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How you can help your pet's upset stomach

Pets, like people, can suffer from an upset stomach. You know how uncomfortable an upset stomach can be and you want to ease your pet's upset stomach as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you care for your pet's discomfort.

Look for the signs
Your pet may show you he has an upset stomach in a variety of ways, including loss of appetite, flatulence, a gurgling stomach, pacing, being restless or curling up in a ball and looking depressed. Your pet may also whine or have accidents on the floor due to poor control of his bowels. If you notice any of these symptoms, they are your first sign that all is not well with your pet and he needs to be monitored.

Find the source
Your pet's upset stomach didn't happen on its own, something caused it. Often times an upset stomach is caused by eating spoiled food or your pet – particularly dogs – eats something he wasn't supposed to. If your pet is suffering from an upset stomach review his diet for the last couple of days and check your yard for any foreign object he may have partially eaten. If you find spoiled food or a foreign object that you think is the root of the problem, throw it away at once to prevent your pet from making the same mistake again.

Monitor food
Oftentimes your pet's upset stomach will include vomiting or diarrhea. If you notice these symptoms, remove his food and offer only small portions of water for 24 hours. Allowing your pet to continue to eat and drink as normal during this stage could do more than induce additional vomiting or diarrhea; it could also dehydrate your pet.

Call your vet
If your pet still looks sickly or the vomiting/diarrhea has not subsided, then it is time to call your vet and take your pet in for an examination. If you see something more serious, such as blood in his vomit or stool, contact your vet immediately.

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