”

Facebook Comment – Epigen™ Geared Towards Natural Diet

“I have recently learned that the majority of cat food that is available for us to buy at the grocery store is so bad for our cats that I had to start to rethink what I was feeding my cats. I began to buy food that was higher in protein and not filled with carbohydrates and other fillers that just make them fat. If there is a brand of food that is more geared to a natural way that animals eat count me in! It sounds great!”

Facebook Comment – Good Ingredients

“Sounds like some great food. I have a lil’ Pitty who has a sensitive stomach and it is hard to find a good quality food. Looking at the ingredients, this would be an awesome food! Would love to try it with your giveaway! :)”

Wysong Epigen™: Drake's food bowl @ Chez Carey 

“Hi there. I am Drake, guest writer for the day. I'd like to tell you all about the greatest new pet food to come out in a long time. My mom, Carey, refuses to feed me the crap from the grocery store and instead follows the brand, Wysong, like it's a cult. Those nice people recently sent a sample of their newest food, Epigen™. Now, I should tell you, I am the pickiest Yaruss family member, and have zero interest in anything that is not the Wysong Uretic™ cat food that I've been eating for 13 years. Occasionally, I'll humor mom by asking to sample a little of her sushi, but other than that, I pretty much turn my nose up at everything. Well, I guess I'm turning over a new leaf because this stuff is AMAZING. My mom barely ripped open the sample bag and I was meowing, and pawing at her leg for a taste. She put a few kibbles on the floor and me, my sister Elsa, and Echo Doppler the dog had to fight over it. I gobbled it up so fast, that Echo the pit bull looked totally confused. He is used to only having that orange fatty, Elsa as competition. Finally, someone figured out that we cats are carnivores and really don't want rice, bran, oatmeal or corn in our food. This Epigen™ is designed to mimic what we'd eat in the wild, lots and lots of meat. Yum yum yum. Mom says that I'm going to need to get a job if I want to continue eating this good stuff. I told her that it would be fine if she just offers it to me as a special treat once in a while. Do you have picky cats too? Well, get yourself a bag of Epigen™ from http://www.wysongepigen.net/ and I guarantee they will be happier, healthier and very very appreciative.”

E-Mail – Dogs and Cats Love Epigen™

“I have 3 dogs in the 40-50 lb range, one 16-lb, and 3 under 10 lbs. I love the small kibble size. So does my cat – she eagerly accepted Epigen™ kibble from my fingers! Thanks for your excellent products...”

E-Mail – Cats Love Epigen™

“My cats love the Epigen™. They have to share two bowls per day, as I have so many…”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Makes A Difference – More Energy and Less Allergies

“This morning it seems appropriate to write and tell you what a difference the Epigen™ food has made in our two Cockers, Robin and Dove. They have been on it for approximately one month and are doing fantastic. Robin is trimming down and has more energy than she has had in over four of her six and half years. When we take walks at the park, she is two feet in front of Dove and I, instead of two feet behind while panting up a storm. Also, their coats are shinier and softer...Of course, we still add in the Wysong meats, as well as some raw meats or poached fish and veggies. However, having the Epigen™ base makes life much easier, and the results are nothing less than FANTASTIC~ Thank you for creating this new food…I can't say enough about it and have passed along the word. We have also given samples to those we hope will try it, and will tell our vet, too!”

E-Mail – Cats Tear Into Epigen™

“I ordered the free sample (of Epigen™) online, it came, & both cats tore into it like they hadn't eaten in a month! Almost made me want to try some!”

E-Mail – Cats Love Epigen™

“My cats are starting on your Epigen™ dry food and I can't keep them away from it, they love it so much! I want to peruse all the rest of your products…”

E-Mail – Ear Problem Resolved on Epigen™

“I found out about Wysong pet food recently and have been feeding my 2 cats the Epigen™ and Au Jus™ food for about 7 weeks now. I'm writing to thank you for your product.


My cats are domestic short hair cats - gray tabbies. One is a 12-year-old male, the other an 11-year-old female - both pretty healthy. However, my male cat has had a problem with wax in his right ear for several years. I take him to the vet to have his ear cleaned and buy a prescription to clear it up - it always comes back. I was recently told he was probably having an allergic reaction to a corn-based food. His last visit for ear problems was just 8 weeks ago. He had been on Wysong for one week at that point.  


I am happy to report that his ear problem is gone. I can't believe how clean his ear is - I think it's because of the high quality Wysong food I am feeding him. I've also noticed his coat is lusher and there is no more dander - same for my female cat.


I tell everyone I know with pets to check out your products. Thank you for what you do. I wish I had known about Wysong years ago.”

E-Mail – Fox Enjoys Epigen™ Too

“Besides feeding Epigen™ to my indoor cats, I place a bowl out morning and night for a feral cat that lives in our area. Recently, I noticed a fox has come by to eat and early one morning I was able to get a photo. The woman who took my order today gave me your email address so I could forward the photo to you for your enjoyment. Even a fox who gets a varied diet of fresh meat and vegetation likes Epigen™. Please keep up the great work making healthy food!”

E-Mail – Pets Love Epigen™

“You will be glad to know that I'm feeding Wysong's Epigen™ to Maggie Mae, Sadie and Cody.  They LOVE it and I was very glad to see that someone is putting out a product that is STARCH free™. I have been feeding grain free for at least a year.  They were raw fed from 2003 to 2008, I was feeding 6 pets and it started to get so time consuming I couldn't continue. Unfortunately I'm down to 3 babies :( So I'm feeding the Epigen™ and whole fresh foods also (raw meat, raw meaty bones, organic carrot juice and other so veggies)…”

E-Mail – Epigen™ A Great Base Diet For Cats With Multiple Health Issues

“Thank you for emailing me the $9.99 introductory offer. A lot of websites take your address, but not many send a valuable offer in return. I have three cats, two of which have different medical conditions. I'm trying to find a superior base diet that works for them all.

So far I brought one cat back from borderline hyperthyroidism by switching him to high protein/low carb kibbles! The vets said it wasn't possible, but his blood tests beg to differ!

(Now my local veterinary internal medicine specialist and his staff are believers.) He now has what the specialist says is probably bronchitis. (Maybe the lower starch content [it is actually completely starch free™] of Epigen™ will help him...I ordered your original formula.)... I am hoping she can have Epigen™ as a maintenance diet. If it makes her urine turn the Health Meter® litter greenish (indicating alkalinity), I'll be happy to have the Biotic pH-™ I ordered on hand to sprinkle on her Epigen™. I am so thankful for options other than the veterinary prescribed brands which have deplorable ingredient lists...”

E-Mail – Diabetic Cat in Remission on Epigen™

“…Now all the 11 cats are on Epigen™ after the steroid induced diabetes experience. And you can tell Dr. Wysong, that I believe my cat is now in remission after only 2 months of NO CARBOHYDRATES, whatsoever.”

E-Mail – Finicky Cats Love Epigen™

“…I passed on your reply to the cat owner, and she fed Epigen™ to her cat, without any problems! In fact, the cat and owner are both very happy to have Epigen™ in the cat's otherwise raw diet.


By the way, Epigen™ is extraordinarily attractive to cats, even to those who have insisted on eating only one or two foods before Epigen™. As a Wysong distributor, I have heard a dozen instances of the same story: "Cat would eat only _____ until Epigen™. I tried many different kinds of food, but she would eat only ______. She loved Epigen™ from the first bowl." I think Wysong should make note of this fact in its advertising for Epigen™. Cats are notoriously hard to feed a healthy diet, and Epigen™ really helps.”

E-Mail – Show Boxer Doing Well on Epigen™

“Just wanted to thank you for making Epigen™. What a great product!!! I free feed it between raw feedings.  My dogs just know when they need it and I'll hear them happily crunching away…Their health, energy and coats are amazing and it's good to know they are getting the additional supplements. I sometimes worry about with just feeding raw. Thanks for all your knowledge and being the kind of company I can trust with my pets’ health!

P.S.  I asked my pet food store (Pet Food Express, Palo Alto) to special order Epigen™ as they only carry your Growth™ and Maintenance™ kibbles. They were happy to do that (they are an awesome pet store) and when it came in and they read the ingredients they were really impressed. I sure hope more people learn about this product. My show girl is a testament to your fine products!”

E-Mail – Cats Like Epigen™

“I just wanted to let you know that my cats like the Epigen™ chicken formula I ordered for them. I have a good number of cats -- let's say more than 4 but less than 20. I'd say at least 80 percent of them have tried and like the Epigen™, which is quite remarkable for a new food. I've just ordered another larger bag. 


Sometimes we play ‘chase the kibble’ across the floor -- a game they like.  :-) I've found it's a good way to get them to accept a new food. I'd say at least half accepted it right off the bat without any ‘games’, though…Thanks for letting me know about Epigen™ and thank you so much for all your hard work!”

E-Mail – Gordon Setter Doing Well on Epigen™

“I have been using your Epigen™ for my Gordon Setter puppy for several weeks now. His breeder had him on it and he is doing very nicely on it! (Her adult dogs were on it and looked and felt gorgeous!)”

E-Mail – Pets Love Epigen™

“I recently purchased Epigen™ and my cats and dogs love it.”

E-Mail – Great Coats and Body Condition

“I am a user of the Epigen™ as a top-dress for my English Setters and cats (by the way). Their coats and general body condition has improved greatly. You should see Sunshine, one of the cats!...It amazes me as to the complexity of the Wysong products…Thanks.”

E-Mail – Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ Help Diabetic Cat Off of Insulin

“I just wanted you to know that I have been buying your cat food for about three years now. I have three cats, two of which are elderly. My stepson moved back in our house about 8 months ago with his two cats so there are three younger cats in the house; they are about 2 years old.  My oldest cat, who is about 14, developed diabetes which is why I started using your food. Until then I had been feeding him one of the more expensive varieties of Science Diet®, thinking I was feeding one of the best quality pet foods, it certainly was expensive enough. When Candy had to go on insulin, I did my research and found Wysong and started feeding Geriatrx™ for the dry food. Since then he was been off of insulin a good deal of the time. His last episode of high blood sugar only lasted about 3 weeks and I was able to take him back off of the insulin. Since Epigen™ came out I have been feeding a variety of Geriatrx™ and Epigen™ and he has not had to be on insulin at all.  I recently took the three younger cats for their annual checkup and vaccinations and the vet told me they were some of the cleanest and healthiest cats he has seen. I am on the board and deeply involved in a local no-kill animal adoption facility and know the vet very well so he didn't just say that to be nice, he said it because he felt that way about my cats. 

I just ordered three of the Aus Jus™ canned to try. I buy my canned from a local pet food boutique and it is supposed to healthy but I would rather buy it from Wysong as I really trust you so I am trying again. With 5 cats in the house, two elderly and one with a serious health issue it has been a challenge to find something that works for everyone since I don't feed them separately. Wysong products do that for me and I just wanted to write and say thank you.”

Facebook Post – Great Dane Loves Epigen™

"My Great Dane is picky and he ate the entire bowl of this!!!"

E-Mail – Epigen™ and Archetype™ Great For Weight Reduction

“Aloha from Honolulu, on the remote island of Oahu, where we have a few Wysong products at our Naturally Pet store. I bought a bag of Epigen™ and my cat really likes it, so I went to the website to investigate more Wysong products and was enticed to try the $9.99 special. I just received Archetype™ and Epigen™ for a fantastic deal and my cat loves the Archetype™ too. Thank you!

My 2-year-old cat is on a weight reducing diet (more protein and less starch) so the Epigen™ and Archetype™ foods are perfect…Reading the Wysong website info as well as other sources, it makes sense to feed cats a raw diet with variety, or what they would eat as hunters…Thank you for providing excellent pet foods and products!”

E-Mail – Dogs Go Crazy For Epigen™

“Both my dogs go absolutely crazy on days they're fed the regular Epigen™. They love it!"

Web Review – Reasons Epigen 90™ is “one of the best dry cat foods ever”

“There are 3 qualities Epigen 90™ has that, believe it or not, are hard to find in dry cat foods:

No grains or starches: I don’t think any cat could become overweight, diabetic, or get IBD on this food (more on cats and starches here).  I confirmed with Wysong that there are fewer than 1% carbs in this product–all of which come from fiber and organs.

No gluten: Wysong has defended gluten in the past, but thankfully they left it out here. Some would argue that we do not have clear research on whether gluten is good or bad for cats. Fine, but let’s acknowledge that it’s not a natural thing for cats to eat (evolutionarily), and that gluten is one of the most difficult ingredients for humans to digest so it’s probably not easy on cats either. (That’s my opinion as a certified human nutritionist.)

Organic meat: Enough said.

Plus, it includes probiotics and doesn’t include any of Petsumer Report’s “red flag” ingredients (like by-products, animal digest, and menadione sodium bisulfite complex).”

E-Mail – Epigen 90™ Improves Coat Condition

“Thought Wysong might like hearing an update on how a healthy diet is so very much benefitting my cats --especially my newly adopted Himalayan, Crystal.  (My other two cats are Ragdolls.)  As I'm sure you know, Himalayan fur tends to mat.  When I first got Crystal (in Feb.), her fur was quite matted & because of it, she absolutely hated being brushed. I took her to a groomer where she was washed & had many mats shaved off. It's taken her a while to get used to being brushed after that -- initially she still despised it. But, now that she's been eating Epigen 90™ plus the raw food -- her fur has become so very much softer & is BARELY MATTING!!! I can brush her with ease -- she does not mind!! She rather enjoys being brushed now -- because there are NO MATS!!!  (I think I felt maybe 2 teeny ones near her rear end? When I come across them I just snip them off...). She used to easily mat on her chest hair, all along her back, etc. Since she hated being brushed, I wasn't sure what I would do with her. I was thinking I might end up needing to give her that "Lion Cut" for the summer, which I was not thrilled at needing to do to her...) Now, there is no need for that at all -- she's perfectly fine! All 3 of my cats now are easy to groom -- Ragdolls are known for NOT matting, where Himalayan's are know FOR matting. I think it's AMAZING that she is no longer matting!!!!!


She adores the Epigen 90™ (a daily/permanent dish) & the raw treats from Wysong, which I frequently provide. Even though my Ragdoll's fur is super soft to begin with -- it dramatically changes after they eat the Dream Treats™ & have more raw food in their diet. As soft as their fur typically is, it now has become even SOFTER! All 3 of my cats now have absolutely gorgeous coats!!! 


Thanks so much to Wysong for providing such a healthy food for my beloved "babies"!!!”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Resolves Digestive Problems For Puppy

“I thought I'd send you a quick note to tell you about my puppy. He is a White Shepherd and around 12 weeks old he was vomiting and having diarrhea. I took him to the Vet. They gave me several cans of Hills Prescription Diet, i/d Gastrointestinal Health. They also gave me a de-wormer medication to mix into the canned food. I prepared this for him and set it down. He sniffed it, but would not eat it. After not eating for a day, I decided to give him the Epigen™ I had been feeding him. When he saw me bring out the bag he got very excited and ate it all when I put it down for him. I ended up mixing the medication into cream cheese for him. I still have a couple cans of the prescription food in the cupboard. He is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. He is eating approximately one two pound bag of Epigen™ every two days.”

E-Mail – Great For Dog With Food Intolerance, Helps Puppy With Liver Shunt

“I've used your food since 2004, and I've been very satisfied with the quality.  Our dogs love it.  We've recently put one of our new rescued dogs on your Epigen Fish™ formula due to many of her food intolerances. I am so thankful that you have developed a Fish and Venison kibble formula…Any time I get into a conversation with other animal owners about dog or cat food, I tell them about your company! I want to spread the word!


One of our dogs is 14 years old and going strong!!! We also had a dog with a liver shunt that lived to the ripe old age of 9, and we didn't even know she had this problem until a few months before she died. Was it the food? Who knows? But, she was a miracle dog that should have started showing symptoms as a puppy and shouldn't have lived very long into adulthood. I like to think your food helped her condition in some way! I have no other explanation of why she lived so long! 


I don't know if you still post consumer reviews on your website. I know I've read them in the past. You have my permission to put the parts of this email on your website. I'd like others to be aware of how satisfied we are with your food. 


Thank you for making such a quality product!”

E-Mail – No Digestive Issues With Epigen™

“I received the samples you sent me in my last Wysong order of your new Epigen™ Fish & Epigen™ Venison formulas that will be available soon. Because I believe in all of your work & concept behind Epigen™ I was most anxious to give the new samples a try on my ever so sensitive Tonkinese cats. SUCCESS!!!! YAY!!!!! They all loved both kinds PLUS the new kinds caused them NO vomiting or other issues. I Am Sooo Pleased!!! I know that was only a very small sample, but, I will certainly buy some of your new Epigen™ Varieties & feed a bag of each to see how it goes. THANK YOU Sooo MUCH for sending me those samples. I just wanted to give you this success story. I am also anxious for your eventual Epigen 90™ formula that you are working on that will come out in the future too. I appreciate your company soooo much & all of your important efforts you do in providing not only the BEST in pet foods but your ever important education that you teach us. Continued Success To You & Your Company. In fact my Tonkineses’ health depends upon it!!! THANK YOU Sooo MUCH!!!”

Letter – Exceptional Dog Food Products

“Banner, my dog, is looking forward to trying the new varieties of Epigen™. He loves your products and so do we. Thank you again for your exceptional dog food products and high quality standards. It’s just nice to know that Wysong is a name you can trust.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ Helps IBD and Insoles Are Great Gifts

“It is always my pleasure to introduce great products; from a great company to the world…The two IBD cats are doing well on the Epigen™…Hope to get some new clients for you. Everyone who wears shoes should have the Wysong Insoles™! No doubt! I think they would make great gifts.”

E-Mail – Epigen™ is Favorite Food For Pets, Owners Love Human Products

“My wife and I are new customers, living in Panama and looking forward to being able to afford to bring in however much of your food as we like. I wanted you to know that the original Epigen™ is now the favorite food of our cat and small dog. They absolutely love it and the cat comes into the kitchen asking for it. If I mix it in with the Kirkland pet food, our dog will pick out the Epigen™ and leave the rest.

I also want to compliment you on some of your people food. The
Basmati Rice™ is delicious and you sell it at a reasonable price. The star though, is the cheddar cheese powder. Wow, I thought I made some of the best popcorn around. I use organic corn, unrefined coconut oil, then for the topping I cook garlic, olive oil and butter, sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. That's quite a mouthful in itself, and it is outrageous, but adding the cheese powder on top of all that is divine.

Keep up the good work and keep those
pet videos coming, we share them with our friends and family...”