Learn more about using meat in your pet's raw food diet

Your dog is a carnivore and if you're planning to move him to a raw food diet, you're probably concerned about making sure he gets enough meat. If you're interested in adding meat to your pet's raw food diet, you can either purchase products that provide meat for a raw diet or you can purchase your own meat.

If you're looking to purchase a product to handle these needs, Wysong's Archetype™ is an excellent choice. Archetype™ is a dry diet composed of more than 99 percent meat and it is formulated to closely match a raw dog or cat food diet.

If you are interested in purchasing meat instead, the good news is that you can use fresh, frozen or even raw, freeze-dried meat to develop your pet's raw food diet.

Buying fresh meat means the portions will be ready and available at feeding times but if you don't visit your local market or butcher frequently, maintaining this diet may be difficult. If you're worried about keeping up with the demands, you can buy your meat in bulk, portion it out and freeze it until feeding time.

Frozen meat prevents you from having to make numerous trips to the grocery store but this meal option will require more preparation than if you used fresh meat. If you plan to use frozen meat remember to pull the necessary portions the evening before so they are able to thaw out by meal time.