Why is a horse diet supplement like Equine Chelamin™ beneficial?

Many people never consider adding a horse diet supplement to their feeding schedule. They feed their horse an all-natural diet, allowing it to roam on the pasture lands and forage while complementing that diet with hay, grain or oats.

While this was a perfectly viable diet for generations of horses, a horse diet supplement is a good idea in our modern environment. Over time, deforestation and intensive farming practices – particularly the use of fertilizers containing Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK) - have dramatically depleted the soil of trace minerals. These fields are the same fields the horses of today feed upon, but these animals are no longer getting the essential nutrients their ancestors once gained from the land.

Wysong's Equine Chelamin™ includes over 74 trace minerals, exactly as they are found in nature, and complements your horse's diet by bringing these minerals back for consumption. This horse diet supplement includes mineral chelates, which is the form minerals take in natural foods and is the form that best facilitates mineral absorption into body tissues.

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