Holistic vet or traditional vet: what's the difference?

As a pet owner, you know that it's important to bring your beloved fury friend to a veterinarian for any health concerns. But do you bring your pet to a holistic vet or a traditional vet? Do you know the difference?

While traditional veterinarians treat your pet as problems arise, holistic veterinarians encourage a high level of overall health as a preventive means to ward off illness and injury.

Holistic vets possess the same applied medicine and surgical skills of traditional vets but they also commonly possess alternative medicine knowledge including: herbal medicine, holistic medicine, chiropractic care and veterinary acupuncture. Your holistic vets may also prescribe herbal supplements or natural medicines to combat or even prevent health concerns that arise.

Holistic veterinarians will also commonly make recommendations regarding diet and commonly support feeding your pet plenty of raw foods because of the bio-available nutrients and the compatibility of such offerings with your pet's system. These additional nutrients support the holistic approach by better preparing your pet's body to deal with potential problems in the future.

Your pet's veterinary care is ultimately up to you. When the time comes to choose a holistic vet or traditional vet, make sure to learn about a couple different veterinarians and ask them questions about their care practices. Finally, choose the vet that you and your pet feel the most comfortable with.