Natural solutions to support your dog's joint health

Aging is part of life, not just for you but for your fury friend as well. As you've aged, you've likely noticed some stiffness or soreness in joints. The same changes occur in the joints of your dog. If you're concerned about supporting your dog's joint health, the good news is you have options besides drugs or surgery.

In fact, there are many holistic options to help your pet live a healthy, happy life.

The first step in helping your pet enjoy good joint health is to institute a well-balanced diet. A raw-food diet provides your pet with natural nutrients that his body can digest more easily than processed foods. These foods offer your pet the protein, fats and carbohydrates his body needs.

Once you've established a healthy diet for your pet, supplements can help you support many facets of his well-being including joint health. Many Wysong supplements contain vital food components such as: Enzymes, probiotics and unadultered, fully-composed vitamins and minerals. Consult with your holistic vet to learn more about supplements and which supplement is best for your dog.

Your holistic vet may also recommend therapies including massage and acupuncture. These practices can target the ailing joints by stimulating the nerves and muscles and increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles and joints. This influx of oxygen will slow the degenerative process, support your dog's joint health, and help ensure your fury friend is around for years to come.