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Human Products

Email: "I love the product. It has helped where other deodorants could not. This may sound crazy, but I did a yahoo search for "underarm pit odor" your product was one of the first ones to come up. I'm so grateful, especially with summer coming up on us. Finally, something that works!"

Internet: "
Ms. Barden, I received Dr. Wysong’s insole’s on Friday, September 16 and put them in my shoes immediately. As soon as I took my first step there was a noticeable difference in that I was able to walk without favoring my other leg. The fascitis pain is still there, but it is much more tolerable with the inserts. I am hoping to start physical therapy this coming week to execrate the healing process. Dr. Wysong is brilliant in his evaluation of how the foot works!! I don’t believe any other insert would give instant relief like this one.

Thank you very much for your correspondence and the article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. This is where I learned about Dr. Wysong…"

Internet: "At the risk of exaggeration, I see uncereal as the most unique, nutritious, innovative food since manna. Manna, you will remember, was the food sent by the Lord 3,500 years ago to nourish the children of Israel while they were in the wilderness. It was described as "a small round thing" and the children of Israel ate it for 40 years (for more information please note Exodus 16:14-36, pages 90 and 91 in your Scofield Reference Bible.)"

Internet: "Love the cereal - Its expensive, but worth it. It doesn’t cause me to bloating like other cereals do."

Internet: "I’ve tried your insoles and they make a world of difference!"

Internet: "I just have a few comments about your product "Origins Un-Cereal".
For one, I really love it! The taste is phenomenal and the health benefits are a breath of fresh air."

Internet: "I'm not sure if it is ethical for you to make chocolates that taste so great and I can actually feel good about eating them because they are so healthy!"

Internet: "The Un-Cereal is outstanding! I have only one package and it is almost gone, but there is a surprising interest in it by all I talk to."

Internet: "I recently purchased Dermal (for myself!) and some Cheezyme and Pepper Plus. Outstanding products. The Dermal is exactly what my skin has been craving."

Internet:"My family recently tried your Origins bars. We absolutely love them. We can't get enough of them. What a wonderful product you have created. We can't wait to try the cereal when that comes out."

Internet: "I took your advice and dropped my usual cereal, toast and coffee breakfast and my fast food lunches. Instead I just crush an Origins bar into some plain yogurt that I mash a banana into and eat that. (Love the taste!) Then when I'm hungry through the day I just grab some fruit. Bottom line is I am really shedding pounds (fat) and feel great. Thanks for the info and wonderful products. (I also take your supplements.)"

Internet: "For almost five years I have suffered from stomach problems and a weird respiratory condition. I've gone to every imaginable doctor and specialist. They load me up with drugs and no answers and I end up feeling sicker than before because of the drugs. A friend suggested that I go to your website and subscribe to your newsletter. Everything you say makes so much sense. I decided to try your optimal health program and on the advice of one of your customer service people bought one of your water filters and started drinking water like you suggest. After two weeks my stomach was pain free--the first time in almost 5 years!!!! My respiratory condition seems to be improving as well. Thank you for your great company and wonderful information."

Internet: "I used to be real ashamed of smiling. I smoke & my teeth were starting to look transparent besides being discolored. After using Probiodent exclusively, in a few days I was shocked at the improvement! My "pearly-whites" are becoming that."

Internet: "My pair of Wysong Ergonomic Insoles came yesterday and, as usual with the things you do, I'm very impressed. The insole itself is a work of art and the literature itself is so well written that I could even call it a literary work of art!"

Customer: "I have paid $500 for orthotic lifts from my doctor, but am wearing your insoles now. It is too bad that yours were not available sooner."

Internet: "When you introduced the Origins bars I ordered some to give them a try. They seemed very promising, and upon my recent re-order I was pleased to see that you now package them one to an envelope, solving the question of how to store the second bar."

Internet: "My dogs love Wysong and I love Origins, what can I say. So since I eat Origins 2/AM everyday, I order my dog food at the same time."

South Dakota: “I just love your products. So much effort goes into them. It’s too bad most people don’t know that. Your Peanut Butter Plus™ and Trail Mix™ are fabulous. In fact, Peanut Butter Plus is the only peanut butter I sell in my store. My customers also love your Garlic Whole Salt™. My son says it is the best.”

California: “I love your new Probiodent™ formula. It works well and really has a “punch” for taste."

Letter: "I just wanted to compliment your company and its products. I have been using the Feline Uretic and Canine Maintenance dry foods for quite a few years. My cats’ coats seemed to change immediately, becoming soft and “glistening.” Their stools are firm and formed and they seem to have increased energy. My male has no more problems with bladder stones that led me to purchasing your food. My greyhound is thriving on the Maintenance. She has not acquired any fat on her body, which I have seen happen to a lot of greys that are consuming other brands. Her coat was deplorable when I got her and almost immediately became soft and now looks like a polished boot. Her stools are also firm and formed.

One day while I was in a Natural Food Store, I saw a jar of “Wysong Peanut Butter” on the shelf. I was so surprised that Wysong made human food that I had to purchase it knowing how good your pet food is. It was the best peanut butter I have ever tasted. I was especially elated that there was no “rape seed/canola oil” used to process it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to collect bar codes and use them to purchase your fine human products, thank you.”

Email: “I recently went on a short trip and not having the time or opportunity to eat in organic places I opted to use your Whole Protein Shake as my main supply of energy.

I never felt hungry in my three days of austerity, had my usual good energy, went on very short hikes of less than a half hour and felt optimistic.

In returning home I discovered I had lost six pounds. I'm 6 feet and weighed 176. I'm now 170. At age 83 I feel that your shake is most unusual.”

Email: “I do not have pictures yet of before & after. I could never bring myself to photograph my ferret with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) because I thought he was slowly dying. He looked so awful, he was an appointment away from being euthanized. We saw your food on the web, ordered it (we kept him going with sub-cutaneous fluid injections, etc. until the food arrived) and within 2 days he improved, within a month he was "cured" and within 2 months required no more medication for the IBS. I am going to take him for repeated blood work to see if those values show a before & after effect to include in our article & slide show.

On a non-ferret note, I love your human products as well, especially the Un-Cereal, the bars, the new Choc-O-Nuts Mix, The Chocolate Therapy and the flour for baking.”

Phone: "I want to compliment your company on your great products. I am so happy with the products I have purchased for myself and my pets. Trail Mix is the best I have ever eaten. I love the peanut butter too. I just trust you guys so much. .... I tell everyone I know to feed Wysong and not that junk in the store. Thank you so very, very much."

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