Is your pet getting enough naturally-occurring pet nutrients?

As a pet owner, you're always looking out for your pet. You want them to be as healthy as possible, maintain a balanced weight and have plenty of time for play. And you know that a diet that includes the proper pet nutrients is a big key to that healthy lifestyle.

You want your pet to get all of his required pet nutrients but how do you know he's doing so? Many packaged dog foods boast that they provide your pet with all of the nutrition he needs, they say they provide a healthy nutritional balance. How do you know that's true?

Most commercially packaged dog foods are over-processed, cooking valuable nutrients out of your pet's food. This is hardly the way your pet's digestive system was designed to absorb these nutrients.

If you want to be sure your furry friend is getting the most high-quality pet nutrients possible, the best solution is to place him on a raw food diet. Product's like Wysong's Archetype™ replicate the natural diet your animal would eat in the wild and provide the basic nutrients – without the processing – that your pet's body was designed to digest easily and successfully. So switch your pet to a raw food diet today.

And how will you know your pet is benefiting from his new nutritional diet? Look for a glossy coat, shiny teeth and the robust activity to keep you busy all day long.