What is montmorillonite clay and is it safe for cats?

You may have never heard of montmorillonite clay, but if you have cats it's worth learning a bit about.

Montmorillonite clay gained national exposure after it was featured on the Discovery Channel. The clay works as a detoxifier and is gaining popularity with veterinarians, both holistic and traditional. Vets are recommending the clay to pet owners because of the increase in chronic health problems among cats. Many veterinarians feel these problems stem from man-made and environmental toxins and can lead to diabetes, allergic, kidney and urinary disorders in cats.

Montmorillonite clay, available as a powder, can be mixed in water. When ingested, the clay naturally clings to internal toxins and flushes them from the animal's system through the colon. The clay has also been proven to strengthen bones and joints as well as boost your pet's immune system.

Wysong Diets including the Feline Diets contain effective levels of montmorillonite clay.

If you do not feed Wysong, and are interested in adding montmorillonite to your pet's diet, it is recommended you give your pet one-eighth to one-quarter teaspoon twice per day. This serving can either be sprinkled over their food or added to their water.

The clay will be even more effective if your pet is fed a protein rich diet that is low in starches and carbohydrates.