How can you feed your ferret a natural diet?

Decades ago you fed your ferret a truly natural diet because it was your only choice. In recent years the popularity of ferrets has introduced several new dietary options into the marketplace. (See the Wysong Ferret Product Line.)

Ferrets are genetically engineered to be carnivores and their diet should be high in protein and fat. Starches are not biologically appropriate for ferrets, and a diet high in these offerings can lead to poor skin quality, bladder stones, poor growth rate and other health conditions.

Two different natural diets exist and both are beneficial for your ferret; we'll call them the whole prey diet and the raw carnivore diet.

The whole prey diet involves feeding your ferret pre-killed, frozen prey animals. You can purchase animals such as mice and rats from a distributer and this is a more advisable option than feeding your ferret mice caught in a trap as they can carry diseases. A ferret's teeth are designed to separate meat from the bone and whole prey diets allow your pet to exercise its jaws while cleaning its teeth and gums.

The raw carnivore diet allows you to offer commercially prepared meats to your ferret. This is advisable for pet owners that aren't interested in having whole, frozen prey animals in their home. Wysong's Archetype™ is a Starch Free™, meat-based diet made to specifically replicate the diet ferrets consume in the wild. Archetype™ is available in chicken, quail and rabbit formulas to provide your ferret with variety in his natural diet.

Starch Free™, high protein kibble like Wysong's Ferret Epigen 90™ can also be healthily fed to ferrets as part of a varied feeding regimen.