Learn how to help your sick dog by changing his diet

Chicken soup is the food of choice for many people when they are feeling under the weather. They step away from their normal diet and opt for this easily-digestible comfort food. If you're wondering how to help your sick dog, there are changes you should make to his diet as well.

Like people, dogs also benefit from a bland diet when they feel ill.

If your dog is sick and he is vomiting, it's a good idea to let him fast for 24 hours to allow his stomach to calm down. Then, when you prepare his next meal, foods like hamburger, chicken or tofu are great choices; but reduce the fat content before you serve these options. While your pet may enjoy the taste of the fat, less fat will make his food easier to digest and improve his chances of keeping it down. Boiling your pet's food is an effective way of removing fat content. And make sure to start with 90-percent lean hamburger if you opt for beef. If you plan to serve chicken, separate the meat from the bones, skin and fat ahead of time. Wysong's Au Jus™ canned diet is another terrific meat source for your pet.

Once you have reduced the fat, pair your protein choice with rice or cottage cheese. It is recommended that you mix one part meat or tofu with four parts rice or cottage cheese.

Avoid immediately feeding your pet a full bowl of food after the 24-hour fasting period has expired. Instead, start your pet off with a smaller portion and work up to more traditional servings after his stomach proves it can handle the smaller offerings.

You should also be sure to speak with your veterinarian to learn how to help your sick dog recover more quickly. You can also ask for additional diet options that can help your dog return to his normal, active self as quickly as possible.