Dog allergies: learn the facts

Winter is fast approaching and after that is spring – and the annoying allergy season that comes with it. You can probably feel your eyes watering just thinking about all of that pollen in the air.
Did you know your dog can have allergies as well?

Your dog's allergies may cause your dog to have flaky, itchy skin, irritated ears and discharge around his eyes. Scratching, shedding and digestive issues are also possible. Your dog's allergies may be a product of the environment, similar to the allergies that affect humans. But your dog's allergies can also be a product of improper feeding practices and inadequate nutrition.

Like people, your pet may be allergic to certain ingredients naturally. It is more likely, however, for your dog to become allergic to certain ingredients if his diet has remained the same for an extended period of time, which may cause your pet to develop sensitivity to those ingredients.

Numerous ingredients can become allergies in animals. Variety and rotation are key, and to supplement the diet with a raw dog food diet such as Wysong's Archetype™. This raw food is specially designed to replicate the diet dogs are genetically programmed to eat. This raw diet is jam-packed with essential fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, plant nutrients and vital micronutrients, all designed to help your dog's digestive system run at peak efficiency and ward off annoying and potential allergies.