How can E-Biotic™ improve my horse's diet?

Many pet owners complement the diets of their dog or cat with a probiotic to ensure their pet enjoys good health and gets the valuable nutrients he needs. But what about a horse? You may not think of using supplements to complement an equine diet but a supplement, like E-Biotic™, can be just as beneficial to these animals as they are to smaller furry friends.

E-Biotic™, from Wysong, ensures your pet will gain the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in more conventional feeds. This natural supplement includes concentrated, natural food sources of active enzymes, probiotic cultures, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and various other micronutrients. In addition to supplying these nutrients, E-Biotic™ also assists horses in drawing nourishment from their natural feed.

E-Biotic™ is designed specifically for horses on a traditional “hay and oats” diet but it can also be helpful for horses who are gestating, lactating, undergoing rapid growth or debilitated from enteric, metabolic, infectious or nutritional disease.

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