What do I need to know about vitamin K in dog food?

Many pet owners have questions about vitamin K in dog food. What does vitamin K do? Is it good for my dog? How do I know it's in my dog food?

Let's look at the answers.

What does vitamin K do?

Vitamin K provides support to several integral tasks within the bodies of humans and their pets. It is needed for proper blood clotting and helps protect against osteoporosis. Vitamin K is also a cardioprotective and helps protect against oxidative cell damage.

Is vitamin K good for my dog?

Vitamin K is good for your dog for the reasons listed above. Questions and concerns persist that vitamin K3 is toxic for pets. This is simply not true. Research shows no evidence of toxicity, at the level included in pet foods. In fact, pet foods have included doses of vitamin K for over 50 years to the benefit of pets around the world. The key to keeping your pet safe is to ensure your pet consumes a healthy amount of vitamin K, as is the case with all nutrients. Remember that even oxygen and water – essential to life – are toxic if delivered in a high enough dose.

How do I know it's in my dog food?

Wysong has many vitamin K dog foods that include the natural ingredients your pets require. You can also supplement your pet's diet with probiotics to ensure your pet is getting the nutrients he needs.

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