How to naturally treat hot spots on dogs

While you may flock to the latest hot spot for a fun evening, there is nothing enjoyable about the hot spots on dogs.

Hot spots are a form of dermatitis, called acute moist dermatitis. They can be caused by allergies, behavioral problems or fleas. These spots will appear on your pet as circular marks that lead to inflammation and hair loss. Sometimes hot spots may also discharge a foul-smelling puss.

If your dog develops hot spots, they may lick or bite at the infected area. This should be prevented as quickly as possible because your dog's attention to the region will only make the infection worse.

When dealing with hot spots, the first step is to keep the area clean. Trim the hair around the region and use a mild antiseptic and clean the area with a cotton swab.

Once the area is clean, there are several different liquids you can apply to the region to aid the healing. These items include: tea, vitamin E oil, coconut oil and neem oil. Oatmeal and raw aloe will also sooth the region and help your pet feel better.

Besides applying healing liquids to the spots themselves, it's important to monitor your dog's diet to prevent hot spots from arising again in the future. Upgrading your pet's diet to a more nutritious food will often times stave off hot spots; if it does not, consider supplementing his diet with supplements that contain fatty acids known as omega-3s, like Wysong's E.F.A. Omega-3s will do more than just work to heal an existing hot spot. This fatty acid also promotes healthy fur and skin and will help ward off other skin problems now and in the future.