How to get a finicky cat to eat

Cats have a mind of their own and while this trait can be charming, sometimes it's downright nerve-wracking. How to get a finicky cat to eat definitely grates on the nerves. If your cat is being stubborn about what it eats, you probably don't see the charm.

But don't worry, there are things you can do. Follow these tips to have kitty filling its belly while you clear your mind.

*Change up the menu. Your cat may not like the food you are offering it and some cats suddenly decide to stop eating a flavor they have enjoyed for years. Before you speculate to larger problems, try a new food offering. Visit to see the options available for your cat.

*Make sure your cat's bowl is clean. It sounds too easy but some cats are very fussy about their dish. If your cat's bowl is dirty, the smells coming from the bowl may be turning your pet off to mealtime. Wash the bowl out whenever it appears dirty. If this does not help, wash the bowl out after each feeding.

*Establish a feeding schedule. While your cat may be cuddly, its genetics dictate that it is still an animal that hunts for its food, rather than grazes. If you've left a full food dish out in the past, take it away and offer morning and evening feeding times. Your cat may be more interested in eating when the offer of food isn't always available.

*Monitor food temperature. Humans love ice cream but your cat may not enjoy its food served at the same temperature. If you keep your cat's food in the fridge, pull it out ahead of time to allow it to warm up. This will also send aromas into the air, drawing your cat towards its meal.

*Offer a little privacy. Cats enjoy their private time during certain periods of the day, including mealtime. If your cat is not eating as much as you would like, look at its meal area. Is it in a public place where children or other pets could interfere? If so, move your cat's food dish to a place where more privacy is available.

How to get a finicky cat to eat can be stressful but, remember, the answer to your cat's eating habits is often simpler than you think. To learn more about pet food options for your cat, visit