How can a horse diet supplement be beneficial?

You feed your horse a healthy, nutritious diet so you may wonder why you should consider adding a horse diet supplement to his regimen. The answer is balance. While many diets are completely healthy for an animal, they don't always offer a balanced amount of the fatty acids horses need to thrive.

For example, if your horse grazes freely, his diet is probably rich in omega-3 acids. Meanwhile, horses that are fed a diet primarily of grains and seeds take in more omega-6 acids.

Balancing your horse's intake of these fatty acids provides numerous benefits including: improved skin and coat quality, improved bone function, less joint pain and the prevention of conditions such as gastric ulcers. They have also been shown to modulate the immune system.

Wysong's Equine EFA™ provides your horse with a well-balanced spectrum of the essential fatty acids he needs, including omega-3, -6 and -9. This horse diet supplement is naturally stabilized and cold processed to protect these fragile acids and assure they are in optimal condition for your horse.

A healthy, shiny hair coat and healthy skin are visible signs your horse is getting the appropriate levels of fatty acids he needs.

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