Should you feed your pet hard food or soft food?

Hard pet food or soft pet food -- pet owners all over the country have an opinion on this issue. If you're a new pet owner, you've probably asked the same question yourself. After all, you want the best diet for your pet but how do you know what that type of diet is? Which food type satisfies your pet's needs most accurately, hard food or soft food?

The truth is, both hard food and soft food can be beneficial to your pet's diet. They can even be mixed together. The key, as is the case with human diets as well, is moderation and variety.

Wet food, like Wysong's Au Jus™ Diet, has a taste and texture pet's love and your pet will likely be more interested in this offering than dry kibble.

But dry pet food, like Wysong's Fundamentals™ Formula, can be beneficial to your pet's diet and his mouth. The act of chewing dry food exercises the jaw muscles and strengthens teeth. Particularly when supplemented with Wysong Dentatreat™.

Dry pet food is also good for your pet's dental care as hard, crunchy foods can work to loosen plaque on your pet's teeth as they are chewed and consumed.

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